The Reason Kim Junsu Came On The Stage With His Mother

The Reason Kim Junsu Came On The Stage With His Mother

The young son asked his mother with limpid eyes after singing with his mother.

“Mom, you sing so well. Why didn’t you become a singer?”

His mother smiled and answered to his unexpected question.

“I dreamed of being a singer once, but your grandfather was opposed to it so much…”

The boy promised to his mother who smiled, but slurred her words at the end.
“Mom! I’ll be successful and achieve your dreams for you. I promise.” About 10 years since this promise, she received a phone call from her son at the end of the year.

“Mom, won’t you sing a song with me at my concert?” At first when she heard his son’s words over the phone, she thought he was joking. Her son continued to talk.

“Mom, do you remember? The promise I made you to sing with you on the stage when I become a successful singer. I will be really happy if you would be a guest for my concert.” Her son’s voice was a little bit shaky. But she shook her head at the unexpected suggestion.

“I know what you mean, but you know I can’t sing well as I once could. Don’t you know that better than I do? I’m thankful and happy just at the fact you remembered the promise you made such a long time ago that I’d forgotten about.

But her son was stubborn. She asked him over and over.

“Won’t I ruin your concert? It’s true that I dreamed of being a singer, but I’ve never been on stage before…”

“Don’t worry. You can do better than me. I want to make your dream come true.”

January 1st 12am, 2013.

K-pop star Kim Junsu(XIA)’s solo concert was at the peak at COEX Hall D, Samsung-dong, Seoul. 7000 fans filling in the venue with red lights made their wishes for the new year, wished luck and blessings.

Kim Junsu took a sip of water on the stage.

“I am about to achieve my dream right here today. It is both my dream since my childhood and hers too. My dream is finally coming true today. She probably will be shaking with anxiety behind the stage. Please give her a round of applause and loud cheers.”

The audience began to stir. Curiosity was aroused about who he is introducing. Everyone thought a surprise guest would appear on the stage like any other concerts. ‘Dream of Goose’ started to flow with the sound of the piano.

At that time an unfamiliar middle-aged woman entered the stage with a microphone. The woman standing in the spotlight was Kim Junsu’s mother Yoon Youngmi-ssi. It was a surprising guest, against everyone’s expectation. The mother and the son sang ‘Dream of Goose’ passionately while holding hands. The son beat time with his hands for his nervous mother.

When the song was over, Yoon-ssi shed tears and said, “I’m so thankful to my son who kept the promise he made when he was a child and made my dream true.” The son hugged her without saying anything. Then he escorted his mother backstage.

The son had treasured his ‘mother’s dream’ that she had to give up due to her family’s opposition in his heart. He wanted to give back her ‘lost dream’ as his concert.

So he chose ‘Dream of Goose’ to sing. To deliver a hopeful message to his fans that even a ragged, abandoned dream can cross the wall and soar high into the sky. That even the heavy world will never be able to tie you down. To imagine smiling together at the end of life.

It seemed that their heart touched the audience. One by one, the audience that has been watching the stage started to wipe their tears. All fans said “It was the most beautiful and touching stage in this concert,” and continued, “They embraced the venue warmly with that one song.”

Fans also said, “Their vocals weren’t just technically excellent. Their voices and emotions go so well together, so their chord and tone were in harmony.” More than anything, it was touching to hear a fan saying “Watching the performance, it made me think back what my parent’s wish is and what did I do to achieve it.”

Kim Junsu’s ‘Ballad&Musical Concert’ that was held from December 29th to 31th at COEX, Seoul had a story of the stages he had dreamt of in his childhood and meeting himself who achieved his dreams. However, to Kim Junsu, it was a meaningful concert because not only his dream was achieved, but he also kept the promise he made to his mother when he was a child and helped her mother’s dream to come true. As fans’ dreams were also painted over, they made the best harmony on earth.

Watching his mother’s dream come true while Junsu watched his mother keeping her own dreams in her heart and working hard only for her son’s success. Maybe this was Kim Junsu’s dream too. A beautiful fairy tale-like story of a successful son achieving his mother’s dream became a reality at the very first moment of the first day of 2013, on Kim Junsu’s stage.

●This article was written via a phone interview with Kim Junsu’s mother Yoon Youngmi-ssi after the concert was over.

Credit: Today Korea

Translated & shared by: XIAH Press

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110922 TVXQ Telephone Full Lyrics

Telephone’ Full Lyric

Telephone / 東方神起 (Tohoshinki)

Lyrics: LUNA
Music: Michele Vice-Maslin/C.J.Vanston/Matt Tryggested

夜中に電話なんて 起こしちゃったかな?ごめんね
Yonaka ni denwa nante okoshichattakana? Gomenne
Did I wake you up? Sorry to call you this late.

忙しくて最近は ずっと会えなかったから oh
Isogashikute saikin wa zutto aenakatta kara oh
I haven’t seen you for so long ‘cause I’ve been busy recently, so… oh

Hitorikiride naitetano?
Are you crying alone?

Sabishii nowa boku no houdayo
I miss you more than you miss me

そういつだって 信じてて
Sou itsudatte shinjitete
Baby always trust in me

大事な人は 君だけだって
Daijina hito wa kimidake datte
You are the only one in my heart

なんて言ったの? アイシテルって
Nante ittano? Aishiterutte
What did you say? Say I love you

もう一度言ってみて (お願い)
Mou ichido ittemite (onegai)
Say it once again (please)

I can’t hear you

そのうち休み取って ふたりでどこか出掛けよう
Sonouchi yasumi totte futari de dokoka dekakeyou
I’ll take days off sometime soon. Maybe go somewhere together

遠くがいいな 言葉も通じないくらい 遠く 遠く
Tooku ga iina kotoba mo tsuujinai kurai tooku tooku
Somewhere far far away where we don’t understand the language

いつかは 同じ場所に
Itsuka wa onaji basho ni
I hope we’ll be able to call

Kareru youni nareba iiyone
The same place home someday

ねぇ会いたいな 待っててよ 待っててよ
Neh, aitaina matteteyo matteteyo
Baby I miss you. Wait there, Wait there

大丈夫だよ すぐ行くから すぐ行くから
Taijyoubudayo sugu ikukara sugu ikukara
It’s all right. I’m coming, I’m coming

ちょっとだけでも いいから今夜 いいから今夜
Chottodakedemo iikara konya iikara konya
For even a few minutes, I need you tonight, I need you tonight

声だけじゃもうヤだよ まだ寝ないで ヤだよ oh
Koedake jya mou yadayo mada nenaide yadayo oh
Just hearing your voice isn’t enough anymore, don’t sleep yet. I’m gonna miss you, oh

Hi ga noburu mae no ichiban kurai jikan ga sukinanda
I love the darkest time before dawn

星がとてもキレイで君のことを想うよ (oh my girl)
Hoshi ga totemo kirei de kimi no koto wo omou yo (oh my girl)
Every time I see the beautiful stars, I think of you (oh my girl)

oh my girl oh
oh my girl oh
oh my girl oh

そういつだって 信じてて 信じてて
Sou itsudatte shinjitete, shinjitete
Baby always trust in me, trust in me

大事な人は 君だけだって 君だけだって
Daiji na hito wa kimidake datte, kimidake datte
You’re the only one in my heart, you’re the only one

なんて言ったの? アイシテルって アイシテル
Nante ittano? Aishiterutte, aishiteru
What did you say? Say I love you, I love you

もう一度 もう一度
Mou ichido, mou ichido
Once again, once again

言ってみて お願い yeah
Ittemite onegai yeah
Say it again, please, yeah

I want to see you

もうおやすみなんだね もう一度
Mou oyasumi nandane mouichido
You’re going to sleep now, Once again

Neh, ashita mo denwa surukara
Baby I’ll call you tomorrow too

もうすぐ朝が来る 言ってみて wow
Mousugu asa ga kuru, ittemite wow
A new day is dawning, Say wow

Sou ashita mo iihi ni nare
Baby have a nice day tomorrow too

きっと会える夢なら アイシテルって
Kitto aneru yume nara, aishiterutte
We can meet in a dream, I Love You

Kitto aerukara
Don’t worry, we can meet

おやすみだね oh my girl oh my girl
Oyasumidane oh my girl oh my girl
Good night, oh my girl oh my girl

おやすみだね oh my girl oh my girl
Oyasumidane oh my girl oh my girl
Good night, oh my girl oh my girl

Are you asleep?

Source: RocoChoku
Translated by: Lisalio
Distributed by: Lisalio
Please keep the original credit intact, thank you.


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