[Video] 140122-23 Jaejoong: WWW Nagoya Concerts

Just a sampling of the prolific work that Jaejoong does at his concerts. He is a true giver.     🙂 <3

credit: luvjey+Rinmaze+ayajae11

JYJ Fantalk Source: youtube

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Re-Found DBSK Treasure Trove

I occasionally run across a few songs that aren’t as familiar to me as some. Hope that you EnJoy!! Thank You thatmelancholysoul

Hello Again

hello Again with Subs

Hey Kid

No? Darkness Eyes

You Always

credit: jaeley0331+ziranick7+Channelglowsubs+mouhitotsu+punk4tokyo

Momma’s Source: youtube

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[Audio] Kim Jaejoong WWW Choices

Wonderful album Jaejoong. Thank You. There is so much expressed in very subtle ways. This is a transistional time. Keep looking toward the light. 🙂

Kim Jaejoong [김재중] — WWW [1st Album WHO WHEN WHY]

Track List:
01. 빛
02. Don’t Walk Away (feat.용준형 Of Beast)
03. Just Another Girl
04. Butterfly
05. Rotten Love
06. 햇살 좋은 날 (feat. 이상곤 Of 노을)
07. Let The Rhythm Flow
08. 그랬지
09. Now Is Good
10. 9+1#
11. Luvholic (feat.하동균)
12. Modem Beat
13. Paradise

credit: BubbleFeetPandaCH2+Kpopfanzone+KPOPMarTop+HITTSubs+CJESJYJ+baimiyiya+

JYJ Fantalk Source: youtube

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130123 [Video] Yim Jae Beum Song Compilation/Sampler

Thank You, Jae, for leading me to this singer. Beautiful, rich voice.  His covers are just as beautiful as the originals.  🙂 TT

credit: koolbjeongshin+AFGMcHan+OceanBrightness+kissofdragon08+kuri8000708+

Momma’s Source: youtube

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130121 [Video] Jaejoong’s Meaningful Song Recommendations

[Video] Jaejoong’s Meaningful Song Recommendations

credit: dearkorea+LoveKpopSubs11+FARAH7ATUBE+mkstartoday+MBCEntertainment

Momma’s Source: youtube

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[Trans] 121223 Kim Bada Did Not Know Who Is Kim Jaejoong… But

[Trans] 121223 Kim Bada Did Not Know Who Is Kim Jaejoong… But

The lead singer of rock band ‘Art of Parties’, Kim Bada (41) composed a song for other singer for the first time. And this singer is JYJ Kim Jaejoong who is debuting his solo album next January.

Kim Bada expressed, “In order for a brand new change, Kim Jaejoong requested a song from him.”, “In fact, he has no idea who is Kim Jaejoong at first.” However, he gave it to him “due to (his) invitation”.

Kim Bada said, “Kim Jaejoong is the first singer who approached me for a song.”, and also emphasized “No matter who is it, I will give a song to whoever that asked me.” ‘Art of Parties’ drummer Kim Yun Bum revealed, “Bada hyung is just not good at showing it, but in fact he likes collaborations a lot.”

Kim Bada gave two songs to Kim Jaejoong. “He originally asked for one song and after the recording of that song, he wanted another.” He also expressed his anticipation for it, “You will be able to see Kim Jaejoong’s maturing in music next year.”

Kim Bada praised Kim Jaejoong for his outstanding ‘digesting ability’ for rock genre and also said, “As I did not know who is Kim Jaejoong, I was unsure. But the recording for the first song exceeded my expectation. Kim Jaejoong is abled with rock genre.” He then continued, “For the second song, I intentionally gave him slightly stronger heavy metal genre and he did not reject it. He understood the meaning behind the composition well and digested it perfectly.” Kim Bada said, “One of the two songs includes the collaboration with rock band Pla, involved as the instrumentation. It was done with great effort.”

The first solo album of Kim Jaejoong will be comprising of many varieties of rock music and his representative company C-JeS Entertainment expressed, “This album will be able to let others feel the charm of the differences between Kim Jaejoong and JYJ’s music.”

source: joinsmsn
credit: kimjaejoong baidu
trans by: rachui@sharingyoochun

Momma’s Source: sharingyoochun.net

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[FANCAMS-HQ] 120929 Junsu Fanmeeting in Jeju Island

Sorry, missed these. I love to post anything I find about our Guys whether current through to 9 years old.

You look as if you’re having fun Duckie.  <3  Momma Cha

credits: as tagged, owners, uploaders @ YT
shared by: iXiahCassie

Momma’s source; iXiahcassie

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120830 Time For A Sing-a-Long\Listen Long with Mr. Kim Jaejoong

Jaejoong has a voice like smooth silken honey, yet he also has power and projection. This is a post of JJ songs. There are so many more. Look them up. Enjoy and Always Keep The Faith!

credit: AngelDBSK+q4qwerty+tutychan94+SasukeliciousFanGirl+DoRoLoVeLoVe+BrokenWings98+mel1293+Mc10521


Momma’s Source: youtube

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130603 Happy Birthday from Momma Cha to Micky Yoochun

Micky, so much has happened in a year’s time. You stood on the stage at Tokyo Dome with Jaejoong and Junsu, What a wonderful accomplishment! We are all happy for you at JYJFantalk. Birthday Celebrations are the order of the day…So roll up the curtains; dim the lights, and let’s get on with the production… 🙂
Ivory’s Birthday was one week ago and my own Birthday is this month…so bring on the cake, ice cream, and presents for that legendary, unique DBSK, JYJ team member Micky Yoochun!!!.

What? 28 years old on June 4th? !!! 🙂

You Are THE Number ONE Birthday Boy Micky!!

SO…What do you give a Birthday Boy who has just about everything? He has money and cars and fame (not to mention golf clubs  🙂 so you give something that speaks of the immaterial and the immeasurable in physical  terms–you give him LOVE Love is something that you simply cannot buy, it has to be given and exchanged, and true love comes from the…

Now, Love has many meanings and applications so we will define Love in this Birthday Post as the love characteristic of an ajumeoni (aunt), which distinquishes it from other forms. This has been an emotional year for Micky, so encouragement and things to give him Joy are in order. 

So, what would an Auntie fan with a Momma’s heart want to give Micky Yoochun for his Birthday? Kudos on so many wonderful accomplishments in the past year!! You have worked hard for many years to show us so many wonderful accomplishments that have made us all glad!! Such is the nature of Park Yoochun. So ,without any more adieus…..I present my personal birthday gift to you, Micky Yoochun , starting with MEMORIES…

 Kudos YOOCHUNNIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Debut Song with DBSK [Hug will always have a special place in my heart for all five members]

You are a talented singer/songwriter Micky. Your throaty tones are beautiful.

New to the singing talents of Park Yoochun? Search his songs out on Youtube]

With Kim Jaejoong

Micky Yoochun The Actor [I cannot express the JOY that I get from watching Yoochun’s dramas and CF’s. He is a fine actor]

Micky The Photographer  [as a photographer I can really appreciate the photos of such beauty and quality that Micky shares with us]

Micky The Vehicle Enthusiast  [Who does not like an artistically designed and engineered vehicle? I certainly do–I love cars, boats, trucks, especially antique ones… ]   😉
Yoochun The Car Enthusiast



Just For You, Micky…an Auburn Cord Duesenberg circa 1920’s

I sincerely wish you the most wonderful Happy Birthday, My Dear Chunnie.  You are a delight to us all, so on your 28th Birthday I can only say “Hope for many more Kudos, Micky ”  🙂   Momma Cha

credit: Momma Cha @jyjfantalk

heart picture credit: Dennis Cox

Photo credits: Park Yoochun+Yahoo Pictures+SinglesMagazine+OBS One News

credit: auburn cord duesenberg museum  www.citydata.net


Momma’s Source: youtube

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[NEWS] 120521 Fans Faint During JYJ Member Junsu’s First Solo Concert

[NEWS] 120521 Fans Faint During JYJ Member Junsu’s First Solo Concert

On May 19th, JYJ‘s Junsu successfully kicked off his first solo concert, ‘XIA – 1st Asia Tour in Seoul‘, with an audience of 8,000 fans!

C-JeS Entertainment revealed, “The concert was an absolute success to the point that fans just couldn’t bear to leave the concert hall nearly two hours after the concert had already come to an end. There were a lot of fans that fainted in the middle of the concert, so we’re going to have ambulances on standby for today’s concert in advance.”

Fans from Korea, Japan, China, Malaysia, Canada, Chile, France, and other parts of the world flew in for the special two-day concert. Representatives commented, “Fans from all over the world came to congratulate Junsu’s first solo concert.”

Junsu performed all 11 tracks on his solo album as well as several musical numbers, bringing the grand total to 17 performances. He worked hand in hand with his dance team and brought out cheers for the sexiness he was able to exude in “Lullaby” and “Intoxication” especially.

Junsu will be performing one more time on May 20th.

Credit: allkpop
Shared by: iXiahCassie

Momma’s Source: iXiahcassie

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140423 [Vid+Trans] JYJ Junsu’s Greeting for Thai Fans

Sawasdee Krab I’m Junsu

Regarding my solo concert that will happen on this 27th May, the concert venue is at Paragon Hall, and to which I think all of the details have already been announced.

And this is my 1st solo concert so there would be some parts of me that you have never seen before but I’ll try my best to present other abilities of mine to you. I’d be happy and glad if everyone comes to watch my performance at Paragon Hall on this 27th May. If we get a chance to create memories together, it’d be awesome. I really look forward to meet everyone on 27th May.

See you all, bye bye

credit: SNPMediaHUBTH
trans by: sharingyoochun.net

Momma’s source: sharingyoochun.net

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