[TRANS] 130424 Choikang Changmin, Contributes Lyrics For SHINee’s Album ‘First Time Writing For Another Artiste’

[TRANS] 130424 Choikang Changmin, Contributes Lyrics For SHINee’s Album ‘First Time Writing For Another Artiste’

Choikang Changmin participated in (the production of) SHINee’s album as a lyricist.

The songs from SHINee’s 3rd official album “Chapter 2 ‘Why So Serious?’”, which will be released on 26 April, were revealed.

Among the songs included in the album this time, the track that is particularly attention-grabbing is the song titled “Can’t Leave (떠나지 못해)”. It has been a topic of discussion even before the track was revealed, as there was news that TVXQ’s Choikang Changmin had written the lyrics for this song.

This is the first time that Choikang Changmin has written lyrics for another singer.

Before writing lyrics for SHINee’s song this time, Choikang Changmin had shown his outstanding lyric-writing abilities through “Evergreen”, “Love In The Ice”, “12:34″, “Confession” and “I Swear”. In particular, he showed his capabilities as a musician through his expression of emotions.

According to an SM representative on 24 April via Newsen, “As Choikang Changmin is usually interested in writing lyrics, and has had thoughts of participating in the lyric-writing for other artistes, he contributed the lyrics for SHINee’s “Can’t Leave” this time.” The representative also revealed a behind-the-scenes story, “We received lyrics from many popular lyricists for this song, but it was decided that Choikang Changmin’s lyrics were the best among them, so it was chosen.”

Meanwhile, Choikang Changmin is currently active as a permanent cast member of KBS2TV’s “Our Neighborhood’s Master of Variety And Sports”, and TVXQ’s 5-dome tour will begin in Saitama, Japan on 27 April.

Source : [Instiz.net + TVXQCB @ weibo]

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[TRANS] 130123 Announcement About The Blu-ray & DVD Release Of “Fly With The Gold”

[TRANS] 130123 Announcement About The Blu-ray & DVD Release Of “Fly With The Gold”


It has been decided for the “Fly With The Gold” Blu-ray and DVD to be released on 2 April 2013 (rental will begin on the same date)!
Aside from an outer casing and a copy of the promotional material that was issued to the press (resized version), the collector’s edition this time will include special contents such as behind-the-scenes footage not included in the “Making Of Fly With The Gold” DVD, released 2 October 2012, as well as footage from the showcase and the stage greeting during the premiere. The collector’s edition will be limited to first press editions only.

[Blu-ray] Fly With The Gold First Press Limited Collector’s Edition (2-Disc Set)
BIXJ-0069 Suggested Retail Price: 8,190 yen (tax inclusive)
[DVD] Fly With The Gold First Press Limited Collector’s Edition (2-Disc Set)
BIBJ-8269 Suggested Retail Price: 7,140 yen (tax inclusive)

■Special Contents■
Fly With The Gold Luxurious Outer Case/ promotional material issued to the press (resized version)
[Special Footage](tentatively approximately 140 mins)

[Main Disc]
○Preview Compilation
[Special Disc (DVD)]
○Shooting Diary (Filled with footage not included in “Making Of Fly With The Gold”)
○Showcase・Premiere Stage Greeting Digest
○Character Introductions Compilation
○Spin-Off Drama 「The Reason Why I Chase The Gold」 (5-Episode drama distributed via the BeeTV&Video Store/approximately 70 mins)

※The special contents are tentative. Please note that they may be subject to change.

[Blu-ray] Fly With The Gold Standard Edition
BIXJ-0070 Suggested Retail Price: 5,040 yen (tax inclusive)
[DVD]Fly With The Gold Standard Edition
BIBJ-8270 Suggested Retail Price: 4,095 yen (tax inclusive)

■Special Footage■Preview Compilation

Publisher: Avex Marketing
Distributor: Happynet
Release Date: 2 April (Tue)

Official Site→http://www.ougon-movie.jp/

Source: [Tohoshinki Official Site]

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[Trans] 130103 Kang Ho Dong’s New Variety Programme, The Reason Why Variety-Newbie Choikang Changmin Was Chosen

[Trans] 130103 Kang Ho Dong’s New Variety Programme, The Reason Why Variety-Newbie Choikang Changmin Was Chosen

New partners have emerged, in the form of Kang Ho Dong and Choikang Changmin.

The new variety programme that Kang Ho Dong is preparing with KBS will have its first recording on 12 Jan, and is expected to be broadcast starting 22 Jan at 11.20pm. It will be the follow-up of “Win Win”, which was recently terminated.

PD Lee Ye Ji and writer Mun Eun Ae from “Hello” will be working on this programme. Meanwhile, artistes including Tak Jae Hoon, TVXQ’s Choikang Changmin, Brave Brothers and Jung Jae Hyung are expected to appear as MCs. All the members aside from Choikang Changmin are all veterans at emceeing for variety programmes. Aside from appearing as a guest or panel member in variety programmes as a member of TVXQ, Choikang Changmin has never faced guests, holding a microphone, as an MC. As such, the news that Choikang Changmin would be appearing as an emcee in Kang Ho Dong’s new highly-anticipated variety programme came as a surprise to fans.

In response to this, representatives from the KBS Variety Department revealed during an phone interview with Newsen on the afternoon on 2 Jan the reason why Choikang Changmin was able to capture the hearts of both Kang Ho Dong and the production team. This representative explained, “Kang Ho Dong and the production team felt that an idol group member was required for the new talk show, but at the same time they didn’t want someone who was a familiar face or was already active on variety shows. They were also looking for someone of a certain “level” of eloquence. Through all that, Choikang Changmin stood out.” “In actual fact the production team also thought ‘There’s no way TVXQ would come and be MCs right?’ when they sent the request, but SM Entertainment gave the OK.”


However, it is true that the production team and Kang Ho Dong had their reservations as to whether Choikang Changmin had the qualities required of a variety programme MC. TVXQ has received much recognition in the fields of music and acting, but it is only with variety that they have not demonstrated remarkable growth. With regards to this, the KBS Variety Department representative stated, “After conversing with Choikang Changmin, I have realised that he is much more eloquent and interesting than people expect. Furthermore, he is a young man with a healthy and warm image, which have been determined to be very suitable for the variety show this time. I am looking forward (to his performance).”

(irrelevant portions omitted)

Source: [TVXQCB@Weibo + Newsen]

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[TRANS] 121224 Choikang Changmin To Work With Kang Ho Dong On His New KBS Variety Show

[TRANS] 121224 Choikang Changmin To Work With Kang Ho Dong On His New KBS Variety Show

– His first regular appearance on a variety show since making his debut 8 years ago

– High expectations for him to become ‘the 2nd Lee Seung Gi’

TVXQ’s Choikang Changmin (24, Shim Changmin) has become ‘Kang Ho Dong’s New Man’.

According to broadcasting representatives, Choikang Changmin will be working with Kang Ho Dong on his return to KBS variety shows. This will be the first time that Choikang Changmin makes a regular appearance on a variety show. Since making his debut as a member of TVXQ in 2004, Choikang Changmin has been focusing on his activities as a singer for the past eight years.

It has been found that the production team have high expectations for Choikang Changmin’s addition to the show.

Choikang Changmin has not revealed much of his true personality on broadcasted TV shows aside from his image as a singer. He has not tapped into his potential in variety shows yet. Though his image as a model student is strong, close friends of Choikang Changmin have stated that he is famous for being a ‘character full of mischief’. He laughs a lot too. Many are curious to see if Choikang Changmin will be revealing his ‘lacking’ charm in this new variety show. There are broadcasting representatives who are banking on Choikang Changmin becoming ‘the 2nd Lee Seung Gi’.

The KBS Variety Sector has stated that it is in the final stages of preparing the new show, calling in celebrities such as Choikang Changmin to make appearances. Set to begin airing mid-January of 2013, the show is currently preparing to start filming at the beginning of the new year.

The concept of Kang Ho Dong’s new KBS variety show has yet to be revealed. Though there are rumors that it will be a talk show, the production company is keeping silent on the details of the show. The KBS Variety Sector has revealed that they are planning to air Kang Ho Dong’s new program on Saturdays. A representative stated, “Kang Ho Dong’s new program is being kept a secret,” and “We’re making sure it stays this way because the wrong information during the preparation process could start the show off on the wrong foot.”

Source: [edaily spn]

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Translation 110628 Changmins Charming and Charismatic Rendition of The Children’s Song “Splish Splash’

[Trans] 110628 Changmin’s Charming And Charismatic Rendition Of The Children’s Song ‘Splish Splash’ On ‘Come To Play’

TVXQ’s Choikang Changmin showed off his charms by singing a charismatic rendition of a children’s song with his eyes wide open.

In the MBC ‘Come To Play’ episode that aired on the 26th, Girls’ Generation, Super Junior, f(x) and TVXQ, who are the forerunners of the K-Pop craze in Europe, talked about the behind-the-scenes stories of their trainee days.

They each had ‘secret orders’ at the time and they wrote down what they were not allowed to do. There were a variety of orders such as ‘Don’t overreact’, but Changmin was the only person who didn’t have a secret order.

He said that he wasn’t told not to do something because he usually didn’t do anything. But there was something that Changmin is good at, and that was having a charismatic gaze.

When Lee Teuk said that Changmin sings ballads with a gaze that could shoot laser beams and even children’s songs with a strong gaze, Choikang Changmin sang ‘Splish Splash’ on the spot with his strong and charming gaze.

Source: [bnt news]

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