[TRANS] 131104 EXO’s Xiumin Says, “I’ve Looked Up To TVXQ Since Before My Debut, I Want To Perform With Them”


Xiumin has expressed how much he looks up to TVXQ.

EXO’s Xiumin appeared on SBS Power FM’s ‘Park So Hyun’s Love Game’ on the 3rd of November and revealed that he has liked TVXQ since before his days as a SM trainee.

Xiumin looked back on his first meeting with TVXQ and said, “I’ve looked up to TVXQ since before I joined the company. I met then two weeks after I became a trainee during their ‘Mirotic’ activities. My heart was racing and it was an electrifying moment for me.”

He continued to say, “At first, I couldn’t even speak. Though I’ve made my debut, I still feel nervous when I meet U-Know Yunho and Max Changmin. I still feel like just another fan.” DJ Park So Hyun added to his comments by saying, “The two singers’ power, vocal talent and charisma are still the best of the industry.”

When picking which singer he would like to appear on stage with, Xiumin picked TVXQ. He expressed his respect for them as he stated, “How amazing would it be if I could stand between them? How great would that be, right?”

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[NEWS] JYJ’s Junsu Shows His Affection For His Look-alike, Insoo of MYNAME

[NEWS] JYJ’s Junsu shows his affection for his look-alike, Insoo of MYNAME

JYJ‘s Junsu sent his love to his look-alike, Insoo of MYNAME.

On June 28th, Insoo posted on MYNAME’s official Twitter“A big present arrived for me, someone who has received a lot of help from the fact that people commented that I look like Junsu sunbae ever since my debut… Each [of his] word is a like a big lesson for me…You’re the best! Let’s get food sometime and play soccer, Junsu hyung!!! Thank you!!^^” along with a photo.

In the picture, Insoo is seen holding up a signed album from the sunbae his has looked up since his past. The hand-written message from Junsu reads, “Let’s get food sometime. Are you good at soccer?” showing Junsu’s affections for his younger look-alike.

Fans commented, “How nice of Junsu“, “They really do look alike“, and “Even eating together! Insoo is so lucky“.

Meanwhile, MYNAME is actively promoting “Hello & Goodbye“.

Source: MYNAME’s Twitter
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[Trans] 120205 For A Wife Who Ran Away From Home Because Of JYJ, “Please, Come Back~I Will Book Tickets For You” Causes Great Laughter

[Trans] 120205 For A Wife Who Ran Away From Home Because Of JYJ, “Please, Come Back~I Will Book Tickets For You” Causes Great Laughter

A banner that was written in search of a wife who ran away from home because of the group JYJ has caused great laughter among the netizens.

Recently, a post was uploaded onto a community portal with the title “Wife who ran away from home because of JYJ”, together with images.

The image revealed was of a banner written in search of a wife who has not been coming home due to overseas activities (?), by an anxious husband who hung the banner outside their house.


On the banner was the text, “Hyemi-ah, Please come home! I was wrong” and “Now, if you want to watch any JYJ concerts, be it overseas or anywhere, I will definitely let you attend them. If JYJ holds a concert, I will even give up sleeping to help you reserve tickets,” an honest confession.

He also said, “It’s already been 8 years since we began living together. Even I’ve become a full JYJ fan.” causing laughter from the fans.

In the passage, “A JYJ fan who saw the banner while passing by” said “Recently, husbands have been having a hard time with the global developments of JYJ, from Europe, South America to Turkey, and a husband with such great sense is the best,” praising the quick-witted husband.

Netizens who saw this picture said “Husbands seem to be having a hard time, I can understand why he’s doing this””I saw this picture and laughed for half a day, please go home! Miss Hyemi” “A happily married couple, this husband is the ultimate in loving his wife,” and other comments.

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Here is a very beautiful message from ou…

Here is a very beautiful message from our guys to the fans in Japan. Momma Cha

visual JYJ

Transcript of the Video Message:

Hello. This is JYJ.

We are not sure how to begin our words.

We heard that recently an unexpected large earthquake in Japan harmed many people in Japan. At this, our hearts very much ache and are in sorrow.

In Japan, there were our dear friends and many people who, for a very long time, supported us and loved us. Our hearts hurt (thinking about this).

We JYJ will pray in our place that things will steady as soon as possible so that everyone in Japan will safely be okay. Everyone, please take heart.

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Group JYJ left words of consolation and encouragement to those Japanese fans who have been affected by the natural disaster.

On the afternoon of 14 March, they said on their homepage, “I don’t know from what should I start saying. We heard that many Japanese have been affected by the earthquake that was unforeseen. We felt hurt and am very sad.”

Adding on, “There are friends that we know from Japan and those fans who support us and love us are in Japan, we felt very upset. We will pray from where we are that the disaster will pass soon and those people in Japan will be safe and free from hurt. Please be strong, everyone!”

Through their management company, JYJ expressed, “For the sake of those who have been upset because of this unforeseen disaster, we have plans to participate actively. We are planning to make donations that can help in the restoration of Japan.”

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[News] 110304 JYJ Thanked Fans For The F…

[News] 110304 JYJ Thanked Fans For The Fan-Run Internet Broadcasting StationTowards the fans who set up an internet broadcasting station dedicated to them, male group JYJ expressed their gratitude.

Yesterday on March 3rd at 20:00 JYJ’s Korean fans launched their internet broadcasting station for the first time. The website got such hot reaction as so many fans connected at the same time thus put the server paralyzed.

This JYJ internet station that is created by fans as expected is not an official website. However JYJ official revealed that JYJ members indeed notice about this project through a phone call with Star News on Tuesday afternoon, he said, “We fully notice that fans made their own capital investments (to build the station). In fact, JYJ members are also aware of this matter, they’re really grateful for the love of all fans,”

Furthermore, “However if we recognize this internet broadcasting station dedicated to JYJ, ‘iloveJYJ’ as an official station, it will lose its genuineness. We want to preserve this fansite as a website that is created by fans due to their pure love.”

credit: star-mt.co.kr
trans: sharingyoochun.net
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