[TRANS] 111125 JYJ Kim Jaejoong Beats Lee Seung Gi, “Person You Most Want To Date At First Snow” No. 1

[TRANS] 111125 JYJ Kim Jaejoong Beats Lee Seung Gi, “Person You Most Want To Date At First Snow” No. 1

JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong has been voted as “The Male Artist You Most Want To Date At First Snow.”

The music website Monkey3 held a poll among 6,100 students from 17 November to 23 November, with the theme “Who is the male artist you most want to date at first snow?” and JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong, with intense competition from Lee Seung Gi, finally clinched the top position.

On Kim Jaejoong, who garnered 64% (3,882 votes) of the voters’ support, people expressed, “It would feel like the harsh winter cold just melted away,” “I wish I could go on a date with our hands held and tucked in his pocket” and others.

With SBS’s “Strong Heart” and KBS 2TV’s “2 Days & 1 Night” and becoming the king of variety shows, host and singer Lee Seung Gi was no. 2, with 33% (2,016 votes) of the support.

Following that was Song Joong Ki (99 votes), who is starring in the movie “Penny-pinching Romance” beside Han Ye-seul, then Jung Il-woo(41 votes), Kim Soo-Hyun(33 votes), and Lee Min Ho (30 votes).

Source : [BaiduTVXQ + TV Report via Nate]

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Project Summary: Details Of A Date With Yuchun — Fan Meeting in Thailand Support

[Project Summary] Details of A Date with Yuchun Fan Meeting in Thailand Support

Details of A Date with Yuchun Fan Meeting in Thailand Support
This project has been approved by 411ent ^^~

Photos Summary of our project
A Date With Yuchun Photo Summary @ Impact Hall 3 2011.09.17

Let’s start with our surprise to all fans at the venue from our team project >_< “aDateWithYuchun” We set a BIG cutout at the size of 2.4 x 3.6 meters in front of the hall entrance. Special Thanks to : parkyuchun.kr, badboymicky.com, happyyuchun.ivyro.net for sharing their gorgeous photo and allow us to use their photos ^^. Also Big Thanks to : 411ent. All 411 devoted staff who helped us since we started with the project proposal until our mission completed! (During the preparation, there were many issues and obstacles occured. Still, together we got through. YaY! ^____^~ ) And finally….our heartfelt thanks to : Everyone who involved in this project “aDateWithYuchun” we really appreciate and feel thankful for the effort and the heart to support our beloved Yuchun >_

So… Let us take you back to the day we went for <> 2011.09.17

At 9:00 (GST+7, BKK, Thailand Time) Note: The entrance of Impact Hall 3 still did not open!

One of a staff (from Adv. Company) managed to set up the cutout by attaching 3 big pieces of the cutout together!

He did a great job on every pieces of his work
As he was alone by himself, so we gave him our hands to lift up the cutout and attache to its stand >// (We were afraid that it would tear apart T^T… and even 3 of us tried to help lift it up.. We still felt its weight.)

Almost finished… working on its detail

About 10 a.m., after the set-up completed, there were fans and other exhibition-goers spotted at our cutout.
(To this point we observed the passersby silently and we found some of them stop and ask “Who is he?” While some of them even took photos with “him”) With many feedbacks we received, we were happy and sort of relieved >//

After that, we left our cutout to manage another mission: “Our Food & Drink Support” for our beloved Yuchun & staff” >////

We were still waiting for the arrival of several items such as from Zen, Starbucks, Au Bon Pain, a small-yet-cute flower basket and some bakeries..
In the picture, we have our banner, lunch sets from catering services, variety of home-made cupcakes, and drinks.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

After all were ready… we moved to the back stage up stair to set things up (In this pic, about 85% of our support)

Staff who were with us while preparing were really impressed with our love and support to our Yuchun and to spread our love to those who work and support oori Yuchun as well. ….

After all: …

MILLION THANKS TO @6002theMicky, who came across the ocean to date with us and perfectly be you as the way to are >//<~ … We came this far and did this best because of you…..
THANK you 411 who helped us and facilitated. This project would not be accomplished without their good co-operation.
THANKS to all encouragement from everyone who gave us strength to carry out this project…. Please feel free to give us feedback. It’s a pleasure to hear from you as well.

On behalf of the project team, we would like to apologize for any inconvenience and/or any disappointment that we may cause.
With the tight & tough timeline and limited staff, we are sorry that we still can not make all things as initially planned. TT^TT~Thank you for always being by our side, really thankful ^_________^~

aDateWithYuchun’s Support Team – Thailand

credit: aDateWithYuchun
shared by: sharingyoochun.net

Momma’s Source: sharingyoochun.net

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Pictures 110917 Yoochun Fanmeet: A Date With Yoochun Part 5

[Pic] 110917 Yoochun Fanmeet : A Date with Yoochun Part 5

I should focus on writing the fanaccount now ><

Saranghae my Chunnie ahhhhhh

photo by: uonyong+getsuyoubi335
credit: sharingyoochun.net

Momma’s Source: sharingyoochun.net

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Video: 110917 Yoochun Fanmeet: A Date with Yoochun

[Vid] 110917 Yoochun Fanmeet : A Date with Yoochun



credit: xingyingyoosu



Channel V


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INFO Park Yuchun Exclusive Fan Meeting In Thailand — A Date with Yuchun

[Info] Park Yuchun Exclusive Fan Meeting in Thailand : a date with Yuchun Profile | News | Ticket

“Park Yuchun” or Micky, is one of the members of JYJ, the World Famous Boy Band. His initial “Y” is used in the middle of JYJ Band Name. The other two members are “Kim Junsu” and “Kim Jaejoong”

“Park Yuchun” was born in Seoul, Korea. He later moved to the United States to study at a high school there and very soon after that he started on his musical career. It was obvious from the very beginning that, he had a great talent as a musician and singer. He taught himself to play piano and excelled in musical composition. His talents were recognized by many of his peers long before he reached stardom.

In 2009, “Yuchun” and “Kim Jaejoong” co-wrote a song and performed together for the 35th years anniversary of Hello Kitty. The song, “Colours , Melody and Harmony” was an Asian wide success.

In the first English album of JYJ, “The Beginning”, “Yuchun” composed both the lyrics and melodies in several songs in the album such as, “The Music Essay – Their Room”, “Nameless Song Part.1” and the rap verse of “Mission”.

In 2010, “Yuchun” and the members of JYJ sang the song, “Chajatda – Found You”, the soundtrack for the drama “Sungkyunkwan Scandal”, in which “Yuchun” also taken a lead role in. In addition, he also performed the song, “A Space Left For You” in another hit drama “Miss Ripley” which reached No. 1 in several music charts.

In 2011, “Yuchun” and “JYJ” had been on a very successful world tour in all the major cities all over the world such as Bangkok, Taiwan, Beijing , Vancouver, New Jersey, Los Angeles, Washington D.C. and Seoul.

On the acting side, “Park Yuchun” first taken a role in a Japanese , Bee TV in 2010 with “Beautiful Love”. He also taken a lead role for KBS in “Sungkyunkwan Scandal”. Despite being a rookie, he was very well received by the public and media alike. He won the KBS Drama Awards as the “Best Newcomer Actor of 2010” , Most Popular Netizens’ Award. He also won the “Best Couple Award” with Park Min Young and the “Best Performance by a New Actor” in the 47th Paeksang Arts Award.

In MBC, “Miss Ripley”, where Yuchan taken part with all the leading Korean Actors. The show is No.1 in Seoul and it shows how smooth a transition has “Yuchun” made from music Idol to acting .

The popularity of “Park Yuchun” is plain and obvious. In June 2011, Yuchan had been voted on the internet as the No 1, “The famous person you would like to go on vacation with”. “Yuchun” has received over 52% votes from 20,000 people. One of the comment agreed that, “Heaven is where ever Park Yuchun is”.

In August 2011, “Yuchun” was voted to be in the “10 Most beautiful Asian Man” from the vote through 7 major websites in China. The vote ballot was open for 4 months. His latest achievement, “Yuchun” was awarded the, “Most Popular Male Actor ” in Seoul Drama Awards 2011 with over 480,000 votes through Yahoo Korean.

“Park Yuchun” is an idol with multiple talents. He is one of the most popular and love Korean actor and musician. 411 Entertainment has arranged for a very exclusive fan meeting for the very first time in Thailand and this event will be the only fan meet for him in 2011. Get ready for, “Park Yuchun Exclusive Fan Meeting in Thailand : A Date with “Yuchun” ”.

2011 Miss Ripley (MBC)
2010 Sungkyunkwan Scandal (KBS2)
2006 Vacation
2005 Rainbow Romance (MBC)
2005 Banjun Drama (SBS)

2010 The Beginning : released October 14, 2010
2011 The… : released September 8, 2010
2011 Their Rooms “Our Story : released January 15, 2011

2010 Three Voices
2010 Thanksgiving Live in Dome
2011 Three VoicesII


2011 Seoul Drama Awards : Most Popular Male Actor (Sungkyunkwan Scandal)
2011 47th Baeksang Arts Awards: Popularity Award (Sungkyunkwan Scandal)
2011 47th Baeksang Arts Awards: New Actor (Sungkyunkwan Scandal)
2010 KBS Drama Awards: Newcomer Actor Award (Sungkyunkwan Scandal)
2010 KBS Drama Awards: Netizens’ Award (Sungkyunkwan Scandal)
2010 KBS Drama Awards: Best Couple Award with Park Min Young (Sungkyunkwan Scandal)
2003 KBN Teens Singing Competition : Special Award
2001 American Singing Competition (Virginia) : Best Artist of the Competition

‘Park Yuchun Exclusive Fan Meeting in Thailand: : a date with Yuchun’
‘Kueng Chalermchai Mahagitsiri’ announce a new project for ‘411 Entertainment’

The First Fan meeting of the charming Super Star, ‘Park Yuchun’
‘Park Yuchun Exclusive Fan Meeting in Thailand : a date with Yunchun on 17th September’

After the unparallel success of ‘2011 JYJ World Tour Concert in Thailand’ and ‘Jang Kuen Suk, the Cri Show Thailand’, all the fans are now crying out and wondering, what 411 has in stored. Many are crying and wishing for another show from JYJ, the world famous band that comprised of Kim Jaejoong, Park Yuchun and Kim Junsu.

Finally, the man with sexy eyes, Park Yuchun who has just recently been in the popular Korean soap, ‘Sungkyunkwan Scandal’, by playing the character of ‘Lee Sun Joon’. The show is a hit with Thai fans since it has been on air with channel 7. He has agreed to perform a fan meet as a representative of JYJ in Park Yuchun… Exclusive Fan Meeting in Thailand : a date with Yunchun on Saturday, 17th September.

‘Kueng’ Chalermchai Mahagitsiri, the dynamic young CEO of 411 Entertainment has revealed that, ‘The last 6 months, we have completed 2 projects and our feedback has been very positive. Obviously, the positives are what pushing me to do more work with the artists that the fans are crying out for. We are very encouraged and so we have brainstorms for newer projects to meet the demands from the fans. Currently, all the members of JYJ are busy doing various projects on their own prior to releasing their new album. However, Park Yuchun has been in a Korean soap, ‘Sungkyunkwan Scandal’ which is very well received in Thailand. He also has just started another Soap, ‘Miss Ripley’ and has scheduled to come to meet Thai fans this September. This will be Park Yuchun, first Fan meeting and Thailand is the first and only place for the event this year.’ It is now time to find out if this young charmer is as delightful as the rumour goes.

‘Park Yuchun, Exclusive Fan Meeting in Thailand : a date with Yunchun’ will be on Saturday, 17th 2011 at Impact Hall 3, Muang Thong Thani. The show is start from 6.30 p.m. The ticket prices are 4,500/3,500/2,500/1,500 and 900 baht. The Tickets will also be sold through any Thai Ticket Major outlet (www.thaiticketmajor.com).
Call center: 02-262-3456 from Saturday, 03th September 2011 onwards.

Please see the details on www.411ent.com

Park Yuchun Exclusive Fan Meeting in Thailand:
A Date with “Yuchun”

Date of Performance: Saturday, 17th September 2011
Time: Show start at 18.30 (Gate open at 17:30)
Venue: Impact Hall 3, Muang Thong Thani
Tickets selling: From Saturday, 3rd September 2011 onwards
Tickets pricing: 4,500/3,500/2,500/1,500 and 900 baht
Tickets Vendors: Thai Ticketmajor / www.thaiticketmajor.com
Tel: 02-262-3456

1) Only on the 3rd September 2011
**From 10.00 – 12.00, the tickets will start selling at all the Thai ticketmajors vendors (No online tickets selling)
**After 14.00, customers can start buying the tickets through both the vendors and online.
2) A Maximum of 4 tickets per person is allowed.

Special Gifts for advance bookers

1. Offical poster of Park Yuchun Exclusive Fan Meeting in Thailand : A Date with “Yuchun” for 4,500 / 3,500 and 2,500 baht tickets holders.

For all the tickets holders:
The chance to receive singed posters from the hands of Park Yuchun.

Total of 150 fans (select randomly on Saturday 17th September 2011 (The rules and venue will be announced at a later date)
Tickets 4,500 and 3,500 Total 120 people
Tickets 2,500 Total 15 people
Tickets 1,500 Total 10 people
Tickets 900 Total 5 people

Notice: All the 150 names will be announced through 411 Facebook from the 13th of September onwards.

Please note that the rules and dates could be change by 411 Entertainment accordingly without advance notice.

3. All the tickets holders have a chance to be selected to play games on stage with Park Yuchun.

credit: 411ent.com 1 | 2 | 3
shared by: sharingyoochun.net
Momma’s source: sharingyoochun.net

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Translation 110810 JYJ Kim Junsu “Scent Of A Woman”……

[Trans] 110809 JYJ Kim Junsu “Scent Of A Woman” Previously Unreleased Cuts Revealed, “Full Version Requested”

JYJ Kim Junsu’s previously unreleased performance cuts for MBC TV drama “Scent of a Woman” has been revealed.

On 8 August, the SBS homepage released a large number of Kim Junsu’s performance cuts. Kim Junsu, who participated in the “Scent of a Woman” OST with “You are so Beautiful” also made an appearance as a character with the same name.

To shoot the scene in the drama for hallyu star Kim Junsu, a mini-concert was held. This was one of the items in Lee Yeon Jae’s list, to watch Kim Junsu in concert. He also had a 1-on-1 date with Lee Yeon Jae, where he displayed his charm.

During the concert, Kim Junsu performed “I can Soar” from JYJ’s worldwide album “The Beginning” as well as his Japanese single “Intoxication” and others, with approximately 500 fans turning up with placards and banners to support him, creating an atmosphere similar to a real concert.

Netizens have requested for the concert performance video to be released. They said, “Please broadcast the full version of Intoxication,” “Can’t you reveal the full performance?” “I want to go on a date with Junsu like Yeon Jae did,” “I definitely had to watch the broadcast because of Kim Junsu,” and other reactions.

Source [BaiduTVXQ + enews24 via Nate]
Translated & Shared by : dongbangdata.net

Momma’s Source: sharingyoochun.net

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