[NEWS] 140505 “Triangle – Drama” heats up competition, sitting in first place


The competition between “Triangle – Drama” and “Doctor Stranger” has begun.

According to Nielsen Korea, MBC “Triangle – Drama” topped the ratings in its first broadcast at 8.9%.

Last week’s 51st broadcast of MBC “Empress Qi” ended at 28.7%, which is a whopping 19.8% decrease in ratings for this week.

The first broadcast of SBS “Doctor Stranger” rung in closely behind the top spot at 8.6%. Meanwhile, KBS “Big Man” rated closely as well with a solid 8.0%.

Source: Heraldbiz via Nate
Credit: Hancinema
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Note: The drama ratings is low because Korea is having 2-day holiday, many people are away so ratings is generally low this week. (via @Triangle2014)

[RATING] “Triangle” Episode 1
TNmS  9% Nationwide – 10.3% Seoul.
AGB 8.9% Nationwide – 9.7% Seoul

JYJ Fantalk Source: JYJ3

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[Trans] 130716 Max Changmin Tapes His Legs Up For ‘Our Neighborhood’s Master’ “What Happened?”

– Max Changmin, the mascot of hard work, what was his first badminton match like…
– Changmin + Jong Soo “There isn’t a single badminton court in Seoul we haven’t gone to!” How much have they practiced?
– Which badminton duo is the best in the celebrity team?
– Max Changmin, his legs are shockingly covered in tape! What happened?


Max Changmin and Lee Jong Soo’s taped-up legs have become a hot topic. The episode of KBS2′s ‘Our Neighborhood’s Master of Variety and Sports’ that airs on the 16th will show the team’s first badminton match. Having practiced hard for the past week, the celebrity team will surprise everyone in their match against the Joonggok-dong badminton team.

Max Changmin and Lee Jong Soo, who were deemed the ‘bumbling couple’ in last week’s first badminton practice session, completely turned it around and surprised everyone. It was easy to guess just how much they had practiced from the various bruises and scrapes littering their legs that had been taped up.

Regarding this duo, Lee Soo Geun said, “There isn’t a single badminton court in Seoul that they haven’t been to in the last week. That’s the most anyone has practiced in his team.” To this, Lee Jong Soo said, “We could only meet in the early hours of the morning because our schedules didn’t match up. We met almost every day in the early hours of the morning to practice,” and increased the anticipation for the ‘bumbling couple’.

The reason why viewers can’t help but be excited for this duo is because of Max Changmin. Although he was called ‘the fool of table tennis’ and ‘the fool of bowling’ at first, he surprised everyone with his rapid development. However, no matter how much he practiced, he was unable to score a win. During his last bowling match, he was neck and neck with the Gwangju Ssangchon-dong team till the 9th frame but lost in the 10th frame. This caused him to spill tears of disappointment and earned him the nicknames ‘Sincere Changmin’ and ‘Does his best Changmin’.

Seeing him, the bowling ace Lee Byung Jin showed his affection for the team’s youngest member as he said, “Although you weren’t the best, you did your best, and that is so much better! I love you~’ This is why his fellow teammates who have been with him from the start, not just the viewers, are hoping for Max Changmin’s first win.

Having practiced so hard that he had to tape his legs up, the body part that is pivotal for idol stars, Max Changmin’s results in his first badminton match are at the center of attention.

When Max Changmin and Lee Jong Soo’s taped-up legs were revealed, netizens left comments such as, “What about TVXQ’s overseas performances.. I can’t believe how much he seems to have practiced.. It warms my heart”, “Oh my god! Poor Changmin and his legs”, “Hopefully, Changmin will win his first match?”, “Changmin and Jong Soo must be a match made in Heaven. Lasers seem to beam out of their eyes in the preview,” and “I’m expected an uprising from the bumblers. I will definitely watch this episode!”

The badminton match between the celebrity team and the Joonggok-dong team, which completely overturned the expectations of both the audience and staff, is set to air tonight at 11:20.

Source: [WBC times]

Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

JYJFantalk Source: dongbangdata.net

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[Info] 121227 ‘I Miss You’ vs ‘Jeon Woo Chi’…Who’s The Top of Wed-Thu Dramas?

[Info] 121227 ‘I Miss You’ vs ‘Jeon Woo Chi’…Who’s The Top of Wed-Thu Dramas?

‘Jeon Woo Chi’ of KBS2 and ‘I Miss You’ of MBC is having a hot competition for the top of Wed-Thu dramas.

According to AFB Nielsen Media Research, ‘Jeon Woo Chi’ on 26th recorded 12.2% of national audience rating. It’s 0.3% higher than its previous episode’s 11.9% on 20th. ‘Jeon Woo Chi’ that had to yield the top position to ‘I Miss You’ before has kept the top for 2 consecutive weeks from the last week, but it’s not the time to be comfortable since ‘I Miss You’ is chasing after ‘Jeon Woo Chi’ closely.

‘I Miss You’ recorded 10.5% on 26th, and it’s 0.8% higher than its previous episode’s audience rating, 9.7% of 20th. The increase of the audience rating of ‘I Miss You’ is bigger than ‘Jeon Woo Chi’, and the gap between the audience ratings of two dramas is only 1.7%.

According to another audience rating research company, TNmS, ‘I Miss You’ recorded 15.2% and ‘Jeon Woo Chi’ recorded 13%. Two dramas are showing a hot competition, which gains attention for the future race.

Meanwhile, ‘Dae Pung Su’ of SBS recorded 8.5%.

credit: innolife
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[Eng Sub] 20120830 – K-Star News JYJ Nintendo Event

It’s great to see this subbed. Any news is timely with our Boys. I’m really surprised that you lost all those games JYJ!!!   😉   <333

credit: naicha cold

Momma’s source: youtube

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Translation 111108 Football Signed by Kim Junsu To Be Given Away at Suwon Top 6 Playoffs

[TRANS] 111108 Football Signed By Kim Junsu To Be Given Away At Suwon Top 6 Playoffs

(All irrelevant parts omitted)

In the top 6 playoffs between Suwon and Busan on 20 November, the Suwon Stadium will be allowing college exam takers to enter the stadium for free. Students with the right identification will each be allowed to get one ticket. Furthermore, college exam takers will be eligible to win a football signed by Suwon FC MEN captain Kim Junsu as a prize.

Entrance tickets for the top 6 playoffs will start from the Seoul vs Ulsan game, and will be on sale from 9 November. The first 500 people to purchase tickets will also get vouchers for the family restaurant VIPS Steak.

Source : [BaiduTVXQ + Sportalkorea]

Translated & Shared by : dongbangdata

Momma’s Source: dongbangdata.net

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