[TRANS] 120628 Compilation of JYJ The Day’s Commentary

[TRANS] 120628 Compilation of JYJ The Day’s Commentary

Junsu: Yuchun seldom sleeps alone whenever they go abroad. He would ask either a member of his manager to sleep with him.


There are a lot of eating scenes in The Day, and Junsu whined “Why are there so many eating scenes…I’m hungry.”

At the scene of Yuchun eating gamjatang (potato stew), Junsu said in English “My favorite Korean food”. XD


Junsu, “I want my members to show me support too. I have already showed my support for you guys with chicken and buffet.”

Jaejung, “We will give you support, but that means no more birthday present for you.”

Junsu, “All right, I’ll be waiting.”

Yuchun, “A luxurious(expensive) support.”

Jaejung, “Then you’ll pay the bill for it.”


Upon watching a scene with Yuhwan, Jae and Junsu said to Yuchun, “It’s good to be young. Yuhwan is better looking and younger than you.”


Yuchun said that he would sit on the floor with a glass of red wine and listen to LPs when he’s upset, but recently he changed drinks.

Junsu said, “Soju bombs?”


Junsu said that Yuchun looked like a ghost from Ju On when he’s washing his face. Yuchun made the sound that the ghost made in the movie XD


Jaejung, “My parents are hurrying me to get married.”

Yusoo, “Hurry get married! If you don’t get married, what will happen to us?! No such thing as younger brothers getting married first.”

Jaejung, “Get married straight away without dating?”

Yuchun, “Meet, get to know her, date for 3 hours then get married.”

Yusoo, “Hyung has to cook everyday even after you’re married.”

Jaejung, “Of course I will, but my wife has to cook too.”

Yusoo, “It’ll be the best if your wife cooks at home, but when you’re out playing(like barbeques), the man should cook.”


Jaejung asked them when they feel the happiest.

Junsu, “When I’m singing and dancing on stage.”

Yuchun’s answer was also “When I’m on the stage.”

When Jaejung was asked the same question, he said, “When I am with the both of you.”

Yuchun, “I knew you would say that!”

Jae, “Let’s try it again. When do you feel the happiest?”

JS, “When I’m on the stage w the members, 3 of us singing and dancing together.”

Yuchun said something along those lines, and Jaejung said, “When I’m on the stage, sharing excitement with the fans.”


Jaejung, “I don’t like giving my niece/nephew new year’s money. It’s supposed to be for the child but it’s taken away by the mother.”


Jae commented that he likes the fact that Yuchun’s bedroom and studio are one.

Yuchun, “The biggest plus point is that I can write it down immediately if I have inspiration from the moment I wake up.”


Yuchun, “Junsu is the god of kissing. His kissing skills have improved (after Elisabeth).”

Junsu, “It’s not kiss, it’s god of bobo!”

Yuchun, “It’s almost the same thing, both are about lips touching.”

Jaejung, “Did you have to practice first? Who did you practice kissing with?” Junsu, “I imagined it.”

(Alternatively, Junsu could have said “It’s not a kissing scene, it’s a bobo scene!”)

[About the “kissing” tweet, I’m not sure if the OP made a mistake about “Kiss신” which can mean “Kiss Scene” and also “God of Kiss”. Take it with a pinch of salt.]


Jaejung, “This is the second time I’ve had a birthday party outside. The first time was when I was in junior high. I was really happy.”


Jaesu to Yuchun, “Both of you have really good genes. Your mom is so lucky, how could she give birth to two kids who are both so good looking?”


At the scene of Yuchun’s bathroom, Junsu said, “Why is it so clean? It became cleaner. It wasn’t so clean in the past.

Yuchun, “It has always been clean.”

Jaejung, “Yes, it has always been clean because Yuchun hardly uses it.”


Junsu hugged his mother after performing on the drums. Jaejung said, “Junsu is as tall as his mother.” Junsu, “My mum is 173cm tall…”


At a fansign scene, YC said that he doesn’t have many male fans. Su said, “You don’t have male fans? Jaejung hyung and I have quite a few.”

(Junsu said it in a very tactful way)


Junsu and Jae mocked Yuchun for having very little eyebrows at the scene where he was at home. Yuchun said it’s because he was at home, meaning that he wanted it to seem natural. XD

Yuchun and Jae laughed at Junsu for having chubby cheeks at the scene where he just woke up. Junsu said his face bloats up in the morning.


Junsu said that he would not like or dislike a girl based on whether she can cook or not, but it would be a plus point if she can.

And that after getting married, he thinks it’s better if the girl does the household chores… XD


Jaejung and Yuchun were really tickled by Junsu wearing a wig (old man wig) when he was rehearsing for Tears of Heaven the musical.


Yuchun was really surprised when Junsu took off the wig immediately after that. “You can just take it off like that? Wow, incredible…”


Junsu and Jae complained that the lift to Yuchun’s house is really slow and that they would rather walk up the stairs because it’s faster.


After watching the scene of Junsu’s family gathering, Yuchun commented that the feeling of a home with both parents is different.


Jaejung said that Jji is now under his sister’s care.


Yuchun has been addicted to Gag concert lately.


At a scene where they showed Yuchun’s mother, Jaejung and Junsu both commented that she looks really happy and is really lucky that she has two such good kids.


Junsu and Jaejung were mocking Yuchun at a scene where he was acting cute towards the camera before closing the door. Jaejung did the same thing in another scene and Yuchun said, “You did the same thing and yet you mock me!”


Junsu and Jaejung said that Yuhwan has changed a lot. Yuchun said that he is now filming and has met a lot of new people who influenced him. He looked proud when he was talking about Yuhwan.

Source: Parkamylove’s Weibo
Translation Credit: @_alovelikewar 1, 2
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[News] 120227 JYJ’s Yoo Chun Is Always Considerate of His Fans

[News] 120227 JYJ’s Yoo Chun is Always Considerate of His Fans

JYJ’s Yoo Chun is always considerate of his fans.

On February 27, SBS TV reported that Yoo Chun never forgets to take care of his fans despite his busy schedule for his new drama series The Rooftop Prince.

Yoo Chun is also promoting JYJ’s documentary film The Day with Jae Joong and Jun Su at movie theaters while shooting the drama series.

On February 25, he even attended a fan signing for a franchise restaurant, for which he’s working as a model with Song Seung Hun and Kim Tae Hee

Receiving the news that one of his fans opened the franchise, he willingly held the singing on the day of its first opening.

As the signing started, he signed autographs for his fans, asking their names and saying hello to them with a smiling face.

Yoo Chun also gave a sweet smile to his Korean, Chinese, and Japanese fans, who had waited for him since a day ago, and didn’t forget to leave some messages at the restaurant, wishing its prosperous future.

The crew of The Rooftop Prince say, “Yoo Chun is always being considerate of people around him although he is having a hectic schedule. Thanks to him, we believe that this drama series will be loved by a lot of people.”

Yoo Chun is playing the role of prince Lee Gak, who came to the present from the Joseon Dynasty period of 300 years ago, in The Rooftop PrinceThe Rooftop Prince will start airing on March 14 after Please, Captain goes off the air.

source: Starnews
credit: en.korea

Momma’s Source: sharingyoochun.net

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Translation 120224 JYJ’s Daily Life Documentary “The Day” Attracts Crowd of Over 4,000 People To Its Premiere…”Satisfies All Five Senses”

[TRANS] 120224 JYJ’s Daily-Life Documentary “The Day” Attracts Crowd Of Over 4,000 People To Its Premiere… “Satisfies All Five Senses”

Group JYJ’s (Jaejoong, Yoochun, Junsu) daily-life documentary film “The Day”, with its content that satisfies all five senses, together with stage greetings (by the members), attracted crowds and caused the cinemas to be extremely packed during its first day of screening.

On 23 February, “The Day” began showing on 19 of Lotte Cinema’s big-screens, attracting more than 4,000 viewers. “The Day” is a documentary film originally filmed by JYJ for TV broadcasting purposes. It was a collaboration done last year with cable TV channel QTV. However, the broadcast of the completed documentary ended up being cancelled by QTV, and will now finally be screened at Lotte Cinemas. The content this time was produced with the main intent of fanservice, and it has been edited into a 90 minute movie version.

The stage greetings on this day were done at Lotte Cinema at the Hongik University Entrance. From the carpark, to the entrance of the building, to the streets nearby, all these areas were packed with crowds of both local and international fans. In order to manage the entrance and prevent chaotic situations, the entrance of the building had a sign which said “Entry Only Allowed For Ticket-Holders”.

Aside from the locations originally planned for stage greetings this time, the members also made surprise appearances, driving the fans wild. During the stage greetings, the members not only did the basic self-introductions as well as an introduction of the movie. They also gave detailed updates about their lives recently, and answered the fans’ questions during a Q&A session, satisfying the requests of the audience. The fans’ response during the Q&A session of the stage greeting was like that of a fanmeeting.

In particular, aside from the originally notified locations, the members also did surprise stage greetings at the Hongik University Entrance and Shin Rim cinemas. Seeing the members suddenly appear at the end of the movie, fans felt very lucky, and saw it as their “fortune”. Related personnel expressed, “As the fans were very happy with the surprise events prepared, the members were also very happy.”

On that day, Jaejoong posted a question to the audience, “(Although) it is a film from a year ago, it still seems very new to us now. How does everyone know JYJ to be like?”, and interacted with the audience. Meanwhile, Junsu sang a short verse from his musical, while Yoochun caused much laughter when he began to briefly act out an interesting scene from the drama “Rooftop Prince”, which he is currently filming for.

 The movie showcases the daily lives of the members up-close, as well as their dreams, friends and families. It also shows places and situations behind-the-scenes, which fans are not able to come into contact with easily. The thing that made the documentary interesting, and more than just a movie that simply recorded this and that, was the members’ commentary.

Rather than merely having video images, the appearance of the members as they gave their commentary can be seen in a little screen on the video, giving rise to a whole new film. Thus, even fans who have the ordinary DVDs can also see new things.

“The Day” does not show special sides of JYJ. Rather, it showcases the ordinary sides of the members in their daily lives, such as holding birthday parties, returning to their homes to spend festivals with their families, playing ping pong with friends, and other small things such as going to restaurants which they like. However, playing with friends like this, going for barbecues and spending festivals with family are all considered “a special day” for the members. Although others can do all this normally, but it makes the audience feel sorry for the members who only now, are able to happily spend time and communicate with the people around them.

In the movie, various corners of the members’ homes were revealed, as well as the foods they liked, stories about their parents as well as their thoughts about each other, etc. For examples, there were stories about how Kim Junsu was a Janggu (“Long Drum”) whiz as a child, about how Jaejoong had three birthday parties when he was born, as well as the story of Yoochun, who unlike his brother who is more careful, doesn’t bother with his appearance as well as other stories, and there were interesting episodes hidden throughout the movie.

In an interesting interlude, in the movie there were a lot of scenes where the members were eating various special foods, and watching the members eat all kinds of delicacies made our mouths water. But the members who were watching the video and giving the commentary said that the food wasn’t that good, shattering the concept of the food being delicious.

A woman in her 30s who just finished watching the movie today said, “Although I’m a fan, I can still understand more of a hidden side to the members through this movie, so I like it a lot. The conversational banter among the three members who were commenting, was really interesting and made me laugh out loud. Also, there were some moments where I couldn’t help but feel pained when looking at them. Watching the record of a year in the members’ lives, it was a satisfying 90 minutes for our eyes and ears.”

Source : [BaiduTVXQ + OSEN via Nate]

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[TRANS] 120214 [C-JeS] JYJ “The Day” New Screening Information

[TRANS] 120214[C-JeS] JYJ “The Day” New Screening Information

We are sorry for the changes in the screening of the JYJ daily documentary “The Day” .

The JYJ daily documentary cinema edition was to commemorate Valentine’s Day in February, but it was cancelled unilaterally by CGV due to contractual issues.

Initially, we also considered delaying the screening or amending the contract so that the contract could be effected, but eventually we made the announcement to the fans for the cancellation of the screening.

We had produced this cinema version because this documentary that could not be broadcast, to cater to the local fans. It is a pity that we can only choose to screen it in theaters. However, the determination of wanting to share this movie with the local fans callled to us, and we worked hard to reach an agreement with Lotte Cinema, and managed to screen the movie within the shortest time possible. Also, there will be a special stage greeting from JYJ for the first day and weekend screenings.

We would also like to clarify that this is a reproduced version of the TV documentary, that was edited for cinema screening, so please bear this special circumstance in mind when watching the film. Please meet with the normal, yet extremely special daily lives of JYJ from one year ago~!

From 23 – 26 February, “The Day” will be aired in 17 theaters across the country. Please give this film lots of love.

Tickets will go on sale from 20 February, further details will be provided on the C-JeS and Lotte Cinema ((http://www.lottecinema.co.kr/) homepages before 17 February.

Source : [BaiduTVXQ + C-JeS]

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News] 120214 JYJ’s ‘The Day’ will be released on February 23 in Lotte Cinemas

News] 120214 JYJ’s ‘The Day’ will be released on February 23 in Lotte Cinemas

A documentary movie, featuring JYJ’s everyday life, will officially hit Lotte Cinemas.

On February 14, JYJ’s agency, C-JeS Entertainment, said, “Since CGV decided not to release the documentary movie The Day, we will release it in Lotte Cinemas on February 23. The movie is a perfect version of the JYJ story for their fans.”

“Since we had to change our schedules, JYJ members will not able to visit all the theaters to meet people. But they will visit several theaters in Seoul on the day of its release and during the weekends. They also prepared a surprise video for fans who lives outside of Seoul.”

The group members also sent a message to their fans through a video for Valentines Day.

They said, “Happy Valentines Day! We love you.”

The movie will be released on February 23 in 17 Lotte Cinemas.

source: TV Report
credit: en.korea
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[TRANS] 120130 [C-JeS] Second Notice Regarding The Cancellation Of ‘The Day’

[TRANS] 120130 [C-JeS] Second Notice Regarding The Cancellation Of ‘The Day’

Hello, this is C-JeS Entertainment.

We would like to apologize to you, the fans, for the cancellation of ‘The Day’.
C-JeS is currently doing all it can it to live up to your expectations and support.
We hope to be able to hold a screening of ‘The Day’ for you as soon as possible.

We are always extremely grateful of your continuous love for JYJ.

 Source: [C-JeS Homepage]

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[TRANS] 120130 CGV States, “‘The Day’ Was Cancelled Due To Contract Problems.. There Was No External Pressure”

CGV, the biggest multiplex corporation in Korea, has stated that JYJ’s documentary film was cancelled due to the problems with the contract and had nothing to do with pressure from external forces.

A representative of CGV stated on the 30th, “The only reason JYJ’s documentary film ‘The Day’ was cancelled was because there were problems with the contract.”

‘The Day’ is a documentary-style film that depicts the ordinary everyday lives and dreams of JYJ.

JYJ’s side stated through their official site that, “We write this notice to inform you that the screening of the daily life documentary ‘The Day’ has unfortunately been cancelled,” and “But CGV notified us through a telephone conversation that, “As this is a contract that was not approved by the final arbiter, we will nullify the contract.””

They also stated, “We cannot accept the cancellation of this contract, which was signed after more than a month of discussions between both parties, due to an internal issue,” and “We will do our best to recover our rights by filing a civil complaint to the Fair Trade Commission and the Grievance Committee against CGV.”

(For the full translation of the notice, go here)

To this, CGV explained, “We decided not the screen ‘The Day’ because there were serious problems in the contract, including the fact that it wasn’t an exclusive run and that there wasn’t a single pre-screening of the documentary with the premiere fast approaching.” They also added, “If the cancellation was because of a certain entertainment agency, we wouldn’t have even considered screening the movie in the first place,” and “There are no external pressure issues in this case.”

 Source: [star mt]

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[News] 120131 Kim Jae Joong Feels Bad About Cancelled JYJ Documentary Screening

[News] 120131 Kim Jae Joong Feels Bad About Cancelled JYJ Documentary Screening


JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong recently expressed his feelings about having to cancel the release of their documentary The Day.

On January 31, Kim tweeted, “I will raise my head and run harder as much as I’m sorry.”

Kim tweeted the comment after he was told that CGV will not release the documentary movie, The Day, featuring JYJ’s everyday life.

 A spokesperson for JYJ said, “We haven’t talked about this but CGV just told us that they can’t release the movie. We will file a complaint against them to the Fair Trade Commission and to the Grievance committee.” A spokesperson for CGV, however, said, “We never decided to screen the movie. There was a problem while discussing the contract.”

People responded: “You don’t have to feel bad…” “I’m proud of you JYJ! Cheer up!” “You are not the one who should feel bad.”

JYJ’s agency is currently looking for other theaters to screen the movie other than CGV.

source: TV Report
credit: en.korea
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[TRANS] 120119 [C-JeS] JYJ’s Daily Life Documentary To Be Screened In Cinemas!

[TRANS] 120119 [C-JeS] JYJ’s Daily Life Documentary To Be Screened In Cinemas!

Written by melodiamuse

Hello, this is C-JeS Entertainment.

We’ve prepared a special Valentine’s Day event for the upcoming month of February.
We will be officially screening the ‘JYJ Private Film’, which was released as a DVD as it’s airing was cancelled last year, in over 20 CGV theaters.

As a documentary-style movie with the title ‘The day…’, commentary from the members has been added to the Private film, which shows an exclusive look into the joyful days of JYJ’s daily lives, to make the experience more special.

How about spending a very special Valentine’s Day with JYJ’s ‘The day’?
JYJ are also planning surprise visits to some of the theaters, so please stay tuned for further information.

Date: February 9th, 2012 (Release date) ~ 14th
Location: Main CGV theaters all over the country

*Further information about the event (date to reserve tickets) and about the surprise visits by JYJ will be released through our homepage in late-January.

Thank you.

Source: [C-JeS]

Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

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