[Information] 120107 CH[V] Thailand Asian Chart

[Info] 120107 CH[V] Thailand Asian Chart

#3 Get Out – JYJ
#5 B.U.T (Beautiful) – Tohoshinki (new entry)

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Translation 111104 TVXQ “TONE” Release Event Gathers 15, 200 People Out of 200,000 Applications

[TRANS] 111104 Tohoshinki “TONE” Release Event Gathers 15,200 People Out Of 200,000 Applications

The Tohoshinki album “TONE” release event was held in Tokyo and Osaka on 1 & 3 November.

For this event, nearly 200,000 applications were received, and among them 15,200 people were gathered at the location. This event was approximately 1 hour long, and included the members’ talk as well as song performances.

Yunho and Changmin talked about the secret story behind the album release, and also about the shoot for the recently released photobook “El Sol.”  With such a special talk, the fans’ eyes sparkled involuntarily as they smiled.  They could feel the members’ thoughts that were not communicated in magazines and television programs, and this was probably very satisfying.

Furthermore, questions for Tohoshinki that were gathered from the public, and a corner with things that the fanclub wanted Tohoshinki to do were held at the event, and fans definitely caught a glimpse of a new honest side to the members.

For the live performance, 「B.U.T(BE-AU-TY)」, 「Duet」, 「I Don’t Know」 were the numbers performed, that excited the crowd. Also, this time, the album version of  「Duet」 to be released in the single on 30 November was revealed for the first time, moving the participants to tears.  At the end, they announced that there will be additional performances for their nationwide tour that starts in January 2012. Tohoshinki’s tour will see 20 performances held at 9 locations, gathering an expected crowd of 250,000 people.

With “TONE” doing well and staying in the top 10 rankings for 5 consecutive weeks, Tohoshinki will soon be releasing their first winter single  「Winter ~Winter Rose / Duet – winter ver. -」on 30 November. Also, the ChakuUta® version will be released starting 16 November.

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Translation 110908 TVXQ New Music Video Revealed…


Tohoshinki, who are releasing their new album “TONE” on 28 September, have revealed a spot MV for the song 「B.U.T(BE-AU-TY)」which will be recorded in their new album.

The theme for the music video of 「B.U.T(BE-AU-TY)」is a battle in an underground street fight club, a manly Tohoshinki. Therefore, when shooting the scene in the fight club, many scary looking men were gathered, and even the staff were pressured by their presence.

Dealing with these intimidating men, were the two members of Tohoshinki. Yunho was previously a Aikido practitioner, and for the action scenes he could “draw from the past” and perform well. Without any special instructions from the director, the kicking scene was done in one take. This music video includes Tohoshinki’s powerful choreography, and as scene after scene was shot, the members checked the shots repeatedly, showing their full commitment as the video was completed.

Also, the first TV performance for 「B.U.T(BE-AU-TY)」 will be on 16 September on Asahi TV’s “Music Station 25th Anniversary Special.” As “Music Station” is going to be the first live broadcast (featuring Tohoshinki, of course), fans cannot miss this program.

Also, we have another piece of good news for the fans. Before the release of the albums, starting from 14 September, the new songs from “TONE” will be released via Recochoku, distributed as ChakuUta® for 7 days in a row. The distribution schedule is as follows:

14 September : 「Back to Tomorrow」
15 September : 「Duet」
16 September : 「B.U.T(BE-AU-TY)」
17 September : 「Weep」
18 September : 「Shiawase-Iro No Hana」
19 September : 「Telephone」
20 September : 「Easy Mind」

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