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Tohoshinki, who are releasing their new album “TONE” on 28 September, have revealed a spot MV for the song 「B.U.T(BE-AU-TY)」which will be recorded in their new album.

The theme for the music video of 「B.U.T(BE-AU-TY)」is a battle in an underground street fight club, a manly Tohoshinki. Therefore, when shooting the scene in the fight club, many scary looking men were gathered, and even the staff were pressured by their presence.

Dealing with these intimidating men, were the two members of Tohoshinki. Yunho was previously a Aikido practitioner, and for the action scenes he could “draw from the past” and perform well. Without any special instructions from the director, the kicking scene was done in one take. This music video includes Tohoshinki’s powerful choreography, and as scene after scene was shot, the members checked the shots repeatedly, showing their full commitment as the video was completed.

Also, the first TV performance for 「B.U.T(BE-AU-TY)」 will be on 16 September on Asahi TV’s “Music Station 25th Anniversary Special.” As “Music Station” is going to be the first live broadcast (featuring Tohoshinki, of course), fans cannot miss this program.

Also, we have another piece of good news for the fans. Before the release of the albums, starting from 14 September, the new songs from “TONE” will be released via Recochoku, distributed as ChakuUta® for 7 days in a row. The distribution schedule is as follows:

14 September : 「Back to Tomorrow」
15 September : 「Duet」
16 September : 「B.U.T(BE-AU-TY)」
17 September : 「Weep」
18 September : 「Shiawase-Iro No Hana」
19 September : 「Telephone」
20 September : 「Easy Mind」

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HoMin Back To Tomorrow (Lyrics + English Subs) 1 Min Version

Back To Tomorrow

Absolutely beautiful lyrics and song. I love the way Yunho and Changmin’s voices blend in this melodious work of art. <33  Momma Cha

Credit: EvAiSmE

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Repost of Some Reactions To HoMin’s “Back To Tomorrow”

Love the contrast between Changmin and Yunho’s voice in the chorus, high and low. So delicious, like sharp mint and melting chocolate, and the piano in the background, the driving beat….full version please? :)

By: thatmelancholysoul on August 16, 2011
at 7:02 pm




    By: Ola Hitomi on August 16, 2011
    at 9:56 pm



  • Hello, please get note of a important situation.The quantity of TVXQ Keep Your Head Down album sales are not very impressive.The quantity of the album sales is not as much as the past year.This may cause they are quite hard to get the Golden Disk Award in the year end.

    Because Super Junior 5th album few days already broke 6,0000 album sales. Unfortunately, TVXQ 5th album the A version from the first half year untill now was less than 10,0000 album sales.

    Cassiopeia, please RE-Buy the 5th album to increase the quantity album sales.


    If TVXQ didn’t get the GDA Award in the year end, they may be seriously isolated by SM. Entertainment, and their future will be destroyed.

    Please spread out this news to the whole world for many many Cassiopeia to support the 5th album and help TVXQ to fight for the GDA Award.

    Now we need the power and unite of Cassiopeia from the whole world to help TVXQ. Because if only depend on the Asia state Cassiopeia is quite hard to increase the album sales effectively. Please support the 5th album and any poll that related to the GDA.

    Sorry for any interruption and thank you for reading this message. Please help TVXQ

    From: Hyun Mun@facebook

    By: uknowtime on August 16, 2011
    at 11:16 pm



    • . . .Not that I think anyone would have really paid attention to the above comment but you know, in case people were wondering. Another article:—

      It wouldn’t be fair to say that the sales for TVXQ’s album in the first half of 2011 was bad, but in comparison to some more aggressive fan clubs, we do not have that much of an advantage. If the rumors about a certain group’s upcoming comeback prove to be true, then we will have yet another strong competitor. The fight for the end of year awards will be tough.

      In the case of many groups, sales numbers for year 2011 are a highly important matter. For our boys, it is the symbol of HoMin’s rebirth after 2 long years; it is an opportunity for the two to prove themselves. To another group, the album released this year may be the last that we see in a long time with so many members still present, their fans swore to unite and help their idols shine. And this other group… it is no surprise that they may have hopes of winning the award again.

      Faced with this situation, it is time that Cassiopeia woke up to reality, don’t fall behind and linger on the glorious past, don’t reject the present. More importantly, don’t lose your senses and allow yourself to be consumed by arrogance because of our boys’ status and history. In the end, it all comes down to actual sales figures.

      GDA is awarded based on the following:
      60% sales
      20% popularity votes
      20% judges’ decision

      Though some aspects are clearly beyond our control, sales figures are real and concrete, they provide sold, irrefutable proof that TVXQ is truly deserving of the award.

      How much time and effort has it cost the two members to stand on stage again bearing the name of TVXQ? How anxious do you think they are to see Cassiopeia, the fan club who has stood by them and continued to keep faith? Remember the promise that Yunho said he’d been secretly keeping?
      He said he would not cry until he feels he has done his very best and that he will cry to his heart’s content at the end of this year, once everything is over…

      Remember the 2 years that we waited?

      Chinese Cassiopeia (T/N: Obviously this shouldn’t be limited to Chinese fans only, international fans should take part too… that’s why I’m translating this), let’s show them through our actions that we’ve never left, use actual sales figures to thank them for their hard work. For the sake of the tears of pride and joy we will no doubt be shedding at the end of the year, let us all strive to fulfill our promises. Dong Bang Shin Ki has always been our greatest pride, let’s make them proud this time?

      Trans by _dorfy
      Source: TVXQBaidu

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