TRANS] 140717 4,000 People Gather For The Haeundae Showcase For ‘Sea Fog’, Not Unlike A Film Festival

The Busan showcase of ‘Sea Fog’ had the crowds roaring in delight.

The team of ‘Sea Fog’ gathered in Busan on the 15th of July to hold an impromptu greeting and showcase, and was met with loud cheers from the public.

Busan’s Gwanganli Beach in Haeundae was already filled to the brim with people even before the arrival of Kim Yoon Seok, Park Yoochun, Lee Hui Joon, Moon Sung Geun, Kim Sang Ho and Han Yaeri. Kim Yoon Seok said, “I’m so happy to be coming back to my hometown for this event. Thank you so much for coming to see us despite the weather.”


The showcase had the actors holding a quiz about their upcoming movie and giving movie tickets to audience members who got the answers right. As this was the first time that the cast was meeting the public, it was later said that everyone had a great time during the event.

The official showcase that was held from 8pm was attended by over 3,500 people. The showcase was aired live on Daum, showing the cast members giving honest answers about their experiences. A never-before-seen teaser for the movie was aired, much to the delight of the audience. Signed posters were handed out, pictures were taken, and Park Yoochun gave surprise hugs to a limited few.

Curiosity about Park Yoochun and Han Yaeri’s intimate scenes as Dong Shik and Hong Mae peaked as the night went on.

Director Shim Sung Bo stated, “Thank you so much for coming to such a meaningful event. Forget about the summer heat with our great production,” while Kim Yoon Seok said, “‘Sea Fog’ is a sexy movie you can’t take your eyes off of. Don’t miss out!” Meanwhile, Kim Sang Ho said, “In word one, I would describe ‘Sea Fog’ as ‘real’. It’s such a realistic movie.”

Meanwhile, Bong Joon Ho’s ‘Sea Fog’ is the story of six sailors who find their ship filled with stowaways. The movie will be released on the 13th of August.

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[Vid] 131121 JYJ – Incheon Asian Games Road Show in Guangzhou Showcase


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[TRANS] 131122 Guangzhou, China Goes Crazy At The Arrival Of JYJ… Great Advertisement For The ‘Incheon Asian Games’


JYJ recently met with fans at the 2014 Incheon Asian Games Road Show showcase that was held in Guangzhou, China.

C-JeS Entertainment stated, “As the honorary ambassadors of the 2014 Incheon Asian Games, JYJ attended the press conference and showcase of the PR Road Show that was held in Guangzhou, China.”

On the 21st of November, JYJ performed their Incheon Asiad Song ‘Only One’ and Kim Jaejoong’s recent title song ‘Just Another Girl’ for 7,000 fans at the Guangzhou Gymnasium.

The atmosphere of the event was upbeat and lively as the audience danced along with JYJ during their ‘Only One’ dance lesson section.


Jung Gun Young, who was in charge of creating the choreography for ‘Only One’, stated, “The choreography of JYJ’s theme song is easy enough that anyone could perform it. We set aside some time to teach the audiences of our Vietnam and Guangzhou road shows the choreography, and we received such a great reaction that it already feels like the festival has begun.”

One representative stated, “130,000 fans vied for tickets to JYJ’s Guangzhou Road Show and the event was sold out in three minutes and fifty seconds. Thanks to JYJ’s global popularity, advertisement for the Incheon Asian Games is going extremely well with the road shows becoming so successful.”

This representative continued to add, “We are extremely grateful to and proud of JYJ, who took time from their busy schedules to promote the road show during their press conference and gave a great performance during the main event.”

In the press conference that was held before the showcase, JYJ stated, “We’re honored to be promoting this international event, and we’re enjoying our promotional activities because it brings us all together despite our busy schedules,” and “Please give your love and attention to the Incheon Asian Games.”

Meanwhile, JYJ will focus on their individual activities after the showcase.

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[TRANS] 131113 The Incheon Asian Games’ Guangzhou Showcase Sells Out In Three Minutes And Fifty Seconds


The 2014 Incheon asian Games Committee announced that their Guangzhou showcase ‘Cheer Asia’ began taking ticket reservations at 7:30pm on the ticket reservation site Damai ( and was completely sold out in three minutes and fifty seconds, with over 130,000 people accessing the site at the same time.

The committee has been providing free tickets for their Hanoi and Guangzhou showcases, which are being held to raise awareness for the 17th Incheon Asian Games that will be held from the 19th of September till the 4th of October in 2014.

A representative of the committee stated, “Many fans who support JYJ and the Incheon Asian Games have been phoning in to ask about the showcase, and the show was sold out as soon as ticket reservations began,” and “The committee will work with JYJ and the Korean culture performance team to create an amazing event that everyone can enjoy.”

‘Cheer Asia’ is a showcase that will be held at 8pm on the 21st of November at the Guangzhou Gymnasium, and will feature performances that reflect Korea’s culture, as well as a rendition of JYJ’s Incheon Asiad song ‘Only One’. ‘Only One’, JYJ’s first group song in two years, has an exciting melody and easy-to-follow choreography that have received a positive response all across Asia. The music video of ‘Only One’ has gathered six million views in China alone.

Information about the showcase can be found on the Incheon Asian Games’ official Chinese blog ( and Weibo account (

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[Trans] 130715 On Making His Comeback, Kim Junsu Says, “I Wanted To Discover A New Side of Me”


XIA (Junsu) has returned with an album full of challenges.

IA (Kim Junsu) held a showcase at the UNIQLO AX Hall on the 15th to commemorate the release of his second solo album ‘Incredible’.

It’s been a year since he last made an appearance as solo singer ‘XIA’, and not a member of JYJ. Although he has been busy as a musical actor, he put all his effort into preparing his latest album, and did not disappoint fans as he has come back as a more mature singer.

During the press conference that was held after the showcase, Kim Junsu said, “I tried to put as many different genres as possible in this album. I only started choosing songs after I decided which genres I wanted in my album, and I paid much more attention in my song selection process this year.”

His vocal skills have changed drastically as well. Regarding this, Kim Junsu said, “I can’t say that my time as a musical actor hasn’t influenced the way I sing at all, but I tried very hard to find the perfect balance. I tried to find what worked best for each song, and applied that to my music, ” and “I left it up to the feel of the song.”

Kim Junsu emphasized, “This album was a great challenge for me. I wanted to discover a new side of me through this album.”

He expressed his hesitation of filling the majority of the album with his own compositions. He said, “When artistes compose their own music, the good thing is that they are able to put all of their strengths into one song. But you might also get yourself stuck in one mould,” and “Although I try to branch out when I write music, the quality of my album might drop if I become too greedy about writing and singing my own songs. I focused most on choosing the best songs.”

The showcase that was held on the same day was aired live on MelonTV. Kim Junsu performed a total of four songs, ‘Tarantallegra’, ’11 o’clock’, ‘I’m Sorry’ and ‘Incredible’, to perfect his successful comeback.

Starting on the 20th in Bangkok, Thailand, Kim Junsu will set off on his world tour that will take him to Shanghai, China on the 20th, Seoul on the 3rd and 4th of August, and Busan on the 10th and 11th of August.

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[Trans] 130711 XIA (Kim Junsu) Gets Together With Quincy Brown To Create ‘Incredible’

[Trans] 130711 XIA (Kim Junsu) Gets Together With Quincy Brown To Create ‘Incredible


XIA (Junsu) met with Quincy Brown to work together on a song.

On the 11th of July, C-JeS Entertainment stated, “XIA (Junsu) worked with Quincy Brown, the son of famous rapper Puff Daddy, on his new song. As an upcoming rapper and actor in the US, Quincy Brown helped XIA (Junsu) out on his second solo album by featuring in his title song ‘Incredible’.”

According to this representative, Quincy Brown makes the song more mesmerizing with his English rap that begins with ‘You’re so hypnotic girl, you’re incredible’.

They continued to add, “The partnership of XIA (Junsu) and Quincy Brown, such energetic artistes, has created a high-quality song. The two artistes met at the music video shooting in L.A. and enjoyed their time together, talking about music,” and “XIA (Junsu)’s music video is a fusion of a song and video that goes great with the Summer season.”

XIA (Junsu)’s ‘Incredible’ music video brought back the staff behind the music video of his first album’s title song ‘TARANTALLEGRA’, which was praised for its sophistication.

Meanwhile, XIA (Junsu) will be releasing his second album ‘Incredible’ on the 15th and is planning to hold a showcase on the same day. The showcase will be aired live through MelonTV.

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[TRANS] 111115-111116 Post Of JYJ Tweets

[TRANS] 111115-111116 Post Of JYJ Tweets

Posted on November 16, 2011

This post will be updated throughout the day with tweets by JYJ. A time will be added with each tweet as our translators will not always be able to provide instant translations This post includes tweets from 6am KST, November 15th to 5:59am KST, November 17th.

YES \o/
(Jaejoong, 7:00pm KST) Thanks Him Chan. You showcased ‘Get Out’ so well when we weren’t able to! Thank you to all the members of Sachoom^^

(T/N: If you haven’t watched Sachoom yet, you should. The both of us here watched it this summer and loved it~)

….. MY EYES O__O
 (Junsu, 2:47am KST) The greatest thriller spectacle that will dominate 2012….. that will surpass…. Angel Xiah……………………… Angel Han Sol ………………

 (Min Young Ki, 10:27am KST) @0101xiahtic Junsu, who terrorized Han Sol keke What’s Han Sol to do now!? keke I should go to White Lion and play some games… Let’s set up a date for that!!! Dong Seok keeps saying we should play together soon??
 (Junsu, 11:05am KST) @poimin73 I know, Dong Seok kept asking me.. about who would win if he played against you lol

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