[News] 140302 TVXQ’s Yunho becomes the Ambassador for ‘Korea Food for the Hungry International’


TVXQ’s Yunho has been chosen as the ambassador to ‘Korea Food for the Hungry International’!

He’ll accept the official ambassador plaque on the 3rd at 1PM KST. He actually got to know the ‘Korea Food for the Hungry International’ through KBS 1TV’s ‘Hope Road’, when he worked to build an education center in Ghana.

He’ll be working with the 24 other ambassadors from the KFHI to meet with children who suffer from poverty and illnesses, and work his best to spread the knowledge of helping these children.

Congratulations to Yunho!

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[TRANS] 140110 Post of JYJ SNS Updates

This post will be updated throughout the day with Twitter, Naver LINE and Instagram updates by JYJ. A time will be added with each tweet, LINE message and Instagram update as our translators will not always be able to provide instant translations This post includes updates from 6am KST, January 10th to 5:59am KST, January 11th.


(Junsu, 10:12am KST, Twitter) Let’s go on a trip~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~hehehehehe pic.twitter.com/ntARhyjxP4



(Junsu, 10:36am KST, Twitter) They keep adding syrup (even if I don’t want any) whenever I order an Americano..ㅜ pic.twitter.com/BMfGTUGB2Y



(Junsu, 10:58am KST, Twitter) The older I get.. the more I hate sweet things. I can enjoy one or two pieces of chocolate.. Cream puffs, sweet chips, sweet candy, sweet coffee etc.. If it’s sweet, it isn’t tasty.. I ordered something called a ‘Red Rise’ just now.. and it tastes like coconut and chocolate, the kind of thing you shouldn’t expect a meal to taste like.. I can’t take this

(Junsu, 11:09am KST, Twitter) At this moment, I’m already.. craving spicy sausage stew, kimchi stew and bean paste stew. But luckily.. what’s getting me through this is that our wonderful Hansol, packed my biggest bag full of things like Jonggatjib (T/N: It’s the most popular kimchi brand in Korea) kimchi, ramen and Haetban (T/N: The most popular brand of precooked instant rice). He says that when he put the suitcase on the counter and asked the people at the supermarket to pack all the food in there, they asked him.. are you immigrating? lol

(Junsu, 11:21am KST, Twitter) I used to drink coffee mixes.. but once you get used to the taste of Americano.. you start hating it when they add other things into your coffee. Coffee is meant to be enjoyed with the original scent of the coffee beans. People tell me that I shouldn’t drink too much coffee but.. these scientists in England, I think? They said that a person who drinks more than three cups of coffee a day
(Junsu, 11:24am KST, Twitter) actually live longer on average.. than people who don’t.. They say that the reason there’s so much talk about whether coffee is good or bad for you is because there are over 1,000 components in coffee.. Of course, some of them are good for you and some of them are not.. but if drinking coffee means I get to live longer.. wouldn’t you say that’s a good thing..? haha

(Junsu, 11:25am KST, Twitter) I can proudly say that.. I don’t touch nicotine, tar or alcohol.. but I will stick with caffeine.. haha

(Junsu, 07:29pm KST, Twitter) I have received the pictures of children affected by the Japan Tohoku Earthquake who received Christmas presents through “Habitat Santa”, organised by Jedusbody and Mari Christie, Goodwill Ambassador for UN Habitat. Seeing everyone happy makes me happy as well. I will continue to donate.

(Junsu, 11:12pm KST, Twitter) The brushing touch~~ of a cool breeze. pic.twitter.com/mvbluVDA0C


(Junsu, 11:23pm KST, Twitter) V! pic.twitter.com/U3s6wFlAej


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[TRANS] 131207 News Roundup

[TRANS] 131207 [U-Know] Volunteering With Road For Hope


Hello~ It’s U-Know Yunho.

The weather’s gotten quite cold these days, and I hope you’re all doing well?
In September, I traveled to Ghana with Road for Hope,
And I hear that the episode of Road for Hope that follows the children of Ghana will air tonight at 5:30pm.

Of course, I’ll be making an appearance as well~^^ It will be a special date with the children who deserve to be loved~
It brings back the memories of gaining so much strength from the children of Ghana while I was there.^^

I please ask for your love and attention for these children,
and I’d like to share some memories of my trip to Ghana before the episode airs~

With such lovely children…^^



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[Pic] 131208 SMTown Facebook Update : U-KNOW in Ghana for ’2013 Road for Hope

[Pic] 131208 SMTown Facebook Update : U-KNOW in Ghana for ’2013 Road for Hope

U-KNOW in Ghana for ’2013 Road for Hope’


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[TRANS] 131128 [C-JeS] JYJ To Hold An ‘Artwork Sharing’ Charity Auction

Hello, this is C-JeS Entertainment.

Do you all remember JYJ’s art gallery that they created to share a special memory with their fans? In order to do something meaningful for the end of the year, we have prepared a ‘Artwork Sharing’ charity auction with JYJ.

The artwork that was created by the members of JYJ for their Membership Week gallery will be auctioned off to their fans, and the money that is collected from this event will be donated to those in need to give them a sense of hope as the year comes to an end.

All the donations collected from the auction will be donated to the Seoul Children’s Social Welfare Center, Joongrang-gu’s Elderly Care Hospital, Mapo’s Jandi’s Center for the Disabled, Gangnam’s social welfare center for the disabled, and Seoul National University’s children’s wing in Korea, as well as World Vision Japan.

We hope that many people participate in JYJ’s special ‘Artwork Sharing’ charity auction.

– Notice –
1. Auctioned items: 13 most popular pieces of artwork from the 2013 JYJ Membership Week
2. Auction method: Artwork goes to the largest bidder
(To participate, visit the following sites Korea: www.cjesstore.com Japan: www.jyjjapn.jp)
3. Auction dates: Monday, December 2nd, 2013 ~ Friday, December 6th
4. Results Announcement: Tuesday, December 10th, 2013
(www.c-jes.com, www.cjesstore.com, www.jyjjapan.jp, contact bidders individually)
5. Donations:
Korea: Seoul Children’s Social Welfare Center, Joongrang-gu’s Elderly Care Hospital, Mapo’s Jandi’s Center for the Disabled, Gangnam’s social welfare center for the disabled, and Seoul National University’s children’s wing
Japan: World Vision Japan

*Participate here

Source: [C-JeS Official Homepage]

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[Vid] [Eng Sub] Road For Hope 2012-2013

There is no better application of God’s love than to comfort His children.

credit: HeeYun hojub+KonaBeans+FrenchNeri+Hallyu Yoon Eun Hye International Fan Channel

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[TRANS] 130910 Park Yoochun’s Noona Fanclub ‘Blessing Yoochun’ Has Donated 100 Million Won Across Three Years

blessingyoochun‘Blessing Yoochun’, the fan community of singer cum actor Park Yoochun (JYJ) took part in a meaningful donation drive to celebrate their third anniversary.

‘Blessing Yoochun’ was created in September of 2010 and is a fan community for fans who are 30 and above. They have been participating in various charity activities since their creation to express the love for Park Yoochun through meaningful charity work. Starting by collecting 10 million Won for Park Hyun Bin, who couldn’t have his burns treated because he did not have enough money to pay for his surgery three years ago, ‘Blessing Yoochun’ has been financially helping children with cancer, restoring study rooms for children in low-income families and providing children in financially unstable youth centers with free lunches.

The donation drive to commemorate their third anniversary has collected five million Won for a library and study room for children of interracial families in Jangsan-myun, an island in the Jeolla Province, and will be added to the 8,800 books and various school supplies that have been collected by the members of ‘Blessing Yoochun’. The small island-town will give the library the name, ‘Park Yoochun Library’.

This is not all. ‘Blessing Yoochun’ also provided Yoon Seo Gyun (5 years old) with three million Won for heart surgery, and the ‘Gana-an Our Home’, which is facing financial trouble with a large-scale admittance of newborn babies, with four million Won in cash and various school supplies as well. This brings their total to 12 million Won in cash, 8,805 books and one million Won’s worth of school supplies. The total amount that the fan community has collected over the past three years for those in need is 100 million Won. ‘Blessing Yoochun’ even collected enough funds to support Park Hyun Bin’s surgery this year, the second since their first-ever donation three years ago, proving that they are interested in staying in touch with those they have helped.

Park Yoochun is currently preparing for his role as ‘Dong Shik’ in Bong Joon Ho’s movie ‘Sea Fog’, which will start filming on the 30th of this month.

Source: [edaily]

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[TRANS] 130805 From Japan To Romania, The ‘Amazing’ Rice Wreath Donations Of JYJ Kim Junsu’s Fans


Rice wreaths made an appearance at Kim Junsu (XIA)’s concert.

Fans from Japan, Malaysia, the Philippines, Hong Kong, the US, SPain, Algeria and Romania sent 1.25 tons of Dreame rice wreaths to Kim Junsu’s ‘XIA 2ND ASIA TOUR CONCERT INCREDIBLE in SEOUL’ concerts on the 3rd and 4th of August. This rice will be donated to those in need and will be distributed to areas of Kim Junsu’s choice.

Starting at JYJ’s showcase and concert in 2010, Kim Junsu’s fans have been donated Dreame rice wreaths at every concert and fanmeet, and donated 1.3 tons and 790 kgs to the musicals’ Tears of Heaven’ (February 2011) and ‘Mozart!’ (May 2011) respectively.

Kim Junsu’s role in Elisabeth last February was met with 2.68 tons of rice wreaths and 270 briquettes as well. 2.11 tons were donated to Kim Junsu’s May concert last year, 700 kgs of rice and 100 mango trees to his Jeju fanmeet last September, 200kgs to his appearance at the Korea Musical Awards last October, and 910 kgs of rice, 6,000 eggs and 2,000 briquettes were donated to his December concert last year.

Kim Junsu has been donating these sacks of rice, briquettes and eggs to various organizations such as the Seoul Dongmun Center for the Disabled, the Southern Hope Care Center, the Korean Silverlight Hope Church, Goyang-si’s Better Life Sports Association, the Briquettes of Love Movement and the National Food Bank.

Source: [wowtv]

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[TRANS] 130614 Kim Junsu Builds His 8th House Of Love… Proves He Really Is ‘Angel Xiah’

 [TRANS] 130614 Kim Junsu Builds His 8th House Of Love… Proves He Really Is ‘Angel Xiah’

‘Building Houses of Love’, the project funded by popular group JYJ’s Kim Junsu, has completed yet another house.

The non-governmental organization ADRA KOREA revealed on the 13th that the 8th house of the ‘Xiah Junsu Building Houses of Love’ project has been built.

The ‘Building Houses of Love’ project is a social contribution project that is funded by Kim Junsu and builds houses for those in need in Korea. Kim Junsu has been making donations to ADRA KOREA since 2008 and these donations have been used to fund the project.

The eighth ‘Xiah Junsu House of Love’ was built in Gyeonggi-do Icheon-si, following houses in Dangjin-si, Paju-si and Taean-gun. It is a wooden house that is 80㎡ big and features various living facilities such as a kitchen, washroom, living room and study room. Mrs. Park, who has been raising her young children as a single mom in a run-down home, has been gifted a new house with the help of Kim Junsu.

The ‘Building Houses of Love’ project chooses recipients through a recommendation and evaluation process. Kim Junsu’s funding and manual labor by volunteers combine to create new homes for people in need. Over 100 people participated in the latest project and their sweat and tears created the foundation of the house.

The completion ceremony of the house was held on the 12th and was attended by Icheon’s mayor Kim Gyung Hee, ADRA KOREA’s Kim Daesung, volunteers and people in the neighborhood. Kim Junsu and his parents also attended the event to make the whole project even more meaningful. Mrs. Park and her family were seen with bright smiles on their faces for the first time in a while.

Kim Junsu’s father Kim Jin Seok stated, “It is an extremely meaningful event for all of your love and affection to come together to create a new life for a family,” and “Junsu was extremely happy to hear the news of the latest house’s completion. The project has solidified our family’s determination to be a family that shares happiness and love with those around us.”

ADRA KOREA’s Kim Daesung stated, “It is a great thing to be sacrificing one’s time to volunteer for others,” and “We are extremely moved by Kim Junsu and his family’s dedication to sharing love with others, despite the star’s young age.”

Kim Junsu has been participating in various charity events both in Korea and overseas. In 2011, Kim Junsu set up a school in Cambodia and has been funding projects to better the living conditions of people living in poorer quarters.

Kim Junsu is planning to release his second solo album in July and has also decided to reappear in the encore performances of the musical ‘Elisabeth’ as ‘Tod’.

Source: [todaykorea]

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[News] 130428 K-pop Stars Giving Back – A New Trend?

[News] 130428 K-pop Stars Giving Back – A New Trend?

Celebrities give back. Who’s the latest to be involved in charity?

A handful of superstars including the likes of Psy, JYJ and Lee Byung Hun are giving back in big ways. The entertainers are taking their earnings to help others in need and using their platforms to give a voice to communities.

Psy is literally taking his “Gentleman” status to a whole new level. The international star has plans to donate 500 million won (approximately $557,000 USD) to help children suffering with cancer. On top of the whopping donation, the “Gangnam Style” singer is taking part of the $10 miracle program which raises money to build a children’s rehabilitation hospital. The project is headed by The Purme Foundation’s ambassador Sean of Jinusean.

Gorgeous actress Song Hye Kyo recently worked with an animal protection foundation to care for stray dogs. Song Hye Kyo along with Lee Hyori are known for their love of animals and give as much of their free time to helping animals in need.

Trio group, JYJ, and clothing brand, NII, are teaming up together for a great cause! The group will be holding a fan event called “GIVE” where the proceeds will go to a charity called Good Neighbors. The event will take place at the COEX auditorium hall in Samsung-dong, Seoul, Korea.

 G.I. Joe actor Lee Byun Hun recently led a charity event called “Cinema Theque Charity Night” at the Gangnam Shinsegae Department Burberry Store. The event was put together to support and improve Korean independent films and the night was filled with loads of important figures in the film industry.

While the industry is known for its glitz and glamour, it’s nice to see huge stars taking the time out to give back!

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[Info] 130416 JYJ to Hold Their Second “Membership Week” in June

[Info] 130416 JYJ to Hold Their Second “Membership Week” in June

Last year, group JYJ successfully held their “2012 JYJ Membership Week,” in which over 15,000 domestic fans and around 7000 Japanese fans descended up Seoul, South Korea to participate in the large-scale exhibit and event. The “membership week” was conceptualized as a fan-service event through which JYJ would be able to “pay back” their fans’ love by providing everything related to the event for free to the fans, with the exception of travel fare. This event marked a recording-breaking number of one-time entry foreigners into the Republic of Korea. It also reportedly cost the group 3.7 billion KRW (3.2 USD).

In response to the success of last year, JYJ will be opening a “membership week” again this year for four days, from June 27 to June 30, at the SETEC hall. This event is expected to cost more than the last, with the group also funding the travel fare of Japanese fans.

CEO Baek Chang Joo of C-JeS Entertainment stated, “We feel certain that we are the only ones capable of holding such a large-scale fan service event. The tickets to the fanmeeting and exhibitions will all be free and there won’t be any sales of other promotional goods. While we received offers of sponsorship and funding, we declined them all. We want this event to purely be a time for JYJ fans and JYJ to make precious memories and for JYJ to relay their thanks for their fans love.”

In related news, JYJ recently completed their Tokyo Dome concert in Japan that reached 150,000 fans over three days.

credit: soompi
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[TRANS] 130305 Kim Jaejoong, “JYJ Always Focus On Both Being Active As Celebrities And Doing Charity Work”

[TRANS] 130305 Kim Jaejoong, “JYJ Always Focus On Both Being Active As Celebrities And Doing Charity Work”

JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong revealed that the group is always focused on both being active as celebrities and doing charity work in the form of donations.

JYJ donated the money they received from working as honorary ambassadors of the KBEE 2012 Hallyu convention that was held in Osaka, Japan last November to UNICEF Korea. The donation ceremony was held at the main office of UNICEF Korea in Changsung-dong, Seoul on the 5th and Kim Jaejoong attended the event as the representative of JYJ, stating, “Park Yoochun and Kim Junsu have other commitments, so it saddens me to say that I had to come alone.”

Saying, “JYJ have always focused on our charity work, including regular donations,” Kim Jaejoong also revealed, “Every month, we make donations for children all over the world, especially Africa, and the members make sure to be forerunners in making donations in beginning-of-the-year and end-of-the-year events.”

To thank JYJ for their donation, Kim Jaejoong received UNICEF ‘Awoo dolls’ that looked like the members. He smiled as he stated, “These Awoo dolls were made by us, and it would have been nicer if they were all smiling but they all have the same expression on their faces.”

He continued to add, “From what I know, these dolls are being used to collect donations for children,” and “We would like to put these JYJ dolls up for an auction, and we hope that the money collected from this auction will be able to help children in need all over the world.” Kim Jaejoong also commented, “I’ve decided to bring these dolls with me so that more people will see them and participate in the ‘Awoo Doll’ campaign.”

When asked about JYJ’s current whereabouts, Kim Jaejoong stated, “The members are all focusing on individual activities. I’m currently working on promoting my solo album.” He also stated, “JYJ will soon be greeting our overseas fans through a concert in Japan. We are working hard to show a different side of JYJ.”

Meanwhile, JYJ were chosen to be the honorary ambassadors of the KBEE 2012 Hallyu convention in Osaka, Japan last November and worked hard to promote communication and business cooperation between Korea and Japan.

Source: [segye]

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