[VIDEO + TRANS] 140901 JYJ’s Exclusive Interview with China Music Billboard

JYJ: Everyone at China Billboard Chart. Hello, we are JYJ.

JJ: Because we just released a new album, we will be singing songs from that album at the concert. There are also solo songs that the members created. There’s the stage performance that only JYJ provides but by combining individual ‘color’ gained through each member’s solo activities, we are showing a more diverse stage.

JS: In the past, we would want to show the cool side of us during concerts but now, I think we want to have fun with the fans during our concerts.

MC: The choreography to ‘Back Seat’ is very sexy and we recently saw the music video. While you were filming the MV, are there any behind the scene stories that you can share with us?

YC: It’s been a while since I’ve danced, and compared to before, it takes longer to memorize things.
JJ: Me too.
YC: I would feel exhausted faster as well.
JJ: Me too me too.
YC: In the past, I would film through the night and feel tired, but it was okay. Now, if I dance at night, oh~ my joints would hurt…

JJ: Junsu was lipsyncing while moving his hips. I thought ah.. he really knows which part of his body he’s confident in…

(JS & YC laugh)

MC: Aside from this dance, this album had many stylish points. Which one was your favorite?

YC: We were styled by this nuna here.
/JJ tries to hand the microphone to the stylist/
JS: Please show this part, even if it’s just one cut.
JJ: Our stylist..
YC: She’s still not married yet
JS: Single men can try to woo her
MC: (joking) You can leave us your contact information and we can display it on the screen. (JYJ laughs and claps xD)

T/N: Only actual interview parts were translated.
Translated from original Korean due to errors in the Chinese subtitles.

Credit: 音乐风云榜 via haru jj
Translations by: @ohmyjunsu
Shared by: JYJ3

JYJ Fantalk Source: JYJ3

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[Vid+Trans] 121114 TVXQ’s Exclusive Interview on Chinese Music Billboard

[Vid+Trans] 121114 TVXQ’s Exclusive Interview on Chinese Music Billboard

*skipped until the part about TVXQ*

~Who are we interviewing today?
That’s right, in my hands, is a gift from TVXQ
Today we are going to interview TVXQ

TVXQ: Mengniusuansuanru Music charts’ audience
Hi everyone, we are TVXQ

~That’s right! Today we are interviewing, after HOT and Shinhwa, Korea welcomes a new popular group TVXQ
They have been known as one of the groups in the forefront of Korean music

YH: In this new album, there are 11 songs
It’s 1 year and 8 months since our previous album
We are working hard to let our fans hear better works from us
Hope fans can hear our effort
This album is more energized and sunny

~Continuing their energetic style from before
This new album “Catch Me” to the regrouped TVXQ, brings a more sunny, confident performance
And in the dance performance, there are of course new break throughs

CM: This dance is not self choreographed
The dance teacher said the moves were inspired by a movie
Inspiration that came from the animals in a movie
So the scenes from a movie produced our dance this time

YH: This dance is really quite hard
We learned it for a long time
It was completed with us and our dance teacher together
It’s only possible to complete it with great collaboration with the dance teacher
In the dance it has some movements imitating animals. The dragon moves were all really hard

~Until now, TVXQ’s new album sold over 150000 copies
On Korean sales ranking chart Hateo were #1 for 4 weeks
Next year will be their 10 year anniversary
So with the production of this album, it is very important for the two of them

YH: During the production of the album, we have to communicate with our teacher a lot
So this album has a lot of our ideas in it
We really treasure this album

YH: We really treasure this album
Because next year is the 10th year since TVXQ was formed
So this album has very important meaning to us
We really treasure it
CM: I think Yunho is older than me
But he continued to have a pure feeling for music
I really respect his thoughts
YH: When he does things, he is really mature
Even though Changmin is younger than me
But when interacting with other people
He is also really caring toward others
From beginning to the end Changmin will do everything perfectly
I really admire him as well

~Not only this, TVXQ will start their own world tour this month. They also expressed that they will definitely perform in China.

CM: To me, fans is the motivation for me to become a singer
They are not easy
When we have some empty schedule
Fans continue to always support us
I really appreciate them
We will always remember it
So we really really thank them

YH:For Chinese fans
We really thank them
No matter when
They continue to support TVXQ
Sometimes I also feel regretful towards them
Because the chances of seeing them is very small
I hope we will get to go to China a lot more later to meet them
I also hope we can do more fan signing events in China
Chinese (fans) Thank you all

~Since they have such feelings towards the Chinese fans
Don’t know what are TVXQ’s favorite things in China

YH: I like Chinese food
I like China’s Sichuan food
I really like roasted duck
Sichuan Cuisine is really spicy
But slowly eating it, it’s easy to get addicted
We all like to eat Chengdu’s spicy

CM: For me, I like to eat hot pot, hot pot
Hot pot is really good
Other than hot pot I also like those small spicy chicken
It’s all so good

YH: We really want to go to Sichuan
If we go to Sichuan,w e could perform and eat good food
We can perform in China and perform in Korea
It would be good if we can perform in Chin and perform in Korea at the same time

CM: Because our meeting chance is really small
If I could go to China, I want to go to the Great Wall
When I was little, I saw the Great Wall in books and on TV
I feel like the Great Wall is really great
I really want to climb that Great Wall

Fans: TVXQ fighting
TVXQ fighting
TVXQ we love you “Catch me” fighting!
TVXQ “Catch me” fighting!
TVXQ fighting
TVXQ 6 album big sales fighting!
“Catch me” fighting!
TVXQ I love you!

trans by: sharingyoochun.net
credit: Lynjaenarak

Momma’s source: sharingyoochun.net

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