[TRANS] 120130 [C-JeS] Second Notice Regarding The Cancellation Of ‘The Day’

[TRANS] 120130 [C-JeS] Second Notice Regarding The Cancellation Of ‘The Day’

Hello, this is C-JeS Entertainment.

We would like to apologize to you, the fans, for the cancellation of ‘The Day’.
C-JeS is currently doing all it can it to live up to your expectations and support.
We hope to be able to hold a screening of ‘The Day’ for you as soon as possible.

We are always extremely grateful of your continuous love for JYJ.

 Source: [C-JeS Homepage]

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[TRANS] 120130 CGV States, “‘The Day’ Was Cancelled Due To Contract Problems.. There Was No External Pressure”

CGV, the biggest multiplex corporation in Korea, has stated that JYJ’s documentary film was cancelled due to the problems with the contract and had nothing to do with pressure from external forces.

A representative of CGV stated on the 30th, “The only reason JYJ’s documentary film ‘The Day’ was cancelled was because there were problems with the contract.”

‘The Day’ is a documentary-style film that depicts the ordinary everyday lives and dreams of JYJ.

JYJ’s side stated through their official site that, “We write this notice to inform you that the screening of the daily life documentary ‘The Day’ has unfortunately been cancelled,” and “But CGV notified us through a telephone conversation that, “As this is a contract that was not approved by the final arbiter, we will nullify the contract.””

They also stated, “We cannot accept the cancellation of this contract, which was signed after more than a month of discussions between both parties, due to an internal issue,” and “We will do our best to recover our rights by filing a civil complaint to the Fair Trade Commission and the Grievance Committee against CGV.”

(For the full translation of the notice, go here)

To this, CGV explained, “We decided not the screen ‘The Day’ because there were serious problems in the contract, including the fact that it wasn’t an exclusive run and that there wasn’t a single pre-screening of the documentary with the premiere fast approaching.” They also added, “If the cancellation was because of a certain entertainment agency, we wouldn’t have even considered screening the movie in the first place,” and “There are no external pressure issues in this case.”

 Source: [star mt]

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[PETITION TUTORIAL] Tell CGV Your Disappointment At Their Actions and Breach of Contract

[PETITION TUTORIAL] Tell CGV Your Disappointment At Their Actions and Breach of Contract

This petition is to let CGV know that you are against their unilateral decision to cancel The Day‘s screenings just days before the premiere and that you seek a better explanation for their action instead of the flimsy excuse that they provided. You are also declaring your stance against the “bullying” that has become endemic in the entertainment industry.

Step 1: Register for a Daum account by visiting http://www.daum.net/

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[Trans] 120130 JYJ’s Documentary, QTV Followed By A Screening Misfire From CGV– Why?

[Trans] 120130 JYJ’s Documentary, QTV Followed By A Screening Misfire From CGV– Why?


The screening of JYJ’s (Kim Jaejoong, Park Yoochun, Kim Junsu) documentary has suddenly been cancelled.
The documentary that was filmed at QTV was not aired on broadcast, and so JYJ’s management, CJES, announced that a documentary titled “A Day” would be screened on February 9th.

JYJ had begun holding meetings to discuss details with CGV since December 15th, and their second meeting was on January 16th where they discussed further details. On the 19th, contract details were examined and on the 20th the contract was received. But it was after this day that CGV gave a sudden notice of cancellation by telephone.

JYJ management stated, “At that time, CGV said that the final authorization for the contract had not been given so they needed to initialize that. But on the 25th we received a notice that the contract had been cancelled.”

CGV management stated in this notice, “To the new managers, in regards to the process of briefing that we have conducted for the screening of “The Day”, internal reports and further progress have not been appropriately conducted according to the rules. Internally, to focus on the innovation of “The Day”, it has not been done well according to specific processes, and therefore due to strict regulations we have fallen into this kind of a difficult situation.

JYJ’s management stated, “The business people that own the channel and are abusing their position, CJES will be taking action against CGV for this sudden one sided breaking of a contract through the Fair Trade Commision by filing a complaint to the committee of grievances and complaints.” They added, “For this situation that CGV has created that we don’t understand, we demand for a viable answer.”

source: ohmynews
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