[TRANS] 120629 JYJ Kim Jaejoong, Handsome Male With Crescent Shaped Eyes, Smiles Like In A Photoshoot

[TRANS] 120629 JYJ Kim Jaejoong, Handsome Male With Crescent Shaped Eyes, Smiles Like In A Photoshoot

A photo of group JYJ’s member Kim Jaejoong smiling was revealed, and has been attracting the attention of netizens.

On 28 June, a picture with the captions, “The trio seem to be friendly…?”, was uploaded onto the official homepage of MBC drama “Dr. Jin”. Kim Jaejoong (plays the role of Kim Kyung Tak) and Park Min Young (plays the role of Hong Yong Rae) can be seen in the photos.

Kim Jaejoong is seen wearing a blue traditional outfit, and smiling widely with his eyes shaped like crescents. His smile, while looking at something intently, has captivated netizens.

Upon seeing this, netizens expressed, “Kim Jaejoong’s smile is amazing”, “I have fallen for Kim Jaejoong’s smile”, “Kim Jaejoong looks really good when he smiles”, and “Kim Jaejoong’s smile is too pretty, I’m envious of Park Min Young”, among other responses.

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120702 [Dr. Jin Episode 12] Commentary–Now We’re Getting Somewhere

Hurrah and Hurrah!!!  Kim Kyung Tak and Hong Young Rae are finally alone together!!

Why is this important? Mainly because even though Kim Kyung Tak has been in love with Hong Young Rae for years–she has yet to make an effort to understand her man. Yes, her man!  I believe that they are going to be given a chance to get to know one another a little better. Maybe not by much–but enough to help Young Rae to see beyond his military air into his heart which is breaking… His friendship with Hong Young Hwi is close and enduring beyond political boundaries. I say this because I truly do not believe that Hong Young Hwi is dead. Yes, he was shot, and we watched him fall. Yet there was no noticeable splash into the river, and it was the typical peek over the ledge see no body that was used in Episode One.  O.K. O.K. I’ll lighten up.

Dr. Jin needs to get back to his 2012 lady love and no one knows it better than himself. So…he is trying to right the course of history and in that original course I personally do not believe that Hong Young Hwi dies in this way.

Anyway, back to the two estranged lovers. Somehow I believe that Hong Young Rae can soften the “Le Miserables” type character of Kim Kyung Tak. [This is my literary reference–I am occidental]. After all, he is so smitten that he will probably listen just to be with her. On his side, this gives him opportunity to talk about those things important to him. They both are grieving the ‘death’ of Hong Young Hwi. if the writers will allow them some time now or in the near future–I believe that they may be able to pull it together.

Our own Kim Jaejoong is doing a marvelous acting job as Kim Kyung Tak, and all of the cast is exemplary. My only protest–stop kicking Jaejoong!!!  😮

credit: Momma Cha @jyjfantalk

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Editor’s Note 120609: Hong Yong Rae Pulls Dr. Jin Through Cholera–Jaejoong as Kim Kyung Tak Becomes Villian

As they say where I come from–“I do declare”…Our own Kim Jaejoong has taken on this role in Dr. Jin as Kim Kyung Tak, the illegitimate son of the leader of the aristocracy. He is a troubled young man, full of fear and desiring to fit in with his family that treats him as an outcast servant. Kim Kyung Tak makes compromises in his execution of military orders to please his father–the only family member who acknowledges that he is family. The thread of the story places his heart with Hong Young Rae, the daughter of a now impoverished noble family who sees her duty as a secret Christian to love everyone equally. She does not spare herself when an epidemic of cholera breaks out among the poor, but insists on helping Dr. Jin to treat the sick. When he contracts the disease himself she stays by his side to nurse him through–even defying the societal norms of her time that prevented a noblewoman from treating an unclothed man. Through her devoted efforts Dr. Jin recovers just before Kim Kyung Tak follows his Father’s orders to burn the village where Dr. Jin is treating his patients despite the fact that reports have come in that patients are recovering. Kim Kyung Tak teeters on the edge of decency and humanitarianism as he begins to see the injustices meted out upon the people. He has not yet become strong enough to fight this system which rewards the rich and takes from the poor. There is nothing new in this theme.

Hong Young Rae exists in a parallel universe which has captured Dr. Jin and placed him 150 years in the past during the Chosun Dynasty with only his skills as a neurosurgeon to treat the sick. Modern healing methods are possible only if he can find a way to adapt the meager supplies that he has taken from 2012 to the past. The question is will Dr. Jin’s love of 2012, Yo Min Ah, recover from emergency surgery to be there for him when he returns to his own time? Will Kim Kyung Tak rally and win the heart of his fiancee, Hong Young Rae? Only more episodes will tell the tale.

I look forward to viewing Episode 6.  It seems such a long wait and an even longer wait to get to Episodes 7 and 8. If my stomach can hold out against all of the gory and bloody procedures–not to mention vomit galore– I will be that much closer to answering these questions.

Kim Jaejoong–I am so proud of you for choosing this quality role that has such potential to speak out and act out against the Order of the Day. I would be happy to see Kim Kyung Tak begin to strike against the feudal social system that denies him dignity as an illegitimate son. It will take overcoming his fear of rejection by his Father, and the motivation of wanting to win the love of Hong Young Rae.

credit: Momma Cha @jyjfantalk

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