[News] 121224 JYJ’s Junsu Releases New Digital Single “Thank U For”

[News] 121224 JYJ’s Junsu Releases New Digital Single “Thank U For”

JYJ member Junsu has just released a new digital single titled “Thank U For“.

Designed as a surprise present for fans on the day before Christmas, to go hand and hand with Junsu’s year-end concert. “Thank U For” is “the work of Japanese composer and producer Shikata and is a sweet love song that will let you feel the charms of Winter”.

Junsu himself also shared, “The song being revealed on Christmas Eve is a sweet love story that feels as if it’s a love letter sent by a man to his girlfriend. I hope it will be a good present for the fans.”

Check out the digital single below, is it everything you were expecting?

credit: BubbleFeetPandaCH2

Composed by Shikata-san, REO
Lyrics by Juno, Kim Jina


Today snow is shining all over the world
Everyday, excited and waiting for the first snow
Heaven has given me the most precious gift
More precious than my white star

Waking up early in the morning to the sound of the bell ringing
I’ve been waiting anxiously to meet you
Finding a way to go to meet you
Loving the memories of us

White snow is piled up without sound
Pacing the streets more footsteps pound
I would flutter more

That day I had been dreaming everyday OH
Oh so I came

You and me holding hands, walking down the street
Memories spent with staring and laughing
You always cuddle up to me
Could not say
Today my heart wants to say I love you

Snuggling under the street lamp that illuminates
Your reflection in the transparent-like glass crystal
Little hands in your pocket
Your cheeks stained red

Flow as a city full of white
Is singing
Sounds over the hearts of the people come and go
I would smile at night

Nice and anywhere with me OH
Oh you to hug me

You and me holding hands, walking down the street
Memories spent with staring and laughing
Your innocent smile like a child
Oh I’ll protect you forever

We walked down the street, holding hands,
facing each other again
We created the memories one by one with you

Even if there are times when you get tired sometimes frightened
Do not forget
I’ll be here for you always like today

Forever by your side

This song for you

English Translations by: Ruby(@rubypurple_fan) of JYJ3
Shared By: JYJ3

Ivory’s Source: sharingyoochun.net; JYJ3.net+youtube

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Translation 110713 Part 4: Kim Jaejoong’s Ideal Girlfriend, Hoped That She Is Skillfull In Cuisine and Housework

[Trans] 110713 Part 4: Kim Jaejoong’s Ideal Girlfriend, Hoped That She Is Skillful In Cuisine And Housework‏

JYJ Kim Jaejoong clarifies the misunderstanding that resulted from his previous talk on his ideal type.

Kim Jaejoong ever expressed in an interview during February that, “Someone who is like a housekeeper is my type that I liked.”. Such unique comment attracted everyone’s attention. He then continued with, ‘Please come here faster. I’m dying,’ such joking words made many female viewers’ hearts pounding.

Reporter was startled to hear the ideal-type-is-housekeeper speech by Kim Jaejoong and thus expressed self’s doubts about it, to which Kim Jaejoong explained, “I think I did not say it clearly. What I meant is that I like girls who are particular about housework and would have to know how to cook and clean up hygienically.” “I like to cook and clean up, of course I would like girls who will do all these with me.”

As a public figure being JYJ, there are privacy restrictions. Thus was not able to meet friends freely, and was not able to date at ease. To this, Kim Jaejoong joked, “Honestly I do feel lonely at times. If there are any good woman, please introduce her to me.” source: tvdaily+koreastardaily
trans by: rachui@sharingyoochun

Momma’s Source: sharingyoochun.net

(Jaejoong, ja-son, you aren’t looking in obvious places. Check the blogs and twitter 🙂 <3 Share this: