[SCANS + TRANS] 130729 Excerpts from “The JYJ” Magazine Vol. 2 – About Friendship & “5 commandments to me of 10 years later”

About Friendship:

“Friend is one soul put together in two bodies, who understand each other and do not push you out.”
(Trans: @rubypurple_fan)


On the topic ‘friend’, Jaejoong said “Manners must be preserved [even between friends]. Recently I denounced my friendship with 3 fellows. Unfortunately, they crossed the line – the do’s and don’ts in friendship.” and “For instance, when there’s an age gap between someone and me, even if I talk informally with him, it means the distance between our hearts is shortened, not that he doesn’t need to observe his manners that should still be preserved between us. I can’t be a friend with that kind of person who ignores the line.”
(Source: @4U_JYJ Trans by: @jaetaku)

“People have left my side but a friend is someone who comes to me when I call. Someone who believes in you when others won’t.”
(Trans by: @rubypurple_fan)


When the whole world leave my side, I call ‘friend’ the one who comes to find me. Even if everyone turns their back on me and doesn’t believe in me, if there’s only one person willing to believe in me, would there be any greater consolation? – Yuchun
(Source: @gomzinae75 Trans by: Sheena)

Only one person could believe me even if everyone turn a blind eye to me or don’t believe me, there’s nothing better than this consolation. – “Yuchun”
(Source: @gomzinae75 Trans by: @064g)

“A friend is someone who takes away your sadness.”
(Trans by: @rubypurple_fan)


5 commandments to me of 10 years later:


(Trans by: @The_little_pear)
1 – Having desires and satisfying desires for the happiness of everyone
2 – You can have worries but do not hesitate
3 – The answer/solution of “revenge” is “smile” and “happiness”
4 – No pain no gain. But you of 10 years later, do not think that this is the correct answer
5 – Jaejoong ah!! Let’s be thankful for everything happened during 38 years

(Other Trans by: @chloe6002)
1. Maintain ambitiousness for the sake of everyone’s happiness
2. Not depressed though having troubles
3. Answer “revenge” with “smiles” and “happiness”
4. No pain, no gain. but 10 years later, that will be your answer!
5. Jaejoong ah!! give thanks for everything that these 38 years brought


(Trans by: @The_little_pear)
1 – Live together with mom and Yoohwanie
2 – (After getting married) Do my best as a head of household!
3 – Work harder in acting and music!
4 – Always work with CJeS like now
5 – Be a more reliable and cool man

(Other Trans by: @chloe6002)
1. To live with mum and yoohwan
2. (If get married) to do my best as the head of the family!
3. To strive harder in music and acting!
4. To continue working with C-JeS whom i am working with now
5. To become a more reliable and wonderful man


(Trans by: @The_little_pear)
1 – Junsu ah, do not forget humor and laughter no matter what happens!
2 – Live every time, every moment with challenge spirit
3 – Think positively! “I can do it” instead of “I cannot do it”
4 – Live along with music as a singer all my life
5 – Eat less chicken and more healthy foods! Be healthy!

(Other Trans by: @chloe6002)
1. Junsu ah, no matter what happens, don’t stop your humour and smiles!
2. Take on solid challenges every moment
3. Rather than saying that you are unable, may as well advance headlong towards the direction!
4. To be a lifelong singer and continue walking with music all the way
5. Crave chicken lesser and eat more foods that are good for the body! be healthy!


Scans Credit: @richun64 + JYJ DC Gall
Translated by: Ruby (@rubypurple_fan) of JYJ3 + @The_little_pear of PrinceJJ + @chloe6002 + @Sheenathe6004 + @064g
Shared by: JYJ3

JYJFantalk Source: JYJ3

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111228 Welcoming In The New Year 2012 Resolutions List by Momma Cha

I have an old 33rpm vinyl copy of the album (Souvenirs) this song is on. It still plays beautifully and brings back old memories.This song is about love unobtained–I am thankful as this New Year draws nigh that the love of my life is still by my side. Thank You, My Dear.

credit: KOUJ1328G

Years ago I would diligently make a list of New Year’s resolutions that I would sincerely intend to keep. They weren’t anything unobtainable–in fact they were quite simple pursuits such as ‘lose 50 pounds’ or ‘write a bestseller’–you know what I mean  ^^ 

I found out over time that even with the best of intentions these resolutions would pass or fail depending upon factors other than my own sheer will. Life has a way of altering your plans, however sincerely constructed, and it is nothing unusual to be facing yet another year with unfulfilled resolutions. Approaching 2012 with goals not finished in 2011 seems normal.

I have found out over time that the things that do get done are the normal everyday living things that never go on a resolution list. You cannot avoid going to the grocery store, or shopping for the family at Wal-Mart. Job obligations certainly do get addressed because money as a reward tends to keep us sharp to task. Taking the kids to the dentist gets accomplished; as does helping with homework. Most certainly working on keeping the home, family and (in my case) church duties implemented become high on the priority list. I think that the deterent to keeping our resolutions list may be in the way that we allow the world to penetrate our fortresses and keep us distracted from accomplishing the really important, life-changing things–such as losing those 50 pounds.

So am I saying that New Year’s resolutions should be banned as passe’? Am I implying that making a list and “checking it twice ‘ should only pertain to Santa? No, because there may be some people out there who determinedly press on until every last resolution is nailed to the board. If you are one of those, I am happy for you. Make your resolutions and then prove to those of us sadly lacking in fortitude that resolutions were made to be accomplished.

I’ve discovered that I will sometimes fulfill a resolution just by accident. In the course of living life some resolutions just find their way to the accomplished pile. You come across an old list and say, “My Goodness, I honestly got that one and that one done”!!  That is when the value of making the list appears–when you can smile and say you did it despite yourself.  🙂

Momma Cha @jyjfantalk

Please take this as a resolution to share with credits intact   🙂