[TRANS] 120102 JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong Reveals Photo With “Protect The Boss” Co-Stars At Awards Show



[TRANS] 120102 JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong Reveals Photo With “Protect The Boss” Co-Stars At Awards Show

JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong revealed a photo taken together with his co-stars from “Protect The Boss”.

On  the afternoon of 1 January, Jaejoong tweeted on his personal account “With Senior Kim Young Ok and Ms Wang Ji Hye^^” and uploaded an image with this tweet. The image showed Kim Jaejoong together with Kim Young Ok and Wang Ji Hye, taken from the “SBS Drama Awards” which had been broadcast on 31 December. Kim Young Ok was holding the lifetime achievement  trophy that she had been awarded.

In the SBS Drama awards, Kim Jaejoong as well as Wang Ji Hye and Jung Yumi were all awarded the “New Star Award”, and Kim Young Ok was awarded the lifetime achievement award. Netizens who saw this said “The drama may be over, but ‘Boss’ lives on forever!” “It’s great that they look close” “I want to see these three in a drama again” and other responses.

Source : [K Star News]

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111222 [LIST] SBS Releases List of Nominations For The Best Couple of ’2011 SBS Drama Awards’

[LIST] SBS releases list of nominations for the best couple of ’2011 SBS Drama Awards’

The  list of nominees :

1. Park Shin Yang & Kim Ah Joong – ‘Sign‘

2. Sung Hoon & Im Soo Hyang – ‘New Tales of Gisaeng‘

3. Jang Hyuk & Lee Min Jung – ‘Midas‘

4. Lee So Yeon & Lee Jae Yoon – ‘My Love By My Side‘


5. Lee Min Ho & Park Min Young – ‘City Hunter‘

6. Ji Chang Wook & Shin Hyun Bin – ‘Warrior Baek Dong Soo‘

7. Lee Dong Wook & Kim Sun Ah – ‘Scent of a Woman‘

8. Ji Sung & Choi Kang Hee – ‘Protect the Boss‘

9. Kim Jaejoong & Wang Jihye – ‘Protect the Boss’

10. Kim Rae Won & Soo Ae – ‘A Thousand Days’ Promise‘

Source + Photo: TV Report via Naver
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NEWS 110921 “Kim Jaejoong and Wang Ji Hye To Have…

[News] 110921 ‘Kim Jaejoong and Wang Ji Hye to have a ‘milk kiss’ and a ‘storm kiss’ successively

Kim Jaejoong and Wang Jihye showed ‘milk kiss’ and ‘storm kiss’ successively in SBS Wed-Thus drama ‘Protect the Boss’, which leads to exciting reactions.

Two kisses of Muwon and Nayoon, which will appear in the broadcast on the 22nd Sept of ‘Protect the Boss’, was revealed. They kiss scene was filmed in an apartment model house at Ilsan. After the ‘cue’ sign of PD Son JangHyung, Wang Jihye gently wiped off milk on Kim Jaejoong’s lips with her own thumb.

Then the girl held his chin up and attacked him with a surprise kiss. Wang Jihye wrapped her arms around Kim Jaejoong’s neck to make a passionate kiss scene, Kim Jaejoong, in addition, accomplished a beautiful kiss scene with her, which led the production crew, who have watched the scene while holding their breath, to give around of applause.

This kiss was named ‘milk kiss’. Then soon after, another kiss scene was shot. This time too, they had a passionate kiss scene that they put their heart into. It was called ‘storm kiss.

Camera director Ahn JaeHyun said. “This kiss scene has comical aspect too. Above all, till now this the most exciting and passionate kiss scene I ever filmed for drama,” and he didn’t spare words to show his admiration, “The two actors are really amazing.” Other staff said, Through this kiss scene, the viewers will understand Muwon and Nayoon’s feelings for each others and can see if their love line can end happily.”Meanwhile, Kim Jaejoong’s fans watched the filming and screamed at the kiss scene. Wang Jihye charmingly asked for understanding, “It’s just a kiss shared in the drama, not in real life. I hope that fans of Kim Jaejoong-sshi won’t misunderstand.”

Source: SBS Contents Hub Entertainment News
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NEWS Seo Nayun Realizes Her True Feelings For Cha Muwon

[News] Seo Nayun Realizes Her True Feelings for Cha Muwon. “Can’t I?”

Boss: Wang Ji Hye, Confesses Belatedly to Kim Jaejoong. “Adorable Despite Being Late”

Seo Nayun of Protect the Boss has confessed her feelings to Cha Muwon.

On the 13th episode of the SBS Wed-Thursday drama Protect the Boss that aired on the afternoon of the 14th, Seo Nayun’s regrets upon her belated realization of the feelings of her heart were portrayed.

Previously, Seo Nayun had declined Cha Muwon’s confession of his feelings due to her feelings for cha Jihun. At this, Cha Muwon had cleanly put his feelings to rest and had been finding Noh Eunsul agreeable. As Cha Muwon showed suffering at Cha Jihun and Noh Eunsul’s love, Seo Nayun revealed her true heart, saying: “You pretended to be so cool with me but why do you act so uncool now. The way you act, I cannot watch it with my eyes open.”

At this, Cha Muwon asked a question that pierced through the maters: “Do you have feelings for me?” At Seo Nayun’s confession that “I’ve always had feelings for you,” Cha Muwon expressed relief, saying: “I was shocked because I thought you were having the feelings (you should have had back then) only now. I’ll just trust that you like me in the way you did before.”

On the other hand, Seo Nayun asked Cha Muwon out on a date to watch a musical in order to reveal her heart even though it was late. However, Cha Muwon did not appear even though the first act of the musical was over. Seo Nayun, exhausted from waiting, comforted herself, saying: “It’s okay. This isn’t the first time I’ve been stood up.”

Cha Muwon, who arrived just in time, asked her “how many times were you stood up to be saying that?” He sat down in his seat, slyly saying “just tell me the story (so far for the musical).” After the musical was over, Cha Muwon asked her: “Do you want to come back to me?” At this, Seo Nayun answered: “Can’t I?” With this they announced the formation of a new love line.

Source: Seoul NTN
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110916 Protect The Boss MV ‘Please Let Us Love’ Eng Subs

Please Let Us Love Eng Subs

credit: 2010JHJ

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NEWS 110805 “Protect The Boss”

[News] 110805 ‘Protect the Boss’ cast reveals who they want to protect

On August 3rd, SBS’s newest drama, ‘Protect the Boss‘, kicked off to a positive start by recording 12.6% in viewer ratings.

Inspired by the drama’s title, the cast was recently asked whom or what they would like to protect. As expected, each actor chose either their family or their fans.

Ji Sung said, “My father, mother, younger sister.. I want to protect my family at all times. It’s because of my family that I’m here today, and I exist because of them. I would also like to always be with my fans.”

Choi Kang Hee replied, “I think that it’s important for me to protect myself first. I have to protect myself in order to protect my family, my friends, and all my fans.”

JYJ’s Jaejoong replied, “I don’t want to lose the memories of being on stage with JYJ’s Yoochun and Junsu, as well as my family. I want to protect everyone who shows us love.”

Wang Ji Hye nodded her head while adding, “Like the others, I want to protect my family first as well as my friends, relatives, and my fans.”

Source + Photos: SBS via Nate
credit: allkpop

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110805 EDITORS NOTE on Protect the Boss


If the first two episodes of ‘Protect The Boss’ are any indication of what is to come, we are all in for a marvelously hilarious roller coaster ride of laughs and fun. At the same time, there are always underlying issues such as child abuse (in this case adult abuse) in every drama. All of the main characters including Kim Jaejoong’s Cha Mu-Won are well-acted and it is so much fun watching the subtleties in Jaejoong’s expressions and his marvelous abiltity to subdue his natural exuberance. The rivalry between Cha Ji-Heon and Cha Mu-Won is intriquing and will be interesting to watch as it unfolds.

The boss and his secretary are over-the-top with their antics and amusing ways. This is a great drama to sit back, relax with, and rest your heels. As it unfolds I will write more on this first of Jaejoong’s domestic dramas.

Credit: Momma Cha @jyjfantalk

Translation 110701 Kim Jaejoong’s First Cut For “Protect the Boss”

Trans] 110701 Kim Jaejoong’s First Cut For “Protect the Boss” Appears

New Adventure!!

JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong is to appear in his first Korean drama, SBS drama titled “Protect the Boss” and his cutting steel has been published. SBS drama “Protect the Boss” is the drama that Kim Jaejoong has been chosen to appear in and has started filming for. With his powerful ability, Kim Jaejoong has been undertaking the “prince of business” charm.

The concept of the filming has been Choi Kang Hee, who will be appearing as the secretary, coercing for approval from her boss who’s role will be played by Ji Sung. Due to this concept, Kim Jaejoong’s beautiful suited figure has made its appearance.

With the appearance of Jaejoong, Choi Kang Hee poses as the humble type, which then in turn amazes Ji Sung.

Kim Jaejoong will be facing his first challenge with Korea television with “Protect the Boss”. During his role in this drama, it seems that with wealth, appearance, personality, intellect and etc, Kim Jaejoong will be shaking hearts of all women.

“Protect the Boss” will be about a new secretary who comes to work at a dishonest company and after meeting the boss, begins the project of “taming bad conglomerates”. Ji Sung, Choi Kang Hee, Kim Jaejoong, Wang Ji Hye, and others will be airing on August 3rd subsequent to SBS drama “City Hunter”.

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News 110623 JYJ Jaejoong, after Yoochun, Will Be in Drama “Boss Has Changed”

[News] JYJ Jaejoong, after Yoochun, will be in drama, “Boss Has Changed”‏

[News] 110623 Ji Seung – Choi Kang-hee – Wang Ji-hye – Kim Jaejoong: 4 People in 4 Colors Dream Team for ‘The Boss Has Changed’

Actors Ji Seung, Choi Kang-hee, Wang Ji-hye will collide in a team with JYJ Kim Jaejoong.

Ji Sung, Choi Kang-hee, Wang Ji-hye, and Kim Jaejoong are confirmed to be casts of SBS new Wed-Thu drama special ‘The Boss Has Changed’ (tentative title, script Kwon Gi Young, director Son Jung-hyun), the collaboration of these four actors are said to be one powerful factor of the drama.

‘The Boss Has Changed’ plots the life of the heroine who suffers from serving her delinquent male boss as a secretary of a conglomerate company, after much twist and turns, somehow a romantic feeling grows in between the relationship.

Ji Sung will play the role of spoiled, quirky-kind youngest son from a conglomerate company Cha Ji-heon, while Choi Kang-hee is roled as No Eun-sul, former representative of unemployed youth who becomes the conglomerate company’s secretary after much happenings.

Having a delay to debut before, Kim Jaejoong will finally kick his first challenge to local drama as a powerful ‘Finance World’s Prince’ Cha Mu-won, and Wang Ji-hye secured the role of charismatic lawyer with no lack of perfection, Suh Na-yoon.

The encounter of four-sided lines of Ji Sung, Choi Kang-hee, Kim Jaejoong, and Wang Ji-hye is expected to nail audiences on their spots.

A representative said, “We have found actors who fit the best ‘The Boss Has Changed’. They would fit each of their respective character image, not to mention their stability of acting skill. As well, as an individual they have their own attractive points. It will help to complete the whole aspects of ‘The Boss Has Changed’”

‘The Boss Has Changed’ is coming to pick up the baton from ‘City Hunter’ and is going to have the pilot broadcast on August 3rd.

Credit: seoulntn

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Wonderful confirmation, Jaejoong. So Proud. Momma Cha