[TRANS] 120104 JYJ, Fugitives Of K-Pop Who Refused To Be ‘Slaves’, What Will Their Fate Be…

[TRANS] 120104 JYJ, Fugitives Of K-Pop Who Refused To Be ‘Slaves’, What Will Their Fate Be…

Written by melodiamuse

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[Lee Dong Yeon’s K-pop Odyssey] K-pop’s Amazing Fandom
 -Written by Professor Lee Dong Yeon Of the Korea National University of Arts

A K-pop craze is at its peak these days. In cities such as Tokyo, Beijing, Bangkok, even Paris, London and New York, K-pop is rising as a global pop genre. Broadcasting programs and internet media are raving that K-pop has become a global icon that showcases the cultural superiority of Korea to the world. But how much do we really know about K-pop? In what conditions did K-pop emerge into the limelight of global pop? How is K-pop music made, and how is it consumed? Is K-pop sustainable?

The K-pop we know isn’t real K-pop. This is because K-pop only deals with music from idols. It is also because the outside and inside of K-pop are cut off from each other. It is because international K-pop fans and domestic music fans see K-pop from different perspectives. K-pop is like Samsung, that has become a global corporation through its non-union myth. Though the idol groups have become global stars by working hard, the outlet for them to talk about their own troubles and pains has been blocked. Like Samsung, the global corporation without a union, K-pop is a global pop genre with no freedom and unlimited competition.

Though it’s true that there exists a global craze for K-pop, it’s been exaggerated by the media. Why is that? It’s because the media has a collusive relationship with entertainment production companies. More than 20 Korean press companies came together to cover the SM Town Live in LA concert in 2010. Of course, all expenses were paid for by SM. The day after the performance, a flood of articles praising K-pop came from the reporters who enjoyed the concert for free, and thanks to this, the stocks of Lee Soo Man, SM’s largest shareholder, shot up by 6 billion Won in the blink of an eye. Lee Soo Man’s stocks currently are valued at over 200 billion Won while Yang Hyeon Seok’s stocks from YG Entertainment, which went public last year, are valued at over 140 billion Won. The Korea Tourist Service, Inc. funded SM with 300 million Won for the 2011 SM Town Live in Paris concerts. K-pop has dominated the domestic market and has set its sights on the world with highly concentrated aid from the media and the government.

K-pop is a universal phenomenon, created by global fans who like music from idols in their teens to their 20s. It’s become a global sensation, not because it’s recognized for its musical talent, but more because it’s filling the gap left by idol pop of the past in the global music market. K-pop music creates unusual music by taking into consideration the trends of American pop and incorporating great dance moves, and an ironic situation has come about where third-party music markets are now imitating K-pop in return.

Professor Lee Dong Yeon of the Korea National University of Arts, who has played a big role in the creation of the Korea Pop Music Awards and has approached Korea’s pop music in a serious perspective through works such as ‘Idol’, has begun a series to explain K-pop. This series plans to delve into the secrets behind the ins and outs, the music and its industrial nature, and the creation and consumption of K-pop. This 10 part series will greet readers on a weekly basis and the first topic is JYJ, the perfect representation of the present state of K-pop.

▲JYJ made the problematic practices behind Korean idols’ contracts, which have even been compared to ‘slavery’, an issue in society once more.

JYJ are Exiled

JYJ are outcast of K-pop, fugitives. They are the Homo Sacer of K-pop, scared fugitives. According to Roman Law, Homo Sacer refers to a person who has been exiled, killed by someone, or erased from society and has his citizen rights taken away. But JYJ are neither political fugitives nor social rejects. We can’t make the conclusion that JYJ are as misfortunate as the lonely and worn out political refugees since they are still top stars in K-pop who have a large fandom. But they have the characteristics of exiled refugees and fugitives as they are unable to do what they wish in their own country.

JYJ are currently unable to appear on broadcasted programs like most celebrities. The only broadcasted program they’ve been in as a group was the airing of their congratulatory performance at the Daegu IAAF World Championships in September, 2011. Since leaving TVXQ two years ago, they have released official albums and sold many of them both domestically and internationally, but they have not received a single award at any domestic music awards ceremonies. Considering the fact that their first two albums ‘The Beginning’ and ‘In Heaven’ have each sold over 350,000 copies regardless of the deteriorating state of the album market, it’s almost impossible to understand why they have not even been named in nominee lists for Korea’s music awards ceremonies. Looking back on the fact that JYJ were named honorary ambassadors of the ‘Jeju 7 Wonders of the Natural World Nomination’ but had their performance cancelled for doubtful reasons, and the fact that their scheduled appearance on KBS ‘Music Bank’ never happened, we can come to the conclusion that there is either someone who is systematically hindering their activities or a large-scale interest group that has been working together to silence JYJ.

JYJ’s fans state that the people behind this hindrance is SM Entertainment, JYJ’s former agency. This is because they firmly believe that the only group of people capable of putting a stop to JYJ’s domestic broadcasted activities are SM Entertainment, who have been dissatisfied with the trio’s actions from the start. JYJ publicly exposed the unclear income division and unlawful nature of their contract with SM, and put the entertainment agency, that had been doing so well, in a bind. JYJ’s fans believe that SM is hindering JYJ’s activities as much as possible to exemplify what becomes of those who betray them, and to plant a sense of silent obedience in the minds of the idol groups currently in SM. It’s a plot that seems to have come straight from the life of a gangster. Even if a fatal blow was struck on TVXQ, the agency’s greatest idol group, and their activities, SM seems to have come to the conclusion that they can use their production power and authority to raise their current trainees, who are counting the days till they make their own debuts, to TVXQ’s high position. To SM, TVXQ are the filial sons who showed everyone the might of the company’s entertainment production power, but they are also the concubine’s child, who can be discarded at any moment.

SM’s Erroneous Judgment

There are two reasons why SM believed that they could incapacitate JYJ by putting a break on the group’s activities. One is that SM believes that, as the most powerful idol group production company of K-pop,  they will be able to affect JYJ’s broadcasted activities. Due to the nature of Korean pop culture, it is impossible to be a hit in the industry without any broadcasted activities. The role that SM idol groups have in cable and major broadcasted channels is one of great power and presence. More members from these groups appear as regulars on music programs, variety shows and radio programs than members from any other idol group from any other entertainment agency. Even if direct pressure isn’t being applied by SM, broadcasting companies can’t help but tread on glass as SM is home to many of their programs’ regulars, and they can’t properly consider allowing JYJ to appear on their programs without SM’s tacit approval.The only reason why JYJ were able to appear on KBS during the closing ceremony of the ’2011 Daegu IAAF World Championships’ was because the program wasn’t under the entertainment sector. Though the broadcasting companies claim that they can’t allow JYJ to appear on their shows because of their lawsuit with SM, this argument has lost its persuasive power as the Courts have already laid down the verdict that SM’s exclusive contract with TVXQ was unlawful. Also, it has been reported that the Fair Trade Commission received a petition stating that SM was hindering JYJ’s activities, and is currently preparing to impose hundreds of millions of Won in fines as they have found proof of these hindrances through an investigation.

The second reason is that SM probably came to the conclusion that JYJ would not be able to secure a proper management system that levels up to the one they had as TVXQ. To be popular both domestically and internationally, idol groups require, not only talent, but a systematic management system that will take care of them. Idol groups require a large staff for music production, choreography, wardrobe choice and scheduling. SM seemed to have believed that in a sitaution where broadcasted activities were difficult to obtain, it would be close to impossible for JYJ to succeed without a powerful support system from an agency, even though they were former members of TVXQ.

But the strange thing is that JYJ are on a winning streak. Ironically, the two-member TVXQ, who are receiving full support from SM, are less active than JYJ. Even fans of the former TVXQ are fully behind JYJ’s activities and cause. When comparing the sell-out rate of concerts, popularity of showcases, album sales, activities as CF models and internet search rankings, it can be concluded that three-member JYJ are much more successful than the two-member TVXQ. Why is this happening?

▲Chairman Lee Soo Man of SM Entertainment is the representative icon of the Korean idol pop, or K-pop, success story. He is also the representative icon of idol stars’ slave contracts. 

The Definition of the Fandom

The most important factor that SM has overlooked since TVXQ’s unlawful contract controversy began was the power of fandoms. It seems as though SM believed that there would to little to no unrest within the fandom if they kept the group going under the name ‘TVXQ’, even without the three members who left. They believed that as long as they kept the name of TVXQ alive, the fans would continue to cheer at and support the name. But their predictions were off. The majority of TVXQ’s fandom began supporting JYJ’s activities. What was important to the fans was not the name itself, but what defined TVXQ. With SM distorting the trio’s just cause into greed for an independent business, and with the other two members of TVXQ writing statements that threw the blame on the trio, TVXQ’s fandom moved towards JYJ’s side. JYJ were the definition and truth of what TVXQ had been. Fans believe that though JYJ no longer call themselves TVXQ, they continue to walk down the right path that TVXQ should follow as musicians, only under a new name.

Then what does JYJ’s fandom stand for? The fans strive to be the ones who protect their favorite musicians. It is in this point that fans can be deemed selfish. Fandoms act as exclusive as they can to protect their stars. That is why this fandom wants the separation of their favorite stars and the production company that made those stars who they are now. Though it’s true that stars are able to be active in the industry because of their production companies, the fandom believes that their stars won’t disappear just because they don’t have that production company anymore. To fandoms, production companies are a necessary evil and an inconvenient truth. Though their favorite stars need a powerful production company to succeed, they do not want to see their stars placed under strict control from these companies that have gained power and wealth from the fans’ economic investments. Furthermore, if their favorite stars’ contract is unlawful, if their schedule is suicidal and if they aren’t receiving a fair division of income, production companies can’t help but become a public enemy to the fans. The fandom’s distrust in SM, TVXQ’s production company, dates back many years. With HOT and Shinhwa’s past conflicts with SM over unlawful exclusive contracts in their minds, fans lived in fear that TVXQ could hit a snag at the height of their popularity over their own unlawful contracts.

When that fear became reality, TVXQ’s fandom chose to side with justice over the name itself. They created a base camp to support the three members of TVXQ and declared war on SM. With detailed logic and substantial proof, they explained why TVXQ’s contract was unlawful, why the members weren’t receiving a fair portion of their income and why SM wasn’t revealing the exact profits from TVXQ’s Japanese activities, successfully stirring up positive public sentiment. Also, they submitted petitions declaring that TVXQ’s contract was unlawful to the Fair Trade Commission and when JYJ’s broadcasted activities were blocked, submitted another petition that expressed the fans’ suspicions that SM was behind it. They were not afraid to go from being TVXQ’s fandom to JYJ’s fandom. Also, they collected donations to set up a support campaign for JYJ under the slogan, “We Support Your Youth”. In order to protest against JYJ’s inability to appear on broadcasted programs, they created satirical advertisements such as ‘You want to sing on TV? How dare you?’ and ’101 Ways to Get JYJ on TV’. While JYJ were living as fugitives, their compatriots were forming a new just republic.

The Source of Happiness, Free Will

Then, are JYJ, the fugitives of K-pop, happy? Of course they are. They are happy because of what their fandom stands for. JYJ’s source of happiness can appear to be commercial success on the outside. Since making their official debut in 2010, JYJ have been as successful as they were as TVXQ. They’ve sold at least 1.2 million albums in total with two albums, solo single albums, OST albums and concert albums. They appeared in over ten CFs, which include Lotte Duty Free, and not only have they released photobooks, an essay and DVDs, but all three members have also been appearing in movies, musicals and dramas. Including their live tour in Japan, their 2010 worldwide showcase and their 2011 world tour, they’ve held a total of 33 performances for 550,000 people. They’ve attained more economic wealth than they did as members of TVXQ, and have achieved more fame than the two-member TVXQ.

But the real reason as to why JYJ are happy lies in the fact that they are now in a free environment that puts them in control and allows them to choose their own activities. No longer do they merely wait to be told what to do by their agency, but they have now recovered their free will and are able to choose their own activities, and this is their true source of happiness. JYJ are currently not listed under any agency and are signed an agency contract with C-JeS Entertainment, giving the agency work that is required to keep the group going. Different from their days as TVXQ when they were given their schedules by SM, they have full control of what they will be doing. They now produce their own music and are expressing their wish to be called artistes. They now have the right to make the decisions on things such as holding concerts, performing as a unit and releasing albums, without having to tread on glass or get approval. Though they have become fugitives who have had to give up their nationality as members of TVXQ, they have been granted the right to make their own decisions. They’ve given up their original name and vested rights, but have in turn gained the free will to think and act as they please. Is this not the dream that many K-pop musicians should have?

▲TVXQ once released a song that had nuances of criticism against the members of JYJ.

Reuniting as TVXQ Once More?

TVXQ, who were once praised as the most perfect group in Korea’s idol group history, have now been divided into TVXQ and JYJ. This fateful split that occurred when they were at the top of their game can’t help but be a misfortune and tragedy for fans. Though it would have been best if all five members had left SM and pursued independent activities like Shinhwa, personal interests and misunderstandings got tangled up, leading to the split of the group.

Fans of the former TVXQ and even current fans of JYJ have all probably dreamt of the group’s reunion at least once. Of the two remaining members canceling their contracts, leaving SM and reuniting with the three members as TVXQ, that is. This is because there is little to no chance of JYJ returning to SM because they miss the name ‘TVXQ’. This leads to the question, will the two members of TVXQ be able to leave SM? And will they be able to exercise their power under the name TVXQ once more?

That is most probably impossible. As long as SM doesn’t give up their trademark rights to ‘TVXQ’, it will be impossible for any reunion to happen under the name ‘TVXQ’. There isn’t much of a possibility for U-Know Yunho and Choikang Changmin, the members of TVXQ who made the decision to stay in SM and have been active till now as a two-member group, to put into action the thoughts they must have had at one time of leaving SM. Even if it was possible, it would be impossible for them to use the name ‘TVXQ’. That leaves only two possible ways for the five members to get back together as TVXQ. The first is to accept the reality of a two-member TVXQ and a three-member JYJ, but to recognize JYJ as members of TVXQ in one’s heart. This means giving the three members of JYJ the actual authority and power behind the name ‘TVXQ’, though they are unable to use the name and though a two-member TVXQ exists under SM. In short, this means accepting the reality that the name and the contents of that name don’t match. In this case, JYJ will still have had to give up their original nationality as members of TVXQ, but will forever live as fugitives who are given a symbolic prestige and authority by fans.

The second way is highly unlikely, but draws the scenario in which the two remaining members of TVXQ leave SM and join JYJ. Even in this case, they will not be able to perform under the name ‘TVXQ’, but they will be able to regain their identity as members of TVXQ. This will be because all five members of TVXQ will have chosen exile together. The name doesn’t really matter. They could end up being JYJYC or YCJYJ. Though there were misunderstandings and hostility in the past, fans probably wish for the second scenario to happen. Even if it means being unable to call the five members TVXQ, and having to call them a new name of exile. As long as they are together, it doesn’t matter.

Source: [Pressian]

Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

Momma’s Source: dongbangdata.net

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Editors Note: North Korea’s Change of Leadership

Our prayers go out to the people of North Korea. Regardless of how people may feel about the political climate of North Korea, the pain and confusion of the loss of stability in a country such as this still impacts its residents. They are in mourning.

 We all should be prayerful that this change in leadership for North Korea will produce a more positive trend in the future of that country. There is lack of maturity in the successor, and reading that he possesses ruthlessness is not a good sign. People are not meant to be held down, uninformed, and listening to only one family’s voice. It is also sad to realize that there is no election process that gives the people choice for change.

I pray for South Korea because they are so close to this situation. We want safety for them and their children, and we want safety for Jaejoong, Yunho, Yoochun, Junsu, Changmin and their families. We do not need another Korean Conflict. The article mentions the number of United States soldiers in South Korea but not the numbers of the South Korean army. South Korea ultimately bears the weight of her own destiny with help from her allies.

China plays a pivotal role here, and it makes me uncomfortable to know how indebted we are as a nation to China. How do you hold their respect and encourage them to listen to your voice?

Momma Cha @jyjfantalk

Editors Note: Controversy Over Attendance at Spain Concert

Well… I think this could be classified as an all-time low. Not only are people speculating as to whether C-Jes or our Boys or whomever stuffed the boxes; exaggerated the ticket sales; etc.etc. for the Barcelona (and probably Germany’s) concert–but they are also trying to show proof through pictures and testimonies of the actual attendance. Here is my opinion. It doesn’t matter either way. However the fans got there, and however many of them were there–they enjoyed the concert; our Guys enjoyed the concert; and even if there had only been two people there, JYJ would have performed just as hard; just as long; and just as passionately. 

You see, people who nitpick JYJ or HoMin, or any other K-Pop group out there have lost sight of one thing. You are there for the music and the performance. Yes, it could have been a crucial factor if there were an extremely low attendance–but there wasn’t. It could have been devastating if JYJ had decided to cancel their appearance because they thought that too few fans were out there. It could even have been criminal if C-Jes and JYJ had conspired together to dupe the public as to the number of VIP seats and actual ticket sales.  I somehow do not believe that they did.

So, where does that leave this so-called controversy? Basically in our hands as judge and jury, and I personally refuse to open the case. I am ecstatically happy that Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu got opportunity to not only visit Europe but to leave a lasting impression of talent, professionalism, and good will.

 I was not there, but what I can surmise from the videos, pictures, and the majority of the postings is a win-win situation. Europe loved JYJ. JYJ loved Europe. Period. Just as America loves them (yours truly), Canada, England, Australia, Thailand, Korea, Japan, China,Taiwan, Vietnam, Mexico, Norway, Denmark, Spain, Peru, Germany–need I name more? A large portion of the world loves Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu.

Let’s stop worrying about all of the gain-sayers. Let us just continue to love, support, smile at [ Jaejoong in Come On Over  🙂  ] and anticipate each new day with JYJ. I bet your BP will thank You.

 Credit: Momma Cha @jyjfantalk  Please do not remove the credits

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Editors Note: I’m Sitting On Top Of The World

There is an age-old song entitled, “I’m Sitting on Top of the World”  that is appropriate to the Lee Soo Man interview.
Here is a version sung by Frank Sinatra with Lyrics

“I’m Sitting On Top Of The World”

Credited Songwriters: Henderson, Ray/Lewis, Sam M./ Young, Joe

I’m Sitting On Top of The World
Just rolling along, just rolling along

And I’m quitting the blues of the world
Just singing a song, just singing a song

Glory, Hallelujah, I just phoned the parson
“Hey, Par, Get Ready To Call”
Just like Humpty Dumpty
I’m going to fall

And I’m sitting on top of the world
Just rolling along, oh, rolling along

credit: ian20022004

When you’re sitting on top the only eventual way out is down.

Momma’s Source: youtube

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Editors Note: DBSK Reunion?

After reading the post concerning a possible DBSK reunion next year I thought it necessary to point out a few things. First of all, I believe that Jae stated that he missed Yunho and Changmin. He mentioned that they as members still belonged to him. Since things are subject to interpretation, it might be wise to refrain from drawing conclusions when no one except the guys could possibly know the answers. It is irresponsible reporting to make a statement this bold, that they will be back together next year, especially in light of the present lawsuit situation. For right now–let us just love all five and wait on crucial decisions before drawing inflammatory conclusions. I would love to see our five members back together and happy, but time will have to tell this tale. 

Credit: Momma Cha @jyjfantalk.com

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EDITORS NOTE: Impressions Of “Protect The Boss” and “Scent Of A Woman”

110822 Editorial Impressions of “Protect The Boss” and “Scent  Of  A Woman”

Earlier I posted my impressions of the first “Protect The Boss” and “Scent Of A Woman’ episodes. At the time, I kept them separate, but as time has gone on, I am beginning to see these two dramas as related one to another. We catch glimpses and inferences; images and cameos that link these two productions together as a part of the work of JYJ. The old saying,”You can’t keep a good man down” applies here because the sheer, raw talent of Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu are what is keeping them in the public eye despite the setbacks from their contract disputes. Even the negative things keep their names in the headlines, and that is a blessing. It means that they are constantly before us and producing excellent work that has to be acknowledged even by those who oppose them.

“Protect The Boss” continues to entertain with that underlying theme of corporate rivalry between the Cha male cousins. This rivalry presents itself as continually desiring and having to share goals and people. Somehow, I believe that they are going to have to realize that they will accomplish more together as allies than rivals. How their love lives will turn out is still hard to guess, but both of them deserve happiness. One element that disturbs me is the amount of violence displayed between parent and son, and subsequently between other characters in the drama. It is treated in a comical manner, but relays a subtle message. Also, the amount of maneuvering, backbiting, and intrique are social problems showcased in “Protect The Boss’, and also in ‘Scent of A Woman’.

“Scent Of A Woman” is one of the best Korean melodramas I have viewed. It has such realism, including the circumstances that bring Lee Yoon Jae to a place of desperation, and the fight of Kang Ji Wook against the old system of arranged marriages. There are so many layers to this drama there could have been three or four dramas produced with the available material.

We are finally seeing by Episode 9 the truth about Lee Yoon Jae’s cancer coming to light. Kang Ji Wook literally stands at the door of discovery of what has been motivating Lee Yoon Jae all this time. Will he be strong enough to withstand this new problem in their relationship on top of every other obstacle that has come their way?  Does Kang Ji Wook deserve to lose every family tie in pursuit of his relationship with Lee Yoon Jae. We will just have to wait and see how this all turns out. We may not get what we want, which would be freedom from cancer and therefore life for Lee Yoon Jae, and deliverance from a corporate world rife with inner intrigues and obligations for Kang Ji Wook, but we can hope for the best conclusion. Since we are all imaginative, we can make our own endings if this turns out negatively. The angst in this melodrama is palpable and touches the heart. We can all learn from watching this drama unfold.

Credit: Momma Cha @jyjfantalk.com

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EDITORS NOTE Kim Junsu’s Cameo Appearance in “Scent Of A Woman”

Editors Note: Kim Junsu’s Cameo Appearance in “Scent of A Woman”

First of all, it would have been nice to hear “I Can Soar” in its entirety”. I sincerely love this song. “Intoxication” is not my bent and I have never said anything different. Junsu has many facets to his personality and sometimes he can surprise you, or at least me. 😉

The joy that I got from watching June’s cameo appearance in “Scent of A Woman” was that ability he has to laugh at himself. His rapport with the audience was fun to watch, especially because you know that this is in fact a reality for him. While on the dinner date–the inferences as to what made Lee Yoon Jae love him were facetiously, wittingly, but adorably said. Junsu could sense her pain and sang a love song to try to ease it if he could.

Kim Junsu is a brilliant actor because of his musical talent, energy, and improvisational ability. He thinks on his feet and ingenious words come out spontaneously. Combining his singing with acting is a natural talent. Junsu could sing the fly out of the old woman. “You Are So Beautiful” brings tears to my eyes.

Less anyone assume that I am saying that Junsu did not put his all into this appearance, oh contrare’. Kim Junsu is a sincere, hard worker at anything he does. He takes pride in his endeavors, and this was a refreshing addition to this deeply moving drama. My love goes out to you, sweetheart. I promise to watch this again.

Credit: Momma Cha @jyjfantalk.com

Editors Note: SCENT OF A WOMAN 110803

Scent of A Woman

When I first started watching Scent of A Woman, it was with my usual attitude toward the beginning episodes of most Korean dramas. The first episode is usually designed to introduce the characters so the acting is over-the-top, but critical elements are present to introduce the main plot. By the second episode, Scent of A Woman was starting to display signs of underlying seriousness, after all, cancer is a devastating illness. There are also the undercurrents of sexual harassment of the women in the office and a company that has been abusing its employees for some time. The executive characterizations are typical–there is the spoiled heiress and the arranged marriage element also.

What has sparked my interest in this drama is the rawness of the actress Lee Yoon Jae’s portrayal of the main female character. Her style of acting here is real and believable, and she is presented as a normal woman living with her unfulfilled dreams. The emphasis on honorifics that exist in the Korean culture are addressed in her relationship with her former school friend become Doctor. Her manners are deplorable but realistic.

She deserves love, but in her anger against the cancer she strikes out at all around her, and she seeks love by deception. On Holiday, Lee Yoon Jae meets the company Director portrayed by Kang Ji Wook, and their relationship with all of its pathos is what this drama is all about.

I’m looking forward to Episode Five because I have not seen Junsu act, except in his musicals on stage, for some time. I am curious as to how much he has improved over those early films with DBSK. I believe that he will do a wonderful job. I am liking this drama more as it progresses–so if you looked at the first episode and concluded that it was trivial-think again and watch this poignant story of a woman fighting for life, love, and dignity.

Credit: Momma Cha @jyjfantalk

Editors Note on Goodbye Miss Ripley as…

Editors Note on “Goodbye Miss Ripley” as Public Exposure to “Female Victimization”

Some time ago, when “Goodbye Miss Ripley” first started airing on Mondays and Tuesdays on MBC, I stated that I would write a layman’s critical review of this melodrama at some point in its run. I wanted to do this because “Goodbye Miss Ripley” is based upon a true story. The drama that we are seeing played out actually happened and does happen every day to many people around the world. Even in modern industrial nations that boast of their ‘human rights’ agendas, women, girls, and to a lesser extent, men and boys, are being snatched from the streets; parking lots; school lots; their homes, and other environments to be sold into sex slavery in their own country or other countries. Many are simply taken and imprisoned for the perverted pleasure of one individual person. Some escape or are rescued, some are still in bondage, and some die in their imprisonment. Prostitution, which is fueled by poverty, low self-esteem, and the diverted eyes of authority, still runs rampant in every town.

Some third world countries still have slavery as it has existed, in its original form, throughout the centuries.

Incest and rape exist in large proportions right in victim’s family homes–in places where the right to live peaceably and quietly is expected to be a guarantee. Perversion on the Internet enters many peoples lives either as “entertainment’ or as “fuel” that leads to the abuse of others.

Those of us sitting safely in our homes enjoying “Goodbye Miss Ripley” for the sake of watching a good melodrama, or just supporting Park Yoochun in his work as an actor, cannot imagine the fear and degrading circumstances that these victims face. This is a global tragedy of infinite proportions, and even though “Goodbye Miss Ripley’ is not the atypical Asian drama, it has its place in educating and alerting those who watch it to the tragic results of neglecting and dehumanizing people in our societies. The story line of “Miss Ripley” is built upon the placement of orphans, without proper assessment by professionals of the families adopting, and the situations of adoption.

I sat down to write about this melodrama as a whole, but I find myself more concerned about exploring the reasons behind Miss Ripley’s character. Her inability to trust is what fuels her behavior, with fear as the predominant motivator of her actions. Over time, her survival methods have dulled her conscience to what is right and wrong to the extent that she has no inhibitions against lying, stealing, and using others to achieve her personal goals. She lives in a world of denial, unable to see her own faults and continually blaming others for her crimes. She possesses cunning, another survival instinct, that keeps her ahead of the game.
Miss Ripley does have feelings and desires to live free of poverty as is revealed in her pursuit of first Jang Myeong Hoon, Manager of the Hotel, and then her subsequent pursuit of Song Yuhyun based upon his more elevated status as the Junior CEO of the Conglomerate Mondo Resort Group. She rises to the top by forging her credentials and employing devious methods to achieve her goals. Miss Ripley exploits her lifelong friend from the orphanage by taking everything valuable from her to create value for herself.

As Miss Ripley has unfolded, the intricacy of the characterizations has been impressive. What gives this drama strength is its basis in reality, and the ability of the screenwriters to merge so many personalities in creating such a poignant story. The ending to this melodrama is still yet to come. We wait with bated breath to discover whether the redemption of Miss Ripley’s character is nigh–or will she fall victim once again to those who neglected her earlier in life.

Credit: Momma Cha, MASL @ jyjfantalk.com

Access Translation: 110530 Five Key Reasons Why “Miss Ripley” Should Not Be Missed for another written assessment of “Miss Ripley”. or key in Miss Ripley in the search box for other articles.


Editors Note: ‘Fan Means More than Fanatic’

The Merriam-Webster 11th Collegiate Dictionary 2002 edition features this definition of fanatic: ‘marked by excessive enthusiasm and often intense uncritical devotion’. Using this definition as a base to define exactly what the term ‘fan’ denotes is as difficult as defining the word ‘color’.

There are so many variant shades and types of fans in the world– to classify them all in one definition is almost impossible.

Fan can mean someone who generally likes another person’s approach to singing, dancing, writing, acting, golfing, etc. , or it can mean, on the extreme scale, someone who is willing to give up their everyday existence to emulate and embrace another individual’s talents and personality. Where do we as JYJCY, JYJ, or HoMin fans fall on this measurement line?

It is going to vary from individual to individual based upon several factors:

a. age

b. gender

c. country of origin

d. musical preferences

c. personal intentions……….

I could keep going, but there are too many reasons to list as to why someone reacts to another person so intensely, especially within a fandom base of such world-wide status. What is important is not so much whether the fan supports their person(s) of choice but how they support them. Normally support comes in the form of buying albums, items, etc.; and attending concerts that are produced by (in our instance) five energetic, talented, appealing young males who invest more energy into us than we give. What goes beyond the norm is the intensity of love that motivates the fandom to give beyond that energy level into the realm of supporting not only the stars(s) themselves, but also offering support to the causes that these individual stars embrace. Then you have the possibility of a true ‘fanatic’ that fits the dictionary definition–someone who is extremely supportive and who loves unconditionally.
I believe that I can safely say that the majority of us fit this description. That means that the term fanatic, which can be viewed as negative, becomes a positive. I believe that JYJCY and many others have good moral fiber that helps inspire others to philanthropic behavior. The recipients of this benevolence — the young and the elderly; hungry, handicapped or homeless( just as examples) ; or just those who have need of some encouragement will benefit from the love poured out on them by the fandom.
What would make me extremely happy would be the ability of this fandom to pour out that kind of love on each other. Strength and resources increase in proportion to numbers. A unified fandom would mean more work accomplished and much greater influence. I applaud our sisters and brothers, and encourage them to keep pursuing causes that help to make this world a better place.

Credit; Momma Cha @jyjfantalk.com

Editors Note SM Entertainment To Revise Contracts The…

Editors Note: SM Entertainment To Revise Contracts

The posting below was published on December 23rd, 2010. As we all know, in the world of litigation and contractual issues there are no regards to timeline if the information is pertinent to a case. This article outlines the changes in contract language and the court desired intentions of SM Entertainment toward it’s entertainers.
Court-ordered changes were issued, were these changes implemented? Also, did SM’s entertainers appreciate or want these contractual changes?

Over the span of history, there are well-documented examples of people who did not want to escape
servitude. After the issuance of The Emancipation Proclamation by Abraham Lincoln toward the end of the American Civil War, and it’s subsequent ratification by Congress, there were many slaves who chose not to leave their masters, and many masters who put pressure on their slaves to stay. These slaves then became servants and had to be paid for their work.

Even as far back as 1 A.D. Greek and Roman slaves who chose to stay with their masters were attached to their master’s household by having a hole pierced through their ear into the post of the dwelling. A gold ring was then worn to publicly declare the willingness of the servant to give up his or her freedom to serve their master.

All this to say that everyone inside SM Entertainment’s borders may not be appreciative of all the hard work and sacrifice that JYJ and others before them have given to provide them more freedom, but despite that there may be many who do and would appreciate new and reasonable contract revisions that will allow them more freedom to pursue their personal goals.

Junsu, Jaejoong, and Yoochun–your labor and sacrifice has not been in vain and may be more appreciated than you realize. We as your loving supporters are certainly appreciative of what you have taken upon yourselves to do, advertently or inadvertently–the revision and reshaping of the Korean entertainment Industry.

We Do This For Us All

Credit: Momma Cha@http://jyjfantalk.com/


Editors Note: AVEX Statement on Withdrawal of Provisional Injunction

Avex would have us to believe that they have won the day by stating that ‘on the grounds that the case
would have been dismissed anyway” –C-JeS and Zak Corporastion have withdrawn the JYJ petition for the provisional injunction for the Charity concert in Japan.

I am more inclined to believe that there is another reason altogether for withdrawal of the provisional injunction, and until we hear C-JeS and Zak Corporation’s rebuttal on this matter–I conclude that Avex
would have lost this case.

Avex is no stronger than SM so we keep fighting their claims and support our guys. The sadness is in the refusal on Avex’s part to give ground on an issue of charity and humanity.

It must be nice sleeping in your warm beds at night while other Japanese people are struggling to survive. Shame one thousand times. Momma Cha

Translation 110602 The Reason I Know Park Yoochun…

[Translation] 110602 The Reason I Know Park Yoochun Though I Don’t Know Micky Yoochun

I'm Real

[T/N: As you can see through the use of first person, this is an editorial by a news reporter. Enjoy~]

I don’t really know Micky Yoochun as a singer very well. But I do know something about Park Yoochun as an actor. To tell you the truth, I don’t really know just how amazing Micky Yoochun was in TVXQ, an idol group that conquered(?) Japan and Asia.

To make an excuse for myself, I say that it’s okay that I don’t know much about Micky Yoochun as a singer because when TVXQ was most active, I wasn’t a reporter for the entertainment sector and I was well past the age for liking idol groups. I do know that he and two other members left SM Entertainment and formed a new group JYJ, only to have a hard time finding opportunities for TV appearances as broadcasting companies continue to be hesitant due to SM’s influence. Right now, I will be talking about Park Yoochun as an actor rather than Micky Yoochun.

Last week, Park Yoochun beat fierce competition at the ‘Baeksang Arts Awards’ to win the Best Male Newcomer Award and the Popularity Award for TV dramas. He looked quite radiant as he held his trophies and smiled brightly. To be honest, I had prejudices stacked against Park Yoochun even before I met him. The source of this came from the fact that he is from an idol group.

Though I admitted that the role of these beautiful male and female idols in the industry was to dance on stage and please the eyes of the viewers, their domination of the music industry made me wonder if the ‘Ga’ of Gasoo(singer) actually meant ‘Beautiful(佳)’, leaving a sour taste in my mouth as I saw the reality of what this industry had become.

Recently, Lee Minho of the drama ‘City Hunter’ stated, “There was a time when I would get upset at the fact that idol group members got lead roles with such ease when I had to go through countless auditions to receive a small role.” I agreed with his sentiments.

This was what I thought about as I saw Park Yoochun making his acting debut through ‘SungKyunKwan Scandal’. I thought, ‘They’re making a youth drama with young actors who are popular with teens,’ and ‘They must have included Park Yoochun in the cast list for these young fans.’ But to my surprise, I saw this guy take his role seriously and subconsciously show off such a high level of concentration. His great acting that went well above my expectations made me see Park Yoochun in a new light.

I recently met Park Yoochun for a while during a report on MBC’s ‘Miss Ripley’. His sincere and serious explanation of the drama and his character made me think that he must have done a lot of preparation for the interview. In the back of my head, there was also the thought, “This is a facade that will soon slip.” But he answered the shower of questions directed at him with sincere and deep answers. He also replied to all questions with a humble manner and a smile.

When I heard that he gets an hour of sleep a day as he juggles his World Tour with filming for his drama, I felt my heart go out to him in sympathy. Even being considerate of the other actors with him, his replies and attitude during the interview were perfect. When we asked him questions regarding JYJ’s inability to appear on TV, promising to not publish articles if he answered truthfully, he smiled brightly and left us with the answer “I want~ to!”

Park Yoochun! He is the first person to break the stereotypes I had about idol group members. This may be one of the reasons why I’m anticipating his work in ‘Miss Ripley’.

Source: [Busan Daily]
Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net
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IT IS SO DISGUSTING when corporations such as KBS try to ‘pull the wool’ over the eyes of JYJ Fans. As a “‘fanily”, we are aware of every album, and every single that JYJ puts out there. Why? It is because we love them and await every opportunity to listen to their music or watch them perform on DVD. ‘The Beginning’ is an album. In my opinion, ‘Their Rooms’ is an album accompanied by a book. After all, the book includes the lyrics to their songs. So this is my say on this KBS matter. STOP making excuses for decisions that you made to ignore, eliminate opportunity, bow to SM, etc. that are now staring you in the face.

JYJ is a quality group of talented, popular singers, composers, musicians, actors, models, director, athletes, and dancers. They are also excellent leaders. This group is more appreciated, loved, and supported than you can even imagine. So–call a spade a spade, admit your mistakes, and, in future, give our guys some much deserved respect. BTW C-Jes, netizens do count.

Momma Cha

EDITORS NOTE I believe that we have to…


I believe that we have to analyze motivation and method here. The goal is to discourage producers from approaching Yoochun or JYJ with any offers of drama work based on the possibility that the producers may not be able to properly market the production due to outside interference. This is a dirty, underhanded trick that certainly needs to be approached with a unified front.on the part of the producers, promoters, and actors because it is not aimed exclusively at Yoochun or JYJ but at anyone who decides to use their talent. Despicable is a mild term for this type of blacklisting. Grow up Folks. Your game is transparent. Momma Cha

Translation 110503 JYJ’s Yoochun – Appearance On “Seung Seung Jang Gu” Cancelled Also?

Regarding the controversy of the cancellation of group JYJ’s Park Yoochun and MBC’s new drama “Ripley”‘s lead actors appearance on t.v. program “Come to Play”, greater controversy has resulted from the fact that Park Yoochun had previously been rejected from appearing in KBS program “Seung Seung Jang Gu” also.

At the time, Park Yoochun was supposed to appear on the episode of “Seung Seung Jang Gu” that was featuring actor Kim Gapsu as a guest, and was chosen to appear in the “guest that arrived in secret corner” of the episode.

However on the day before recording of the episode, KBS delivered a sudden notification that his appearance on the show would not be possible. This information was reported to Kim San Woo and other actors of the drama and also to Kim Gapsu on the morning of the recording day.

Previous to this incident, a similar incident swelled with MBC’s entertainment program. MBC’s mini series on Mondays and Tuesdays for the actors of the drama “Ripley” on “Come to Play” ended in failure, and it has been said that these are further restrictions that have been made on Park Yoochun’s activities through external pressures.

Netizens who came across this information reacted by saying, “Because of the external pressures from all these companies, are all appearances by particular artists going to end in failure?” “Something suspicious is going on..” and has led to other negative reactions.

source: ajnews
credit: mldyhrmny blog
trans+shared by: sharingyoochun.net
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