[TRANS] 140310 Girls Generation-TVXQ-Shin Dong Yeob-SHINee Show Their Support For SM Labelmate Lee Dong Woo


Girls Generation, TVXQ, Shin Dong Yeob, and Kim Byung Man, as well as the rest of the SM family, have all stepped up to show their support for Lee Dong Woo.

On the 8th, Lee Dong Woo successfully held the first performance of his play ‘Superman of My Heart’, the last installment of his ‘Superman Project’. Fellow labelmates, such as Girls Generation, TVXQ, Shing Dong Yeob and Kim Byung Man, wrote messages of support for him.

The released photo shows Girls Generation, TVXQ, SHINee, Shin Dong Yeob, Kim Byung Man and Hong Rok Ki smiling and holding messages of support for ‘Superman of My Heart’.

Girls Generation, Super Junior, SHINee and Lee Yeon Hee also left messages of support in a video through SM Entertainment’s official YouTube channel, expressing their excitement for the new play.

The play depicts the story of a famous actor who loses his eyesight in a car accident, having to set aside his dreams and go back to his hometown to set up a supermarket. There, his 10-year-old daughter, who he didn’t know existed, appears in front of his eyes. Lee Dong Woo plays the role of Sung Goo as he transforms from a man with no dreams to a true father.

‘Superman of My Heart’ will be held from now till the 6th of April.

Source: [tvdaily]

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[News] 140212 SM The Ballad Releases “Breath” MVs Featuring Changmin and Moon Ga Young


SM Entertainment‘s ballad project called “SM The Ballad” has released the full music videoㄴ for title track, “Breath,“ of their second album of the same name.

The Korean version of “Breath” is performed by Girls‘ Generations‘  Taeyeon and SHINee‘s Jonghyun, while the Chinese version is by Zhang Li Yin and EXO‘s Chen,  and the Japanese version is by TVXQ‘s Changmin and f(x)‘s Krystal. The song is about the feelings of a man and woman right after a breakup.

The music videos for all versions feature scenes from Changmin and actress Moon Ga Young‘s upcoming drama, “Mimi.”

Another track from the album, “Set Me Free,” has also been made available for download today. “Set Me Free” is a solo by Taeyeon, and  tells the point of view from a woman after separation.

The full album will be released February 13. Learn more about the album here.

Korean version:

Chinese version

Japanese version:

credit: soompi

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[TRANS] 131101 TVXQ-Girls’ Generation-EXO Come Together To Recreate SHINee’s ‘Everybody’


The singers of SM Entertainment have gotten together to recreate ‘Everybody’.

On the 1st, a video of singer such as TVXQ, Super Junior, EXO and Girls’ Generation performing the key dance moves of SHINee’s ‘Everybody’ was released on SM’s official YouTube channel.

The video showed the singers of SM showering their praise for SHINee and the song, and following the dance moves that mirror Detective Gazette, helicopter propellers and a man playing a flute.

Super Junior’s Eun Hyuk had everyone laughing when he stuck his tongue out and acted like a clown, while Girls’ Generation gave it their all to support SHINee. TVXQ’s Max Changmin followed the powerful dance moves with a strawberry hat on his head, while U-Know Yunho set aside his charisma and got his body moving.

Meanwhile, SHINee’s ‘Everybody’ has been sweeping the music charts of various televised music programs.

Source: [mydaily]

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[TRANS] 130111 [Interview] TVXQ l Changmin “I Find Joy In The Thought That Today Is Always Better Than Yesterday”

[TRANS] 130111 [Interview] TVXQ l Changmin “I Find Joy In The Thought That Today Is Always Better Than Yesterday”

TVXQ’s ‘maknae’ (youngest member). A small and quiet voice. The face of a person who grew up well. These were the few images we remembered of Max Changmin before the interview. Even during it, he was quiet, well-mannered, and gave us a peek at the humor that befits the youngest of the group. With these characteristics, Max Changmin talked about the TVXQ we know today. A group that has a very distinct divide between passionate fans and the public. A group that is creating its identity from scratch yet again. Max Changmin calmly discussed these points that others may have been hurt to hear about. And in that calmness, he is nurturing his competitiveness. He knows he is lacking in his dancing skills, so he works on it like a madman. He is nurturing his competitiveness to “never regress and nurture my promising skills whenever I start something.” The youngest who had always smiled is now starting to let his voice be heard, and he objectively looks back on his team’s progression and thinks of what will come next. He says he keeps moving forward with the thought that ‘There must be something more to come’, and it sounds more like a spell he places on himself rather than a mere wish. So many things have happened, but there must still be something more to come. For TVXQ. For Max Changmin.


– You’ve completed all activities for your second album as a duo. How would you critique yourself?Max Changmin: Our activities for our fifth album ‘Why’ were filled with songs and lyrics that worked well with our situation at that time as a duo. We did have the intention of showing that we were still going strong. But when we were preparing for this album, we were really worried because we thought that since the fans and public match TVXQ’s image with a ‘strong, intense’ performance, that image would just intensify more and more if we kept performing that kind of music. To be honest, ‘Catch Me’ wasn’t a song that completely appealed to the public, so I won’t go out on a limb and deny that there are as many people who didn’t like the song as there are people who did. But we have to embrace that response, and when I look back on our activities, I believe it was a transition period that we had to experience eventually. It was another step we took to widen the spectrum we have

“I fell for Choreographer Tony Testa’s compliments”

– With regards to widening the spectrum, the performance of ‘Catch Me’ begins with the two of you facing each other like a mirror, battling it out and then expanding to include the dancers. You must have had to put in a lot of effort to go one on one with U-Know Yunho, whose biggest strength is in dancing?
Max Changmin: Because everything was a new challenge, from the choreography to the song itself, I think I took on everything with more ‘determination’ than usual. Yunho is such a good performer to begin with and the ‘Catch Me’ choreography is about seeing another side of myself, so I was worried that the quality of the performance would be damaged if one person fell behind. I’m not someone who has a lot of confidence about my dancing, but Choreographer Tony Testa kept complimenting me over and over again. I fell for his sweet talk of, “Max, you’re really great. You have talent. Have confidence in yourself.” (laughter)

– If ‘Catch Me’ is a performance with a perfect concept, ‘Humanoids’ feels like it’s less intense and more relaxed within a generalized style of choreography.
Max Changmin: Tony Testa had to express the rage against a lover who is trying to leave with his ‘Catch Me’ choreography so I thought, ‘Ah. We must be the only people this guy is doing this to.’ (laughter) But then I saw Jong Hyun’s expression in SHINee’s ‘Sherlock’ and I could see that he had asked Jong Hyun to show intense emotions on his face as well. On the other hand, I felt like I could be more relaxed and enjoy dancing to ‘Humanoids’.

– ‘How are you’ focuses on the two people’s harmony, while songs like ‘destiny’ and ‘getaway’ utilize your vocal talents to the extreme. How was it recording an album as you increased your responsibilities as a vocalist and took on a new challenge?
Max Changmin: In the past, we were given parts that really fit our vocal range from the part-division process, and I was usually in charge of what people call the ‘screaming’ part of the songs. But now that it’s just the two of us, if we don’t expand the range we can take on, people will look at us and think, ‘As expected, they can’t do it with just two people,’ so we worked really hard on that. People around me tell me to take care of my throat and they tell me not to push it too far because I’ll have a hard time when I get older, but thankfully, I’m still okay. I think I’ve discovered my own techniques, and I think we’re able to carry a song from the beginning to the end better than before. Though that may be a cocky thought… (laughter)

– Though you were probably stimulated by your competitiveness, there must have been a fundamental change that took place?
Max Changmin: I thought to myself that I needed to do really well during the promotions of our last album, and I think for this album, I was more sincere with the recording process than I’ve ever been before. But that doesn’t mean that the pressure has increased. Producer Lee Soo Man said, “You shouldn’t strain yourself for your songs.” I think this applies to anything, though I didn’t know that in the past. So I’m more sincere about my songs these days, but I try to enjoy the whole process.

“I really hate ‘feeling inferior’.”


– It feels as though you look back at, not only yourself, but the past and present of TVXQ, in an objective perspective in order to face what comes next. TVXQ is a team that has always had its own unique color with a passionate, large-scale fandom behind it and you’re currently in the process of remaking that color. What do you worry about as a person in the center of such changes?
Max Changmin: Songs like ‘O-Jung.Ban.Hap’ in the past or last year’s ‘Why’ were ones that our fans liked more than the public. There’s always been a distance that’s stopped us from getting close to the public, so not only did we change our music, but we also appeared in variety programs to create more opportunities to interact with the public. If we get stuck in the mindset that ‘We’re this kind of group, so we should do this’, we’ll fall into mannerisms. We have to keep accepting the changes in the flow of music if we don’t want to be static.

– Could you say that your individual activities, including your role in the Japanese movie ‘Run With the Gold’, are a part of your efforts to appeal to the masses?
Max Changmin: I believe that Yunho and I have to shine brighter as individuals to create a synergy effect that pulls the team forward. And though we’re a group that’s known for our performances, it would be hard for us to keep performing at the intensity we pursue right now forever. As our bodies age, we’ll be less able to perform at that level. (laughter) I think a natural change will come about our activities as we go through that process.

– During your interview for ‘Run With the Gold’, you said, “I’ve done a lot of things as a member of the TVXQ team for the past eight years, but I learned so much by working with such great actors.” What was it like to go from working with TVXQ members you’ve done everything with for years, as well as familiar staff members, to working on something you’ve never done before with people who speak a different language?

Max Changmin:If I had known from the start how hard it was going to be, I probably wouldn’t have done it. (laughter) Because the filming schedule clashed with our live tour schedule, I had to go back and forth from the filming set to the concert venue and it was hard for me to accept the two worlds, that were completely different from each other, into my life. And because I was with actors and staff who were working so hard and giving their all for the movie, I was worried that even if I tried my best, the end result wouldn’t be as good as it should be. But I think what helped was my personality  to never regress and nurture my promising skills whenever I start something.

– Looking back at your transformation from when you made your debut to where you are now, it feels like you enjoy the process of running headlong into things and progressing.
Max Changmin: What’s quite strange is that from the beginning, I’ve never had the dream of ‘I want to be a singer who sings this kind of music’ or ‘I want to be an actor who does that kind of acting’. Back when it hadn’t been long since my debut, everyone else had a dream so I used to believe that I was wrong for thinking that way. Even now, I don’t have an ultimate goal. But to use a common phrase to describe my personality, I really hate ‘feeling inferior’. (laughter) I find joy in the thought that today is always better than yesterday, and I want to keep moving forward.

– You’re only 24 but you’ve already accomplished so many things as a member of TVXQ, and you’re going to be the first Korean singer to hold a five-leg Dome tour in Japan. What lies ahead of you after this?
Max Changmin: I haven’t really thought about what I should do next. But I have a vague anticipation that when we finish our Dome tour, there will be a bigger stage waiting for us, and there will be a new world that we haven’t experienced yet. That anticipation of ‘There must be something more to come’ is what has kept me moving forward till now.

Source: [10asia]

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[News] 121230 KBS K-pop Festival’s Sound System Exposes The Vocal Talents of Idols, ‘Forced MR Removal’

[News] 121230 KBS K-pop Festival’s Sound System Exposes The Vocal Talents of Idols, ‘Forced MR Removal’

The KBS K-pop Festival’s honest sound system has exposed the vocal talents of K-pop idols.

KBS 2TV’s ‘K-pop Festival’ was aired on the 28th of December and was graced by singers who shined in 2012. They sang their biggest hit of 2012 and also got together for collaboration performances that exuded a completely different charm than usual.

However, aside from the dance numbers, the performances of the attending idol singers fell below expectations and were disappointing. As the entire concert was performed live, their embarrassing vocal talent, or lack thereof, was exposed. The sound of singers struggling to catch their breath could be heard through the microphones, and there were some idols who couldn’t sing at all because they were out of breath. There were also idols who lip-synced and relied on the AR of their songs, making the entire ordeal awkward for those who were watching.

The only people who survived the exposure were 2AM, K. Will, Hyorin, Ailee, SHINee, Noeul and TVXQ. Hyorin showcased her vocal talent through a sexy performance, as well as during her collaboration number of the guitarist Park Joo Won. SHINee and TVXQ gave perfect performances as they sang so well to extremely difficult choreography that it made one wonder if they were actually singing live or lip-synching.

Meanwhile, netizens left comments on various online community sites as they were watching the performances. Most of the netizens picked up on KBS’ sound system and the singers’ vocal talent. They left comments such as, “KBS’ K-Pop Festival’s sound system has no mercy. A forced MR removal”, “The singers vocal talents are exposed. It’s embarrassing to listen to”, “This shows who has talent and who doesn’t”, “It must be embarrassing for the singers. How will they perform live”, “I can hear their voices so well. I can easily tell who can’t sing”, “Is today a MR removal special?” and “Forced live performances.”

Source: [newsen]
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[Video] 121228 TVXQ! KBS Gayo Daejun 2012

[Vid] 121228 TVXQ! KBS Gayo Daejun 2012

Opening with Kikwang (Beast), Shindong (Super Junior), Son Dambi, Kim Hyuna (4minute)

Guests: TVXQ, Super Junior, KARA, CNBLUE, Miss A, BEAST, T-ara, TEENTOP, Trouble Maker, 2AM, B1A4, Noel, SISTAR, Dynamic Duo, SHINee, Son Dam Bi, K.will, Secret, Ailee, INFINITE

credit: Nam ChangMin+지 약+dearkpop6

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[Trans] 121210 Kyuhyun’s Twitter Update

[Trans] 121210 Kyuhyun’s Twitter Update

Kyuhyun: This is Minho haha. Our Kyuhyun hyung’s cake ㅜ touched ㅜ My birthday is so happy haha. Heechul hyung, Kangin hyung, Donghae hyung, Kyuhyun hyung, Changmin hyung, Jonghyun hyung, I love you~~ pic.twitter.com/tLyAwU8K (T/N: Minho used Super Junior Kyuhyun’s Twitter account.)

source: GaemGyu
trans by: shiningtweets

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[Video] 120922 TVXQ – SMTOWN LIVE WORLD TOUR III in Jakarta Part 2 [Eng]

[Vid] 120922 TVXQ – SMTOWN LIVE WORLD TOUR III in Jakarta Part 2 [Eng]

credit: exotic subs

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[Review] 120928 The Unforgettable Night of SMTOWN World Tour III in Jakarta

[Review] 120928 The Unforgettable Night of SMTOWN World Tour III in Jakarta

The night of SMTOWN World Tour III in Jakarta started young; fans mobbed the entire area of the concert venue, Gelora Bung Karno a day before and more even joined in enjoy the concert from the outside for they held no tickets. This is the largest K-pop concert thus far held in Indonesia, and fans from all over the nation came to watch, more with their parent, or with a group of friends that shares the same passion through fanclubs.

This was truly a hard one for me, how could I ever encapsulate a night worth of tears, joy, happiness of all the audience present, who has literally fought their way through by purchasing tickets, flown to the city, and be welcomed by another mob of traffic, heat, and unsightly entrance? SMTOWN clearly has made its permanent mark that fans will be more devoted than ever to their favourites, and the new ones will come to appreciate and learn more in this new popular culture

 As scheduled on time at 6:30PM for the concert to start with no delay, due to the artiste’s tight schedule for their same night flight.Colors of green, blue, yellow and red dominantly filled the dark evening; fans vigorously holding their light sticks to all the artists that appear – that didn’t make any difference for the mega stage was prepared with lighting that spotlighted all over the stadium. Posters of all the SM Entertainment artists decorated around with the iconic SM mascot backdrop. Fans chanted all the names, chorus, took photos together, and shrieked to the videos playing. It was a stupefying sight for even before 6:30 strikes, everyone was in the greatest fever of K-pop, and nothing can stop the sporadic euphoria, even to people not at the concert nor venue, to need to know what was going on. I was part of it as soon as I was 20KM away from the stadium perimeters, a welcoming traffic jam of Jakarta thanks to the concert.

Aptly opened by f(x)Hot Summer’, the weather in Jakarta was feverish and literally hot, they continued on with a warning of danger with ‘Pinocchio’. The level of excitement was deafening with chants and fans, especially when Victoria wishes to return to Indonesia soon! On the other hand, Amber is truly a favourite among the stadium. Unfortunately, due to the SBS drama ‘To The Beautiful You’, Sulli was not present, and so becomes Minho of SHINee.

The SM director and former H.O.T. member Kangta swooned the crowd after with a ballad ‘Remember’, and everyong immediately lowed down their voices to enjoy the slow beat. He made the crowd go mad with his simple Indonesian greeting of “Hello indonesia! Selamat malam, saya Kangta… Mantap!” (Hello Indonesia, good evening. My name is Kangta… Super!). He returned the crowd’s loud energy with ‘Breaka, Shaka‘ before switching the stage with a trio collaboration stage of f(x) Amber, SHINee Key and EXO Kris of Far East Movement’s ‘Like A G6′!

If anyone expects only performances within groups, prepare to view a different preparation for SM TOWN celebrates all the SM artistes within their company and to create special stages found no where else. So who had expected the beautiful sisters of f(x) Krystal and SNSD Jessica partied out with Katy Perry’s ‘California Girls‘; TVXQ! Changmin and Super Junior Kyuhyun in Bruno Mars’ ‘Just the Way You Are‘ where a fan was invited to be serenaded by the two; TaeTiSeo trio ‘DJ Got Us Falling In Love Again’ featuring D.O, Luhan, Sehun, and Chanyeol EXO for a start. Even without vocals, Victoria and Tao did a Chinese dance featuring their talent of flexibility and traditional martial arts from China. The collaboration stages flutters all fans across the stadium and it was all unexpected!

The game was on for the new youngest group, EXO-K and EXO-M to perform their two powerful single hits, History and MAMA. They looked as in par like all the other seniors in SM, and showed their promising energy and power to continue on to the rise of the Hallyu wave with their two groups of Korean and Mandarin.Short but sweet, they greeted a little in Indonesian and the reaction was wild and positive. I look forward to their continuing powerful skills in the future and not only just two songs


Taeyeon’sDevil May Cry‘ mystified the stage in red and black, powerful once again as she presented on thie stage. SONE fans who had seen their Girls Generation Asia Tour will remember the same moment. Continued with ‘Run Devil Run‘, all 9 members were clad in black leather jackets and sexy short outfits for a strong impression. Nonetheless, once the lights were up after their energetic performance, the crowd went wild when leader Taeyeon greeted “Kami dari So Nyuh Shi Dae!” (We are from SNSD!). The devil look might not be the best image of the girls because when ‘Tell Me Your Wish’ and ‘Kissing You‘ came about with moving stage towards the main stage was prepared, the male fans were heard loud and clear.

Of course, Indonesia’s most favourite group due to their recent venture of SUPER SHOW 4 earlier this year, garners the loudest cheer from all other 8 groups – Super Junior started with the duet ‘Oppa Oppa‘ of Donghae and Eunhyuk in stellarly eye-catching costumes. Their other stage that reminds me of their concert SS4 with water fountains and elevated stage was recreated for ‘Superman’, still mesmerising, still beautiful to see, still thrilling to view all the members to slowly rise from below. The fans could not hold their excitement no more to continue on to watch their other hits of ‘Sexy, Free and Single’ and ‘Bonamana’

If that was only for a special group, birthdays are even more special where two SM members are having their birthdays in the weekend; SNSD Hyoyeon had been dedicated a special ‘It’s Hyours Day’ banner project for ther birthday is on the same day as the concert, and SHINee Key was to have his the next day. Both had gotten the greatest love from their fans filled the stadium with the “Happy Birthday” song. This was a truly special feat only for the Tour in Jakarta! Both members looked bashful and thankful and said words of thanks, and Key speaking in English.

SHINee, despite the lack of rapper Minho, did not stop their elemental act with water dance splash with their songs ‘Love Like Oxygen‘ featuring EXO Sehun to fill in Minho’s shoes, ‘Lucifer’, ‘Juliette’, and ‘Ring Ding Dong’. The final song from their latest mini-album, ‘Sherlock’, was the final five song that impressed the fans with their unique choreography. The duet everyone was waiting for was the appearance of main vocalist of the group, Jonghyun, to come topless and show off his built body with the youngest Taemin in ‘Internet War’. Boy, did that shake the entire stadium up with the powerful metal rock rendition!

Those who are seniors in the K-pop scene since early 2000s will be ecstatic for the next performer, the best of Asia, BoA.Hurricane Venus‘ made a strong impact from the little dancer, and later with ‘Only One‘, her own penned song featuring SHINee Taemin to dance, and ‘The Shadow‘. Known since she was still in her early teenager days, BoA talked to the audience and said that this was her second time coming to Indonesia. Her effortless cool style with a casual tank top and baggy pants for her powerful dance choreography proves her stability and image that she is not your usual idol.

It was a night to remember where fireworks were shot, water fountains glittered the sky, and a lot of pink balloons was released to the sky, noting that the 4-hour concert was at its end. With the last song ‘Hope’, the entire SMTOWN artists came to say goodbye, running all over the stage and did more interaction with fans who had thrown them gifts and taking pictures together with phones and cameras. It was so hard not to not be seated as all the performances made myself want to jump up and stand to be able to see all things clearly and close while singing along to the performance. The magic of K-pop was brought just for one night that made a plain Saturday into a special one, and a leap of great heights for the entire Indonesian entertainment industry.

Thanks to MP Entertainment and W Productions for making a night in Indonesia a most historical one yet in 2012!

credit: en.korea

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credit: en.korea

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[Info] 120913 Biggest K-Pop Music Event To Be Held in November

[Info] 120913 Biggest K-Pop music event to be held in November

Arguably the biggest Korean pop music event to be held in Singapore so far will take place on Nov 23.

SM Town Live Tour III, a multi-act mega concert over four hours featuring Korean music superstars Super Junior, Girls’ Generation and BoA among others, will be staged at the Marina Bay floating platform.

Its stage is touted as the world’s largest floating stage. Measuring 120m by 83m, or 9,960 sq m, it is considerably larger than the 5,572 sq m National Day Parade stage this year.

And with 18,000 tickets to be released for sale, starting Sept 29, it should also draw far more fans than the Mnet Music Awards held last year at the Singapore Indoor Stadium, which has a maximum capacity of 12,000.

At the moment, Singapore will be one of only three stops for the concert in South-east Asia. Jakarta and Bangkok are the other two.

 SM Town Live, which started in 2008, is a marquee event for the Korean pop label SM Entertainment, gathering the company’s roster of top acts such as Super Junior, Girls’ Generation, BoA, Shinee, f(x) and TVXQ. While the final line-up in Singapore has yet to be finalised, the first three acts have been confirmed.

The 10-member boy band Super Junior and nine-strong girl group Girls’ Generation, among the most popular K-pop acts in Singapore, have performed here in the past year.

Singer BoA, a former teen prodigy who released her debut album at the age of 13, has never performed in Singapore, as hercareer had peaked well before the Korean wave, or Hallyu, had started.

The current SM Town Live Tour is the concert’s third edition.

According to local concert promoter Running Into The Sun, which is bringing the concert here, it is a huge undertaking which has taken it 2 1/2 years to bring to reality.

Ms Beatrice-Chia Richmond, the company’s creative director, says: “SM Town is truly the mother of all K-pop concerts.”

She adds that the event is a “massive concert that has only been staged so far at iconic international venues”, including Seoul’s
Olympic Stadium, Los Angeles’ Staples Center, Tokyo’s Tokyo Dome and New York’s Madison Square Garden.

In Singapore, 5,000 fans will get to be in the mosh pit on the floating platform itself, with the luckiest ones just 3m from the stage.

The four-hour concert will feature fireworks, flying stunts and water features.

Priority ticket sales for OCBC card members and Samsung customers (who have to produce any Samsung handset) are from Sept 29 to Oct 1.

Public sales starts from Oct 2.

Prices will be announced later and it is not yet known how many tickets will be set aside for priority sales.

credit: straitstimes
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[TRANS] 120806 TVXQ Captivate 100,000 Audience Members With A Powerful Performance

[TRANS] 120806 TVXQ Captivate 100,000 Audience Members With A Powerful Performance

 The ‘SMTOWN LIVE WORLD TOUR III in TOKYO’ concert was held in Tokyo Dome, Japan on the 4th and 5th of August.

The two-day event attracted a total of 100,000 people and showcased an extravagant repertoire of 52 songs by SM artistes such as Kangta, BoA, TVXQ, TSZX the Grace, Super Junior, Girls’ Generation, SHINee, f(x) and EXO, who performed through collaborations, units and in their respective teams.

Source: [bnt news]

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