[TRANS] 120605 JYJ’s Junsu, Wins The “Popular Star Award” 3 Years In A Row”An Important Award”

[TRANS] 120605 JYJ’s Junsu, Wins The “Popular Star Award” 3 Years In A Row”An Important Award”

JYJ’s Junsu conveyed his thoughts on winning the popularity award at “The Musical Awards” 3 years in a row.

After the receiving the award, Junsu revealed, “As it is an award given to me by the viewers, I think that that makes it an important award, and one that I am very grateful for. I really appreciate it.” About not winning Best Male Lead, he expressed his thoughts via Twitter, “Thank you from my heart for the popularity award. I am also truly thankful to, in these short 3 years, be nominated 2 years consecutively (for the Best Male Lead award) alongside the best actors.”

His management agency, C-Jes Entertainment, said, “He swept the newcomer awards in the first year following his debut (as a musical actor). We think that it is his passion and seriousness towards the stage as a musical actor that has allowed him to be nominated for the Best Male Lead award 2 years in a row. We would like to thank the audience for his third consecutive Popular Star Award. Please continue to give your interest and support to Junsu’s, who loves musicals, activities from now on.”

Source : [K Star News]

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