Editors Note: Park Yoochun ‘Three Days’ Episode One Initial Reaction


‘Three Days’ is our Park Yoochun in his element. He is a natural law enforcement actor; full of good intentions, an inquiring mind, action, and just enough of that baby-faced look to endear his character to your heart. Yoochun is an excellent actor. He makes each new role believable and distinct from the one before it. He also has a proven track record as a leading man.

The melodrama unfolds with a tragic attack on Han Tae Kyung’s father, the Minister of Finance. Tae Kyung is devastated by his father’s critical condition, and is subsequently distracted while guarding the President in the marketplace. After failing to perceive a possible threat leading to the extraction of the president, Han Tae Kyung  learns that his father has died. He is put on probation from his position as a presidential bodyguard, and allowed to join his grieving family. Tae Kyung takes his proper place as the surviving son. He meets the police investigator who was first at the crime scene, and her inquiries lead to the search for a missing envelope. To add to the drama, Tae Kyung discovers a dying man who reveals a plot to assassinate the president.

Early on, the script fully emphasizes that the responsibility and commitment to family is superseded by the commitment to guard the president.

As the drama unfolds we are witnesses to a city-wide blackout. Tae Kyung has failed in an attempt to inform authorities of the plot to assassinate the president. I hope that the writer will clarify the plot a bit more, but predominately this is an excellent opportunity for Yoochun to once again take his place among the ranks of the city’s finest, and to create another memorable performance. Fighting!!!

Narrative Credit: Momma Cha @jyjfantalk.com.

Editor’s Note: 120329 “Rooftop Prince” Elevator Scene Takes Us By Storm

 Rooftop Prince

SBS’s “Rooftop Prince”  starring Park Yoochun has aired it’s first episode. It is presently on drama sites with partial subs. This has been a much anticipated drama, especially in light of the recent actual sasaeng drama and parental loss in the lives of Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu. This brings some sunshine in along with the sincere efforts of Junsu to cheer us up.. Congratulations Yoochun. I will write a review as soon as I have opportunity. 


I just finished watching Episode One of Rooftop Prince with English subs at www.viki.com 

This drama is considerably complicated and starts very tragically with the death of the Crown Princess. She is not what she appears to be, and is dearly loved by the Crown Prince (Yoochun). This story line has the feel of Cinderella minus the wicked stepmother. Why have a wicked stepmother when you can have a wicked step-sister? As is natural, the Crown Prince suspects foul play, and the instinctive viewer finger points to the wronged sister of the Crown Princess.

There is a huge amount of hopping back and forth between time. Yoochun’s modern character drowns (through actual foul play), and the Crown Prince and his royal band of vigilantes end up in the apartment of the modern-day wronged step-sister.

This drama is going to be complicated and will need intense direction in order to keep the viewer from being disoriented. Over-all it looks like a great storyline, humorous and not-so-humorous plot, and I am looking forward to Episode Two. Park Yoochun is doing an excellent job of acting and so are the other characters, especially the child actresses. Episode Two should help the plot to settle in and then we will be off on a Grand Adventure!!!

O.K. Episode Two is hilarious, especially the fire scene and teaching the Guys modern conveniences like ‘ahem’  toilets. The Crown Prince is getting the picture rapidly . He knows that they have time-traveled 300 years and this will prove interesting.  BTW. What’s with the alcohol and whipped cream? This Momma must be behind the times. Absolutely funny!

Episode Three of Rooftop Prince is out. My Goodness. I laughed so hard my ribs hurt. This drama is proving to be a wonderfully hilarious ride full of quirky surprises and lots of emotional angst. Just what we all like, right? The elevator scene is so funny, funny, funny. Poor Guys, picturetakers, cameras, and all.

I wanted to cry with Micky at the palace. He can look so pathetic, can’t he? Crocodile Tears. TT

There is so much, how do you cover it all? I love everything about this drama. The characters, the plot, the colors, the situation…YAWWWW………  Momma Cha  😉  <3

Fighting Park Yoochun!!!!  Momma Cha

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Credit: Momma Cha @ jyjfantalk