[Trans] 140108 Kim Junsu Scores An All-Kill In Ticket Reservations For His Busan And Daegu Performances

Kim Junsu has proved his ticket power in the industry yet again.

C-JeS Entertainment stated, “Ticket reservations for the Busan and Daegu performances of ‘December: The Song That Hasn’t Ended’ were held yesterday. All of the Busan performances were sold out, and 80% of the Daegu tickets were sold, making them the most and second-most reserved musicals on Interpark.”


In the first round of ticket reservations for his Seoul performances, Kim Junsu sold 40,000 tickets, which accounted for 90% of all the seats for his performances. The 20,000 seats that were released in the second round of ticket reservations were all sold out in 10 minutes, with the 3,000 seats of his last performance selling out in 30 seconds.

A representative stated, “Despite the fact that it’s a brand new musical, Kim Junsu has succeeded in selling out his performances. He has proved yet again that he is successful, wherever he goes. Audience members of all ages highly praised Kim Junsu after his performances, and his influence has led to a successful round of ticket reservations in Busan and Daegu.”

Kim Junsu plays the role of ‘Ji Wook’ in ‘December’, captivating the hearts of his viewers with his wide range of emotions and beautiful renditions of Kim Kwang Seok’s classics such as ‘If Only Painful Love wasn’t Love At All’, ‘Because of Love’ and ‘December’.

Meanwhile, Kim Junsu will be taking a 10 day break from ‘December’ before resuming his Seoul performances on the 16th.

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[TRANS] 130104 Kim Jaejoong To Pre-Release ‘ONE KISS’ On The 8th Ahead Of his Solo Album Release

[TRANS] 130104 Kim Jaejoong To Pre-Release ‘ONE KISS’ On The 8th Ahead Of his Solo Album Release

Kim Jaejoong will be releasing ‘ONE KISS’, one of the tracks of his first solo mini album, on the 8th.

C-JeS Entertainment stated, “The title song of Kim Jaejoong’s album is ‘MINE’. As a rock collaboration with Kim Bada with an intense sound, we recently filmed a large-scale music video that fits the lyrics. We will pre-release ‘ONE KISS’ at noon on the 8th. As a song that showcases Kim Jaejoong husky, melodious and charming vocals, it’s a sophisticated song that fits the cold winter season.”

They continued to reveal, “Ahead of the mini album’s release on the 17th of January, ‘ONE KISS’ will be released online on the 8th and we plan to release the making cut and teaser videos of the ‘MINE’ music video after that.”

Kim Jaejoong’s first solo mini album will begin selling online and offline on the 7th of January. The album can be reserved offline at Kyobo Books and Synnara Records, and online on the websites of Kyobo Books, Synnara Records, Interpark, Yes24 and Aladdin. Reservations can be made till the 14th of January.

Meanwhile, Kim Jaejoong is planning a special concert titled ‘Your. My and Mine’ on the 26th and 27th of January and ticketing will begin on the 7th of January on Interpark (www.interpark.com).

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