[NEWS] 120625 Dr Jin, Kim Jaejoong “Kim Kyung Tak’s Outcry, The Saddest Scene”

[NEWS] 120625 Dr Jin, Kim Jaejoong “Kim Kyung Tak’s Outcry, The Saddest Scene”

Viewers consoled Dr Jin’s Kim Jaejoong.

Netizens began ‘Save Kim Kyung Tak’ to console Kim Kyung Tak who seemed to have nothing after even losing his close friend in MBC’s weekend drama Dr Jin episode 10 shown on Jun 24.

Since he received news that Hong Yong Rae has called of the wedding, Kim Kyung Tak has shut his heart in despair and anger and became absorbed in capturing anonymous members from a secret organization. On the day of the banquet, he discovered and chased the ringleader who was planning to assassinate his father who was also the vice premier, Kim Byung Hee.

In a tense moment, Kim Kyung Tak sliced the mask off and exposed the face of the ringleader – Hong Yong Hwi who happened to be Yong Rae’s brother and his close friend. The shocked Kyung Tak could not bear to shoot Yong Rae who was running away, so he shot it towards the sky and wailed.

Kim Kyung Tak could not marry Hong Yong Rae whom he has been waiting for 20 years and he lost his close friend. Netizens responded, “Make Time Slip Kim Kyung Tak, summon Kyung Tak to 2012”, “Even taking away the only thing that is left for him. This character is ridiculous”, “I would rather put Kyung Tak and Choon Hong as a couple. Poor Kyung Tak”.

Kim Jaejoong said, “Due to filming, I’ve yet to watch the scene that I have with Yong Hwi. This is the saddest scene so far. Let’s see if Kyung Tak has lost his reason to live or not. I hope you will watch it with love.”

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[News] 120512 Park Yoo Chun and Lee Tae Sung Show Off Their Friendship, “Cheer Up Yoo Chun! You’ll Be Your Father’s Proud Son.”

[News] 120512 Park Yoo Chun and Lee Tae Sung Show Off Their Friendship, “Cheer Up Yoo Chun! You’ll Be Your Father’s Proud Son.”

Lee Tae Sung cheered for and comforted Park Yoo Chun who is grieving over losing his father.

On the afternoon of May 11, Park posted on his Twitter, “I miss you so much. So much, dad…”

After reading Park’s post, Lee Tae Sung comforted him by saying, “You’ve done well so far, and you can do your best to be his proud son. You’ll meet him later. Don’t say something like that! You are just going through what everybody will eventually experience, but just at an earlier time… Cheer up! You are the crown prince!”

He added, “You are a person before you are an entertainer, or a public figure… Everybody will understand. I’ll be expecting your smile tomorrow, for sure!”

Netizens commented: “Park Yoo Chun and Lee Tae Sung play conflicting roles in the series, but in real life, they seem to be so friendly.” “Lee Tae Sung is so nice in giving heart-warming comfort to Park Yoo Chun who is going through a hard time.” “I really do want to see their friendship last forever.” “It’s so heart-warming.”

Currently, Park Yoo Chun and Lee Tae Sung co-lead on SBS TV’s Rooftop Prince.

source: TV Report
credit: en.korea

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Translation 111005 Post of JYJ Tweets

[Trans] 111005 Post Of JYJ Tweets

This post will be updated throughout the day with tweets by JYJ. A time will be added with each tweet as our translators will not always be able to provide instant translations This post includes tweets from 6am KST, October 5th to 5:59am KST, October 6th.

(Jaejoong, 1:22pm KST) It’s all right. It’s going to be fine.

Source: [Jaejoong’s Twitter]
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