[INFO] JYJ’s Get Out MV on Youtube Hits 1 million Views!

Note:  There’s a lag in view count update between the youtube main page and the video page.  See the screencap below for the most updated view count as of the time this was posted:


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[News] 140415 An unusual picture of Yoochun at the airport snatches the “KOPA & NIKON Press Photo Awards”


Airport security can sometimes be very hard for a number of people and JYJ’s Yoochun was one of those people. Once, he was pictured when he took off his glasses to pass the security checking at the airport to confirm his identity and match it with his passport. This picture was then chosen as the best photo for Entertainment Category at the “KOPA & NIKON Press Photo Awards”.

The picture was taken on March 27, 2013, when Reporter Choi Jin Seok covered JYJ who was going to Japan from Gimpo International Airport for their concert at Tokyo Dome. The picture was entitled “Park Yoochun, takes his sunglasses to confirm his identity.”

The awards ceremony is the most prestigious awards ceremony for Korean press. The winner category was divided into General, Sports and Entertainment. It has been held for the third time this year.

Meanwhile, JYJ members are currently focusing on solo projects; Jaejoong is preparing for his upcoming drama “Triangle”, Yoochun is focusing on his ongoing drama “Three Days” and Junsu is preparing for his upcoming concerts in Japan in May.

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Happy Birthday U-know Yunho: The Promise of Another Year Continues…

Happy Birthday Yunho:  Another Year’s Promise Is Here

yunhoghanahope7 Another year has passed in the life of U-Know Yunho–leader-sshi extraordinaire, friend, dancer, singer, and actor. Who is this ball of energy who seems to have the ability to do such a variety of things, including reaching into his heart and his resources to meet the needs of others? Yunho, you personify fatherhood and young wisdom, yet you also exude a certain vulnerability and naive playfulness that suggests that you have found a way to relieve the pressures of your everyday existence. You have always been one to shoulder everyone’s burden, but what about your burdens?

Early on, as a member of DBSK, you were assigned the leadership role. I can imagine trying to supervise those four extremely energetic, independent doers and thinkers, namely, Jaejoong, Yoochun, Junsu, and Changmin, I believe that Jaejoong helped you a lot, as they all probably did–but it still remained your role to see to tasks being performed, and to coordinate between upper management and the members. This was not a comfortable place to be. Middle-management has its own set of problems, and you could get caught in between the two. Your loyalties have to lie with both, and the “buck’ definitely stops at your house often. It takes great courage and strength to live in this way, but you have consistently managed to do this.

It doesn’t matter how much we speculate–the only ones who truly know why DBSK split are the actual parties involved. The question is do we truly need to know? I believe that truth and revelation are healers. Each member was and still is affected, and what utter devastation was caused among the fandom. Yet, In some ways it has strengthened the fandom and revealed true loyalties. I also believe that this strengthened each member. Adversely, it has created a climate for fan wars that eventually will be revealed as evoking unnecessary casualties.  Over-all, everyone receives the love if they choose to embrace it. .

Yunho, you are a human being. You hurt like we all hurt. Yet, you tend to hide that hurt until you are alone. This makes it hard to know what your needs are. As a caring community of people, and disregarding diverse loyalties arising out of the split–you occupy a singular position. You also occupy a unique place in our hearts. There is no one like you. As this year progresses, and you achieve more things born out of your own inner drive and perfectionist personality–I believe that you will surpass your own expectations. You have greatness in you; we have seen it all along–and I am praying that you will someday emerge as a guiding influence on the world around you. Seek profound truths, and let yourself be guided by what is truth.

I want to congratulate you on the 10th anniversary, on ‘Somefhing’ and TENSE, and on all of the recent awards and achievements, whether in conjuncture with Changmin or singly. You will continue to grow, and more responsibility will fall upon your shoulders. You are fast approaching your 30’s, the start of the most potentially productive years of your life. Choose your projects wisely, esteem those who are worthy of your esteem, always keep the faith, and know that you are loved…


Picture Credit: Facebook SMTown

Narrative Credit: Momma Cha @ jyjfantalk.com

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[TRANS] 131221 News Roundup

[TRANS] 131221 Max Changmin And Choo Sung Hoon Win The Best Variety Show Entertainer Award At The KBS Entertainment Awards


TVXQ’s Max Changmin and mixed martial arts fighter Choo Sung Hoon have won the best variety show entertainer award.

Max Changmin and Choo Sung Hoon attended the 2013 KBS Entertainment Awards at the KBS Hall in Yeoido on the 21st, and each gave an acceptance speech for the award.

Called up first, Max Changmin began by thanking the staff of ‘Our Neighborhood’s Master of Variety and Sports’. He continued to say, “I’d also like to thank Ho Dong, who I sincerely respect and look up to. It’s been 10 years since I first made my debut and I thought I’d only be winning awards at music awards ceremonies, so I’m very happy to be receiving such a priceless award right now.”

When it came time for him to speak, Choo Sung Hoon stated, “I believe that I couldn’t have won this award without the help of the person next to me. I’ll be so happy if people keep showing their love for Sarang and the show.”

Meanwhile, the 2013 KBS Entertainment Awards was run by Shin Dong Yeob, KARA’s Goo Hara, and Seo In Gook. Nominees for the most prestigious award for the night were Yoo Jae Seok, Shin Dong Yeob, Kim Junho, Kang Ho Dong, Lee Young Ja and Lee Kyung Gyu,

Source: [osen]

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[TRANS] 131127 Kim Jaejoong Tops The Synnara K-pop Awards Voting Polls, ‘Explosive Popularity In And Outside Of Korea’


Singer Kim Jaejoong has won the 2013 Synnara K-pop Awards’ voting polls.

C-JeS Entertainment stated, “Kim Jaejoong won the voting polls for the 2013 Synnara Records K-pop Awards that were held from the 29th of October till the 26th of this month. The poll was held under the title ‘Guessing the Results for the 2013 K-pop Awards’, and Kim Jaejoong has come out on top. The singer also ranked second on Germany’s Asian Music Charts, and as topped the Korean category of Yinyue Tai’s V-Charts for three consecutive weeks, showing just how popular he is both in Korea and all over the world.”

Kim Jaejoong made his first transformation as a rock star in January with his mini-album ‘I’ and since then, he has been highly praised for his latest rock album ‘WWW: Who, When, Why’. His first full-length album won six crowning titles on Japan’s Rakuten, even before its release. On the day of the album’s release, Kim Jaejoong topped the iTunes charts in 12 countries, including Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Lithuania and Barbados, proving his power as a global star.

To commemorate the release of his new album, Kim Jaejoong kicked off his Asia tour in Seoul and moved on to Yokohama, Japan and Taiwan. He will be flying to Nanjing, China on the 7th and Osaka, Japan on the 17th and 18th of December to continue his Japanese tour.

 Source: [tvdaily]

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[News] 131127 Jaejoong Voted Most Likely to Win the Synnara Record’s 2013 Grand Music Award


It was revealed that JYJ’s Jaejoong was predicted to win Synnara Record‘s Grand Music Award for 2013 according to the results of a poll.

Jaejoong’s agency C-JeS Entertainment said on November 27, “Synnara Record held a poll from October 29 to November 26 to see who the people predicted would win the 2013 Grand Music Award and Jaejoong came in first place.  In this poll, which was under the title of ’2013 Predicted Grand Music Award,’ Jaejoong got his name in first place and proved his popularity.  In addition, he had gotten second place on Germany’s Asian music chart and first place for three weeks straight in the Korean portion of the biggest Chinese MV site Yinyuetai‘s V-Chart, proving himself without a doubt to be popular both in and out of Korea.

Jaejoong had recently released a studio album ‘WWW: Who, When, Why,’ using rock as the grounds for an eclectic range of music.  He had been attracting a lot of attention for this album and doing well on the charts in countries all over the world.  He is currently on an Asian tour and will be performing in Nanjing, China on December 7 and Osaka, Japan on December 17-18.

credit: allkpop

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[TRANS] 131023 Park Yoochun Comes In 2nd Place At The Hallyu 10th Anniversary Awards “Most Influential Korean Actor In Japan”


Park Yoochun has received an award at the ‘Hallyu 10th Anniversary Awards’.

C-JeS Entertainment stated, “Park Yoochun came in second place for the Best Actor Award at the ‘Hallyu 10th Anniversary Awards’ that was held on the 19th of October. His production ‘Rooftop Prince’ also came in at second place for the Best Drama,” and “Though he has not engaged in any activities in Japan recently, he is still extremely popular.”

‘Rooftop Prince’ was first aired on KNTV last July and was scheduled to air once more on TBS this June. With its DVD and Blu-ray released in April, a ‘Rooftop Prince’ cafe was opened in Shibuya that sold food that Park Yoochun enjoyed in the drama, proving just how popular the production was in Japan. The ‘Rooftop Prince’ DVD box set topped the K-drama bestsellers list on Amazon Japan for four straight weeks.

A representative of the DVD distribution agency stated, “The star who received the most votes was Park Yoochun. ‘Rooftop Prince’ has been the hottest K-drama in all of Japan. Representatives of the industry will not hesitate to choose Park Yoochun as the most influential Hallyu star in Japan,” and “This is also the reason why ‘Sea Fog’ gained so much attention at the Busan International Film Festival, because Park Yoochun will be starring in the movie.”

Meanwhile, Park Yoochun began filming for ‘Sea Fog’ with a great cast that includes Kim Yoon Seok and Moon Sung Geun.

Source: [newsen]

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[TRANS] 131007 Post of JYJ SNS Updates




(4:39pm KST, LINE) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0XIZEmSUNo8
(4:40pm KST, LINE) When the three members of JYJ get together, there’s never a dull moment!!

(5:00pm KST, LINE) [Official] Everyone! The Korean Musical Awards, which Kim Junsu is attending, will soon be airing live at 5:20p.m. in the url below^^ Please send him your support! http://www.ustream.tv

Source: [JYJ LINE]

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[TRANS] 131007 Kim Junsu Wins The Popularity Award At The Korean Musical Awards For The Fourth Consecutive Year


Kim Junsu has won the popularity award for the fourth consecutive year.

The 19th ‘Korean Musical Awards’ was held today at Kyunghee University and was hosted by Yoo Jun Sang and Oh Man Seok.

On this day, Hong Ji Min and Seol&Company’s CEO Seol Do Yoon appeared on stage to award the popularity award to Jo Seung Woo, Kim Junsu, Kim So Hyun and Ok Joo Hyun.

Kim Junsu began his acceptance speech by stating, “First of all, I’d like to say thank you. I came from Japan in great spirits as I knew I would be awarding the Best Musical Actor award to someone tonight, and I’m thrilled to be receiving this award on top of that.”

He continued to say, “This is something I say over and over again, but I find this award more meaningful as it was won by the power of the audience,” and “I would like to thank everyone who believed in me when I first started out in the musical industry.”

Last of all, Kim Junsu added, “Please give all your love to ‘December’. Thank you.”

Source: [TV Daily]

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[TRANS] 131007 Kim Junsu Lands In Gimpo Airport On The 7th, Not Even A Typhoon Could Stop His Love For Musicals


Kim Junsu, who had been staying in Japan, has made a surprise return trip to Korea.

Kim Junsu left for Tokyo on the 3rd for the Japanese leg of his ‘XIA 2nd Asia Tour Concert’ tour. He plans to stay in Japan for two weeks and meet with a total of 60,000 fans in Nagoya and Yokohama.

However, Kim Junsu made a surprise appearance at Gimpo Airport at 11a.m. this morning, a day before his first concert.

Kim Junsu’s surprise return got him back to Korea for the ’19th Korean Musical Awards’, that was held tonight at 5:20p.m. at Kyung Hee University’s Hall of Peace. Having received the Best Musical Actor Award last year for his role in ‘Elisabeth’, Kim Junsu was scheduled to appear on stage with Ok Joo Hyun to announce this year’s winner.

Kim Junsu’s schedule today was a miraculous occurrence. With news that a typhoon would pass through the Korean peninsula today, Kim Junsu was unable to sleep for several nights at the thought that he would not be able to land in Korea. Luckily, the typhoon rerouted to China, but the news was soon followed by the announcement that another typhoon would be replacing it.

When it was told that the second typhoon would affect Japan on the 8th, the starting day of Kim Junsu’s Japanese tour, a representative of the concert stated, “There’s a high possibility that the plane won’t be able to depart, so please don’t go to the awards ceremony.” As his Japanese concerts are a promise to his fans, Kim Junsu could not brush off the request of his Japanese staff.

After mulling over his possibilities, Kim Junsu decided to fly back to Korea. Kim Junsu’s love for musicals, that not even a typhoon could stop, eventually overcame his Japanese staff’s requests.

Meanwhile, Kim Junsu headed straight for a hair salon in Gangnam as soon as he landed in Gimpo Airport to prepare for the awards ceremony.

Source: [sports chosun]

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