[Trans] 120802 JYJ Files 100 Million KRW Damage Suit Against Media For “Abusing Sasaeng Fans” Report

[Trans] 120802 JYJ Files 100 Million KRW Damage Suit Against Media For “Abusing Sasaeng Fans” Report

JYJ has filed a 100 million KRW damage suit against the media who earlier reported about dispute with sasaeng fans.

According to revelations in law industry, JYJ has filed a 100 million KRW damage suit on the 1st of August in Seoul Central District Court against internet media ‘D’ for reports on abusing sasaeng fans.

JYJ’s representative states that, “Without any confirmation with the party involved and to reveal illegal audio files, it is a form of defamation and invasion of privacy. We ever mentioned to media in March about filing a criminal suit against the said media but after discussion, we decided that a civil lawsuit would be more suitable to this issue. Therefore we retrieved the previous lawsuit and once again filed a civil lawsuit.”

‘D’ media reported in March claiming that JYJ members abused sasaeng fans physically and verbally and revealed a related audio file. JYJ’s representative C-JeS entertainment stated officially its strong stance against this issue and expressed that, ‘This report is a malicious report for attacking JYJ members.’

source: starnews
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[NEWS] 120315 Idol Manager of 10 Years Discloses His Memories of Sasaeng Fans

[NEWS] Idol Manager of 10 Years Discloses His Memories of Sasaeng Fans

The issue of sasaeng fans have been put back on the chopping block after the recent controversy surrounding JYJ. One manager who’s been working for famous idols for the past 10 years recently met up with reporters to disclose his own first hand experience dealing with sasaeng fans as a career.

He revealed, “I really don’t even want to imagine it. When I wake up and open the door, there’s urine and feces on the floor, as if they’re marking their territory… Mornings should be bright and fresh, so think about having to start your morning with urine and feces. You start your day with stress.”

“Sasaeng fans that follow us around in taxis can be considered the mild ones since some have even barged into the dorm and stolen all of the food. Even if we change our numbers, they somehow find it out… they’re on the level of 007.”

When asked if he’s ever hit a sasaeng fan, he replied, “Honestly, I used to in the past. After the schedules are finished, hundreds of fans swarm in. One member even used to get pulled around by the hair. I had to block the members off before a bigger accident occurred. I had no choice but to use violence. Now, there are a lot of bystanders and fans that use cameras so you can’t do that anymore. I used to spray bug spray and even harsh swears, but it’s all of no use.”

How do the fans that were assaulted feel? He explained, “Fans actually feel proud about it, as I’ve seen some say, ‘I was even hit by our oppa’s manager.’ I know it’s not all of them that think like this but they do exist. Sasaeng fans think that violence and verbal assault is a way of getting closer to their favorite idol. Thus, it’s no use using such methods on them.”

He continued, “There are a lot of young sasaeng girls. When the idols come out after finishing their schedules, they’ll swarm in close and begin touching their private parts. They’re so young and yet they’re already sexually assaulting people. From the perspective of the idol member, it’s horrifying.”

“Once, I lectured the sasaeng fans that came to the dorm. Because they wouldn’t listen to a thing I said, I told them to bring their parents. They must’ve felt mad that I swore at them because they brought their parents back and framed me for being some drunk that assaulted an innocent student. Of course, in the eyes of the parents, they take the side of their daughters. I was reported to the police and put in a predicament where the victim actually became the attacker.”

On the controversy currently surrounding JYJ and sasaeng fans, he said, “There’s no excuse for the use of violence, but as someone that’s been in the same situation, I can understand what he must have been thinking. Dealing with urine and feces in the morning, receiving hateful texts, stalker calls… Idols also have to suffer at the salon and events. Once this accumulates, there’s only so much a human being can take before it all explodes.”

Concluding the interview, he stated, “Sasaeng fans transform with time. They are now a gang-like presence that transfers information from one to another. There are some that even trade money for information. Managers cannot be like the way they were in the past where they use violence. Celebrities are celebrities, but the managers are also dying here.”

Source + Photos: Newsen via Nate
credit: allkpop
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Editors Note: The Double-Sided Nature of Fandom

The Double-sided Nature of Fandom

Okay. I hadn’t written much about the controversies surrounding our Guys and the fans, sasaengs, anti-fans, etc.etc.–but it has now escalated to the point that something must be said, mostly due to the fact that I consider JYJCY to be human beings. Humans beings have flaws, and everyone has their point of no return. Back someone up in a corner and they are going to come out fighting.  It is wrong to call celebrity’s personal phones day and night. When do you expect them to sleep or relax with their family and friends? It is wrong to gather at their place of residence and expect them to be able to relax. How is it justifiable for fans to constantly pursue JYJ and TVXQ or any other celebrity with such intensity as to drive them to encounters such as are implied here? I live a public life, not to the extent of groups like JYJ or TVXQ, but I feel qualified to write my thoughts on this whole issue.

Living a public life means having absolutely no privacy. It means having to constantly mind every word and action to the point of hysteria. It means being totally misunderstood just because it seems the norm for every public person to be targeted for misinterpretation. While fans can open their doors and stride out into the world with their heads high and allow the sun to shine on their faces, celebrities have to sneak out of back entrances, engage body guards, or disguise themselves to go to the downtown convenience store. How do they date without someone seeing them or interrupting them? Do you realize how confining and ultimately damaging to their bodies and personalities this is? Nothing is spontaneous. Every move must be planned and calculated to ensure that the celebrity can get to their destination on time and with safety. As we all know, attempts have been made on our Guy’s lives, Yunho specifically. That they forgive and keep on serving the fandom is greatly beyond what I would consider to be their obligation regardless of the fact that, yes, we spend time and money on them. What would their candid answer be if our Guys were asked whether they would have pursued this industry with the knowledge that they now possess; of how hard it is to live, breathe, and especially–to have relationships. To be honest, Junsu has given us some insight into this in his recent interviews. Read them.

Let me say that there are better things to do with your time than running behind celebrities. I love the fans and I love JYJ and TVXQ with all my heart, but if our Guys were in my hometown I would not feel compelled to be on their doorstep day and night, or to stalk them. I would attend concerts and support them in ways that are reasonable, but to constantly be there to the point of pushing them to react this strongly, and making them compromise their reputations would be totally wrong. How would you like to have no life except serving the fans? If it were me, I would have thrown in the towel a long time ago.

Now, for the real tough stuff. Audio tape evidence is out there, and supposedly videotape evidence that points a finger at JYJ and TVXQ as abusers of fans. GIVE ME PAUSE…..Who is abusing who? Who isn’t being allowed to protect the fans? Who isn’t being allowed a speck of privacy? Who isn’t being allowed to have a proper date?  Everyone deserves to have a home filled eventually  with the laughter of their children.

We have to ask this question: “Who are the ones responsible for creating this evidence?”. It seems awfully convenient that this footage is out there. Is all of it legitimate? Probably not. Do we have video and audio tools in this modern age that can doctor and alter videos and audio materials? Yes, we do. Would someone go so far as to deliberately try to destroy JYJ and HoMins reputations? Of course they would, because it would put a damper into the Hallyu Wave, and eliminate some of the competition. There couldn’t possibly be anyone jealous of their successes, right?

Artists give and give. They are the ultimate servants of the people and sometimes they take this role so seriously that they lose their ability to protect themselves. If any or all of this ‘evidence’ were true, It would not make me change the love in my heart for JYJCY. My love is based on who I believe they truly are–hardworking, sacrificing human beings. They bleed just like everyone else, and they deserve respect and space to live.

Jaejoong, Yunho, Yoochun, Junsu, and Changmin. You have given so much to us. We thank you with sincerity and ask you to forgive our trespasses into your life as much as we forgive your own mistakes. If anything has come out of this horrendous nonsense, it has been my realization that to know that these men are indeed this vulnerable and this human is incentive to make me and my family love them even more. Fighting!!!!  

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