[Vid] 130618 JIJIPRESS – Tohoshinki ~TIME~ TOUR 2013 in Tokyo Dome Highlights

[Vid] 130618 JIJIPRESS – Tohoshinki ~TIME~ TOUR 2013 in Tokyo Dome Highlights


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Video 111223 TVXQ at Music Station Live

Video TVXQ at Music Station Live

MS 1223 ThskKoda from тø♄ø﹩нїїηкḯ on Vimeo.

Untitled from Back2Tomorrow_ContinueTVXQ on Vimeo.

credit: тø♄ø﹩нїїηкḯ+Back2Tomorrow_ContinueTVXQ

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[Trans] 111201 This Year’s Results Slip Of The Two Groups After TVXQ Split

[Trans] 111201 This Year’s Results Slip Of The Two Groups After TVXQ Split

After the split of two major boy bands TVXQ and SS501, which were formed in the first half of first decade of the 21st century, they have started events officially this year. Kim Jaejoong, Park Yoochun and Kim Junsu, who were members of TVXQ, left their previous agency SM Entertainment, after filing a lawsuit regarding their personal contracts, and have been active in the industry under the name of JYJ.

Alhough the 5 members are not able to attend activities together currently, this year is the crucial period for them to display their personal capabilities. They have been able to cause a big influence in the local music industry, and their current and future events would cause a greater influence overseas.

U-Know Yunho and Choi Kang Changmin, who had a different thinking from the 3 members of JYJ, remained in SM Entertainment, and have started activities as a duo since January this year. After 2 years and 3 months, although TVXQ remains active with only two members after the split, they have not disappointed fans with the energy recouped during that period.

Their fifth album “WHY (Keep Your Head Down” which was released earlier on 5 January, clinched top rankings in many major music websites and local music programs, proving their undying popularity. In Japan, their popularity was even greater. They broke the 130,000 sales record within a day after releasing their Japanese single “WHY”with their overwhelming popularity, and clinched 1st place in the Oricon Charts on the current and following day. They broke their 170,000 sales record within 2 days, displaying their outstanding capabilities.

In September, TVXQ released their Japanese album “TONE”, once again clinching the 1st place of Japanese charts on the day of release, garnering great album sales which amounted to 105,484 copies.

In comparison, JYJ had restrictions in performing on broadcasts, and mainly met fans through world tour concerts. However, they were just as outstanding as the TVXQ duo. After releasing their Worldwide album “The Beginning” last October, they have been active in world tours since April.

JYJ has had concerts in a total of 13 countries and cities, performing to over 200,000 audiences. They started their world tour from Thailand, Taiwan and Beijing, then moving on to North America, Japan, and ended their world tour in Busan and Gwangju. They started entering the Europe market, performing their solo concerts in Spain Barcelona and Germany Berlin, after releasing their first Korean album “In Heaven”, which garnered over 300,000 preorders.

JYJ’s agency representatives expressed, “With their soaring popularity overseas, JYJ would continue to have a world tour next year. They would be having activities in Asia, and even in the North America.”

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Translation 110916 Choikang Changmin’s Love Was A Little Too Enthusiastic

[TRANS] 110916 Choikang Changmin’s Love Was A Little Too Enthusiastic? “He Left A Wound On U-Know Yunho’s Chest”
Posted on September 19, 2011
by melodiamuse

Choikang Changmin left a wound on U-Know Yunho’s chest.

A photo of TVXQ was posted on an online community on the 15th with the title, ‘Little Brother’s love for Big Brother was a little too enthusiastic’.

Taken during TVXQ’s ‘Keep Your Head Down’ activities, the photo showed the part in the group’s performance when Choikang Changmin pushes U-Know Yunho away. But it must have been because Choikang Changmin had put too much force into his push because U-Know Yunho was later seen sporting a wound on his chest.

The person who posted the photo seemed worried about U-Know Yunho’s wound as she said, “Changmin oppa, be more careful. Is it because you kept hitting the same place over and over again every day?”

Netizens who saw the photo said, “They put all the strength they can muster into their performances and songs, so he must have been unable to control the amount of force in his hand“, “I can’t believe someone spotted that”, “Both of them are working hard. It’s great to see”, “The battle scene in the performance is always so interesting. I want to see them perform Keep Your Head Down again.”

Meanwhile, TVXQ were invited to the Lacoste 2012 S/S Collection that was held at the Lincoln Center in New York on the 10th of September and attended the event as the representative fashionistas of Korea.

Source: [newsen]

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TRANS 110421 Why Keep Your Head Down Japan…

[TRANS] 110421 Why(Keep Your Head Down) Japan Version – 27 April Release On Recochoku Decided!!

(T/N: This announcement for “Why(Keep Your Head Down)” talks about the Korean album, not the Japanese single that was released early this year. Recochoku is a mobile music site for Japanese mobile users.)

The Japan release of “Why(Keep Your Head Down)” will be released on 27 April via Recochoku (ChakuUta® , ChakuUta Full®) as well as other mobile music distribution sites!!
※Note: Does not include the bonus track

The bonus track “Before U Go (monologue)” and “Before U Go” will be exclusively released on mu-mo for ChakuUta Full® on 27 April!

※The scheduled release date for other sites will be on 4 May.
※Release time varies from site to site, so please check with the respective sites.

source : [Tohoshinki Official Site]
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Changmin and Yunho were hosts on Kiss th…

Changmin and Yunho were hosts on Kiss the Radio 110131. Among many attractions from the airing is this video featuring “Keep Your Head Down”. Changmin seems to be having loads of fun while Yunho, ever vigilant, directs the action. Also featured are Eyukie and Teukie of SuJu. Good to see you happy, boys. Momma Cha