[Info] 140526 Yoochun as a narrator for MBC ‘Human Documentary Love’

Yoochun as a narrator for MBC ‘Human Documentary Love Part 4′ on June 2nd. Yoochun will narrate a story of siamese twins


credit: tenasia
trans by: 6002sky

JYJ Fantalk Source: sharingyoochun.net

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[TRANS] 131207 News Roundup

[TRANS] 131207 [U-Know] Volunteering With Road For Hope


Hello~ It’s U-Know Yunho.

The weather’s gotten quite cold these days, and I hope you’re all doing well?
In September, I traveled to Ghana with Road for Hope,
And I hear that the episode of Road for Hope that follows the children of Ghana will air tonight at 5:30pm.

Of course, I’ll be making an appearance as well~^^ It will be a special date with the children who deserve to be loved~
It brings back the memories of gaining so much strength from the children of Ghana while I was there.^^

I please ask for your love and attention for these children,
and I’d like to share some memories of my trip to Ghana before the episode airs~

With such lovely children…^^



Source: [TVXQ Official Homepage]

Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

JYJ Fantalk Source: dongbangdata.net

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[Vid] [Eng Subs] Yunho KBS1 TV 2013 Road for Hope Ghana

Just a sampling of the documentary of Yunho’s trip to Ghana. This is a sad, yet heartwarming account of the conditions that these people face every day. Thank you Yunho for caring for those with major human needs. A wonderful reminder of the true spirit of Christmas  🙂 ,3

credit: Hee Yun hojub

JYJ Fantalk Source: youtube

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[TRANS] 131113 U-Know Yunho Says, “Ever Since My Trip To Ghana, I Find Myself Smiling More When Times Get Tough”


TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho confessed that he has learned so much from his trip to Africa.

U-Know Yunho attended the press conference for KBS’ ’2013 Road of Hope’ program and stated, “Ever since my visit to Africa, I’ve formed an unusual habit. As times get tougher, I find myself smiling more.”

He continued to confess, “Compared to what the children who live in Africa go through, the things I worry about and wear me out are nothing,” and “I promised the children that I’d smile more as times get tougher. Just thinking about them gives me great strength in troubled times.”

U-Know Yunho ended his statement by saying, “What the children need is love and interest. We hope that people will come together to help those children discover their dreams.”

The special ’2013 Road of Hope’ program will follow top stars like Lee Bo Young, Park Sang Won, U-Know Yunho and Kim Mi Suk as they travel to impoverished countries to give hope to the children who live there.

Meanwhile, the heartwarming stories will begin airing every Saturday at 5:30pm on KBS1 from the 16th of November.

Source: [asiae]

Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

JYJ Fantalk Source: dongbangdata.net

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[TRANS] 130806 Kim Jaejoong To Narrate A Documentary, “Perfect For The Job As He’s An Animal Lover”


JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong is set to narrate the MBC documentary special ‘The Zoo is Alive 2′.

C-JeS Entertainment announced on the 6th that, “Kim Jaejoong has been chosen to narrate ‘The Zoo is Alive 2′, which will follow the project of a zoo trying to protect the endangered species of the world,” and “He has a lot of affection for animals so he’s very interested in the documentary and plans to record his part this week.”

Kim Jaejoong released his first solo album early this year and made a successful transformation into a rocker. He held an Asia Tour to commemorate the event and has been chosen as the Hallyu star most loved by the world, including Europe and South America.

A representative of the program stated, “He’s perfect for the role with his melodious voice and love for animals,” and “We hope that many people will show their love and interest for animals as they listen to Jaejoong’s voice.”

Regarding this, Kim Jaejoong said, “I think it will be a great experience for me to connect with the animals. I will do my best to help the viewers enjoy a special moment with them.”

The MBC documentary special ‘The Zoo is Alive 2′ will air on the 12th at 11:15pm.

Source: [TV Daily]

Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

Momma’s Source: dongbangdata.net

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[News] 130325 JYJ’s Junsu Visits MBC Building For The First Time in 4 Years

[News] 130325 JYJ’s Junsu Visits MBC Building For The First Time in 4 Years

JYJ‘s Junsu was reported to have lent his voice to the MBC documentary ‘The Zoo Is Alive‘, and the show finally aired!

Junsu was happy to visit the MBC building for the first time in 4 years.

Even though he didn’t appear on the show and it was just his voice being used, this was his first time participating on an MBC program properly. After leaving his previous label, he’d only been on MBC programs for very brief moments during interviews. Jaejoong and Yoochun had been on the broadcasts through their dramas, but Junsu had only been active as a singer and a musical actor, so he worked passionately for the program.

Junsu had shared, “The images of the animals became so lovable. Through this documentary, I hope that you gain more interest in animals. The story is very entertaining and heartwarming so I hope that many people watch it and use it as a healing time.”

credit: allkpop

Momma’s Source: sharingyoochun.net

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[TRANS] 130323 JYJ’s Kim Junsu Narrates The MBC Documentary ‘The Zoo Is Alive [TRANS] 130323 JYJ’s Kim Junsu Narrates The MBC Documentary ‘The Zoo Is Alive

[TRANS] 130323 JYJ’s Kim Junsu Narrates The MBC Documentary ‘The Zoo Is Alive

JYJ’s Kim Junsu has been chosen to narrate the MBC documentary special ‘The Zoo is Alive’.

‘The Zoo is Alive’ is a documentary that visits the zoo to celebrate the coming of Spring and follows the story of the Siberian tiger Crane’s treatment, Gorina the gorilla’s marriage, and Jaedol the dolphin’s sea adaptation training. Through this, the documentary aims to show the transformation of zoos from a human’s playground into a mecca that works for the conservation and protection of wildlife.

A representative of the documentary stated, “We heard that he really likes animals. Also, Kim Junsu has a dramatic and charming voice that will be able to relay the stories of the animals in a lively and bright manner to the viewers.”

Kim Junsu said, “The animals were all so adorable. I hope that people will take a greater interest in animals through this documentary. They stories were so interesting and heart-warming and I hope the viewers will be able to heal and recover from their weary lives by watching these animals.

Meanwhile, MBC’s documentary special ‘The Zoo is Alive’ will air at 11:05pm on the 25th.

Source: [joynews24]

Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

Momma’s Source: dongbangdata.net

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[Trans] ELLE November ’12 – Jaejoong Interview‏

[Trans] ELLE November ’12 – Jaejoong Interview‏

The route to Alwar, a city near Rajasthan of Northern India, is steeper than what was expected. The information that it will only take four and half hour to reach from Delhi’s airport should not be believed that easily.

To someone who is used to measure life with a tick-tocks of the clock, it is not easy to enter a city where time is believed to stand. It is also not that unusual for such comments to appear, “Are we filming ‘Laws of the Jungle’?”. In the seven hours, the up-roaring dust kept pursuing the rears of the vehicle, just like the genie that appeared from the magical lamp. Through the dust, looking out of the window, the people of Ajabgarh have started their new day upon daybreak and it was a breathtaking scene

 “It feels like Indiana Jones. An adventure of back to the past?” Not sure who commented this feeling. However this land which used to be one of the King’s favourite place, has become a developing village with drought and poverty. Even after the strong wind gushed by and leaving the lake into a puddle, the hearts of these people remained moisturised and this is something to be happy for.

“Wow, it is really an amazing country!” Jaejoong reacted when the elegant resort appeared in front unknowingly, and very quickly, his mixed feelings were gone and became all energetic once again.

 JYJ member Jaejoong was focused on in his many areas of development. Facing the various experiences, challenges and image, he has never been patient in staying stagnantly. The reason we chose India as the shooting location is also due to his diversity and willingness. To someone like him who have travelled to many countries, India is a country he has not been to. To us, we are lucky to find a good location. And so, let the adventure begin.

In the world he imagined, the title of actor was linked to many problems. In drama ‘Dr Jin’, Jaejoong was the righteous police officer Kim Kyung Tak and experienced love alike to Plato’s theory; at the same time, he was Choi Hyun in the movie ‘Code Name: Jackal’. Despite the lack of sleep, his feelings involvement and retrieval in were natural, as though enchanted

“It was not easy filming two works, but the desire to portray the various characters was strong. It was two different characters and will need more concentration. Luckily I was able to memorize the lines well. (in a sincere look) I eat Omega-3 very often, it will help in blood circulation? It seems to work so.”

‘Dr Jin’ is a historical drama and more or less, there are inconveniences. To those viewers who likes novelty, the mundane filming location in historical dramas seems less appealing and this gave Jaejoong great burden. Till about mid way through the drama where more viewers starts to pay attention to it that Jaejoong’s mentality changes. At that time, even those viewers who love the rival drama ‘A Gentlemen’s Dignity’ starts to develop interest in Jaejoong’s character. “Anything that is not well-displayed this time round can be done better next time. Thinking like this. I will also be able to review myself critically.”

For his first historical drama, Jaejoong had to explore and display the character Kim Kyung Tak while in his debut movie ‘Code Name: Jackal’ showing in November, Jaejoong will show the looks of his original occupation as Choi Hyun. (T/N: Jaejoong’s debut movie should be ‘Heaven’s Postman’) “There are a lot of fiasco scenes in the movie and I had the thinking, ‘Really? Is it okay to be such?’, as there are a lot of exaggerating scenes. To say that we are ‘being funny with our whole body’ is actually not that unsuitable. On the surface, (Choi Hyun) he is a very haughty and willful singer but after understanding him, one would find that he is actually an innocent guy and been through a lot before becoming a very popular singer yet he was kidnapped by a killer.” In the one-day-event of the kidnapping of top star Choi Hyun, Choi Hyun and Jaejoong shares the same similarity of being a singer and this is a chance to show his acting with realism. “We are all singers and usually artistes would show the perfect side of them. And we also have a normal side of us that was not usually shown. I realised my own hidden personality is showing out slowly.”

Jaejoong is also close friends with co-star Song Ji Hyo and both cooperate easily as they understood each others’ acting style. “This is a comedy and there are many scenes that are interesting and have to be shot from different angles. Not only was it the Director’s request, Ji Hyo noona and myself would said many times, ‘Let’s do it one more time.’ As most of the filming were done under insufficient sleep, I found the filmed scenes not that satisfying after checking at the monitor. However I was not very concerned with my image. Drenched, electrocuted… I simply am okay with all the (image) destructing scenes.” Jaejoong’s repetitive image destroying has got to do with his openness towards acting.

Jaejoong started his acting career from Japanese drama ‘Sunao Ni Narenakute’ but his official domestic drama debut was ‘Protect The Boss’ with Ji Sung and Choi Kang Hee. It was a light comedy drama about a wacky secretary with the wayward chaebol successor but his character Cha Mu Won was not that lively as expected. When facing challenges, his true emotions are often hidden under the poker face.

 “It was difficult. The skills of singing and dancing as a singer and the skills of acting are different, isn’t it? Thus I need to slowly accumulate. But this does not mean that I neglected music. Though it looks as if the time I spent acting is more and singing is lesser, I will not use the excuse of ‘I’m busy with acting thus no music inspiration’. I do take out time to compose and listen to music.”

“It’s good to expand oneself but I don’t wish to give up my current skills in order to develop another new skill. Therefore I don’t wish to be troubled by my identity but to give myself time to adapt to the changes.”

“I am not musically inclined at first and am totally an outsider towards singing and dancing. But it was through training and more of it through experiences accumulation that I attained improvement. Therefore isn’t acting able to be so, right? Through accumulating of experiences and attaining the satisfactory performance.”

In the past, his easy-going and child-like looks were never been shown. Due to Jaejoong’s looks, people always think that he is cold and picky, and his personality might not be good. However through his hard work, such skepticism was dispersed to some extent.

Jaejoong’s acting career allows flexibility to his artiste career but the problem still exists. “As the dramas’ works increases, more and more people knew about Kim Jaejoong. But to overseas fans, overlooking the group JYJ and still associating me with the past Hero Jaejoong, this is a bit regretful. It is an issue with time. I will have to work harder.”

The three members of JYJ worked hard in their own area, exploring a diversity of potentials and finding a chance to develop. “Right now we are in a process of developing ourselves and when we grouped together once again, I anticipates the compliance effect.”

However, Jaejoong felt regrettable about the lessen music interactions with fans. “Just like a festival, festival!” The concert experiences in South America and Spain changes his thinking towards popularity and cheers. “When I was younger, I felt that as long as I do my job well, popularity will naturally come along. But I don’t feel it that way now. Those who would leave, will leave in the end.” Nine years of artiste’s activities groomed his sense of crisis and feelings are changed naturally. One has to rebuild the relationship with fans. “Once fans disappeared, there will be severe sense of loneliness, right. Those who said, ‘I’m happy just by making music’ might not experience fans’ love before. They wouldn’t know that being loved by fans due to music is such a blissful matter. Because creating music with own preference, and the satisfaction from creating it for others is very strong. Just like cooking. With a heart of ‘The ones eating will find it delicious right?’. If nobody listens to your music… that feeling might just be the worst.”

 Thinking back of the days in India, we are unsure how they managed to find out the resort Jaejoong was staying but there will be fans calling everyday and emails enquiring about it. There were even female fans who did not care about the lengthy and steep routes of the filming location and followed us through. Therefore, his concern should not be happening any sooner.

“In the past period of 8 to 9 years, what remains is eternity. At that time, there were many things that need to be done and from what I’m looking at now, it’s still the same. Growing up and developing needs time. Can popularity and fame, the embracing hope and challenging spirit be maintained forever? I have such thinking and sense of crisis. As time goes by, what remains is eternity. Even when I’m in my 30s, I have to live with my 20s mentality. What is different from the past is that I am no longer afraid of challenge and my mentality and determination has never changed.”

To people with a mature mentality like Jaejoong, traveling to a new place should be an experience towards a slow-paced life. And to him who is steadily increasing his activities, it will be a short break for him. Lastly, life is an adventure and the journey is lonely. The once-prosperous Indian village embraced the deep meaning of eternity. And to Jaejoong, this journey embraced his thoughts on the realistic tomorrow and the unpredictable future.

credit: purple33
trans by: rachui@sharingyoochun

Momma’s Source: sharingyoochun.net

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[TRANS] 120628 Compilation of JYJ The Day’s Commentary

[TRANS] 120628 Compilation of JYJ The Day’s Commentary

Junsu: Yuchun seldom sleeps alone whenever they go abroad. He would ask either a member of his manager to sleep with him.


There are a lot of eating scenes in The Day, and Junsu whined “Why are there so many eating scenes…I’m hungry.”

At the scene of Yuchun eating gamjatang (potato stew), Junsu said in English “My favorite Korean food”. XD


Junsu, “I want my members to show me support too. I have already showed my support for you guys with chicken and buffet.”

Jaejung, “We will give you support, but that means no more birthday present for you.”

Junsu, “All right, I’ll be waiting.”

Yuchun, “A luxurious(expensive) support.”

Jaejung, “Then you’ll pay the bill for it.”


Upon watching a scene with Yuhwan, Jae and Junsu said to Yuchun, “It’s good to be young. Yuhwan is better looking and younger than you.”


Yuchun said that he would sit on the floor with a glass of red wine and listen to LPs when he’s upset, but recently he changed drinks.

Junsu said, “Soju bombs?”


Junsu said that Yuchun looked like a ghost from Ju On when he’s washing his face. Yuchun made the sound that the ghost made in the movie XD


Jaejung, “My parents are hurrying me to get married.”

Yusoo, “Hurry get married! If you don’t get married, what will happen to us?! No such thing as younger brothers getting married first.”

Jaejung, “Get married straight away without dating?”

Yuchun, “Meet, get to know her, date for 3 hours then get married.”

Yusoo, “Hyung has to cook everyday even after you’re married.”

Jaejung, “Of course I will, but my wife has to cook too.”

Yusoo, “It’ll be the best if your wife cooks at home, but when you’re out playing(like barbeques), the man should cook.”


Jaejung asked them when they feel the happiest.

Junsu, “When I’m singing and dancing on stage.”

Yuchun’s answer was also “When I’m on the stage.”

When Jaejung was asked the same question, he said, “When I am with the both of you.”

Yuchun, “I knew you would say that!”

Jae, “Let’s try it again. When do you feel the happiest?”

JS, “When I’m on the stage w the members, 3 of us singing and dancing together.”

Yuchun said something along those lines, and Jaejung said, “When I’m on the stage, sharing excitement with the fans.”


Jaejung, “I don’t like giving my niece/nephew new year’s money. It’s supposed to be for the child but it’s taken away by the mother.”


Jae commented that he likes the fact that Yuchun’s bedroom and studio are one.

Yuchun, “The biggest plus point is that I can write it down immediately if I have inspiration from the moment I wake up.”


Yuchun, “Junsu is the god of kissing. His kissing skills have improved (after Elisabeth).”

Junsu, “It’s not kiss, it’s god of bobo!”

Yuchun, “It’s almost the same thing, both are about lips touching.”

Jaejung, “Did you have to practice first? Who did you practice kissing with?” Junsu, “I imagined it.”

(Alternatively, Junsu could have said “It’s not a kissing scene, it’s a bobo scene!”)

[About the “kissing” tweet, I’m not sure if the OP made a mistake about “Kiss신” which can mean “Kiss Scene” and also “God of Kiss”. Take it with a pinch of salt.]


Jaejung, “This is the second time I’ve had a birthday party outside. The first time was when I was in junior high. I was really happy.”


Jaesu to Yuchun, “Both of you have really good genes. Your mom is so lucky, how could she give birth to two kids who are both so good looking?”


At the scene of Yuchun’s bathroom, Junsu said, “Why is it so clean? It became cleaner. It wasn’t so clean in the past.

Yuchun, “It has always been clean.”

Jaejung, “Yes, it has always been clean because Yuchun hardly uses it.”


Junsu hugged his mother after performing on the drums. Jaejung said, “Junsu is as tall as his mother.” Junsu, “My mum is 173cm tall…”


At a fansign scene, YC said that he doesn’t have many male fans. Su said, “You don’t have male fans? Jaejung hyung and I have quite a few.”

(Junsu said it in a very tactful way)


Junsu and Jae mocked Yuchun for having very little eyebrows at the scene where he was at home. Yuchun said it’s because he was at home, meaning that he wanted it to seem natural. XD

Yuchun and Jae laughed at Junsu for having chubby cheeks at the scene where he just woke up. Junsu said his face bloats up in the morning.


Junsu said that he would not like or dislike a girl based on whether she can cook or not, but it would be a plus point if she can.

And that after getting married, he thinks it’s better if the girl does the household chores… XD


Jaejung and Yuchun were really tickled by Junsu wearing a wig (old man wig) when he was rehearsing for Tears of Heaven the musical.


Yuchun was really surprised when Junsu took off the wig immediately after that. “You can just take it off like that? Wow, incredible…”


Junsu and Jae complained that the lift to Yuchun’s house is really slow and that they would rather walk up the stairs because it’s faster.


After watching the scene of Junsu’s family gathering, Yuchun commented that the feeling of a home with both parents is different.


Jaejung said that Jji is now under his sister’s care.


Yuchun has been addicted to Gag concert lately.


At a scene where they showed Yuchun’s mother, Jaejung and Junsu both commented that she looks really happy and is really lucky that she has two such good kids.


Junsu and Jaejung were mocking Yuchun at a scene where he was acting cute towards the camera before closing the door. Jaejung did the same thing in another scene and Yuchun said, “You did the same thing and yet you mock me!”


Junsu and Jaejung said that Yuhwan has changed a lot. Yuchun said that he is now filming and has met a lot of new people who influenced him. He looked proud when he was talking about Yuhwan.

Source: Parkamylove’s Weibo
Translation Credit: @_alovelikewar 1, 2
Shared by: JYJ3

Momma’s Source: JYJ3

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[NEWS + PICS] 120414 JYJ’s Jaejoong Makes An Appearance on MBC’s ‘K-Pop Star Captivating the World’

[NEWS + PICS] 120414 JYJ’s Jaejoong Makes An Appearance On MBC’s ‘K-Pop Star Captivating the World’

On April 14th, JYJ‘s Jaejoong made an appearance on the MBC special ‘K-Pop Star Captivating the World‘.

The special episode is a documentary that followed Hallyu megastar Kim Hyun Joong for his Japanese arena tour, Korean fan meeting, and his upcoming comeback activities scheduled for June this year. The special episode is receiving much attention because of the appearance of Jaejoong.

As many of you know, it’s very difficult for the JYJ members to appear on television, so fans were quite happy when they saw Jaejoong make an appearance.

Kim Hyun Joong arrived to meet his good friend Jaejoong at Jaejoong’s restaurant “Bum’s Story“. Kim Hyun Joong talked about how they lived together for a year but because of their busy schedules they only saw each other for a month or two while living together. Jaejoong explained, “When Kim Hyun Joong returns back to Korea, I usually have to go overseas and when I return, he has to go back overseas“.

Kim Hyun Joong also revealed that when he went through a tough time, Jaejoong wrote him a letter and that he still keeps that letter to his side to this day. Jaejoong also stated he received a reply letter from Kim Hyun Joong and questioned out loud, “Is it Ok for guys to write each other letters?” while sharing a hearty laugh.

The two enjoyed a nice meal together and the customary servings of Soju.

Bonus: Caps from the Documentary:

Credit: Allkpop + Jaejoong DC Gall
Shared by: JYJ3

Momma’s Source: JYJ3

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