NEWS Miss Ripley OST Sells 20,000 Copies!!

[News] Miss Ripley OST Sells 20,000 Copies!! Miss Ripley, After the Drama, is Also Popular in OST. Sells Out 20,000 Copies of the First Publication.

With the popularity of MBC TV’s Miss Ripley, its OST is also showing strength.

The OST of Miss Ripley which was released last 4th sold out the 20,000 copies that were the first publication. Thanks to the popularity of Miss Ripley which claimed #1 among Monday-Tuesday dramas, the orders for the OST are pouring in not merely from Korea but also from Japan and Southeast Asia.

In particular, there is high interest from the public with regards to Park Yoochun’s The Empty Space For You and Hwayoubi’s Glass which are included in the OST. The Empty Space For You which Park Yoochun sang showed off its power as soon as it was released by recording #1 in current-searched words in portal sites and #1 in current-rankings in major digital music sites.

The production affiliates of the OST relayed: “Gathering strength from the upward bound of Miss Ripley’s ratings, the OST is also receiving an explosive response. Park Yoochun, Hwayoubi and other such people’s expressive voices were a big part of the OST’s daeback.”

Source: TVReport
Translation Credit: JYJ3

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NEWS Park Yoochun Participated in Miss Ripley OST with “The Place I Left Empty For You”

[News] Park Yoochun participated in Miss Ripley’s OST with ‘The Place I Left Empty For You’‏

Park Yoochun, who is currently filming in MBC ‘Miss Ripley’ has participated in the OST.

In ‘Miss Ripley’, Park Yoochun who is portraying as the Mondo Group’s successor Song Yuhyun will be singing an insert song ‘The Place I Left Empty For You’ for the drama.

‘Miss Ripley”s production company, Curtain Call Media expressed, “Through the ‘Miss Ripley’ OST that Park Yoochun sang, he will be able to fully reveal his own character Song Yuhyun’s feelings.”

‘The Place I Left Empty For You’ was composed by Jun Haesung who was the composer for SBS ‘Secret Garden”s ‘That Woman’ and it will be inserted into the drama from the 8th episode as Song Yuhyun’s theme.

The song will be out on all major online music stores on the 21st. ‘Miss Ripley’ official OST that include Hwayobi’s ‘Glass’ and ‘If It Was Not You’ etc, will be out on the 4th of July.

credit: 10.asiae+jrw8008

trans by: rachui@sharingyoochun

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