Translation 110905 –110906 JYJ Twitter Update

[Trans] 110905-110906 JYJ Twitter Update

lol what a mean child X) Schadeunfreude much?

(Lim Byung Han, 9:38am KST, 110905) I’m here with Young Pil for reserve forces training and I’m baking to death, someone save me ㅠㅠ The reserve forces is something I have to do for the rest of my lifeㅠㅠ
(Junsu, 1:24pm KST, 110905) @code07lim keke

Where does he go all the time? Seriously?!?!
(Junsu, 4:30pm KST, 110906) The weather’s great today~~~~>•<

(Junsu, 4:32pm KST, 110906) haha

One of the few people who will wear sunglasses at night… lol jk

(Junsu, 10:09pm KST) With our pastor..^^

I WISH I could eat tonkatsu this late =__=

(Jaejoong, 10:34pm KST) Waiting for tonkatsu (T/N: fried pork cutlet) with Ji Sung hyung! Hyung is having a King tonkatsu (T/N: These are bigger than normal portions) and I’m having cheese tonkatsu~

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Alright peoples It’s been a long time insert…

Alright, peoples. It’s been a long time (insert guilty giggle here). For many reasons, part 2 of DBSK cuteness was postponed. Do I feel bad? Of course. Am I ashamed to have made you wait all this time? Why, yes. Will this shame stop me from posting another round of cuteness?

Nuh uh. Hehehe.

So where were we? Lemme see… Ah yes. Cuteness!!!!! Come on, ya’ll! Let’s take another plunge into the vast, gaping chasm of fandom. Let us dive down into the depths of our dear obsession, in search of yet another of our darling dorks. Who shall it be today? Hmmmm. I know! Let’s go bother…

Yoochun. Tehe. (gulp)

Now, we all know that Park Yoochun is a nice guy. I mean, just look at his kind face.

Wouldn’t you trust him with your babies? I totally would, unless they were musical prodigies. He might make them write melancholy. soul-wrenching tunes in the basement while I’m at work. (cue Kiss Shita Mama Sayonara. (sniff.)

Of course, that’s just my imagination talking. Ahem. Chunnie’s a jolly good fellow, yes? But you may be asking yourselves “what does this nice stuff have to do with cuteness?” What indeed?

The truth, folks, is that there are all kinds of cuteness in the world. Most of us think of  kittens, puppies, babies and Junsu…















…when we rate the adorable factor, but Chunnie is not that kind of cute. No Sir! Our Chunnie has a completely different kind of squeal-worthiness, a totally unusual take on cheek-pinchability, and his own unique perspective on cuddly gooey goo. Shall we take a look? Why, yes. We shall.

Without further ado, shall I present…

The many-faceted cuteness of Park Yoochun!!!

Look at that face. Don’t you just want to kiss that wide forehead?

Ooooh! Ah!!!! Be still, my twitter-pated heart!

Okay, so I’m laying it on a little thick, but that’s okay, right?

Of course it’s okay, because it brings me to my next point, a crucial part of Chun’s lovable self. And that would be…

The cheese. Because, let’s face it. Chunnie’s very, very cheesy. Yes, Park Yoochun has skin of the softest brie, eyes that shoot muenster rays, and a heart of golden cheddar. All he has to do is look at you, and you are infected, turning into a pile of bubbling goo that would taste very good on a casserole.

Don’t believe me? Observe.

Do you feel it?

Are you digging the dairy?

Rocking the rind? I’m laying it on too thick again? Sorry. (reels it in)

Well, well. I’ll have to stop this somewhere. So shall we end with a classically cute Chunnie pic? (yes, I know he’s not classically cute, but everyone has their moments, yes?) Here you go!

Tehe. Okay. Until next time! Bye bye!

Pictures from Google. You know who you are.