Re-Found DBSK Treasure Trove

I occasionally run across a few songs that aren’t as familiar to me as some. Hope that you EnJoy!! Thank You thatmelancholysoul

Hello Again

hello Again with Subs

Hey Kid

No? Darkness Eyes

You Always

credit: jaeley0331+ziranick7+Channelglowsubs+mouhitotsu+punk4tokyo

Momma’s Source: youtube

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Shinhwa Live/DBSK Live/ShiNee Live Assortment

O.K. We know what the Boys are basically up to, so now it’s time for some action, dance, and music from Shinhwa, DBSK, and ShiNee.  <3333333333333333

credit: kimjaejoong+capsuleHD21+Simply Steff1973+miroticocean+trexiamae+KYUtiepie501


Momma’s Source: youtube

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