[Info] 130424 JYJ To Become Honorary Citizens of Jeju Island

[Info] 130424 JYJ To Become Honorary Citizens of Jeju Island

JYJ will become honorary citizens of Jeju Island for their contribution on the Seven Wonders of Nature Campaign.

The boys have previously been chosen as the ambassadors of the island for international promotion purposes.

With JYJ’s help, the island was voted as one of the New Seven wonders of Nature by the New Seven Wonders committee. On behalf of the island, JYJ actively promoted internationally to help raise the profile of the island. The members were selected as honorary citizens for their influence and ability to attract and raise foreign votes for the island.

Depending on their world tour schedule, there’s a possibility the members will be able to attend the official appointment ceremony.

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credit: allkpop

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[TRANS] 130323 JYJ’s Kim Junsu Is Connected To Jeju In Many Ways, Holds A Hallyu Fanmeet On Jeju Island

[TRANS] 130323 JYJ’s Kim Junsu Is Connected To Jeju In Many Ways, Holds A Hallyu Fanmeet On Jeju Island

Hallyu star JYJ’s Kim Junsu will be holding a fanmeet on Jeju Island this weekend for Japanese tourists.

On the 22nd, it was reported that a Japanese traveling agency will be holding a fanmeet event with Kim Junsu at the Jeju Ramada Hotel on the 23rd for Japanese tourists (estimated 370 people). The day’s event is scheduled to consist of a mini live performance and a talk show.

Kim Junsu held a fanmeet for Japanese tourists on Jeju Island last year as well.

Kim Junsu’s relationship with Jeju Island has been one that has developed over the years with his group JYJ working as the honorary ambassadors of Jeju Island’s bid to become one of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World. They received honorary awards for contributing to the selection of Jeju Island as one of the natural wonders.

A large-scale hotel that will be run by Kim Junsu’s father in Seogwipo-si is currently under construction and is drawing a great deal of attention as well.

Source: [sisa jeju]

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[FANCAMS-HQ] 120929 Junsu Fanmeeting in Jeju Island

Sorry, missed these. I love to post anything I find about our Guys whether current through to 9 years old.

You look as if you’re having fun Duckie.  <3  Momma Cha

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[News] 120113 JYJ’s Junsu Denies His Involvement in Hotel-building Plans for Jeju Island

[News] 120113 JYJ’s Junsu Denies His Involvement in Hotel-Building Plans for Jeju Island

A representative of JYJ has asserted that member Junsu is not involved in hotel construction plans for Jeju Island.

Various reports have been going around stating that Junsu is on his way to becoming an entrepreneur by constructing a hotel in Jeju Island.

The representative explained that those reports are false.

While the plans are coming from Junsu’s father, Junsu himself is not directly involved. “Junsu has no relations to his father’s plans on opening a hotel business in Jeju Island,” they said. “This entrepreneurial plan is under Junsu’s father, not Junsu himself.”


They continued, “Junsu barely has enough time to keep up with his main career as an entertainer.”

Aside from his work with JYJ, Junsu is preparing for his upcoming musical “Elizabeth“, which is scheduled to begin on February 8th. Since Junsu is required to exude a masculine image on stage, he has been spending his days in the gym and nights working on music.

In related news, JYJ will be holding their first South American concerts in Peru and Chile on March 9th and 11th.

source: Osen
credit: allkpop

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[Trans] 111112 Seven Natural Wonders Of The World Promoters… “Even Park Ji Sung And JYJ Were With Us”

[Trans] 111112 Seven Natural Wonders Of The World Promoters… “Even Park Ji Sung And JYJ Were With Us”
Posted November 19,2011

With Jeju Island chosen as one of the new Seven Natural Wonders of the World by the N7W Foundation, it can be said that this victory was thanks to the domestic and overseas honorary ambassadors of Jeju Island’s campaign. Starting with American football player Hines Ward in May, approximately 100 people were chosen as honorary ambassadors this year.

Headed by actress Go Du Shim, who was born in Jeju, the team consisted of Park Eun Hae, Choi Jung Won, Kim Tae Hee, Chae Rim, Han Jae Seok, Park Sun Young and Park Sang Won. Yoon Do Hyun, Bae Chul Soo, Cultwo, and mountaineer Eom Hong Gil contributed as well. Hallyu stars Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu from JYJ, who have countless overseas fans supporting them, also took part in the campaign.

Sports stars who participated include Manchester United’s Park Ji Sung, PGA golf player Choi Gyung Joo and Yang Yong Eun. Jiao Zhimin, a former member of China’s national table tennis team, also helped out.

However, not all the honorary ambassadors were Korean. Paul Potts, who became a star through ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ and 2008 Nobel Prize for Literature recipient Jean-Marie Gustave Le Clézio also took part in helping Jeju Island.

It was thanks to the efforts of these domestic and overseas honorary ambassadors that Jeju Island clinched their victory and became one of the new Seven Natural Wonders of the World.

Source: [headline jeju]
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Translation 110718 New Wonders Believes Jeju Island and KBS Need To take A Leaf Out of JYJ’s Book

[Trans] 110718 New 7 Wonders Believes Jeju Island And KBS Need To Take A Leaf Out Of JYJ’s Book

Jeju Island’s race to become one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World has met an unexpected pitstop.

With the cancellation of popular group JYJ’s upcoming performance creating an uproar amongst domestic and international fans, New 7 Wonders, the sponsors of the 7 Natural Wonders poll, has stepped in.

On the 17th, the New 7 Wonders Foundation posted a tweet on their official Twitter account to Jeju Island and KBS that said, ‘Time to kiss and make up!’

This was then followed by the foundation following Kim Jaejoong’s Twitter account and saying ‘That is the right spirit!’

After receiving the cancellation notification on the 16th, Kim Jaejoong showed his affection for Jeju Island on his Twitter as he said, “If there are going to be obstacles blocking us from promoting our nation’s natural wonder, then this time, I’ll just promote it alone.”


When news of the cancellation came out, it became a hot topic immediately, with the keywords ‘JYJ Cancellation’, ‘Broadcast cancellation’, ‘Appearance cancellation’ shot up on the searchboxes of popular sites.

Though the current situation is pouring oil over the fire between a broadcasting company and an agency, and between an agency and an agency, it is also causing worry that it will negatively affect Jeju Island’s chances of becoming one of the 7 natural wonders of the world.

The homepage of Jeju Island’s local government was flooded on the 17th and 18th by JYJ fans and netizens, demanding that Jeju Island take responsibility of the matter.

One netizen said, “I booked a hotel to watch JYJ perform in Jeju, so who’s going to compensate me for my losses? I never want to see the words ’7 Natural Wonders of the World’ and ‘Jeju Island’ ever again.”

Another netizen showed their criticism by stating, “To tell you the truth, I only voted for Jeju Island because of JYJ. Jeju Island’s done nothing but use JYJ to get more votes.”

Source: [sisa Jeju]
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Translation 110718 Has JYJ Become The Symbol Of Injustice?

[Trans] 110718 Has JYJ Become The Symbol Of Injustice?‏

Before the commence of JYJ’s topic, there are a few preconditional claims that have to be announced. This is because although the topic that I want to discuss starts with JYJ but the gist of the whole topic is not just about JYJ.
(JaeTime’s T/N: It meant that the discussion and thoughts from the commotion with regards to Korean entertainment agencies and unfair law judgment through the regrouping of JYJ and the lawsuit dispute.)

Preconditional Claim 1: JYJ are idols

JYJ is a new group formed comprising of TVXQ’s Xiah Junsu, Micky Yoochun and Hero Jaejoong, who left the group. TVXQ has attained the highest spot in the idol industry. This is a status achieved by all members of TVXQ and as an idol, they have their significance and their appearance would meant a significant meaning. Of course at the same time where they have their group of loyal fans, anti-fans would be present as well. Therefore upon any appearance of JYJ-relevant topics, the personal judgement of the issue, fans’ and bystanders’ views have to be clearly differentiated. I do not want to simply discuss about JYJ but to direct at the things happening right now and to talk about my views. Therefore before the beginning of discussion of this issue, We have to understand the slight bias that is present in the term ‘idol’.

Preconditional Claim 2: JYJ are wealthy

JYJ have accumulated lots of wealth. This can be known from the assets that were pronounced in news articles. But the main point of the problem is the unfair contract lawsuit between them and SM. Many people think that given the enormous wealth that JYJ had gotten yet the decision to sue the company was nothing different from being a ungrateful betrayer, with the lack of appreciation towards the company’s initial training for them and instead sarcastically said that themselves are slaves. Whether the truth to this is such, I am not in the position to say anything. But this issue is simple, whether their contract is justifiable or not, the court has its judgment. How much has the trio earned as members of TVXQ, there is no way to certify it now. Stealing 50 thousand away from 100 thousand is the same nature as stealing 50 thousand from 1 million. Because to someone who have earned 1 million, losing that 50 thousand, he would still feel unease.

Thus with these two preconditional claims, no matter they are wealthy people or betrayers, there are no basis. “How will the law be judging it?” This is the most important. Therefore before any conclusion is out, there should not be any clear judgment passed on them. Be it from ethical or law point of view, there are a lot of injustice towards the current JYJ. The weirdest that happened in JYJ’s activities was the unability to appear in news articles, television dramas and not able to participate in variety programmes, in addition to the frequent “sudden cancellation without a reason” incidents. The trio of JYJ recorded QTV’s programme in 24 hours and in the end this programme was unable to be broadcasted by QTV itself. Park Yoochun, who was supposed to attend KBS’s Win Win was canceled, together with this time’s “sudden cancellation” of Jeju island promotional performance even though the receipt of the cue sheet.

Not only such, on normal circumstances when a new drama is due to be broadcasted, the cast of the drama would appear in many variety shows for promotional purposes. But in ‘Miss Ripley’ situation, there are no interview of production company’s press conference from the start, and no appearance of the cast appearing on variety shows such as ‘Come To Play’.

Appearing in drama and news but nowhere to be seen in the entertainment circle, this is obviously an incomprehensible issue. Of course there would be such a situation where fans would express that it is the doing of a certain agency preventing the broadcast, but as the “agency” did not reveal anything, there would not be thoughts of accusations or suspect of the certain agency.

On the contrary, I think the problem lies with the broadcasting company. Because the television company or the news agency would invite guests to make their programmes more interesting. As for drama, the cast’s participation in variety shows would definitely allow the drama to be sold overseas with a higher price.

But the situation of Jeju’s promotional performance is completely different. With them being appointed as ambassadors, they have greatly influenced the promotional effects but was yet omitted in performance. The sudden cancellation was incomprehensible, especially when the schedule was already confirmed. There are lots of overseas fans who have planned to fly over to Korea for this public performance and this has worsen the problem. It feels so regretful especially when this happened in national-managed broadcasting company KBS.

Pre-appointed ambassadors scheduled performance was yet suddenly canceled without any special reason, this is obviously an injustice issue. Gaining the promotional effects and omitting them in the end, this shows the vile side of the establishment. This has to be brought up together with the harm inflicted to many fans. This is not what a national-managed television company should do.

The invisible backdoor pressure rumours were unbelievable. It is obvious that there is special reason and this reason have caused the cancellation. Before any judgment by the court is passed, there should not be any obstruction to their entertainment activities. Korea is a lawful country. In Korea, it is unimaginable to know of power who disregard law and there are no way to confirm if such power existed. If they say that there are not outside pressure, then wouldn’t it be impossible to stop the broadcasting based on one’s effort?

Therefore I hoped that KBS television company will give a proper explanation to this sudden cancellation of JYJ’s broadcasting. What is the exact reason for canceling JYJ’s broadcast. I hoped to receive a convincible reason.

Hopefully KBS can relay to the public the message that “Republic of Korea is a lawful society and there are no injustice.” If KBS’s reason is not convincible, that would be very regretful, very pitiful. This proves that under the law of our Republic of Korea, there are still certain power existing or that KBS has to depend on certain establishment’s power to produce programmes. If it is really so, then undoubtedly, JYJ has bear the injustice sacrifice and they have became the symbol of injustice.

source: mediaus+JaeTime
trans by: rachui@sharingyoochun

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Editors Note on Jeju Island 7 Wonders Cancellation

Look at this picture for NII. Boys next door.

Here we go again. Another cancellation. I’m truly not surprised anymore, just plain irritated. I guess JYJ isn’t morally grounded enough to appear before the TV audience and/or the world as Jeju’s honorary ambassadors? Honorary does have a meaning, right?

Give me a break!! Which agency is responsible this time? We can probably make some accurate guesses as to the political machinations that have attempted to make this last endeavor invalid, and to be honest about it, by this stage it is just ridiculousy juvenile.

Maybe some other country wants to make a bid for the 7 Wonders nomination, maybe SM or Avex simply wants to have one of their acts represent Jeju, or maybe, just maybe, it is just a case of Mr. Nasty disease from KBS once again.

I guess we’ll just wait to see what information will be provided by C-JeS, and who will take responsibility. Until then Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu–no one deserves a break more (accept maybe your brothers inside SM). You work so hard and you are dearly loved. <3 to the nth degree. 🙂 Momma Cha Addendum: There are other voices who feel as if KBS may, as has happened before, be the culprit here. There certainly is evidence from the past of KBS' tendency to schedule, receive promotional benefits, then cancel JYJ or JYJ individual member's activities. It has been affirmed through C-JeS that KBS has broken their agreement with JYJ to be the honorary ambassadors for N7W, which included the special broadcast program on the 20th of July. Has everyone become arrogant and starting to feel as if they have immunity in mistreating JYJ? This has to stop. Justice must be served. Addendum No. 2: It appears to me that KBS has something about them that others can manipulate and use for their own selfish purposes. Even if it is true that they originally asked SNSD et al to represent the N7W campaign, they also originally asked JYJ to do the same. Both had scheduling difficulties but JYJ managed to somehow answer their request and do the promotional work. JYJ got votes for Jeju from all over the world, and inspired people to want to come from all over the world for the event. This is mismanagement on the part of KBS, SM, and hopefully not C-JeS. Regardless of who did or didn't manipulate, drop the ball, etc; it just boils down to one thing, our guys were used and thrown away in the process. Junsu, we are sorry because we love you--and when you hurt, we hurt. Credit: Momma Cha @jyjfantalk.com

Translation 110716 C-Jes Entertainment Official Notice Regarding JYJ’s Jeju Performance Cancellation

[Trans] 110716 C-JeS Entertainment’s Official Notice Regarding JYJ’s Jeju Performance Cancellation

Regarding JYJ’s appearance in a TV special as honorary ambassadors for Jeju’s 7 Wonders nomination


This is C-JeS Entertainment.

JYJ were scheduled to appear in a TV special on the 20th as honorary ambassadors of Jeju’s 7 Wonders nomination, but received a notice today, stating that their appearance has been cancelled.

We have currently asked the organizer for the specific reason as to why JYJ’s appearance has been suddenly cancelled.

We ask for your understanding of our situation of having to notify the fans, who have been waiting for this performance, of the sudden cancellation, and we will post another notice as soon as possible once we have confirmed the details behind the situation.

Source: [C-JeS Homepage]

Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

Momma’s Source; sharingyoochun.net

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NEWS JYJ To Appear On A KBS Special For Jeju on July 20th

[NEWS] JYJ To Appear on a KBS Special for Jeju On July 20
Posted by Angelf4 at Monday, July 04, 2011

JYJ Adds Fire To The Expansion of Voting Fervor for Jeju as One of the 7 Wonders

JYJ, honorary ambassador for the 7 wonders, has started in earnest in promoting for Jeju to be selected as one of the seven wonders, for instance by creating by themselves a promotional video.


JYJ plans to enthusiastically promote Jeju to be selected as a 7 Wonders of the World by appearing as an honorary ambassador on the “KBS Special Live Broadcast Wishing Jeju To Become One of the 7 Wonders” on July 20.

Credits: JejuinNews
Translation credit: JYJ3
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Momma’s Source: dbsknights.net

Ambassador work suits you, Mancubs. 🙂 Momma Cha

News JYJ Put K-Pop To Work For JeJu Island

Great news, Mancubs. You make wonderful ambassadors. Proud of You. Momma Cha

News JYJ put K-pop to work for Jeju Island

Members of JYJ, a popular South Korean boyband, have been chosen as honorary ambassadors for Jeju Island, one of the 28 Official Finalists in the New7Wonders of Nature campaign. On behalf of the island, band members Hero Jaejoong, Micky Yoochun and Xiah Junsu will now promote Jeju internationally in a concentrated effort to raise its global profile.

Bands such as JYJ are household names in much of Asia. They belong to a new generation of South Korean artists that are part of a musical genre called “K-pop“. Along with the success of Korean TV shows and films, they are central to a cultural movement that has become known as the “Korean wave”.

Korean music industry veteran Bernie Cho told the BBC that K-pop stars are doing very well financially, at home and abroad. His company, DFSB Kollective, markets and distributes a range of Korean music and, according to Cho, many of K-pop’s top acts are selling 100,000 or 150,000 albums straight after release — an impressive number in any major market.

K-pop has been a hit in Asia says Choo because it offers something different, but is still familiar enough for audiences to relate to. And the fact that K-pop’s unique style is attracting foreign fans is something that benefits both the people who visit South Korea and the bands whose music they like.

Many tourists who come for the music also buy the clothes and cosmetic brands promoted by Korean stars. According to South Korea’s Trade and Investment Agency, income from cultural exports like pop music and TV shows has been rising by about 10 percent a year. In 2008, it was worth almost $2 billion.

credit: new7wonders

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Kim Junsu and Kim Junho have an attentiv…

Kim Junsu and Kim Junho have an attentive mother. It is probably not the easiest job to still be raising two world travelers. I can imagine that some days are rather rough–while others are enlightening. Zunoxiahmom has been twittering away, posting candid pictures of her children for us to share while vacationing on Jeju Island. We look forward to more, Zunoxiahmom. Momma Cha

Source: zunoxiahmom on twitter.com

Source: 0101xiahtic at twitter.com

Source: zunoxiahmom at twitter.com

Our own Kim Junsu really got an opportun…

Our own Kim Junsu really got an opportunity to go on vacation with his family. That is so wonderful. It looks as if you are having an exciting time, my dear. Enjoy your family and your friends.  Momma Cha

Rest and Relaxation never hurts

(Lyn) It’s raining with a hint of snow on the beautiful island of Jeju. Mm, the pleasant smell of rain and of Jeju island.  (5:59pm KST)
@lovelyn_twt Noona, are you in Jeju island right now? I’m here too..^^ hahaha;; (6:06pm KST)
@0101xiahtic Really? Wow! Why are you here? haha (7:12pm KST)
@lovelyn_twt I’m here for a family vacation^^ It’s our first in 8 years hahaha (7:17pm KST)
@lovelyn_twt Why are you in Jeju island, noona?? (7:19pm KST)
@0101xiahtic oh, I see You must be so happy! Enjoy your trip♪ Anyway, I really wanted to see your musical but I’m sad because I can’t for all the shows are sold out. The name of the female lead is Lyn too.. I should watch it! (7:22pm KST)
@lovelyn_twt I’ve been thinking the same thing~hahaha;; Lyn!! noona please come~ I’ll try to get a ticket for you^^ (7:24pm KST)

Arden) @0101xiahtic haha Woah! It looks like LA~^^ You’re doing well, right? (9:13pm KST)
@arden_cho I’m doing okay, I guess~^^ You’re doing well too, right?? I’m in Jeju island~ (9:18pm KST)

Source: [Junsu+Other’s Twitter]
Translation Credits: jeeelim5@tohosomnia.net
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