[TWITTER] Beyondmonica + Im Byung Han Twitter Update

[TWITTER] Beyondmonica + Im Byung Han Twitter Update

[TRANS] Beyondmonica to @MZ_009 @mission_jyj @xiahcole : He(Junsu) probably won’t quit tweeting because of this, and is accepting it as a simple happening and it upsets me even more…

Beyondmonica to @KARUMI2U @mz_009 @mission_jyj @xiahcole : she just said‘happening’ because she wanted to know fans that the artist isn’t hurt that bad to quit twitter, and he’s broad-minded enough to think it as a simple ‘happening’

Im Byung Han

[TRANS] @code07lim : I said that change ur password number before deleting ur account, so don’t worry please

Source: @beyondmonica

Translated by: @alles2012 + @sarithegate

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