[TRANS] 131210 Director Jang Jin Expresses His Gratitude As He Writes, “Kim Junsu Is So Kind, Almost To A Fault”

Director Jang Jin recently posted a photo he took with JYJ’s Kim Junsu.

On the 10th, Jang Jin posted a photo on his personal Twitter account with a caption that said, “The guy behind me, he’s amazing. But he’s so kind, almost to a fault. I’m envious of him, and grateful to him.”

The photo shows the director looking into the camera while Kim Junsu stands behind him with a warm smile on his face. The orchestra behind the two people have also drawn the attention of many.


Netizens who saw the photo left a variety of comments like, “I’m so excited for ‘December’,” “Looks like you guys are rehearsing late into the night,” and “I can’t wait for your first-ever musical.”

Meanwhile, ‘December’, which will feature Jang Jin as its director and Kim Junsu as its leading role, will open its curtains on the 16th of December.

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NEWS Mu Won Doesn’t Accept Her Feelings, But His Unchanging Kindness Makes Seo Nayun Suffer More

[News] Muwon Doesn’t Accept Her Feelings, But His Unchanging Kindness Makes Nayun Suffer More

Boss Wang Jihye Has Her Feelings Declined by Kim Jaejoong This Time. Tears Come Forth from Panda-Eyes

Wang Jihye became panda-eyes again thanks to Kim Jaejoong.

On the 14th episode of the SBS Wed-Thursday drama Protect the Boss that aired on the 15th, Seo Nayun suffered because even though she confessed her feelings to Kim Jaejoong she was unable to receive a firm answer.

Cha Muwon asked her: “Do you want to come back to me?” Seo Nayun confessed her honest feelings, saying: “Can’t I?” To Muwon who remained silent, Seo Nayun asked: “It seems that I can’t. Is it because of Miss Noh Eunsul?” Muwon said that such was not the case, but she confirmed from him again: “Whatever the case may be, it is that I can’t.”

Muwon asked her: “Do you just want the final word?” Seo Nayun answered: “I don’t want it. I already know it.” She left the scene, saying: “I hope you won’t follow me out of some half-grown kindness.”

Seo Nayun who again had her heart broken ran into a woman while walking with tears streaming. The boyfriend of the woman poured his anger out at Seo Nayun, saying: “Walk properly.” Seo Nayun also became angry, repeating “I am sorry” three times. Cha Muwon ran up to the scene at this time and told the opposing male: “Look where you are going. She who had been properly looking the path she walks has apologized three times. But why don’t you who have not looked properly apologize?” Saying this, Cha Muwon had the man apologize.

Seo Nayun’s heart suffered even more at Cha Muwon who was kind to her. She returned home and sobbed in Myungran’s arms. Cha Muwon returned home and made an expression that betrayed many complicated feelings. How will the relationship of the two change? To this question the fans of the drama focus.

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