120124 TVXQ Reunion Through AVEX?

TVXQ Reunion Through AVEX?

Recent news on the possibility of TVXQ‘s reunion is sending shockwaves throughout the industry.

On January 22nd, a Japanese article titled, “Will Avex act as the savior? TVXQ’s reunion project” surfaced. It reported of rumors of a reunion concert at Tokyo Dome orchestrated by Avex, who was previously accused of hindering JYJ‘s Japanese activities. In light of Avex’s recent under-performing releases, it is said that they are willing to go head with this project and stop hindering JYJ’s Japanese activities. Japanese superstar Ayumi Hamasaki is rumored to be negotiating on behalf of both sides.

While the news of a possible reunion is being met with enthusiasm by fans all over the world, many are skeptical of the chances of such a reunion actually occurring. The fact that this reunion is being orchestrated by Avex instead of SM Entertainment is also a cause of skepticism.

The article goes on to state, “While the reunion of TVXQ is something that many fans are waiting, the small possibility of this actually happening is an indicator of Avex’s desperation,” hinting that Avex’s recent lack of success may be reason for pursuing such a unlikely project.

TVXQ fans responded to the news with, “While it would be great if reunion happens, it seems unlikely“, “They say Avex will lead the project but I can’t trust them“, and “I hope they stop writing these pointless reunion articles“.

As no official statements have been released from any parties, it’s important to wait for these rumors and speculations to be confirmed. Stay tuned to allkpop as we await developments on this matter.

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[TRANS] 120122 “Will This Become Avex’s ‘Saviour’”? Tohoshinki Reunification Project Emerges

[TRANS] 120122 “Will This Become Avex’s ‘Saviour’”? Tohoshinki Reunification Project Emerges

Written by TheRarasaurus

This article is from a Japanese site/magazine called Nikkan Cyzo, which is rather commonly considered a tabloid. This article does NOT represent the opinions and/or beliefs of the translator and of the site, and was translated for informative purposes (and the fact that a slew of Korean articles are coming out due to information from this one)

I must once again reiterate that
(1) This is from a tabloid, please take what they write/accusations they state with a suitable pinch of salt, and
(2) we are translating to inform, and are in no way trying to back up the authenticity of the information which is written below. Please make such judgements by yourself 🙂


 In the days of the New Year, Avex, which has been shaken by Hamasaki Ayumi’s announcement of her divorce, is said to have finally begun talks of the Tohoshinki Reunification project.

“Avex released a DVD-BOX on New Year’s day which records all of Hamasaki Ayumi’s PVs and special videos since her debut. Even with the outstanding topic of ‘divorce’ being released at this stage, the success of Avex and Hamasaki Ayumi still looks hopeful“ (Music Industry Personnel)

Furthermore, another of Avex’s aces alongside Hamasaki Ayumi, EXILE, released a PV collection set at the same time as their album, but it seems that they can no longer allow sales to remain in its current state.

“On top of the long-running poor situation of the music industry, this is a time where selling just songs is not enough anymore. To this, Avex has been releasing first press editions and giving away premiums, and selling PVs on a large scale, as a change in strategy. However, despite it being good that Hamasaki Ayumi is from their company’s management, other “cash cows” artists such as Amuro Namie and Exile are under other management agencies, so they do not bring in that much money.” (as above)

Speaking of other management agencies, Avex and Korea’s SM Entertainment-managed artist has been holding large scale promotions in Japan, and are developed as artists under Avex’s own management. However, 3 of the members have broken away from the original 5 due to issues surrounding their contract with SM Entertainment, and are holding activities as JYJ, and it is said that there are talks of a project to re-unify the 5 members.

“Although currently Tohoshinki is made out of the 2 members Yunho and Changmin, the most popular member in Japan is JYJ’s Jaejoong. Initially, Avex had a contract with JYJ’s management, but due to suspicions of a person with a “dark past” in the company, the contract was disrupted. Because of this, not only has JYJ not been able to hold activities in Japan, last year there was a court dispute surrounding the charity event that they held for the Tohoku Earthquake disaster recovery. Furthermore, more trouble followed with the occurrence of the fake disaster relief charity party at the end of last year. Despite their limitations in being unable to appear in programs within Korea due to the pressures from SM Entertainment, their draw is massive. Therefore, before the troubles surrounding JYJ have been resolved, a project to get the 5 members reunited in a live performance at Tokyo Dome has emerged. If this is true, this will be the “saviour” for Avex, which has nothing left to “sell.” However, with rumours of JYJ’s “dark ties” still left unresolved, it seems that it will be hard for this project to move forward.” (Weekly Magazine Reporter)

Also, it is said that Hamasaki Ayumi is part of the team helping in this project.

“Hamasaki has close ties with JYJ from before, and has even recorded a collaborative track with (JYJ) member Junsu’s twin brother, Junho. In last year’s a-nation, Avex’s live event, due to the powerful influence of Tohoshinki’s two members “not wanting to stand on the same stage as Junho,” (Junho and Hamasaki Ayumi) were not able to sing their collaboration song and to oppose this, Hamasaki rejected the role of closing the show. She also spoke of her dissatisfaction with Avex in this matter, on twitter. Even with all the disorder, Hamasaki stands between the two sides, and is apparently negotiating for a compromise between the two sides for a reunification.” (as above)

There are many fans that hope for a reunion of TVXQ, but even with this project which is extremely difficult to realize emerging, it seems that the current situation of Avex is tough.

Source : [Nikkan Cyzo]

Translated & Shared by : dongbangdata.net

Momma’s Source: dongbangdata.net

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Editors Note: DBSK Reunion?

After reading the post concerning a possible DBSK reunion next year I thought it necessary to point out a few things. First of all, I believe that Jae stated that he missed Yunho and Changmin. He mentioned that they as members still belonged to him. Since things are subject to interpretation, it might be wise to refrain from drawing conclusions when no one except the guys could possibly know the answers. It is irresponsible reporting to make a statement this bold, that they will be back together next year, especially in light of the present lawsuit situation. For right now–let us just love all five and wait on crucial decisions before drawing inflammatory conclusions. I would love to see our five members back together and happy, but time will have to tell this tale. 

Credit: Momma Cha @jyjfantalk.com

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