[News] 110303 JYJ Kim Junsu Offered Spec…

[News] 110303 JYJ Kim Junsu Offered Special Performances of ‘Tears of Heaven’ Upon Receiving a Letter from His Young Fangirl

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The warm heart owned by musical ‘Tears of Heaven’ cast and member group JYJ Kim Junsu was recently proven.

A musical official revealed on March 3rd, “After Kim Junsu got a letter from his young below 15 years fangirl, he decided to do two more performances of the musical.”

The letter from this fan apparently had moved Kim Junsu’s heart as it said, “I’ve been a fan of you for a long time, and I’d like to watch the musical but failed to get the ticket.”

Moreover he also read line of inquiries from both local and international fans who also complained that they couldn’t get their tickets to the musical. Due to this matter, the actor consulted to the production company whether a special performance could be arranged.

According to the official, after reading the touching fan letter, Kim Junsu personally purchased two ticket sheets from the company and sent them to this 15 years old fan.

Kim Junsu said, “I feel my gratitude to see these kind of fans who show great interest in the musical I’m starring in. However eventhough they really want to watch, they can’t since they missed to get the tickets. So this time, please hurry get your tickets to watch,”

The special extended stage will be held on coming March 13th for 14:00 and 19:00 performance. The 3000 seats performance tickets is up on sale tomorrow on March 4th.

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Junsu has been doing a wonderfully rich …

Junsu has been doing a wonderfully rich musical acting job as, Jun, a Korean soldier in Vietnam who finds and loses his true love to a rival. He suffers loss but gains a daughter in the end. We have been following his performances and here are some highlights to enjoy!! Stay healthy and safe, June. Momma Cha

Our own Kim Junsu really got an opportun…

Our own Kim Junsu really got an opportunity to go on vacation with his family. That is so wonderful. It looks as if you are having an exciting time, my dear. Enjoy your family and your friends.  Momma Cha

Rest and Relaxation never hurts

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@0101xiahtic oh, I see You must be so happy! Enjoy your trip♪ Anyway, I really wanted to see your musical but I’m sad because I can’t for all the shows are sold out. The name of the female lead is Lyn too.. I should watch it! (7:22pm KST)
@lovelyn_twt I’ve been thinking the same thing~hahaha;; Lyn!! noona please come~ I’ll try to get a ticket for you^^ (7:24pm KST)

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What a beautiful story. It reminds me of…

What a beautiful story. It reminds me of David and Bathsheba and Bathsheba’s husband Urriah.
A much different ending to a tragic story. This is so beautiful it defies words to explain it. I listened with tears streaming down my face. I pray for strength for Junsu.
Momma Cha

“It was sad and I cried so much. It’s such a touching production.”

Audience members of the first performance of ‘Tears of Heaven’, the global project musical featuring Kim Junsu (TVXQ’s Xiah Junsu), were busy wiping tears away as they left the theater.

The first performance of ‘Tears of Heaven’ was held at 8pm on February 1st at the National Theater in JangChoong-dong, Seoul. All 1500 seats were sold out and fans of Xiah Junsu who were unable to secure tickets flocked to the theater to see if they could buy scalper’s tickets. But it was close to impossible to get even those as the show had already been sold out for more than 20 days.

‘Tears of Heaven’ is a large-scale musical centered around a love story that blooms amidst the war in Vietnam anbd it targets the global market. A total of 3 years and 6 months were put into the preparation of the musical and five countries (Hungary, USA, Canada, Czech Republic, Japan) were visited in the process.

In the production, Xiah Junsu plays the lead role of Jun, a Korean soldier in Vietnam who falls in love with a Vietnamese woman and gives his all to her; he showcased charismatic acting skills and explosive vocal abilities.

The dramatic scenes in Vietnam, San Francisco and Seoul captivated the audience who couldn’t help but clap enthusiastically at Xiah Junsu and Yoon Gong Ju’s perfect performance. Women could be seen wiping tears away as they left the theater for intermission after the first act.

In the second act, the earnest love between the Korean soldier and Vietnamese woman that overcame an ill-fated love and death made the eyes of audience members prickle with tears, and many women could be seen wiping these tears away as they sat deep in thought watching the show.

When the performance was over, the entire crowd gave the production cast a standing ovation.

On this day, Jung Sang Yoon and Jeon Dong Seok, the two actors cast alongside Kim Junsu for the lead role, as well as Lee Haeri were seen amongst the crowd as audience members.

The third round of reservations of 4,500 seats for ‘Tears of Heaven’ was sold out in 2 minutes and 30 seconds. Kim Junsu, who showcased his extreme ticket power by selling out the first round of 15,000 seats in 5 minutes and the second round of 13,000 seats in 3 minutes and 30 seconds, set a new record by selling the third round of tickets in 2 minutes and 30 seconds.

Xiah Junsu stated, “I really want to thank the musical, the musical maniacs who love me, and my fans. The lights, set and audio system that a global staff worked on was so perfect. ‘Tears of Heaven’ will be a great performance that could be put on Broadway with pride.”

The large-scale musical ‘Tears of Heaven’, that was created by global giants of the industry, held its first performance on February 1st and will keep playing at the National Theater’s Haeoreum Hall until March 19th.

Source: [newsen+DNBN]
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Junsu’s 1st Performance in Tears of Heaven

Junsu gave his first performance for Tears of Heaven. I did not have to be there to know that he put his all into his performance. So much to be proud of that our mancub is doing. Love you, June.  To see the full report click on Junsu’s solo actions on the sidebar.  Momma Cha

First performance

Lots of good things going on. Samples of…

Lots of good things going on.

Samples of Jaejoong’s essays from “Music Essay–Their Rooms” are now out. Intriquing could be the term. I am looking forward to receiving my 224 page copy, and listening to JYJ’s personally composed music .

Junsu is recording some music from “Tears of Heaven” on CD and included will be music from Mozart. This is great as everything out there has been fancam. We have been grateful for those who brought this much to us and it will be great to hear clear copies of Mozart.

Changmin’s “Paradise Ranch” is much anticipated and there are beautiful photos out there. It airs January 24th, 2011 on Channel SBS. Hoping for the best for you, Changmin. Check out the sidebar for visuals. Momma Cha