[News] 140407 JYJ’s Junsu is a sweet boyfriend in “ARAMOND” commercial


Who could ever resist a boyfriend as sweet as Junsu? The new soy milk product “ARAMOND” showed how Junsu is the sweetest boyfriend by choosing the healthy milk for his girlfriend.

Junsu was chosen to be the brand ambassador of Sahmyook Foods’ “ARAMOND” in late March. The company is a Korean food company which produces a wide range of soy milks and vegetarian products since 1978. He was chosen to endorse the product for his healthy and bright image as a singer and musical actor who receives much love from people from various ages.

The commercial video comes in two versions: long version (30s) and short version (15s).

Meanwhile, Junsu is scheduled for a spring tour in Japan in May.

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[Vid+Trans] 120920 Nintendo Zelda Legend Ocarina of Time 3D TV-CM – Yoochun’s Experience‏

[Vid+Trans] 120920 Nintendo Zelda Legend Ocarina of Time 3D TV-CM – Yoochun’s Experience‏

“It felt as though there is something but I don’t know what’s there. I kept circling there and walking here and there, if there’s anything I omitted while searching. Finally found the key and just when I was about to open the door with the key, though it’s just a door-opening to the next level, it felt… because it’s anticipation… working hard for searching~ that sense of appreciation is really an art!”

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[Pic] 120904 – Ottogi’s PD Twitter “The Revelation of The Filming Site of Park Yoochun’s CF”

[Pic] 120904 – Ottogi’s PD Twitter “The Revelation of The Filming Site of Park Yoochun’s CF”

The revelation of photos at filming site of Park Yoochun’s CF.~~~(^0^) This is a gift from famous jewelry designer RIMM GIOIELL, designed for Yoochun. His pure smile, upon receiving the present, is really beautiful right keke    pic.twitter.com/mqpPFGHk


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120726 JYJ Members Fool Around On a Commercial Set

After not seeing each other for awhile due to individual schedules, the JYJ members reunited for a commercial shooting.

On July 25, Kim Jae Joong tweeted, “Finished commercial shooting! A good day because I got to see the members.”

He posted a picture of himself wearing hipster glasses and looking as handsome as ever.

He later tweeted again saying, “Junsu, I live because of you~ haha. I cracked up again today because of Junsu.”

In the photo, all three JYJ members were seen making funny faces, with Park Yoo Chun wearing an unidentified gold object on his head.

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