[Trans] 130711 XIA (Kim Junsu) Gets Together With Quincy Brown To Create ‘Incredible’

[Trans] 130711 XIA (Kim Junsu) Gets Together With Quincy Brown To Create ‘Incredible


XIA (Junsu) met with Quincy Brown to work together on a song.

On the 11th of July, C-JeS Entertainment stated, “XIA (Junsu) worked with Quincy Brown, the son of famous rapper Puff Daddy, on his new song. As an upcoming rapper and actor in the US, Quincy Brown helped XIA (Junsu) out on his second solo album by featuring in his title song ‘Incredible’.”

According to this representative, Quincy Brown makes the song more mesmerizing with his English rap that begins with ‘You’re so hypnotic girl, you’re incredible’.

They continued to add, “The partnership of XIA (Junsu) and Quincy Brown, such energetic artistes, has created a high-quality song. The two artistes met at the music video shooting in L.A. and enjoyed their time together, talking about music,” and “XIA (Junsu)’s music video is a fusion of a song and video that goes great with the Summer season.”

XIA (Junsu)’s ‘Incredible’ music video brought back the staff behind the music video of his first album’s title song ‘TARANTALLEGRA’, which was praised for its sophistication.

Meanwhile, XIA (Junsu) will be releasing his second album ‘Incredible’ on the 15th and is planning to hold a showcase on the same day. The showcase will be aired live through MelonTV.

Source: [topstarnews]
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