[Pic] 130207 Only6002 Fan Club Fan Project – Save The Children Hat Knitting Lesson

[Pic] 130207 Only6002 Fan Club Fan Project – Save The Children Hat Knitting Lesson

On 27 January 2013,  Only6002 Fan Club from Taiwan held a lesson in a local library room to teach fans how to knit woollen hats (inspired by Yuchun’s Knit-a-Hat campaign for Save The Children charity organisation.)

Before the lesson started, there were drinks and hand-made cookies for everyone

Lesson starts

During the lesson

In the midst of discussion

Knitting quietly

Watching knitting instructions on the projector screen.

Everyone engrossed in knitting

This 6002 hat is daebak! A student knitted it before the lesson. Everyone asked her for advice. The little model is so cute!

These are the ones that are completed

Finally, a group photo. (Not all are in the photo)

Currently there are 6 completed hats. Every one is superb!

Source: 6002 Fanclub (1) + (2)
Translated by Vienna@ParkYoochun SingaporeFanclub
Shared by ParkYoochun SingaporeFC

Momma’s Source: sharingyoochun.net

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What might be even better is to ask…

What might be even better is to ask folks to donate to both causes. Then all will benefit. Momma Cha

[Info] CJeS to Set Up Japan Relief Fund to Help Japan Victims

Dear Friends,

I have GREAT news! CJES has announced that they will be setting up a Japan Relief Fund website soon!

This means that we can now work alongside with CJES and the JYJ boys! It would be much better to combine our relief efforts and try to raise as much relief money possible together.

Therefore we have decided to stop the Save the Children fundraiser so that we can all join together in donating to the CJES website. The website should be up soon so please be patient and wait for further announcements.

The $9229.00 (amount at the time of writing this letter) has ALREADY been sent to Japan and is helping them as we speak. So please cease temporarily your gracious giving and let’s all donate to the CJES and JYJ relief efforts.

Together we can make a HUGE difference in the lives of those affected. Thank you for your continued support! You guys are the best fans ever!!!

Egg (卵, بيضة, 雞蛋, itlog, oeuf, Ei, telur, 에그, ovo, huevo, ไข่, trứng)

from John Yoon’s twitter

Source: sharingyoochun.net

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