[Fanaccount] 121117 The Two Photos Revealed at TVXQ Live Tour ‘Catch Me’

[Fanaccount] 121117 The Two Photos Revealed at TVXQ Live Tour ‘Catch Me’

When talking about this photo, Yunho said he took this photo. He saw Changmin was shutting his eyes, taking a rest and so asked SNSD’s members to come over and make fun of him while taking the photo.

Then Yunho asked Changmin what was he doing at that time.

Changmin said he was sleeping.

Yunho then said that he was wearing headphones too.

Changmin said, there were noise at the waiting room and so he wore the headphones. But after looking at the photo, he don’t think that he is the biggest victim. The dancer beside him is more attractive and said that the next photo has more to be said. The following photo was taken at the same time.

Then it was this photo.

Changmin said he was sleeping and SNSD Seohyun came over to wake him up, saying, Oppa oppa, come and take a photo.

And so he was being asked to do such a pose while asleep, thus this photo.

And reenact the pose again on the spot. (hahahaha!!!)

Then Changmin asked Yunho, do you all really have to wake up a sleeping person to take such a photo?

Yunho thought for a while and said, Mmm, it seems unnecessary.

(Changmin, you won again.)

source: maya0105
trans by: rachui@sharingyoochun

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Translation 120310 TVXQ Held Free Live Viewings At Disaster-Stricken Areas A Year After The Earthquake

[Trans] 120310 Tohoshinki Held Free Live Viewings At Disaster-Stricken Areas A Year After The Earthquake

Tohoshinki, who are currently holding their nation-wide tour “Tohoshinki LIVE TOUR 2012 ~TONE~”, with 26 concerts in 11 venues, held a free live viewing of the Fukui Sundome concert on 10 March (Saturday) for the residents of three areas in the Tohoku region which were hit by the disaster.

A year since the Tohoku Earthquake, in which many Tohoshinki fans were also affected by, these live viewings were decided as (Tohoshinki) wanted to bring smiles and strength to the victims of this disaster, even if it was just one person.

The live viewings were held at 5 cinemas in the Iwate Prefecture, Miyagi Prefecture and Fukushima Prefecture. 2000 people from these three prefectures, including fanclub members residing there and students in the disaster areas, were invited to the viewings for free.

The duo shouted, “Everyone in the Tohoku region, let’s get excited together!”, and showcased powerful stages including their new single “Still”, which will be released on 14 March, as well as “The Way U Are”, which was specially prepared for this day. During the encore, they had happy expressions on their faces as they said, “I feel deeply connected to everyone in the Tohoku region,” and “We would be happy if today’s live managed to bring you laughter, no matter how little,” captivating over 17,000 audiences over the 2 days.

At the cinemas, red penlights were distributed to the viewers as they entered and they enjoyed the concert, singing and waving their penlights along with the songs.

(repeated portions omitted)

Source: [mu-mo]
Translated & Shared by dongbangdata.net

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