[AUDIO] 111224 Jaejoong and Ji Sung’s Guesting on Choi Kanghee’s Night Flight Radio Show

[AUDIO] 111224 Jaejoong and Ji Sung’s Guesting on Choi Kanghee’s Night Flight Radio Show

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[NEWS] JYJ’s Jae Joong Appears On KBS’s Radio Program For The First Time

[NEWS] JYJ’s Jae Joong Appears On KBS’s Radio Program For The First Time
Posted on December 23, 2011 by JYJ3

JYJ’s Jae Joong is appearing on KBS’s radio program for the first time after the group was formed.

In the episode of KBS COOL FM’s Choi Kang Hee’s Night Flight that will air on December 25, JYJ’s Jae Joong and Ji Sung will make a guest appearance and have a talk.

Kim’s guest appearance is to keep his promise with Choi who appeared together on SBS TV’s drama series Protect the Boss, which ended in September. He already finished recording at KBS’s radio studio on December 22. It is his first appearance on KBS after he withdrew from TVXQ and formed JYJ.

JYJ submitted an application for provisional disposition to terminate the validity of their contract with SM to the Seoul Central District Court in 2009. After they had the legal battle, they couldn’t appear on TV music programs. They only have appeared on drama series.

After hearing the news of Jae Joong’s guest appearance on a radio program, people responded: “I really want to see them on TV more often,” “Thank you, KBS,” “You all should catch the premiere!” “I’m looking forward to seeing you on Music Bank, as well.”

As many fans kept requesting for JYJ to appear on KBS 2TV’s Music Bank, a spokesperson for Music Bank once announced in a press release in May, “JYJ cannot appear on Music Bank because they haven’t released an album, yet. Also, the OST that JYJ have released is ineligible for the chart.”

By appearing on ‘Choi Kang Hee’s Night Flight’ on the 25th, it looks as though Kim Jaejoong and the rest of the JYJ members will finally have their wishes come true. The wall that KBS had erected between them and JYJ has finally been demolished. According to the radio production team, JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong along with guest Jisung had many fun filled conversations with DJ Choi Kang Hee. ‘Choi Kang Hee’s Night Flight’ starring JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong will air on the midnight of the 25th.

Source: TV Report + NEWSEN via Nate
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[NEWS] JYJ Kim Jaejoong, “Filmed The Kiss Scene With Wang Ji Hye Over 50 Times”

[NEWS] JYJ Kim Jaejoong, “Filmed The Kiss Scene with Wang Ji Hye Over 50 Times”

As reported on kpopfever.com previously, JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong will make a guest spot on a KBS radio program.

According to the production team of KBS radio ‘Choi Kang Hee’s Night Flight’, Kim Jaejoong’s guest spot will air on the midnight of the 25th.

Kim Jaejoong has already finished recording the show on the 22nd at KBS.

Kim Jaejoong made the guest appearance much in part due to the friendship he has developed with actress Choi Kang Hee, who he has starred in the SBS drama ‘Protect The Boss’. Another good friend from the drama actor Ji Sung has made the guest appearance on the same show.

As if to testament of their friendship, Ji Sung and Kim Jaejoong came in outfits that looked very similar. Ji Sung came wearing a black jacket and Kim Jaejoong was wearing a black shirt. Both heartthrobs were in all black outfits.

During the pre-recording Choi Kang Hee complemented the two actors’ styles and Kim Jaejoong joked, “Ji Sung and I, we click really well. I want to win the best couple award with him in this year’s awards ceremony as the ‘Cha Cha’ couple”.

Kim Jaejoong also spoke about the kiss scene with actress Wang Ji Hye, “For the kiss scene with Wang Ji Hye, I kissed with everything I had in me. We took over 50 takes. If there is an award for the most NGs committed, then I pretty have that award locked”.

You can read more about Kim Jaejoong’s guest spot on KBS radio here, JYJ finally on KBS Radio. Is the barrier broken?

Source: Donga via Nate
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[Translation] 111220 JYJ Kim Jaejoong, Ji Sung, Choi Kang Hee To Get Together Once Again For Radio Show

[Trans] 111220 JYJ Kim Jaejoong, Ji Sung, Choi Kang Hee To Get Together Once Again For Radio Show

From the SBS drama “Protect the Boss” that received much love this summer, JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong, Ji Sung and Choi Kang Hee will be reuniting after a long time.

The three people will appear on 25 December (starts at midnight of 25 December,continuing on to 26 December) episode of the KBS Radio “Choi Kang Hee’s Vol de Nuit,” gathering together for the first time in a while. In October, Kim Jaejoong made a surprise call in to Choi Kang Hee’s “Pump up the Volume” when Wang Ji Hye was the guest appearance. However, this time he will be appearing directly at the studio, raising the anticipation of fans.

The KBS PD in charge of “Choi Kang Hee’s Vol de Nuit” said via twitter that ” In the first part of the 25 December ‘Choi Kang Hee’s Vol de Nuit’ will feature her co-stars in ‘Protect the Boss,’  Ji Sung and JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong, and will create a warm christmas. Oh yeah, looking forward to it”

After finding out about this appearance, fans have been full of anticipation, saying “It feels like we received a huge christmas present” “The Cha-Cha couple will be reuniting after a long time, it’s great” “If only Wang Ji Hye could come as well, although it’s a little regretful, but we can reminisce about the drama again,” and other comments.

Source : [BaiduTVXQ + Topstar News]

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TRANS] 111114 Ji Sung Interview : I Thank JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong, For Giving Me Sasaeng Fans

[TRANS] 111114 Ji Sung Interview : I Thank JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong, For Giving Me Sasaeng Fans


Ji Sung talked about his friendship with Kim Jaejoong, who appeared in the drama “Protect the Boss” with him. Ji Sung said in an the interview that, “Because of Kim Jaejoong, I became a teenage idol who’s not a teenage idol.”

“When I saw JYJ Kim Jaejoong’s fans come to the shooting location to cheer him on, and watch him shoot, I felt that Kim Jaejoong really has infinite charm, and felt very affectionate. However, one day some Japanese fans appeared in front of my house to wait for me (laughs) Usually, fans don’t come to actors’ houses, but after shooting “Protect the Boss”, I have gotten those so-called “Sasaeng fans” (Fans who stalk stars’ private lives), it’s really amazing.”

Unwittingly becoming an idol star due to the drama, Ji Sung was unselfish in his praise for Kim Jaejoong. He said, “Kim Jaejoong dispelled all my biased thoughts about idol groups. Through Kim Jaejoong,  I now know that idol stars who lead the hallyu wave have great strength, and work very hard. Kim Jaejoong always dreamed of being an actor, and now that he has made the first step, I’m really thankful for his hard work, and his efforts changed the entire atmosphere of the drama.” Also, Ji Sung showed his sincere friendship with Kim Jaejoong, who he had formed a close bond through the drama.

“To me, being able to act with Kim Jaejoong was a great experience, and there were many interesting scenes that we worked together on. When we shot the fighting scene, we kept making NGs due to laughter, and I feel that I have gained a good younger brother, so it feels good.”

Ji Sung also said that in his next project, he hopes to work with an idol singer, and when asked for a reason, he said, “When working with idol singers, the fans will send lots of delicious food, so for my next project I want to work with an idol singer too.”

Source : [ent.gz163.cn]

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Translation 111021 Ji Sung–Kim Jaejoong To Greet Japanese Fans With “Protect The Boss”

[Trans] 111021 Ji Sung–Kim Jaejoong To Greet Japanese Fans With “Protect The Boss”

Actor Ji Sung (34) and JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong (25) will be greeting their Japanese fans with “Protect the Boss.”

Starring both men, the SBS Wednesday-Thursday drama “Protect the Boss” will be aired in Japan mid next month. Japan’s KNTV and DATV will be first airing the 18 episode drama on 10 November and 12 November respectively, once a week. KNTV’s broadcast will be kicking off on Tuesday at 10pm (T/N: I believe they mean Thursday since 10 November is a Thursday), and DATV on Saturday at 11pm. Both broadcasts are during prime timeslots.

This success is credited to Jisung and Kim Jaejoong’s hallyu popularity. Ji Sung had gained the love of the Japanese fans after his performance in SBS’s “All In” and cemented his position with “New Heart.” Kim Jaejoong, with his previous singing activities in Japan, naturally enjoys an explosive popularity. In 2009, his collaboration with Han Hyo Joo in “Postman to Heaven” was his first foray into acting for the Japanese fans.

 Ji Sung’s side said “Recently when (he) participated in the Busan International Film Festival, many foreign fans were gathered, and we could once again feel his popularity as a hallyu star. Together with the participation of Kim Jaejoong, we anticipate a great popularity (for the drama) in Japan.”

Source : [BaiduTVXQ + Sportsseoul via Nate]
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Translation 111012 Choi Kang Hee Says, “Ji Sung Is A Perfect Guy, Kim Jaejoong Is A Charming Guy”

Translation 111008 JYJ Speaks Out #2

Kim Jaejoong

Heodang (Lacking): Though Cha Mu Won of ‘Protect the Boss’ is a chaebol, there is definitely something he can’t do. His weakness is that he’s not good at fighting because all he does is lock himself up in his office and study. I expressed that in a very ‘heodang (lacking)’ way. I’m like that too. Because I’m not that active, I’m not that good at ball games. In the drama, I was made to look like I was even really good at sports, but in real life, I have a very ‘heodang’ nature. (Yoochun) I think it would be best.. if Jaejoong didn’t play ball games like soccer or basketball in front of others. (laughter)

Ji Sung: Even I could see myself getting better with every new episode. It would have been impossible if it weren’t for Ji Sung. He must have been busy enough studying his own character, but he took care of me and helped me run my lines. I think the scenes in which we were acting together came alive because I normally feel comfortable around Ji Sung.

Individual Activities: As you all know, we started pursuing individual activities to promote JYJ as we were unable to appear on music programs. Our individual activities became a great opportunity for us to promote JYJ. It started like that but we feel the charm of being an actor or a musical actor more and more as time goes on. (Yoochun) But personally, I don’t feel confident about pursuing a career in musicals. I think I’d be compared too much to Junsu. (laughter)

Park Yoochun

Cha Mu Won (Kim Jaejoong) of ‘Protect the Boss’: He took on his character very well. I found myself naturally falling into the drama as I watched it. I also feel envious of Jaejoong because he took on a character that could present something different from his original image and did so very well. It’s so much that if I ever get the chance, I’d like to play a character similar to the one that Jaejoong portrayed. I’m not joking when I saw that I could see this unknown aura around Jaejoong. So I thought, ‘So this is the power of Jaejoong. (Jaejoong) Thank you. My senior~

Song Yoo Hyun: While playing Song Yoo Hyun in MBC’s ‘Miss Ripley’, there were many moments when I thought, ‘If this were me, I would have exploded.’ But I acted with the understanding that, ‘It could happen because it’s Song Yoo Hyun.’ Though I can’t say that there weren’t moments when I felt frustrated, I laid down the judgment that it was because I was too unskilled in my portrayal of Song Yoo Hyun. If I felt frustrated, wouldn’t Song Yoo Hyun feel a little frustrated too? It was only after I was done filming the drama that I began to think ‘Couldn’t I have been able to express this in another way?’ instead of thinking that the script wasn’t helping with the frustration I had.

The villain’s part: I want to try playing the villain. I think the biggest reason is because I don’t look like a bad guy. Though I want to try taking on a role that pulls me away from the image I have now, I think it would only be right for me to take on such a role after I’ve become more experienced. For now, I want to try everything, regardless of the character.

Kim Junsu

Drama: It’s not that I’m not interested, it’s just that I had already taken part in two musicals this year and wanted to take a break instead of pursuing solo activities. And because each of the other members had his own schedules drawn for his respective drama, I believed it was only right for me to take that time to support them. I’d like to try acting in a drama someday. But it looked so tiring for Jaejoong and Yoochun to stay up all night filming, so I’m in a dilemma.

Together: We try to make every stage one that everyone can enjoy together. We don’t just show what we want to show and end the concert when we’re done, we try to work together with the crowd. We casually ask how they’re doing, and we immediately answer any questions they give us. Because there are a lot of restrictions on our activities that include broadcasted ones, we try to create a more free atmosphere when we meet with our fans and we work hard to satisfy them with our concerts. Though we like dramas and musicals, we started out as singers and we want to be singers forever.

Source: [10Asia]

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Translation 111007 JYJ Park Yoochun Enjoys A Night During The Busan International Film Festival

[TRANS] 111007 JYJ Park Yoochun, Enjoys A Night During The Busan International Film Festival

Attending the Busan International Film Festival (BIFF) for the first time, JYJ’s Park Yoochun was seen enjoying the night at Busan.

The 16th BIFF opened on 6 October, and Yoochun was seen near Busan’s Haewondae, eating with friends at a nearby restaurant, with the atmosphere for the film festival in full force. He was also joined by Ji Sung, who had just completed the drama “Protect the Boss,” and they had a good time together.

On 7 October, Yoochun together with his group members Junsu and Jaejoong, will be appearing at the Star Road event, but Yoochun arrived in Busan a day earlier than his members.

Yoochun, Junsu and Jaejoong will be joining the Star Road event, walking the red carpet and appearing as actors at their first BIFF.

The three members have already participated in dramas and musicals, and have now paved their way as actors, and that probably makes this event even more meaningful to them.

Source : [KStarnews.jp]

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Translation 111006 Choi Kang Hee Says,”Ji Sung is Good Husband Material…Jaejoong Is Naturally Gifted

[TRANS] 111002 Choi Kang Hee Says, “Ji Sung Is Good Husband Material.. Jaejoong Is Naturally Gifted”

Choi Kang Hee applauded the actors she worked alongside in SBS’ ‘Protect the Boss’ as the drama came to an end on the 29th.

In a recent interview with Yonhap news, Choi Kang hee talked about Ji Sung, who is the same age as her and was her love interest in the drama, and said, “He said he has an IQ of 147 and I think he’s really smart.”

She said, “I had great chemistry with Ji Sung. We experimented with a lot of ad libs and would unexpectedly make each other laugh while acting, but those moments molded well with the drama.” She then added, “Ji Sung is both like an adult and a baby at the same time. He’s a warm and caring person so I think he’d make a great husband.”

Regarding Kim Jaejoong, who has just started his acting career, Choi Kang Hee talked with admiration as she said, “Though he’s a rookie at acting, he has this natural gift. There’s something instinctual there. He’s not a star for nothing.”

She then added, “Jaejoong is very, very kind,” and “I had fun acting alongside him.”


Choi Kang Hee gave Park Young Gyu a thumbs up as she said, “He’s really cool.”

She said, “Though Park Young Gyu is quite old, I don’t feel that age difference with him. He’s really charming and very passionate.”

She smiled as she said, “He felt like such a young person and he made me think that I wanted to live young like him when I reach his age. During the entire filming process, he always said such great things. We told him to collect all those sayings and publish a book.”

Source: [yonhap news]

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Pictures+Translation 111004 Jaejoong ‘Protect the Boss’ Gallery

[Pic+Trans] 111004 Jaejoong ‘Protect The Boss’ Gallery

Cha Mu Won, Jaejoong~! This is the day where many females need to take a chill pill

The groom and his family members who look like they are filming a CF. If there’s such a thing wedding, (one) has to attend for sure!!

NaYoon and Mu Won who have been watching the BoBi (Boss-Secretary) couple’s wedding ceremony

We asked Jaejoong to take a last photo to thank the viewers and he bowed? Do you know? This is his thank-you-bow for everyone~ ^^

credit: SBS_BOSS
trans by: rachui@sharingyoochun.net

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News 111001 What Made “Protect the Boss” So Popular With Viewers?

[News] 111001 What made ‘Protect The Boss’ so popular with viewers?

SBS‘s ’Protect the Boss‘ seemed to come out of nowhere with its strong popularity, and many viewers who had no expectations were ultimately surprised by its quality content. But what made this drama stand out from the rest?

‘Protect The Boss’ was a feel-good drama that didn’t have any negative elements of an affair or a broken family; it also lacked a character that you loved to hate. The way that the characters caused problems in the story were endearing in their own way, and when the characters plotted against each other, the situation turned out pretty comical in the end.

For example, there was potential for ‘Cha Ji Hun’ (Ji Sung)’s ex-lover ‘Seo Na Yoon’ (Wang Ji Hye) and ‘Noh Eunsul’ (Choi Kang Hee) to get into a messy rivalry over Cha Ji Hun. But the two didn’t try to make each other’s lives miserable, and they become close friends.

Meanwhile, Cha Ji Hun and ‘Cha Moo Won’ (JYJ‘s Jaejoong) were rivals for a long time; instead of competing intensely against one other, the two fought like grade-school students. They would say things like, “I really don’t like him“, and get into scraps with one another that made the audience laugh. In reality, the two seemed like childhood friends rather than enemies.

‘Protect the Boss’ broke the mold of traditional Korean dramas, as the audience was able to relate with the more “average” and down-to-earth characters. Those who appeared to be the “bad” guy in the story actually wasn’t some horrible, irrational demon come-to-life; in the end, they were individuals who made some bad decisions, but ultimately sought happiness. The fact that these characters were relatable made the audience fall in love with the drama.

But the characters weren’t the only aspect that helped ‘Protect The Boss’ gain popularity. The main issue in the storyline didn’t lie with the characters’ conflicts with one another — it was in trying to disprove the stereotypes of being rich.

For example, Cha Ji Hun has a panic disorder, and although he is the boss, he cared very little about his job. He became a better man after meeting Noh Eunsul, but still had no ambition to take his father’s place in his company. He doesn’t want to inherit his father’s wealth, but even so, his colleagues called him mocking names like ‘Papa’s boy’. The story follows the hardships he endures before he could successfully break free from his situation.

‘Protect the Boss’ was comical and funny, and it also deconstructed the stereotypical ‘Cinderella’ story. Devoid of melancholy, excessive love, and senseless hatred, the story simply told of a person’s journey to find happiness in a relatable way.

Source & Image : Newsen
credit: allkpop

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