[TRANS] 130606 JYJ Official Weibo Updates

[TRANS] 130606 JYJ Official Weibo Updates

(9.23am KST) Hahaha, we’re really happy to be able to meet everyone on Weibo. We’ll be posting our photo journals here in future, they won’t be sketch journals! Look forward to it! To all the Chinese fans, let’s meet often on Weibo~!

(9.46am KST) http://t.cn/zH0G78u – video link

(9.53am KST) Hmm… what stories should we begin to tell first? I, Jaejoong, suggest this… use a photo to give an update on everyone’s recent happenings~!

(9.57am KST) Hello everyone It’s Yoochun. I’ve had many unforgettable memories thanks to everyone who sent their wishes during my birthday this week. Thank you, thank you^^

(10.00am KST) Hello everyone~~~ It’s Junsu~~~ We’ll be meeting each other often on Weibo~ I’ve been busy recording my album recently. I’ve been listening to new songs, editing and recording everyday, and having fun working. Aren’t you looking forward to it? 

(10.04am KST) Recently, I’ve been having meetings after meetings after meetings. Aside from activities as an artiste, I’ve also been trying my hand at some new things, and also trying to come up with some new creative ideas for the performance in June Although my schedule is packed, I’m enjoying myself a lot GO, GO, GO

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