[Vid] 130405 Kantame Daily: Exclusive Interview with Kim Jaejoong+ Translation

[Vid] 130405 Kantame Daily: Exclusive Interview with Kim Jaejoong

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[TRANS][VIDEO] 130405 Kantame Daily: Exclusive Interview with Kim Jaejoong in Nanjing 04052013

Interviewer: First of all, having your Asia tour, solo concert and fan meeting in Nanjing, how do you feel now?
JJ: I came to Nanjing for the first time last year. This is the second time.
I am coming more songs, nine?
Interviewer: Ten songs?
JJ: I got more songs, so I hope to convey my wish people coming this time
should enjoy more.
Interviewer: I think you do.
People in Japan is also looking forward to it much. They are supporting you.

Interviewer: How is your fatigue? You look busy. Don’t you have fatigue?
JJ: Yeah, I have some today. I had live concerts over yesterday.
Interviewer: You did.
JJ: But, once the live starts, I’ll be fine.
Interviewer: Yeah. And as for the points worthy of note in your stage this time,
what’s the biggest point that you hope everyone to look?
JJ: It is a gathering of fan meeting and mini live concert this time.
They can enjoy communication between fans and myself and feel an
atmosphere of live performance. It is a good event. They can feel both.
Interviewer: It must be!

Interviewer: Would you tell me if you have something you want to
accomplish for a goal this year?
JJ: As Jaejoong or of JYJ?
Interviewer: Yeah, as Kim Jaejoong!

JJ: Haha. First, as Kim Jaejoong, again in a new work, I will be able to try acting. Either in dramas or movies, I can meet everyone, I think. When I had a tour last time, it was for my mini album. I hope to release a full album next.
Interviewer: I hope so. Then what is the object as JYJ?
JJ: As JYJ, uhm, this year, I hope to release JYJ’s full album. We had Tokyo Dome over yesterday, right? Having more activities in Japan is our big hope.
Interviewer: I’m expecting it. For you, what kind of existence is JYJ?
JJ: Let me see.
Interviewer: Is it hard to say just in a word?
JJ: Yeah, of course it is a must to exist. Each is not worth one by one. Three can be united. Well how should I say…I don’t know what way I should say even in Hangul, Korean. How to express is difficult.
Interviewer: Go ahead in Hangul.
JJ: Being one,(unclear) I felt it yesterday. With everyone in the venue and we, three members, we can be the one, unity I recognized it yesterday. The members are such existences. They are two of “the one, unity” I think.
Interviewer: Thank you very much. I think fans felt it much as well. Then from now on I would like to ask you some more casual questions. What do you feel the gladdest to do now?
JJ: The gladdest to do? It’s now.
Interviewer: This moment?
JJ: Yeah, at this moment, being here probably. It is hard that I understand myself. what can I say? Haha. As just a person’s character, an artist and an actor, I have a lot of shortages and more things to develop. Uhmmm.
Interviewer: Then for the last, would you give any messages to many fans who love you, please?
JJ: Yes. Well, I will have the 10th anniversary upcoming December since my debut. I really appreciate their constant support and love. I thank them.

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