Project Summary: Details Of A Date With Yuchun — Fan Meeting in Thailand Support

[Project Summary] Details of A Date with Yuchun Fan Meeting in Thailand Support

Details of A Date with Yuchun Fan Meeting in Thailand Support
This project has been approved by 411ent ^^~

Photos Summary of our project
A Date With Yuchun Photo Summary @ Impact Hall 3 2011.09.17

Let’s start with our surprise to all fans at the venue from our team project >_< “aDateWithYuchun” We set a BIG cutout at the size of 2.4 x 3.6 meters in front of the hall entrance. Special Thanks to :,, for sharing their gorgeous photo and allow us to use their photos ^^. Also Big Thanks to : 411ent. All 411 devoted staff who helped us since we started with the project proposal until our mission completed! (During the preparation, there were many issues and obstacles occured. Still, together we got through. YaY! ^____^~ ) And finally….our heartfelt thanks to : Everyone who involved in this project “aDateWithYuchun” we really appreciate and feel thankful for the effort and the heart to support our beloved Yuchun >_

So… Let us take you back to the day we went for <> 2011.09.17

At 9:00 (GST+7, BKK, Thailand Time) Note: The entrance of Impact Hall 3 still did not open!

One of a staff (from Adv. Company) managed to set up the cutout by attaching 3 big pieces of the cutout together!

He did a great job on every pieces of his work
As he was alone by himself, so we gave him our hands to lift up the cutout and attache to its stand >// (We were afraid that it would tear apart T^T… and even 3 of us tried to help lift it up.. We still felt its weight.)

Almost finished… working on its detail

About 10 a.m., after the set-up completed, there were fans and other exhibition-goers spotted at our cutout.
(To this point we observed the passersby silently and we found some of them stop and ask “Who is he?” While some of them even took photos with “him”) With many feedbacks we received, we were happy and sort of relieved >//

After that, we left our cutout to manage another mission: “Our Food & Drink Support” for our beloved Yuchun & staff” >////

We were still waiting for the arrival of several items such as from Zen, Starbucks, Au Bon Pain, a small-yet-cute flower basket and some bakeries..
In the picture, we have our banner, lunch sets from catering services, variety of home-made cupcakes, and drinks.

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After all were ready… we moved to the back stage up stair to set things up (In this pic, about 85% of our support)

Staff who were with us while preparing were really impressed with our love and support to our Yuchun and to spread our love to those who work and support oori Yuchun as well. ….

After all: …

MILLION THANKS TO @6002theMicky, who came across the ocean to date with us and perfectly be you as the way to are >//<~ … We came this far and did this best because of you…..
THANK you 411 who helped us and facilitated. This project would not be accomplished without their good co-operation.
THANKS to all encouragement from everyone who gave us strength to carry out this project…. Please feel free to give us feedback. It’s a pleasure to hear from you as well.

On behalf of the project team, we would like to apologize for any inconvenience and/or any disappointment that we may cause.
With the tight & tough timeline and limited staff, we are sorry that we still can not make all things as initially planned. TT^TT~Thank you for always being by our side, really thankful ^_________^~

aDateWithYuchun’s Support Team – Thailand

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