[ENG SUB] 140502 ‘Three Days’ Making Film: Park Yoochun’s Adieu! “Three Days” Interview



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[NEWS] 140430 JYJ – Pursuing Individual Activities In Relay Form


JYJ members Park Yoochun, Kim Jaejoong, and Kim Junsu are vigorously pursuing their personal activities. Each one of the members now shows off their talents in acting, musicals, and more. May will be a busy time for the members.

Park Yoochun will be saying goodbye to his fans on SBS’ “Three Days” on May 1st, where he’s been showing off his masculine charm and matured acting skills. Kim Jaejoong will be taking the empty spot and greeting the viewers through MBC’s new drama “Triangle.” Expectations are high since viewers will be able to see Kim Jaejoong act as a rugged bum in the drama. While “Triangle” is riding the airwaves, Kim Junsu will fly to Japan and hold his first Japan musical concert titled ’2014 Xia the Best Ballad Spring Tour Concert in Japan.’ He will be greeting approximately 70,000 fans in Tokyo from the 13th to the 15th and in Osaka from the 22nd to the 24th.

This type of ‘relay’ activities has become the norm for these JYJ members. In 2011 Park Yoochun starred in “Miss Ripley,” which was followed by Kim Jaejoong’s appearance in “Protect the Boss.” In 2012 Park Yoochun starred in “Rooftop Prince,” which was again followed by Kim Jaejoong’s appearance in “Dr. Jin.” In the meantime, Kim Junsu took home various awards with ticket sales as he showed off his talent as a musical actor.

Since the members had been busy with their individual activities, they faced many barriers in their group activities as JYJ. It was difficult for them to get on Korean music programs, and until January this year it wasn’t easy for them to hold concerts in Japan. However, ever since they’ve left their previous agency Avex, their activities have taken off.

It’ll take some time before the team’s name rises to the top again. But JYJ has nothing to worry about, since the individual members are each pursuing their own activities in dramas and musicals. They already have the attention of their fans. One agency rep stated, “Since they have their own activities, the timing is not important. If anything, we expect great synergy when they do have simultaneous activities.”

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[News] 140423 Park Ha Sun’s Ideal Type is “Three Days’” Park Yoochun?


In a recent video, fans of the SBS drama “Three Days” were able to catch a glimpse of the behind the scenes moments of the drama. Afterwards, the video showed a short interview with actress Park Ha Sun, and she revealed her thoughts on the drama as well as her ideal type.


When describing her ideal type, Park Ha Sun revealed, “My ideal type is someone who will continue to stay by my side. I think ‘Three Days” Han Tae Kyung is that kind of person.”

Han Tae Kyung is Park Yoochun‘s character in SBS’ “Three Days.” Despite seeming cold and tough due to his position as one of the bodyguards for the president of Korea, Park Yoochun’s character, Han Tae Kyung, has shown his loyalty to those around him. Perhaps such is the reason as to why Park Ha Sun and Park Yoochun have displayed great chemistry on screen.

SBS’ “Three Days” airs on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 10PM (KST). Watch the video below!

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[Pic] 140414 JYJ Official Facebook : Park Yuchun’s fashion which is as popular as the drama!

Park Yuchun’s fashion which is as popular as the drama!
The fashion he shows each episode become talks of the town.


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[NEWS] 140329 ‘Three Days’,Breaking Prejudice Against Rebroadcasts.. Completely Re-edit into 120 Minutes


SBS’s Wed-Thur drama ‘Three Days’ is breaking prejudice against rebroadcasts.

‘Three Days’ production completely re-edit ‘Three Days’ episode 7 & 8 into 120 minutes and is scheduled for a rebroadcast on March 30. According to SBS, they not only simply connect the two dramas but plan on presenting new interests by completely re-editing.

The crew especially input new sound mixing, trying to improve viewers’ engagements including not putting advertisements in the parts from episodes 7 & 8. Having skillfully lowered the density, the scenes were distinctly brought out, heightening the tension through sound works.

Golden Thumb Pictures said “It is extra costly and a big task. However we’ve taken care of the broadcast already to present a ‘weekend movie’ to the current viewers and for viewers who haven’t seen this week’s broadcast; it is another way to present interests [in the drama] that can be enjoyed by all of the parts from episodes 7 & 8 in one sitting”.

Source: OSEN via Naver
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