[TRANS] 130724 JYJ’s FTC Verdict, 180,000 Fans Come Together To Solve The Problem

– SM and the KFPCAI have received a rectification order, the efforts of fans in the past three years has been tremendous
– 80,000 people participate in petitions during 3 weeks of 2011. Total participants in the movement is 180,000 people


The fans move, and the fans succeed.

The Fair Trade Commission (hereafter known as the FTC) has sided with JYJ’s Kim Junsu, Kim Jaejoong and Park Yoochun, aided by a whopping 180,000 signatures from JYJ’s fans. On the 24th, the FTC prohibited SM Entertainment (hereafter known as SM) and the Korean Federation of Pop Culture and Arts Industries (KFPCAI) from interfering with JYJ’s activities. In their announcement, the FTC stated, “We received many petitions from fanclubs, asking us to allow JYJ to appear on broadcasted programs.” It was found that these ‘petitions from fanclubs’ were the work of both domestic and overseas fans. Some people on Twitter wrote, “The petitions mentioned by the FTC are those that were signed by 180,000 international fans. We were told by the judge that our petitions had been accepted.”

In an interview with edaily StarIN, Lawyer Lim Sang Hyuk, who was in charge of legal advice for JYJ, stated, “The latest decision by the FTC was a result of the fans’ efforts, rather than the work of C-JeS Entertainment or our legal team.” Lawyer Lim stated that the fans were the ones to collect and submit the petitions, as well as file the initial report, and today’s verdict was a result of the FTC investigating exactly what the fans had reported.

JYJ’s fans submitted their petitions to the Seoul District Courts and the Fair Trade Commission on the 28th of February, 2011. One fan who was studying in law school in the US at the time headed the petitions, which were translated into ten languages including French, Portuguese, Turkish and Spanish. Starting on the 2nd of February, the petitions collected a total of 86,418 signatures from 118 countries in a mere three weeks. The petition was submitted to the FTC as a report that required a legal solution. More petitions were added later to bring the number up to 180,000 participants.

The results led to the FTC announcing on the 22nd, “JYJ released their first album in October of 2010 and tried to resume their activities as singers, but SM and the KFPCAI interfered with their activities in the entertainment industry by releasing an official notice that asked those in the industry to refrain from inviting or allowing JYJ to appear on televised programs.” C-JeS Entertainment expressed their welcome for the verdict as they stated, “We believe that the FTC’s recent order to rectify such actions will shed light on the tyranny of super powers in the industry who go against the innovative economy policies of the current government.”

Regarding this, SM stated, “It is unfortunate that such a verdict was made, although there was no evidence to prove that such interference had taken place,” and, “SM is currently reviewing the option of pursuing legal action against this latest decision.”

Kim Junsu, Kim Jaejoong and Park Yoochun, who are former members of TVXQ, brought up the issues surrounding their exclusive contract with SM in June, 2009 and entered a legal dispute with the entertainment agency. Both sides were then locked in a legal battle regarding the validity of their exclusive contract, which finally came to an end on the 28th of November, 2012 through a settlement.

Source: [edaily StarIN]

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