Time Slip Dr. Jin: A Walk Through Korean History

      One of the benefits that I have gained from watching “Time Slip Dr. Jin” is a lesson in the politics and history of the Chosun Dynasty. This has been an enlightening drama for me and my family simply because it has inspired us to read and learn so much more about the history of Korea than we knew before. Why is this important? It is important because ignorance about people and their ways is the reason why there is strife and war. To learn about a people’s history is a key to understanding them in the present. Korean people are strong nationalists. They cling to their heritage with an unsurpassed tenacity of spirit. Even living in foreign countries they distinctly remain Korean. This is a tribute to their sense of self as a nation and as a people undaunted by the many attempts to subjugate them.

As a  nation that did not desire ties with western nations or their ways, Korea had chosen to keep its borders closed. This stand changed as other cultures and ideologies intervened, and grass roots rebellions within Korea  produced an impetus to a new way of thinking that eventually changed the ruling class. The Andong Kim Clan controlled Korea for most of the 19th century along with the P’ungyang Cho Clan. This made the Kings and Queens primarily puppets and as the century neared it’s close there was a breakdown of the class system. Today, remnants of the class system still remain, but there is more equality and opportunity for those who exert themselves to rise above the societal layers.

Korea during the Chosun Dynasty was going through a transitional stage just before the dawning of the new century. In “Korea, Its History and Culture” published by the Korean Overseas Information Service, we read, …”There were also responses to economic growth, social change and the introduction of Western ideas. The new developments led scholars to break away from the abstractions and rigidity of Neo-Confucian doctrine and search for practical solutions and responses to the new social and technological situation. The result was an incredible surge of interest in all forms of practical scholarship”. [Sirhak]

This interest in new ways of thinking and doing led to drastic changes in Korean society and life, and other nations seized opportunity to control and use a courageous people for their own ends. Thankfully, that era has passed, but there is still unrest in a divided Korea. It will take courage and humility to reunite Korea, but sadly, it may also take many lives.

Episode 22 of this dramatic adaptation gives us a an 1860’s glimpse into the courage and desire of the Korean nation to remain solidified. This drama is based on historical fact woven into a thread of fantasy. I salute the writer(s) of Time Slip Dr. Jin for insight and courage to portray a time in Korea’s history that was not the most flattering, but which was a transition stage into the modern era. Societies tend to change through civil war and uprisings, and in this instance, also subjugation and manipulation. I have seen that in our own American history–so I understand a nation that has seen pain, sorrow, and politics shape her history and her people again and again.

Koreans are stalwart survivors, and Time Slip Dr. Jin has given us a glimpse into the hearts, minds, and spirits of a special people. The portrayal of all of the essential characters including Dr. Jin, Kyung Tak, Young Rae, Young Hwi, and many more was performed and acted impeccably and convincingly. I will enjoy this drama again and again.

credit: Momma Cha @jyjfantalk

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120723 Time Slip Dr. Jin: Insight into The Persecution of Catholics in Korean History and The Emergence of The Modern Christian Movement

        Insight into The Persecution of Catholics in Korean History and The Emergence of The Modern Christian Movement

There is reference in Time Slip Dr. Jin to the persecution of Catholics during the time of the Joseon Dynasty Period. We can see this being acted out on the screen as we watch this intriquing drama unfold. The reference cannot be over-looked because it is based on historical fact. Even the Priest, Father Simeon-Francois Beneux, who is being helped by Young Rae and Dr.Jin in Episode 18, is a real historical character. He and many other Catholics were martyred in 1866 during one of the toughest crack-downs on the Catholic believers in the history of Korea.

 ‘Time Slip Dr.Jin” is not a light drama. It is full of thought-provoking situations that are based in part upon the Joseon Dynasty’s political existence and character. I believe that the writer[s] have something to say, and this is an excellent forum for their voice[s]. As I am not of Korean descent, but only an admirer of the strength and resolve of the Korean people, I am going to rely upon sources who are hopefully more knowledgeable about what really occurred in Korea that ushered in the true influence of Catholicism and Protestantism. The following information was retrieved from the world-wide web on July 23, 2012. I am only providing links here as the articles are quite extensive. I learned a vast amount by reading these articles. If you are interested in the history behind Time Slip Dr. Jin, and how it relates to today, then enjoy your reading.






credit: Momma Cha @ www.jyjfantalk.com

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[TRANS] 120713 Song Seung Hun & JYJ’s Jaejoong, 6 Episode Extension Under Consideration For “Dr. Jin”

[TRANS] 120713 Song Seung Hun & JYJ’s Jaejoong, 6 Episode Extension Under Consideration For “Dr. Jin”

It is currently under consideration for MBC’s weekend special program “Timeslip Dr. Jin” to be extended by 6 episodes.

According to a representative of the production team of “Dr Jin” on 13 July, talks are currently underway regarding the extension of the drama “Dr. Jin”, which has recorded ratings above 10%, and is currently being broadcast. There is a possibility of an extension of anywhere between 4 – 10 episodes. The representative stated, “Discussions are currently being held regarding the possibility of an extension by 6 episodes. This is subject to agreement on the part of the cast, and nothing has been decided as of yet.”

Broadcasting personnel also expressed, “It is a drama which is very rich in content, and there are still many deep, philosophical themes which have been left (unexplored). Thus, we have decided that a long-term extension would not be unreasonable given the story itself. The production environment is also relatively good. There has not been a case when the script was only ready on the day of filming itself.”

“Dr. Jin”, which began broadcasting in late may this year, is a mystical fantasy drama, which depicts the story of a talented surgeon who finds himself involved in a series of mysterious events, leading to him travelling back in time to the Joseon dynasty, and later meeting with historical figures including Heungseon Daewongun. The cast includes Song Seung Hun, Park Min Young, Lee Bum Soo, JYJ’s Jaejoong and Lee So Yeon.

Source : [K Star News]

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[Trans] 120714 Jaejoong’s Twitter Update

[Trans] 120714 Jaejoong’s Twitter Update

Jin Hyuk – “What is Joo Pal hyung doing?”
Kyung Tak – “Oh..! Unless…..!”
Joo Pal – “Hello It’s me~”
Yong Hwi: “Oh ho~As expectedly一一+”
The secrets of the men’s hearts. pic.twitter.com/aivL2Atn

Jaejoong: The final happy ending~ the four men~ Dr Jin fighting for this week too

Jaejoong: Dabong V pic.twitter.com/OMewP5cZ
[T/N : Thumb / Best]

 Song Seung Hun (@OfficialSSH): Trio group is going to debut soon!! Please give us a name!^^ pic.twitter.com/v8bKdmcL

Seung Hun: @mjjeje Joo Pal & Boys! Keke all-night filming~ Kyung Tak! You have worked hard! See you later!^^

Jaejoong (@OfficialSSH): Hyung .. in fact staying up overnight and these two hours are not enough.I’m sleepy I ‘m dying keke Hyung please sleep a bit more ㅠ

Jaejoong: Yong Hwi take this!!!!! pic.twitter.com/gQGB8Lhc

trans by: rachui@sharingyoochun

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120618 Dr.Jin: Thought–Provocating and Excellent

I intially wrote my thoughts about Dr. Jin in the early stages of this drama. Even though some do not appreciate the serious tone of this drama–it is an enlightening look at politics and medicine 150 years ago. This drama is not light in its approach or intent. It is a political statement on the climate and circumstances of the time-frame although with this writer’s interpretation of historical facts.  Adapted from a Japanese manga format–some elements have been changed but the underlying theme of the nobles against the commoners is there.

The following excerpt retrieved from the world wide web via Wikipedia states:

“Jin Hyuk is a gifted neurosurgeon who was born into a family of doctors. His success rate in surgery hovers at 100%, with his ability to quickly analyze any situation and extremely steady hands. Due to his personal pursuit of perfection, he has a cold attitude and lacks compassion. He is planning to propose to his beloved girlfriend Yoo Mi-na, when after an argument, Mi-na gets into an accident and lapses into a coma.

After surgically removing a fetus-shaped tumor from a patient’s brain, a mysterious power causes Jin Hyuk to travel 150 years back in time to the year 1860 during the Joseon Dynasty, when medical technology was still in its infant stages. He begins treating people of the era, but the lack of necessary implements and rudimentary medical knowledge of the period forces him to develop medical devices and medicine by himself, and seek new ways to aid the sick. Through this challenging process and with the help of young noblewoman Young-rae (who looks exactly like Mi-na), Jin Hyuk becomes a true doctor.”

Simply said–this drama is an adaptation of a compelling situation that reflects the changes that were occurring at this dawn of the modern era of medicine in the Oriental world. Of course, Dr. Jin would not have been there in reality so this is a what if? scenario that is unfolding.

I am fascinated by the professional acting that I see here, including Jaejoong’s interpretation of his role as a soldier caught between his family and his conscience. Prayerfully, the writer will allow this character to mature and to truly make a difference. His heart is not in his work, it is with Young-Rae.

You have to ask whether the original intent of Time Slip Dr.Jin was to express political opinions; to journal medical advances to come; or to simply explore time-travel and parallel universe theories. It is all three.  Either way, it is a fascinating story-line that I hope people will understand and continue to embrace. Where will this adaptation take the characters. “Time will tell’.

Momma Cha  @ jyjfantalk

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[News] 120612 The Cast of Dr.Jin Never Let Go of Script: “No Wonder They Are All Good At Portraying Characters

[News] 120612 The cast of Dr.Jin never let go of script: “No wonder they are all good at portraying characters

Lately, MBC’s TV series Dr.Jin has been receiving positive feedback from viewers day after another with its great storyline and spectacular scenes. The leading actors of the series show particular affection to the script.

On June 12, some behind-the-scenes cuts were revealed.

You can spot actors enthusiastically working on portraying their characters as they are completely absorbed in acting, not letting go of the script.

Because none of the cast has gotten caught up in a controversy over the lack of acting skills, Dr.Jin became very popular. Certainly, the cast who are affectionate toward the characters they play brought a high quality to the series with their love for the script.

Actor Song Seung Hun gradually builds his reputation through his role of a genius doctor of the 21st century who time-travels back in the Joseon Dynasty. Park Min Young plays a double role which goes back and forth the timeline. Although it is his first time acting in a historical drama, Kim Jae Joong shows great acting skills. They grab viewers’ attention at once because they are so absorbed in their roles.

 In addition to the cast mentioned above, Lee Bum Soo who is dubbed “the god of acting” plays Lee Ha Eung, “the leader of Joseon.” His acting video clip without background music has already impressed numerous netizens and soon, he gained a nickname “genius acting.”

A staff member of the production crew says, “On the shooting set, you can easily spot actors who are constantly studying about their characters holding a script in their hand. Before and during the shooting, they communicate, study, and give their best with the director.”

With increasing viewer ratings thanks to the enthusiastic cast, MBC’s Dr.Jin broadcasts every Saturday and Sunday at 9:50 p.m.

source: Xportsnews
credit: en.korea

 Momma’s Source: sharingyoochun.net
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Editor’s Note 120609: Hong Yong Rae Pulls Dr. Jin Through Cholera–Jaejoong as Kim Kyung Tak Becomes Villian

As they say where I come from–“I do declare”…Our own Kim Jaejoong has taken on this role in Dr. Jin as Kim Kyung Tak, the illegitimate son of the leader of the aristocracy. He is a troubled young man, full of fear and desiring to fit in with his family that treats him as an outcast servant. Kim Kyung Tak makes compromises in his execution of military orders to please his father–the only family member who acknowledges that he is family. The thread of the story places his heart with Hong Young Rae, the daughter of a now impoverished noble family who sees her duty as a secret Christian to love everyone equally. She does not spare herself when an epidemic of cholera breaks out among the poor, but insists on helping Dr. Jin to treat the sick. When he contracts the disease himself she stays by his side to nurse him through–even defying the societal norms of her time that prevented a noblewoman from treating an unclothed man. Through her devoted efforts Dr. Jin recovers just before Kim Kyung Tak follows his Father’s orders to burn the village where Dr. Jin is treating his patients despite the fact that reports have come in that patients are recovering. Kim Kyung Tak teeters on the edge of decency and humanitarianism as he begins to see the injustices meted out upon the people. He has not yet become strong enough to fight this system which rewards the rich and takes from the poor. There is nothing new in this theme.

Hong Young Rae exists in a parallel universe which has captured Dr. Jin and placed him 150 years in the past during the Chosun Dynasty with only his skills as a neurosurgeon to treat the sick. Modern healing methods are possible only if he can find a way to adapt the meager supplies that he has taken from 2012 to the past. The question is will Dr. Jin’s love of 2012, Yo Min Ah, recover from emergency surgery to be there for him when he returns to his own time? Will Kim Kyung Tak rally and win the heart of his fiancee, Hong Young Rae? Only more episodes will tell the tale.

I look forward to viewing Episode 6.  It seems such a long wait and an even longer wait to get to Episodes 7 and 8. If my stomach can hold out against all of the gory and bloody procedures–not to mention vomit galore– I will be that much closer to answering these questions.

Kim Jaejoong–I am so proud of you for choosing this quality role that has such potential to speak out and act out against the Order of the Day. I would be happy to see Kim Kyung Tak begin to strike against the feudal social system that denies him dignity as an illegitimate son. It will take overcoming his fear of rejection by his Father, and the motivation of wanting to win the love of Hong Young Rae.

credit: Momma Cha @jyjfantalk

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Song Seung Hun and Kim Jaejoong’s Drama will be Aired in May

Song Seung Hun and Kim Jaejoong’s Drama will be Aired in May

Actor Song Seung-heon’s drama “Time Slip Dr. Jin” will be aired in May.
“Time Slip Dr. Jin” is due to be aired after “The King 2 Hearts”. Officials told Sports Hanguk on a phone interview, “We were negotiating going in as a general service channel program but decided on MBC instead”.
“It is very likely that “Time Slip Dr. Jin” will come as a sequel to “The King 2 Hearts”.
Initially, “I Do, I Do” was the to-be line up while “Time Slip Dr. Jin” was in negotiation. While Kim Seon-ah was the favored actress for the drama, it showed likeliness in being postponed as it had difficulties in casting.
An official from the MBC drama department hinted, “Kim Seon-ah hasn’t confirmed. “I Do, I Do” is going through a hard time in completing the cast. Therefore we are looking at “Time Slip Dr. Jin” in May or June”.
“Time Slip Dr. Jin” is about the struggle of a doctor who travels back to the 1860s due to an accident and realizes his duty and right as a doctor.
“Time Slip Dr. Jin” is based on a comic by Murakami Motoka and has already been drama-fied in 2009 in Japan.

Source :Soompi, from Nate and HanCinema

Momma’s Source: viki.com

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[TRANS] 120404 Song Seung Hyun・Kim Jaejoong Star in “Timeslip Dr. Jin”, To Be Broadcast On MBC

[TRANS] 120404 Song Seung Hyun・Kim Jaejoong Star in “Timeslip Dr. Jin”, To Be Broadcast On MBC

A final decision has been made for the drama “Timeslip Dr. Jin” to be broadcast on MBC around June to July 2012.

The drama “Timeslip Dr. Jun” depicts the story of the best doctor in Korea in 2012, travelling back in time to the 1860, to the Joseon dynasty. It was adapted from the manga series by Muramaki Motoka, also titled “Timeslip Dr. Jin”, which took10 years to complete. In 2009, Japan’s TBS adapted it into a drama which received much attention. This time, the Korean drama will star Song Seung Hyun and Kim Jaejoong, and is gaining much interest from the public.

Currently, the spot of the female lead who will receive the love of both Song Seung Hyun and Kim Jaejoong is still empty. Representatives from the production team expressed, “The casting of the female lead will be done soon, and it is expected for the detailed casting to be completed soon as well. Filming will begin on 15 April, and we will put in all our efforts in order to present a good drama of high quality.”

(irrelevant portions omitted)

Source : [BaiduTVXQ + TV Daily via Nate]

Translated & Shared by : dongbangdata.net

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