[TRANS] 130424 Choikang Changmin, Contributes Lyrics For SHINee’s Album ‘First Time Writing For Another Artiste’

[TRANS] 130424 Choikang Changmin, Contributes Lyrics For SHINee’s Album ‘First Time Writing For Another Artiste’

Choikang Changmin participated in (the production of) SHINee’s album as a lyricist.

The songs from SHINee’s 3rd official album “Chapter 2 ‘Why So Serious?’”, which will be released on 26 April, were revealed.

Among the songs included in the album this time, the track that is particularly attention-grabbing is the song titled “Can’t Leave (떠나지 못해)”. It has been a topic of discussion even before the track was revealed, as there was news that TVXQ’s Choikang Changmin had written the lyrics for this song.

This is the first time that Choikang Changmin has written lyrics for another singer.

Before writing lyrics for SHINee’s song this time, Choikang Changmin had shown his outstanding lyric-writing abilities through “Evergreen”, “Love In The Ice”, “12:34″, “Confession” and “I Swear”. In particular, he showed his capabilities as a musician through his expression of emotions.

According to an SM representative on 24 April via Newsen, “As Choikang Changmin is usually interested in writing lyrics, and has had thoughts of participating in the lyric-writing for other artistes, he contributed the lyrics for SHINee’s “Can’t Leave” this time.” The representative also revealed a behind-the-scenes story, “We received lyrics from many popular lyricists for this song, but it was decided that Choikang Changmin’s lyrics were the best among them, so it was chosen.”

Meanwhile, Choikang Changmin is currently active as a permanent cast member of KBS2TV’s “Our Neighborhood’s Master of Variety And Sports”, and TVXQ’s 5-dome tour will begin in Saitama, Japan on 27 April.

Source : [Instiz.net + TVXQCB @ weibo]

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