JYJ Jaejoong Announces New Repackage Album “Erase Makeup” + Details

Kim Jaejoong, who exhibited images of various types through his first solo rock album in October last year, came out again with emotional ballad. Kim shows his versatility as an artiste through writing 10 out of 13 songs in the album.


In this repackage album, 2 more new songs will be added and more love stories will be shared.

The repackage album, WWW Erase Makeup, will be released on October 20 and his new song, Heaven, which was sung during his Asia tour, received much love and hence, it will be included in this album. Heaven is a sentimental winter ballad which is of pop and ballad genre.

Kim Jaejoong earned motivation from the movie ‘A Moment To Remember’ to write the lyrics and a song was created that features Gummy to stand out beautiful harmonies. Kim re-arranged Keshou (Makeup) by Nakajima Miyuku, a famous Japanese singer-songwriter, and it will be included in this album too.

Kim’s version of Makeup leaves the original blues and he arranged that song with only the piano and strings to express its simple and moderate feelings.

In the beginning, he chose this song for his fan-meeting tour in Japan and for its sad lyrics. This song recites the sad heart as if one looks at himself into the mirror and searching for the love that left.

“What is this makeup business I had not thought about it deeply. Tonight, I’m fine with dying, I want to be beautiful.” and “Don’t flow, tears, till the bus leaves here”, are part of the lyrics that are smeared with emotion of grieve over the love that is ignored by one’s heart. Kim made the song dramatic by a monological chanting and sometimes by weeping.

As Kim made the song pitiful and emotional by interpreting it into a female vocal song by his own colors, the listeners can feel the strength of his vocals. Listeners can recall their emotion that they bury in their memories and shed tears. Kim showed many genres like Britpop, Softrock, Neo Punk that are based on rock, and received much favorable comments.

He also made numerous records that make their way up to 1st place in 12 countries. He succeeded in entering the iTunes Chart in 34 countries including Europe and South America. He topped the Japanese iTunes Chart six times this year while staying 1st place on YinYueTai V Chart in China for five weeks. These achievements made people to realize his popularity.


This repackage album will include undisclosed cuts from the music video of the title song in his 1st Solo Album, Just Another Girl, as well as additional new songs, and a DVD that includes Just Another Girl Music Video along with its making film that is constructed in addition to collect anticipation from the fans.

The track listing of the new repackage album and details of the DVD can be found after the jump.

No. Title Lyrics Music Arrangement
1. Makeup Kim Jaejoong Huijang-Nim, Kim Gwangsup Huijang-Nim, Kim Gwangsup
2. Heaven Kim Jaejoong, Miyuki Nakajima Miyuki Nakajima Huijang-Nim
3. 빛 (Light) Kim Jaejoong Jung Jae-Yeop Jung Jae-Yeop
4. Don’t Walk Away Kim Jaejoong TEXU TEXU
5. Just Another Girl Kim Jaejoong, D.Brown, Sung Hyeon, Baek Mu-Hyeo D.Brown, Sung Hyeon, Baek Mu-Hyeon D.Brown, Sung Hyeon, Baek Mu-Hyeon
6. Butterfly Kim Jaejoong Huijang-Nim, 2JAJA Huijang-Nim
7. Rotten Love Kim Jaejoong Kim Jaejoong, Kwon Bin-Gi Kwon Bin-Gi
8. 햇살 좋은 날 (Sunny Day) Sung Hyeon, Baek Mu-Hyeon Sung Hyeon, Baek Mu-Hyeon Sung Hyeon, Baek Mu-Hyeon
9. Let The Rhythm Flow Kim Jaejoong TEXU TEXU
10. 그랬지 (It is) Kim Jaejoong Kim Jaejoong Kim Jaejoong
11. Now Is Good Yoon Do-Hyun Yoon Do-Hyun Chu Seung-Yeop
12. 9+1# Kim Jaejoong Kim Jaejoong Kwon Bin-Gi, Jang Insuk
13. Luvholic Kim Tae Wan Kim Tae Wan, 251, High J Kim Tae Wan, 251, High J
14. Modem Beat Kim Jaejoong, TAKURO TAKURO TAKURO
15. Paradise Kim Jaejoong Kim Jaejoong, Park Il Park Il


Just Another Girl Music Video.
Music Video Making Film.

Sound: Dolby Digital
Screen Ratio: 16:9 / LB
Time: 18:32 min
Regional Code: NTSC (All)
Rate: PG-15

Photos courtesy of C-JeS Entertainment

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[TRANS] 140113 Kim Jaejoong To Sing ‘Heaven’ With Gummy… In His Upcoming Repackage Album


Kim Jaejoong will be releasing a duet with Gummy.

According to C-JeS Entertainment, Kim Jaejoong will be performing a duet with Gummy for ‘WWW: Removing One’s Makeup’, his repackage album that will be released on the 20th.

Kim Jaejoong and Gummy’s duet ‘Heaven’ is a melodious pop ballad that will be the title track of the repackage album. Kim Jaejoong wrote the lyrics with the movie ‘The Eraser In My Head’ as his motif, and his voice has come together with Gummy’s to create a beautiful harmony.

The upcoming album feature two new songs, ‘Heaven’ and ‘Makeup’, which is a remake of a Japanese song. Kim Jaejoong has rewritten the lyrics for ‘Kesho (Makeup)’, a song by the famous Japanese singer-songwriter Nakajima Miyuki, and his reinterpretation will only feature a piano and strings to create a simple but powerful song.

The repackage album will also contain behind-the-scenes footage of the music video for ‘Just Another Girl’, the title track of Kim Jaejoong’s first full-length album, as well as the music video itself.

Kim Jaejoong held the second leg of his nationwide tour at the Gwangju Yeomju Indoor Gymnasium and is set to release his repackage album on the 20th.

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[Pic] Kim Jae Joong Repackage Album ‘Y’ Part 3

[Pic] Kim Jae Joong Repackage Album ‘Y’ Part 3

credit: ichigojj+melos64+melomic+jaeyujun
shared by: sharingyoochun.net

Momma’s Source: sharingyoochun.net

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[TRANS] 130227 The First 50,000 Copies Of Kim Jaejoong’s Repackage Album Sell Out… A Flood Of Extra Orders

[TRANS] 130227 The First 50,000 Copies Of Kim Jaejoong’s Repackage Album Sell Out… A Flood Of Extra Orders

The repackage album of JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong has been met with an explosive response.

Kim Jaejoong, who has been reviewed as a ‘meaningful evolution of the idol singer’, recently released his repackage album on the 26th, which includes the original tracks from his rock album, as well as two extra compositions.

The repackage album, which contains the sophisticated electronic dance track ‘Only Love’ and the melodious R&B ballad ‘Kiss B’, has been met with an explosive response both on and offline all across Asia.

Kim Jaejoong’s management agency C-JeS Entertainment revealed, “The first 50,000 copies of Kim Jajeoong’s repackage album were sold out as soon as they were released, and we’ve already been flooded with extra orders.”

The album’s popularity continued with ‘Only Love’ and ‘Kiss B’ topping the iTunes Charts in Thailand, Japan and the Philippines as soon as they were released online.

Meanwhile, Kim Jaejoong will be participating in a donation ceremony to UNICEF as the representative of JYJ on the 5th of March. He will then continue his Asia Tour, starting in Shanghai on the 17th of March and going on to Hong Kong and Nanjing.

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[TRANS] 130225 JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong Will Release His Repackage Album… ‘Will Continue His Sell Out Legacy’

[TRANS] 130225 JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong Will Release His Repackage Album… ‘Will Continue His Sell Out Legacy’

Kim Jaejoong’s repackage album ‘Y’ will be in his fans’ hands very soon.

Kim Jaejoong’s repackage album ‘Y’, which will be released on the 26th of this month, will include two extra songs along with the original track list. Kim Jaejoong plans to captivate music lovers once again and continue the popularity of his first solo album ‘I’, which sold over 140,000 copies.

‘I’ marked Kim Jaejoong’s transformation into a rocker and received positive reviews for also showing off his talents as a singer-songwriter. ‘Only Love’, one of the two new tracks on the repackage album, is a refreshing song that combines Kim Jaejoong’s powerful vocals and an intense beat.

The other new track ‘Kiss Rain’ is a pop-based R&B ballad with a sophisticated code pattern and a melody line that builds as the song progresses. It’s a song that will be popular amongst fans for showcasing Kim Jaejoong’s melodious voice.

Kim Jaejoong’s repackage album ‘Y’ will include a special photobook, as well as the new tracks. The album will be available online and offline from the 26th.

Meanwhile, Kim Jaejoong’s group JYJ performed at the 18th Presidential Inauguration at the 25th in Yeoido. This was the first time that JYJ participated in a broadcasted performance since the ‘KBS Drama Awards’ on the 31st of December, 2010. Kim Jaejoong, Park Yoochun and Kim Junsu got the celebrations kicking with their rendition of Seotaeji & Kids’ ‘I Know’.

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