[TRANS] 130227 JYJ Talk About What Happened 4 Years Ago For The First Time, “We Couldn’t Do Anything”

[TRANS] 130227 JYJ Talk About What Happened 4 Years Ago For The First Time, “We Couldn’t Do Anything”

JYJ (Kim Jaejoong, Park Yoochun, Kim Junsu) recently confessed how hard it was for them after leaving TVXQ.

The members talked about the things they had kept locked in their hearts for the past 1000 days in the magazine ‘The JYJ THE STORY OF 1000 DAYS’.

Regarding their decision to leave TVXQ in 2009, JYJ explained, ‘At the time, some people in the industry and the public made speculations about us and attacked us. But we couldn’t do anything but stay silent. The flood of criticism and the ridiculous rumors ripped us apart. But we didn’t respond to them. That was because we knew that reacting would be nothing but ‘Spitting on our own faces’ in this situation.”

Park Yoochun said, “I’m sure that SM Entertainment, our agency at that time, were hurt too, but when I look back on what happened, I think we were hurt more by the whole thing. There were times when I thought, ‘What’s the use of saying things that will do nothing but hurt each other’. Though there were a lot of rumors surrounding us, we kept it locked in our hearts and repeated to ourselves, ‘This too shall pass.’ I felt like when time had passed, people and the world would come to see what the truth was.”

Kim Junsu said, “Chang Joo (CEO of C-JeS Entertainment) told us that things would get worse if we responded to every little thing, so we held back on everything. Though it was a very trying time for us, we could do nothing but hold back..”

Kim Jaejoong said, “We knew that this was a fight that we could possibly lose, but we hoped that people would understand our truth when time had passed. At the time, we had no one to speak for us, and we could do nothing but silently stand our ground. Because speaking up would lead to misunderstandings. We couldn’t express ourselves because even denying things would make us look like cowards.”

Meanwhile, Kim Jaejoong released the repackage album of his rock album on the 26th that contains two extra compositions, along with the original tracks of his first solo album.

Source: [xsports news]

Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

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[TRANS] 120918 SM vs JYJ, Negotiations Break Down Once More… Will The Lawsuit Be Extended Yet Again?

[TRANS] 120918 SM vs JYJ, Negotiations Break Down Once More… Will The Lawsuit Be Extended Yet Again?

SM Entertainment and JYJ (Kim Jaejoong, Kim Junsu, Park Yoochun) have once again failed to reach an agreement as they battle over TVXQ’s exclusive contract.

An arbitration session for JYJ’s exclusive contract lawsuit was held at the Seoul District Courts at 5pm on the 18th of September in room 579. This session had been scheduled by the judge’s orders though the final verdict had been scheduled to be made on the 13th.

So that the two sides could end the dispute with an agreement, the judge called in SM Entertainment’s CEO Kim Young Min and each side’s lawyers for an arbitration session that lasted around an hour. However, it ended in failure with both sides doing nothing but reaffirm the differences in their positions.

JYJ’s lawyer met with Star News after exiting the building and confirmed that the arbitration had failed by stating, “There were no results.” The lawyer added, “We did nothing but state our opinions and reaffirm our stances,” and “The differences in the two sides’ stances haven’t changed.”

It is said that the judging panel urged the two sides to come to an agreement during the session. The next court date has not been set, and the verdict has been postponed indefinitely. The reasoning was to give the two sides enough time to discuss and settle the dispute. This has made it almost impossible to determine when this lawsuit, which began three years ago in 2009, will finally come to an end.

SM Entertainment and JYJ’s lawyers have met several times since May, 2011 to come to an agreement and settle the issue. However, the final arbitration session of 2011 ended in failure, causing the case to be brought back to court. Though both sides gave their final pleas in May of this year, a clear difference in their stances could be seen. A final verdict was to be made this month but another arbitration session was held as the courts wish for both sides to end this dispute in an agreement.

(omitted recap of everything that’s happened till now)

Source: [Star News]

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[Trans] 120723 This Year, Which Group Artiste Will Go Solo?

[Trans] 120723 This Year, Which Group Artiste Will Go Solo?

JYJ Kim Junsu: Solo Album Released Under “Restrictions” Circumstances

His first album was seen as a protest against JYJ’s restriction. To this, Kim Junsu felt disheartened.

When JYJ, who used to be a part of TVXQ, was resolving their contract with SM Entertainment, their company filed for their restriction from appearing on any music programmes or performances. The court later on ruled against the filing, however it was said that due to SM Entertainment’s strong influence, Korean broadcasting companies had to “show some respect and gave in”. Though the filing for restriction was ruled as invalid, JYJ is still under restriction circumstances.

It has been 8 years since Kim Junsu debuted and when he released his solo album “Tarantallegra”, he continued to be absent from all music programmes, causing rumours of the “restrictions” once again.


He helplessly said, “It was not easy during the production. Especially under the circumstances knowing that I was not able to promote it on television programmes. Therefore I emphasized more on the vocal quality and MV filming. But what troubled me was that, the album was seen as me using my own energy to protest against certain issues.”

Though he was unable to escape from the rumours, his album was a big sell-out. His Asia tour tickets were selling fast and almost every stop was sold out. The 17000 tickets in Seoul was in fact sold out in 15 minutes.

JYJ Park Yoochun envied Kim Junsu’s solo album and expressed, “Looking at Junsu’s album, it’s as though my wish was fulfilled. I am proud of him and no one else can do it better than him. Therefore I want to thank him for making JYJ shine so brightly.”

source: MyPaper Singapore
trans by: rachui@sharingyoochun

Momma’s Source:  sharingyoochun.net
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News] SM Entertainment Artists To Become SM Entertainment Shareholders

[News] SM Entertainment Artists to Become SMEntertainment Shareholders

SM Entertainment, one of Korea’s largest entertainment companies, has recently announced that it would be issuing approximately $881,000 worth of new shares for its artists. As a part of their capital increase through a third party allotment, SM Entertainment artists will become major shareholders of the company, thereby effectively owning a piece of their company.

On March 26th, SM Entertainment announced the plan through DART Financial Supervisory Service, which will provide SM artists Kangta, BoA, TVXQ, Super Junior, Girl’s Generation, SHINee, f(x), Go Ara, and more of approximately $881,000 worth of SM Entertainment stock.

SM Entertainment will issue 22,120 new shares of stock with each individual share valued at 44,550 won (approximately $39 – $40 USD) each.

Kangta, BoA, and most of the Super Junior and Girls’ Generation members will be receiving 680 shares each (value of around $27,200 for each member), while SHINee and f(x) members will be receiving 340 shares each (value of around $13,600 for each member).

SM Entertainment released a statement saying, “This capital increase represents a strengthening partnership between the company and its artists, and we hope that as shareholders, our artists will share and take part in the vision and growth of the company.”

They continued, “We are expecting a global growth of the company through this renewed partnership with the artists.”

Source & Image: Starnews via Nate
Credit: Allkpop

Momma Source: sharingyoochun.net

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[INFO] University of Michigan Symposium on Hallyu 2.0: “OF THE FANS, BY THE FANS, FOR THE FANS – THE REPUBLIC OF JYJ”

[INFO] University of Michigan Symposium on Hallyu 2.0: “OF THE FANS, BY THE FANS, FOR THE FANS – THE REPUBLIC OF JYJ”

The University of Michigan will be holding a Symposium on the Hallyu Wave on April 6. One of the seminars offered during the 2nd panel is entitled: “Of the fans, by the fans, for the fans: The Republic of JYJ.”

YJ3 Note: Prof. Seung-ah Lee has presented the same topic at UC Irvine.  Event description is below:

The nationalist celebrations behind K-pop hide uncomfortable and troubled reality of the Korean entertainment industry. Far from being a paradise for aspiring young artists, SM Entertainment is a powerful industrial machinery that maintains complete control over the products it manufactures—the dancing and singing teenage boys and girls who are carefully marketed as “idol groups.” Prof. Lee’s lecture examines the JYJ fandom as an emerging social movement and analyzes both the mechanisms and logics internal to this movement.

Source: University of Michigan + University of California – Irvine
Credit: @Cecilia9095
Shared by: JYJ3

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[TRANS] 120122 “Will This Become Avex’s ‘Saviour’”? Tohoshinki Reunification Project Emerges

[TRANS] 120122 “Will This Become Avex’s ‘Saviour’”? Tohoshinki Reunification Project Emerges

Written by TheRarasaurus

This article is from a Japanese site/magazine called Nikkan Cyzo, which is rather commonly considered a tabloid. This article does NOT represent the opinions and/or beliefs of the translator and of the site, and was translated for informative purposes (and the fact that a slew of Korean articles are coming out due to information from this one)

I must once again reiterate that
(1) This is from a tabloid, please take what they write/accusations they state with a suitable pinch of salt, and
(2) we are translating to inform, and are in no way trying to back up the authenticity of the information which is written below. Please make such judgements by yourself 🙂


 In the days of the New Year, Avex, which has been shaken by Hamasaki Ayumi’s announcement of her divorce, is said to have finally begun talks of the Tohoshinki Reunification project.

“Avex released a DVD-BOX on New Year’s day which records all of Hamasaki Ayumi’s PVs and special videos since her debut. Even with the outstanding topic of ‘divorce’ being released at this stage, the success of Avex and Hamasaki Ayumi still looks hopeful“ (Music Industry Personnel)

Furthermore, another of Avex’s aces alongside Hamasaki Ayumi, EXILE, released a PV collection set at the same time as their album, but it seems that they can no longer allow sales to remain in its current state.

“On top of the long-running poor situation of the music industry, this is a time where selling just songs is not enough anymore. To this, Avex has been releasing first press editions and giving away premiums, and selling PVs on a large scale, as a change in strategy. However, despite it being good that Hamasaki Ayumi is from their company’s management, other “cash cows” artists such as Amuro Namie and Exile are under other management agencies, so they do not bring in that much money.” (as above)

Speaking of other management agencies, Avex and Korea’s SM Entertainment-managed artist has been holding large scale promotions in Japan, and are developed as artists under Avex’s own management. However, 3 of the members have broken away from the original 5 due to issues surrounding their contract with SM Entertainment, and are holding activities as JYJ, and it is said that there are talks of a project to re-unify the 5 members.

“Although currently Tohoshinki is made out of the 2 members Yunho and Changmin, the most popular member in Japan is JYJ’s Jaejoong. Initially, Avex had a contract with JYJ’s management, but due to suspicions of a person with a “dark past” in the company, the contract was disrupted. Because of this, not only has JYJ not been able to hold activities in Japan, last year there was a court dispute surrounding the charity event that they held for the Tohoku Earthquake disaster recovery. Furthermore, more trouble followed with the occurrence of the fake disaster relief charity party at the end of last year. Despite their limitations in being unable to appear in programs within Korea due to the pressures from SM Entertainment, their draw is massive. Therefore, before the troubles surrounding JYJ have been resolved, a project to get the 5 members reunited in a live performance at Tokyo Dome has emerged. If this is true, this will be the “saviour” for Avex, which has nothing left to “sell.” However, with rumours of JYJ’s “dark ties” still left unresolved, it seems that it will be hard for this project to move forward.” (Weekly Magazine Reporter)

Also, it is said that Hamasaki Ayumi is part of the team helping in this project.

“Hamasaki has close ties with JYJ from before, and has even recorded a collaborative track with (JYJ) member Junsu’s twin brother, Junho. In last year’s a-nation, Avex’s live event, due to the powerful influence of Tohoshinki’s two members “not wanting to stand on the same stage as Junho,” (Junho and Hamasaki Ayumi) were not able to sing their collaboration song and to oppose this, Hamasaki rejected the role of closing the show. She also spoke of her dissatisfaction with Avex in this matter, on twitter. Even with all the disorder, Hamasaki stands between the two sides, and is apparently negotiating for a compromise between the two sides for a reunification.” (as above)

There are many fans that hope for a reunion of TVXQ, but even with this project which is extremely difficult to realize emerging, it seems that the current situation of Avex is tough.

Source : [Nikkan Cyzo]

Translated & Shared by : dongbangdata.net

Momma’s Source: dongbangdata.net

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[TRANS] 120104 JYJ, Fugitives Of K-Pop Who Refused To Be ‘Slaves’, What Will Their Fate Be…

[TRANS] 120104 JYJ, Fugitives Of K-Pop Who Refused To Be ‘Slaves’, What Will Their Fate Be…

Written by melodiamuse

There are parts in this editorial that some people may not agree with and may deem to be provocative. Please take these points into consideration while reading this editorial:

  • Editorials are written from the personal perspective of the author. It does not directly represent the opinions and/or beliefs of the translator. HOWEVER, this not mean that we don’t agree with anything within the article, it just means we may not agree with everything.
  • Great care has been taken to retain the original intention and voice of the author (I am being totally serious here. I started this article at around 5:30 and it is now 11. Calculating in my time for dinner and the breaks I’ve been taking, it’s till a solid 4 hours minimum) which includes word choice and retaining the original formatting.
  • Nothing has been bolded except for the original subtitles as we have been told in the past that bolding may reflect upon our personal opinions.
  • And as always, don’t shoot the messenger.


[Lee Dong Yeon’s K-pop Odyssey] K-pop’s Amazing Fandom
 -Written by Professor Lee Dong Yeon Of the Korea National University of Arts

A K-pop craze is at its peak these days. In cities such as Tokyo, Beijing, Bangkok, even Paris, London and New York, K-pop is rising as a global pop genre. Broadcasting programs and internet media are raving that K-pop has become a global icon that showcases the cultural superiority of Korea to the world. But how much do we really know about K-pop? In what conditions did K-pop emerge into the limelight of global pop? How is K-pop music made, and how is it consumed? Is K-pop sustainable?

The K-pop we know isn’t real K-pop. This is because K-pop only deals with music from idols. It is also because the outside and inside of K-pop are cut off from each other. It is because international K-pop fans and domestic music fans see K-pop from different perspectives. K-pop is like Samsung, that has become a global corporation through its non-union myth. Though the idol groups have become global stars by working hard, the outlet for them to talk about their own troubles and pains has been blocked. Like Samsung, the global corporation without a union, K-pop is a global pop genre with no freedom and unlimited competition.

Though it’s true that there exists a global craze for K-pop, it’s been exaggerated by the media. Why is that? It’s because the media has a collusive relationship with entertainment production companies. More than 20 Korean press companies came together to cover the SM Town Live in LA concert in 2010. Of course, all expenses were paid for by SM. The day after the performance, a flood of articles praising K-pop came from the reporters who enjoyed the concert for free, and thanks to this, the stocks of Lee Soo Man, SM’s largest shareholder, shot up by 6 billion Won in the blink of an eye. Lee Soo Man’s stocks currently are valued at over 200 billion Won while Yang Hyeon Seok’s stocks from YG Entertainment, which went public last year, are valued at over 140 billion Won. The Korea Tourist Service, Inc. funded SM with 300 million Won for the 2011 SM Town Live in Paris concerts. K-pop has dominated the domestic market and has set its sights on the world with highly concentrated aid from the media and the government.

K-pop is a universal phenomenon, created by global fans who like music from idols in their teens to their 20s. It’s become a global sensation, not because it’s recognized for its musical talent, but more because it’s filling the gap left by idol pop of the past in the global music market. K-pop music creates unusual music by taking into consideration the trends of American pop and incorporating great dance moves, and an ironic situation has come about where third-party music markets are now imitating K-pop in return.

Professor Lee Dong Yeon of the Korea National University of Arts, who has played a big role in the creation of the Korea Pop Music Awards and has approached Korea’s pop music in a serious perspective through works such as ‘Idol’, has begun a series to explain K-pop. This series plans to delve into the secrets behind the ins and outs, the music and its industrial nature, and the creation and consumption of K-pop. This 10 part series will greet readers on a weekly basis and the first topic is JYJ, the perfect representation of the present state of K-pop.

▲JYJ made the problematic practices behind Korean idols’ contracts, which have even been compared to ‘slavery’, an issue in society once more.

JYJ are Exiled

JYJ are outcast of K-pop, fugitives. They are the Homo Sacer of K-pop, scared fugitives. According to Roman Law, Homo Sacer refers to a person who has been exiled, killed by someone, or erased from society and has his citizen rights taken away. But JYJ are neither political fugitives nor social rejects. We can’t make the conclusion that JYJ are as misfortunate as the lonely and worn out political refugees since they are still top stars in K-pop who have a large fandom. But they have the characteristics of exiled refugees and fugitives as they are unable to do what they wish in their own country.

JYJ are currently unable to appear on broadcasted programs like most celebrities. The only broadcasted program they’ve been in as a group was the airing of their congratulatory performance at the Daegu IAAF World Championships in September, 2011. Since leaving TVXQ two years ago, they have released official albums and sold many of them both domestically and internationally, but they have not received a single award at any domestic music awards ceremonies. Considering the fact that their first two albums ‘The Beginning’ and ‘In Heaven’ have each sold over 350,000 copies regardless of the deteriorating state of the album market, it’s almost impossible to understand why they have not even been named in nominee lists for Korea’s music awards ceremonies. Looking back on the fact that JYJ were named honorary ambassadors of the ‘Jeju 7 Wonders of the Natural World Nomination’ but had their performance cancelled for doubtful reasons, and the fact that their scheduled appearance on KBS ‘Music Bank’ never happened, we can come to the conclusion that there is either someone who is systematically hindering their activities or a large-scale interest group that has been working together to silence JYJ.

JYJ’s fans state that the people behind this hindrance is SM Entertainment, JYJ’s former agency. This is because they firmly believe that the only group of people capable of putting a stop to JYJ’s domestic broadcasted activities are SM Entertainment, who have been dissatisfied with the trio’s actions from the start. JYJ publicly exposed the unclear income division and unlawful nature of their contract with SM, and put the entertainment agency, that had been doing so well, in a bind. JYJ’s fans believe that SM is hindering JYJ’s activities as much as possible to exemplify what becomes of those who betray them, and to plant a sense of silent obedience in the minds of the idol groups currently in SM. It’s a plot that seems to have come straight from the life of a gangster. Even if a fatal blow was struck on TVXQ, the agency’s greatest idol group, and their activities, SM seems to have come to the conclusion that they can use their production power and authority to raise their current trainees, who are counting the days till they make their own debuts, to TVXQ’s high position. To SM, TVXQ are the filial sons who showed everyone the might of the company’s entertainment production power, but they are also the concubine’s child, who can be discarded at any moment.

SM’s Erroneous Judgment

There are two reasons why SM believed that they could incapacitate JYJ by putting a break on the group’s activities. One is that SM believes that, as the most powerful idol group production company of K-pop,  they will be able to affect JYJ’s broadcasted activities. Due to the nature of Korean pop culture, it is impossible to be a hit in the industry without any broadcasted activities. The role that SM idol groups have in cable and major broadcasted channels is one of great power and presence. More members from these groups appear as regulars on music programs, variety shows and radio programs than members from any other idol group from any other entertainment agency. Even if direct pressure isn’t being applied by SM, broadcasting companies can’t help but tread on glass as SM is home to many of their programs’ regulars, and they can’t properly consider allowing JYJ to appear on their programs without SM’s tacit approval.The only reason why JYJ were able to appear on KBS during the closing ceremony of the ’2011 Daegu IAAF World Championships’ was because the program wasn’t under the entertainment sector. Though the broadcasting companies claim that they can’t allow JYJ to appear on their shows because of their lawsuit with SM, this argument has lost its persuasive power as the Courts have already laid down the verdict that SM’s exclusive contract with TVXQ was unlawful. Also, it has been reported that the Fair Trade Commission received a petition stating that SM was hindering JYJ’s activities, and is currently preparing to impose hundreds of millions of Won in fines as they have found proof of these hindrances through an investigation.

The second reason is that SM probably came to the conclusion that JYJ would not be able to secure a proper management system that levels up to the one they had as TVXQ. To be popular both domestically and internationally, idol groups require, not only talent, but a systematic management system that will take care of them. Idol groups require a large staff for music production, choreography, wardrobe choice and scheduling. SM seemed to have believed that in a sitaution where broadcasted activities were difficult to obtain, it would be close to impossible for JYJ to succeed without a powerful support system from an agency, even though they were former members of TVXQ.

But the strange thing is that JYJ are on a winning streak. Ironically, the two-member TVXQ, who are receiving full support from SM, are less active than JYJ. Even fans of the former TVXQ are fully behind JYJ’s activities and cause. When comparing the sell-out rate of concerts, popularity of showcases, album sales, activities as CF models and internet search rankings, it can be concluded that three-member JYJ are much more successful than the two-member TVXQ. Why is this happening?

▲Chairman Lee Soo Man of SM Entertainment is the representative icon of the Korean idol pop, or K-pop, success story. He is also the representative icon of idol stars’ slave contracts. 

The Definition of the Fandom

The most important factor that SM has overlooked since TVXQ’s unlawful contract controversy began was the power of fandoms. It seems as though SM believed that there would to little to no unrest within the fandom if they kept the group going under the name ‘TVXQ’, even without the three members who left. They believed that as long as they kept the name of TVXQ alive, the fans would continue to cheer at and support the name. But their predictions were off. The majority of TVXQ’s fandom began supporting JYJ’s activities. What was important to the fans was not the name itself, but what defined TVXQ. With SM distorting the trio’s just cause into greed for an independent business, and with the other two members of TVXQ writing statements that threw the blame on the trio, TVXQ’s fandom moved towards JYJ’s side. JYJ were the definition and truth of what TVXQ had been. Fans believe that though JYJ no longer call themselves TVXQ, they continue to walk down the right path that TVXQ should follow as musicians, only under a new name.

Then what does JYJ’s fandom stand for? The fans strive to be the ones who protect their favorite musicians. It is in this point that fans can be deemed selfish. Fandoms act as exclusive as they can to protect their stars. That is why this fandom wants the separation of their favorite stars and the production company that made those stars who they are now. Though it’s true that stars are able to be active in the industry because of their production companies, the fandom believes that their stars won’t disappear just because they don’t have that production company anymore. To fandoms, production companies are a necessary evil and an inconvenient truth. Though their favorite stars need a powerful production company to succeed, they do not want to see their stars placed under strict control from these companies that have gained power and wealth from the fans’ economic investments. Furthermore, if their favorite stars’ contract is unlawful, if their schedule is suicidal and if they aren’t receiving a fair division of income, production companies can’t help but become a public enemy to the fans. The fandom’s distrust in SM, TVXQ’s production company, dates back many years. With HOT and Shinhwa’s past conflicts with SM over unlawful exclusive contracts in their minds, fans lived in fear that TVXQ could hit a snag at the height of their popularity over their own unlawful contracts.

When that fear became reality, TVXQ’s fandom chose to side with justice over the name itself. They created a base camp to support the three members of TVXQ and declared war on SM. With detailed logic and substantial proof, they explained why TVXQ’s contract was unlawful, why the members weren’t receiving a fair portion of their income and why SM wasn’t revealing the exact profits from TVXQ’s Japanese activities, successfully stirring up positive public sentiment. Also, they submitted petitions declaring that TVXQ’s contract was unlawful to the Fair Trade Commission and when JYJ’s broadcasted activities were blocked, submitted another petition that expressed the fans’ suspicions that SM was behind it. They were not afraid to go from being TVXQ’s fandom to JYJ’s fandom. Also, they collected donations to set up a support campaign for JYJ under the slogan, “We Support Your Youth”. In order to protest against JYJ’s inability to appear on broadcasted programs, they created satirical advertisements such as ‘You want to sing on TV? How dare you?’ and ’101 Ways to Get JYJ on TV’. While JYJ were living as fugitives, their compatriots were forming a new just republic.

The Source of Happiness, Free Will

Then, are JYJ, the fugitives of K-pop, happy? Of course they are. They are happy because of what their fandom stands for. JYJ’s source of happiness can appear to be commercial success on the outside. Since making their official debut in 2010, JYJ have been as successful as they were as TVXQ. They’ve sold at least 1.2 million albums in total with two albums, solo single albums, OST albums and concert albums. They appeared in over ten CFs, which include Lotte Duty Free, and not only have they released photobooks, an essay and DVDs, but all three members have also been appearing in movies, musicals and dramas. Including their live tour in Japan, their 2010 worldwide showcase and their 2011 world tour, they’ve held a total of 33 performances for 550,000 people. They’ve attained more economic wealth than they did as members of TVXQ, and have achieved more fame than the two-member TVXQ.

But the real reason as to why JYJ are happy lies in the fact that they are now in a free environment that puts them in control and allows them to choose their own activities. No longer do they merely wait to be told what to do by their agency, but they have now recovered their free will and are able to choose their own activities, and this is their true source of happiness. JYJ are currently not listed under any agency and are signed an agency contract with C-JeS Entertainment, giving the agency work that is required to keep the group going. Different from their days as TVXQ when they were given their schedules by SM, they have full control of what they will be doing. They now produce their own music and are expressing their wish to be called artistes. They now have the right to make the decisions on things such as holding concerts, performing as a unit and releasing albums, without having to tread on glass or get approval. Though they have become fugitives who have had to give up their nationality as members of TVXQ, they have been granted the right to make their own decisions. They’ve given up their original name and vested rights, but have in turn gained the free will to think and act as they please. Is this not the dream that many K-pop musicians should have?

▲TVXQ once released a song that had nuances of criticism against the members of JYJ.

Reuniting as TVXQ Once More?

TVXQ, who were once praised as the most perfect group in Korea’s idol group history, have now been divided into TVXQ and JYJ. This fateful split that occurred when they were at the top of their game can’t help but be a misfortune and tragedy for fans. Though it would have been best if all five members had left SM and pursued independent activities like Shinhwa, personal interests and misunderstandings got tangled up, leading to the split of the group.

Fans of the former TVXQ and even current fans of JYJ have all probably dreamt of the group’s reunion at least once. Of the two remaining members canceling their contracts, leaving SM and reuniting with the three members as TVXQ, that is. This is because there is little to no chance of JYJ returning to SM because they miss the name ‘TVXQ’. This leads to the question, will the two members of TVXQ be able to leave SM? And will they be able to exercise their power under the name TVXQ once more?

That is most probably impossible. As long as SM doesn’t give up their trademark rights to ‘TVXQ’, it will be impossible for any reunion to happen under the name ‘TVXQ’. There isn’t much of a possibility for U-Know Yunho and Choikang Changmin, the members of TVXQ who made the decision to stay in SM and have been active till now as a two-member group, to put into action the thoughts they must have had at one time of leaving SM. Even if it was possible, it would be impossible for them to use the name ‘TVXQ’. That leaves only two possible ways for the five members to get back together as TVXQ. The first is to accept the reality of a two-member TVXQ and a three-member JYJ, but to recognize JYJ as members of TVXQ in one’s heart. This means giving the three members of JYJ the actual authority and power behind the name ‘TVXQ’, though they are unable to use the name and though a two-member TVXQ exists under SM. In short, this means accepting the reality that the name and the contents of that name don’t match. In this case, JYJ will still have had to give up their original nationality as members of TVXQ, but will forever live as fugitives who are given a symbolic prestige and authority by fans.

The second way is highly unlikely, but draws the scenario in which the two remaining members of TVXQ leave SM and join JYJ. Even in this case, they will not be able to perform under the name ‘TVXQ’, but they will be able to regain their identity as members of TVXQ. This will be because all five members of TVXQ will have chosen exile together. The name doesn’t really matter. They could end up being JYJYC or YCJYJ. Though there were misunderstandings and hostility in the past, fans probably wish for the second scenario to happen. Even if it means being unable to call the five members TVXQ, and having to call them a new name of exile. As long as they are together, it doesn’t matter.

Source: [Pressian]

Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

Momma’s Source: dongbangdata.net

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NEWS 111203 JYJ Sent Congratulatory Message To Sejong Law Firm

[News] 111203 JYJ sent congratulatory message to Sejong law firm for its 30th anniversary

On Nov 30th, Sejong has celebrated the 30th anniversary of it founding at Westin Chosun Hotel in Sogong-dong, Seoul. Before this event, famous singers JYJ’s members’ congratulatory video was showed. They said, “During our very difficult time, thanks to Sejong, we were able to start our activities again. Next time, we hope that we can meet as younger brothers and brothers/sisters, not in case of incident/accident.”

“Incident/accident” refers to the fact that they have withdrawn from SM Entertainment’s affiliated group DBSK in 2009 and involved in a legal dispute. On their behalf, Sejong applied for injunction against SM Entertainment, demanded SM to do not interfere in breakaway members’ independent entertainment activities. The Court accepted this application in October 2009. SM Entertainment filed an objection against it but it was dismissed last February. With this winning (T/N: in original article, the journalist used “승소”, a legal term which means “win a case/lawsuit”), JYJ traveled with their concerts around Europe and Asia and have become one of the leaders of “Hallyu Fever”.

In 2009, Sejong formed a team wholly charged for events in entertainment industry, with lawyer Im Sang-hyuk and 5 other lawyers as main axis. On the behalf of JYP Entertainment, this team was responsible of various negotiations with Sony Japan, in order to sign a contract establishing local affiliated company. Early this year, they gave legal advice to DSP Media that was dealing with the declaration of leaving of KARA’s members. They also took charge of contract issue between actor Song Sae-byuk and JY Entertainment.

As entertainment industry has grown with “Hallyu Fever”, it became a trend that many law firms formed a team exclusively responsible for entertainment cases. Yulchon also has Cultural Industry team that engages in advisory activities for entertainment companies including SM Entertainment.

Source: Korea Economic Daily via Nate
Translation by: The_Little_Pear of JYJ3
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NEWS Led by SNSD and TVXQ, SM’s Market Capitalization Is Reaching $1 Trillion Won

[NEWS] Led by SNSD and TVXQ, SM’s Market Capitalization Is Reaching $1 Trillion Won

On November 22, SM’s share prices recorded an all-time high of 60,100 won. Using this day’s share prices as a gauge, SM’s market capitalization has reached $995.9 billion won, with the $1 trillion mark right before its eyes. To make up $1 trillion won, the share prices would have to reach 60,350 won, so there was only 250 won remaining. Recently, stocks related to the music industry have skyrocketed in value, with the current market capitalization of SM being able to easily pass the $1 trillion won mark on November 23.

In 2011 alone, SM’s share prices have skyrocketed by 220%. In early August last year, the share prices were languishing at around 20,000 won, but in the middle of August this year, the share prices have surpassed the 30,000 won mark. In September and October, the share prices recorded 40,000 won and 50,000 won respectively. Further, on November 22, the upper ceiling price broke the record by surpassing 60,000 won, resulting in a situation where the market capitalization is nearing $1 trillion won right before our eyes.

Source: newsen

Translated by: CTVXQstaff_mug_ping @ ContinueTVXQ.com

Distributed by: CTVXQstaff_mug_ping @ ContinueTVXQ.com

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NEWS 111017 Lee Soo Man On His System of Management…

[News] 111017 Lee Soo Man on his system of management, upcoming groups M1 & M2, and his dreams

SM Entertainment‘s mastermind, Lee Soo Man (60), recently sat down with Chosun for an interview, where he revealed his thoughts on a variety of topics, including his management system, his new groups ‘M1‘ and ‘M2‘, and his possible venture into the American market. Check out his interview below!

> The biggest contributing factor to Kpop’s widespread success is the long term contracts:

Lee Soo Man became the first person in the Korean entertainment industry to implement a systematic and scientific management system. He picked trainees to foster into idol stars, who all signed 13-year contracts. By doing this, he essentially became the principal of a school of talented students.

However, these long term contracts have been controversial and often referred to as ‘slave contracts’ (after negotiations with the Fair Trade Commission, the length of the contract term has been reduced to 7 years if artists are only promoting within Korea, 10 years if going overseas). 13 years is a long time to the trainees, but it’s also a long time for the management as well, since they are making a 13 year promise to take responsibility in transforming the trainees into stars.

Lee Soo Man cited these long term contracts as the biggest contributing factor to K-Pop’s widespread success all over the world.

He stated,

Even the U.S. couldn’t establish a management system like ours. Picking trainees, signing a long term contract, and teaching trainees for a long period of time, this just can’t happen in the U.S. U.S. agencies are hired as sub-contractors after an artist has grown and gained popularity on their own. As a result, the agencies only play roles of sub-contractors, and can’t make long term investments in singer-hopefuls.

However, in Korea and Japan, whose cultural industries developed later, agencies were free to make such contracts. That’s why we have been able to make these long term investments.

While on the topic of ‘industries’, the reporter took the opportunity to question Lee Soo Man about “CT”. They asked, “You came up with the word CT (Culture Technology). What is the secret to becoming the winner in the CT industry?”

Lee Soo Man replied,

“The IT (information technology) industry is often said to be a high risk-high profit industry. However, CT is an industry with an even bigger risk-profit ratio. In an industry like this, the most important thing is to avoid things that happen by chance, or only once.

To give an example, a talented artisan possesses pottery making skills that are unrivaled by anyone. His skills lie in his sense of touch and his fingertips. If you want to learn these skills, you have no choice but to train under him. However, if this skill can be recorded carefully and taught to disciples, and if he could pass this skill down successfully and receive copyright fees – this could become an industry.

This is what SM Entertainment is trying to do. Whatever skills I, or one of our employees possess, are written out and passed down through training and education. Only then can something become continuous. If this kind of system cannot be established, everything will only have happened by chance and end as a one-time occurrence.”

He also added, “People worry that without Lee Soo Man, SM will come to an end, so that’s why a ‘clone’ has been made to take the place of Lee Soo Man.”

He revealed that this ‘clone’ is a team made up of six people who are specialists in areas like dance, singing, and mixing music. He stated, “Something better than a copy of Lee Soo Man will be produced, and SM will become even bigger.”

– > Patience is Lee Soo Man’s secret to his management:

The entertainment industry is essentially about making the right choices; choosing the best singer, choosing the best staff, choosing the best music. Knowing this, Lee Soo Man handles each decision with extreme patience. Before making a choice, he looks over almost an excessive amount of options, but if he thinks that there is no answer, he will cleanly give it up. There have been many occurrences of ‘sunken costs’ that could not be recovered, but Lee Soo Man doesn’t seem to care. Rather than risking his neck for a product that is ‘so-so’, he is willing to invest the time and money until the best comes out.

Taking this into consideration, Lee Soo Man introduced the topic of his upcoming group.

SM Entertainment’s new group will be made up of two sub groups who have the same concept. One group will promote in Korea, while the other group will promote with the same song in China. The groups are currently referred to as ‘M1‘ and ‘M2‘.

In order to find the perfect title song for these two groups, SM held an event called ‘Music Camp’ in Denmark and Norway in August. The event drew 50 composers from all over the world, who came to compose a song for SM Entertainment over 3 to 6 days. SM Entertainment showed the composers M1 and M2, and once they explain the concept they wanted and the rhythm they seeked, the composers were free to come up with their own songs.

Even though they held this event twice already, SM Entertainment still hasn’t been able to pick a suitable title song for M1 and M2. Lee Soo Man stated,

“If you look at it from one point, we have thrown away a lot of money. However, we’re always doing things like that. SM Entertainment has three sources of power: training, adherence to the system, and songs. It usually takes about 4 years to launch a new group. In order to write one song for TVXQ, 50 people had gathered. It required around 4 billion won ($3.5 million USD) for TVXQ to make their debut. In addition, another 4 billion Korean Won was required for album production and promotional fees.”

Lee Soo Man then went on to explain how his patience and methodical system allowed him to create super idol groups, TVXQ and Super Junior.

After BoA’s successful venture into Japan, the SM Entertainment CEO wanted to create a group that could be successful not only in Asia, but all over the world. Since he had a limited number of trainees, much deliberation and focus was needed to decide how to make this group happen. Lee Soo Man decided to choose the best members out of several trainee teams to create a new group that could be considered “major league”. This group was none other than TVXQ.

As for Super Junior, Lee Soo Man revealed, “All the other groups were on the verge of being dissolved. However, since they signed contracts with us, we had to take responsibility. So out of these groups, the group that we raised to do well both in music and variety shows was Super Junior. They put in their sweat and tears to survive [in the industry], and we felt bad [watching them] so we tried to help them.”

And what about SM Entertainment’s plans for expansion into the U.S.?

The reporter asked, “SM TOWN is going to be held at Madison Square Garden in New York, are you going to be making an official venture into the U.S.?” Lee Soo Man replied,

“No, it’s not like that. Rather than venturing into the U.S., we are just holding a concert as a consolation for the people we consider a part of an imaginary country called SM TOWN. The markets of China and Asia will be bigger than the U.S. market. Thus, it isn’t really necessary to go into the U.S. In the near future, when a ‘Hollywood of Asia’ appears, the cultural center of the world will make a big shift to Asia. Asian songs are not well known in the U.S.? Totally irrelevant because Asia will soon become the center.”

– > Lee Soo Man’s dreams for the future:

Lee Soo Man is a man who is always dreaming. His current dream involves producing a musical like ‘Billy Elliot’, where he’ll draw different groups from all over the world and have them perform. He revealed that the story would be about a mom and a child arguing over classic and pop music, but end up realizing that better music can be produced when the two are combined. The musical would feature a combination of past and new songs of SM Entertainment.

As this interview was being conducted, the news about Teddy Riley composing SNSD’s new song broke out. When asked to comment about the news, Lee Soo Man commented, “It’s my dream to produce a composer that makes the most money in the world through SM Entertainment.”

Source + Photo: Chosun
Tip: puchicatos
credit: allkpop

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Video + Translation 110816 Yunho and Changmin Message to SM True


Hello, we are TVXQ. We heard that SM Entertainment, Korea and True Corp, Thailand have become a family. Congratulations! We hope that the collaboration of SM TRUE wouldn’t only improve entertainment business in Thailand but also hope this would be an opportunity to improve the whole entertainment business in Asia.

We, as TVXQ, would like to go there and showcase you with a good performance/work as soon as we can. We will give our 100% in our work. Please keep on supporting us and Congratulations once again.

credit: hikkioil
trans by: sharingyoochun.net

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News 110712 TVXQ’s Changmin Is Nursing His Injured Wrist

[News] 110712 TVXQ’s Changmin is nursing his injured wrist

TVXQ’s Changmin had a cast put on to nurse his injured right wrist; representatives state, “It’s nothing big, just a sprain“.

On July 12th, Changmin was spotted at Gimpo National Airport in order to attend the KBS 2TV ‘Kpop Festival- Music Bank‘ on the 13th held in Tokyo Dome, Japan. However, the pictures taken from the airport shows that he had a cast around his right wrist arousing concern about the injury from many fans.

Changmin’s agency, SM Entertainment, stated that Changmin injured his wrist recently while practicing new choreography. As a result, Changmin received a half-cast in order to protect the injury.

An associate of the agency states, “It was a mere sprain. We’re just following through on the doctor’s recommendation of getting a half-cast to insure protection on his injury“, and also added, “the injury doesn’t affect his adequacy in performing the choreography; he’s still going to perform on stage“.

Meanwhile, fellow TVXQ member Yunho couldn’t attend the event held in Japan due to conflicting schedules with round 3 of SBS’s ‘Good Sunday- Kim Yuna’s Kiss & Cry‘.

Source & Photo: Newsen via Nate+allkpop

Momma’s source; sharingyoochun.net

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Trans 110626 ‘Poseidon’ Is Set To Air On…

[Trans] 110626 ‘Poseidon’ Is Set To Air On KBS.. Will U-Know Yunho Appear In The Drama?
Posted on June 28, 2011 by hominstyle

Maritime drama ‘Poseidon’, that had production halted indefinitely, has found its savior.

According to KBS, ‘Poseidon’ has been confirmed to air after KBS 2TV’s new Monday-Tuesday miniseries ‘Spy Myeong Wol’.

An emotional melodrama by PD Yoon Seok Ho was supposed to air after ‘Spy Myeong Wol’ but as the preparation process continues to be extended in order to create a drama with a higher level of completion, KBS has decided to air ‘Poseidon’ first.

‘Poseidon’ was expected to air in May on SBS with a star-studded cast of TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho, Eric, Kim Ok Bin and Kim Kang Woo. But with SBS deciding not to air the show and production being halted, Eric, Kim Ok Bin and Kim Kang Woo pulled out from the drama after consulting with the production company.

This has left people wondering if U-Know Yunho will still appear in the drama.

Regarding this, a representative of SM Entertainment stated, “Because U-Know Yunho already has activities planned, we are not in the position to say anything about his future appearance in ‘Poseidon’,” and “We have not completely organized our stance on his appearance in the drama yet.”

Source: [star news]
Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

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Editors Note SM Entertainment To Revise Contracts The…

Editors Note: SM Entertainment To Revise Contracts

The posting below was published on December 23rd, 2010. As we all know, in the world of litigation and contractual issues there are no regards to timeline if the information is pertinent to a case. This article outlines the changes in contract language and the court desired intentions of SM Entertainment toward it’s entertainers.
Court-ordered changes were issued, were these changes implemented? Also, did SM’s entertainers appreciate or want these contractual changes?

Over the span of history, there are well-documented examples of people who did not want to escape
servitude. After the issuance of The Emancipation Proclamation by Abraham Lincoln toward the end of the American Civil War, and it’s subsequent ratification by Congress, there were many slaves who chose not to leave their masters, and many masters who put pressure on their slaves to stay. These slaves then became servants and had to be paid for their work.

Even as far back as 1 A.D. Greek and Roman slaves who chose to stay with their masters were attached to their master’s household by having a hole pierced through their ear into the post of the dwelling. A gold ring was then worn to publicly declare the willingness of the servant to give up his or her freedom to serve their master.

All this to say that everyone inside SM Entertainment’s borders may not be appreciative of all the hard work and sacrifice that JYJ and others before them have given to provide them more freedom, but despite that there may be many who do and would appreciate new and reasonable contract revisions that will allow them more freedom to pursue their personal goals.

Junsu, Jaejoong, and Yoochun–your labor and sacrifice has not been in vain and may be more appreciated than you realize. We as your loving supporters are certainly appreciative of what you have taken upon yourselves to do, advertently or inadvertently–the revision and reshaping of the Korean entertainment Industry.

We Do This For Us All

Credit: Momma Cha@http://jyjfantalk.com/

Translation: Sooman Lee, Sewon Seo are Key Figures in Investigation on Corruption in Entertainment Industry

[Translation] Sooman Lee, Sewon Seo are Key Figures in Investigation on Corruption in Entertainment Industry Returned after Fleeing

Posted on May 21, 2011 by The JYJ Files
(Note: for related articles that precede this one, please visit this post.)

June 10, 2003

Sooman Lee and Sewon Seo, key suspects in the investigation on corruption in the entertainment business, who brought the investigation to a standstill when they fled the country and were subsequently placed on Interpol’s Wanted List, finally returned to Korea. Thus, people expected that the case, which had been suspended for six month, would resume, but the result came to nothing. Sewon Seo had delayed a summons of the Prosecutor’s Office on grounds of poor health, and Sooman Lee, who was summoned right after his re-entry, was allowed to go back home in a day. Although the Public Prosecutor, for now, states that his office will decide whether or not to issue a warrant for Sooman Lee and Sewon Seo’s arrest after going through the enormous amount of data received and further investigation, the case seems to be closed without any further pursuit.

Why request a place on Interpol’s Wanted list if they will release suspects in a day?

On the 22nd of last month, Sooman Lee, the principal shareholder of SM Entertainment, entered Korea quite confidently surrounded by ten bodyguards after being arrested at Incheon International Airport. This quite contrasted with Sewon Seo’s entry, carried by gurney as he was trying to hide his face. Sooman Lee headed to the Seoul District Public Prosecutors’ Office after asserting his innocence. One day after the entry of Sooman Lee, the serious crime squad of the Seoul District Public Prosecutor’s Office (HongIl Kim, chief prosecutor) announced that for now they would send Sooman Lee home, and then will decide whether or not to issue an arrest warrant for Sooman Lee after conducting further investigation. The Public Prosecutor’s explanation for sending Sooman Lee home was that, because SM’s lawyer has completely denied the suspicion of Sooman Lee by providing enormous amount of data, such as receipts, the Prosecution had to do more corroborative investigation. The public cannot understand how Sooman Lee could be sent home in a day after being wanted by Interpol while he had long been escaped in the US. The investigation of the entertainment business’s corruption that heated up the public last year solves nothing and just leaves people with many suspicions. In the beginning, the investigation confidently planned to go through the whole entertainment business’s corruption, embezzlement, stock price manipulation, an influx of funds from organized criminal gangs, an illegal capital for public relations, and sexual bribes. However, the outcome is inadequate. While the Prosecutor’s Office went through the humiliation of having the chief prosecutor replaced in the middle of the investigation, they stated that if Sooman Lee and Sewon Seo would return to Korea, the Prosecutor’s Office can achieve tangible results. In August of last year, the Prosecution dismissed an indictment of Sooman Lee, and this year, 14th January, Lee was placed on Interpol’s Wanted list and the Prosecution revealed the strong will to investigate this case. However, Sooman Lee’s returning to Korea ended up with just a day of investigation.

Many suspicions so far, and Sooman Lee’s insistence

At the time of last year’s investigation, the charges against Lee are listed below.
First of all, he was suspected of profit-taking in KOSDAQ by adopting an expedient. By this expedient, the prosecution assumed that Lee pulled in approximately $13,000,000 by stock of SM entertainment. In addition to Sooman Lee’s suspicion of earning ten million of margin profit from the merger with 4M Entertainment’s training agency which costs $50,000, Lee was also under suspicion of taking $3,000,000 of cash income by selling stock of KOSDAQ in May of last year.
However, the prosecution had been more focused on the investigation on the embezzlement which occurred in the company. Especially, in August of 1999, the Public Prosecutor stated that Lee had embezzled $1,100,000 in the form of foreign payment of capital which was embezzled in the process to increase capital. The Prosecution said they were investigating the use of the $1,100,000.
The problem is that while Lee stayed abroad, Kyeongwook Kim, an executive of SM entertainment, was indicted for those crimes in Lee’s stead, but he was acquitted to part of those crimes. Thus, the indictment on Lee could only become more complicated.
Last year, the investigation on entertainment corruption was launched based on allegations of “PR fees”(T/N: Euphemism for bribes, including those of a sexual nature). The whole investigation was started by one NGO group, Solidarity Groups for the Reform of Popular Music (i.e. DKR), which reported the practice of entertainment companies exchanging “PR fees”. After that report, the Prosecutor’s Office said that they would investigate the PR fees related to SM entertainment. However, as the investigation proceeded, the issue of PR fees gradually disappeared, and the Prosecution did not even mention PR fees when they recently summoned Lee.
Last year, during the investigation, our newspaper revealed a list of SM Entertainment’s stockholders. In the list, financial firm _____’s Lee chairman had 6,000 shares, Pastor Choi had 40,200 shares, and other entertainers and representatives of broadcast stations were also on the list. For this reason, based on the stockholders’ list, Prosecutors suspected high instances of bribery in the form of PR fees between the entertainment world and the political world.

The investigation related PR fees make a slow progress

The most unsatisfying part about this investigation from the point of view of the entertainment industry is the loss of focus on PR fees. This bribery issue was the most important part in last year’s investigation, and everyone had expected that this investigation of the entertainment industry could be a turning point for reforming the practice of PR fees which had been the reasonable custom so far. However, the prosecution actually failed to disclose the true nature of this bribery. Therefore, when Sooman Lee, and Sewon Seo, who were the key suspects of the investigation, returned to Korea, people expected the Prosecutor’s Office to proceed into the inquiry on PR fees. However, the actual prosecution’s investigation focused on the manipulation of stock or embezzlement. These parts could be the tangible accomplishments for the Prosecutor’s Office, but these would not help the basic structural reform of the entertainment business world. Cultural Action and DKR, the non-government organizations which did demonstration against Sooman Lee, insisted that “the Prosecution’s investigation is essential to construct a transparent structure for the entertainment industry”. The organizations also asserted that “we express our concern over the slow progress of the investigation that had been proceeding since last year.” Especially about the part on PR fees, the Chairman of DKR stated that “the slow process of the investigation is a shame. It appears that the investigators did not even consider our report” (related reference in his interview)
Lee has denied all suspicions put on him. He explained about the embezzlement in the company that “I embezzle nothing. I already submitted related data to the prosecution last week. He also asserted his innocence of price-taking by selling stock saying that “How can I make the profit even when I did not sell the stock? There was no advantage of selling stock because the stock price had dropped at the time.” Seong Il Baek, a lawyer of Sooman Lee, already passed an enormous amount of data to the Prosecution, and he still keeps providing additional data.

Continue to suspect Lee’s capability to be well informed

In the contrast to the prosecution’s attitude near the start of the investigation, they sent Sooman Lee home in one day as Lee submitted related data.
Therefore, the prosecution is being denounced by the public for their incapability to make a clear and obvious result of the investigation. As a result, the prosecution suddenly became the target of denouncement for making an abrupt decision before they made an agenda; the abrupt decisions such as dismissal of the indictment, requesting the assistance of Interpol, and nullifying Lee’s passport. Besides, between reporters, who cover the process of questioning Sooman Lee, there were already some suspicions that the Public Prosecutor was going to finish the case without any results. The Prosecution’s will to investigate further seemed weak. In this whole process, there is some suspicion about Lee’s personal connections and his capability of gathering information. Because Lee went to Kyung Bok high school and Seoul National University where many graduates are now influential legal/judicial circles now, people are speculating that Lee received information secretly from his alumnus right before leaving Korea. People also assume that there could be some pressure from Lee’s alumnus to finish the investigation on Lee in just one day.
About this, Dong Yeon Lee, a chairman of DKR, said that “a plea written by Lee’s alumnus appears to have been quite effective.”
There are three possibilities in the entertainment world now. First, the investigation itself was lacking in substance. Second, the Prosecutor’s Office was inadequate to dig up the truth. Third, there could be external pressure from third parties to help Sooman Lee out of the investigation.
So far, this investigation summoned the largest number of related persons and proceeded in the widest scope. However, the investigation lasted for one year seems ineffective to reform the wrong custom such as PR fees in the entertainment world.

Minsup Shin, reporter

Source: http://www.ilyosisa.co.kr/SUNDAY/SUN_0386/LM_0001.html

Translation: leperenands

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Momma’s Source: TheJYJFiles

Lilibaiyu says:
May 21, 2011 at 3:42 am

Gee, it’s a wonder that KBS and all the other national broadcast outlets in SK don’t ban all of SM’s activities and participation on their shows pending an outcome of the investigation, like they have with JYJ. From the scope of these charges, it looks to me like LSM is potentially 1000 times the wrong-doer JYJ is! Put all of these charges up against “suing to get out of a contract with SM” and see what YOU think. JYJ’s supposed “crime” seems rather upstanding, in fact: they have acted on a firm desire not to be under contract to criminals. How can what the guys have done be an imminent danger to the cultural integrity of Korea when the alleged activities of LSM are not and are once again in the process of being swept under the rug? HELLO?? SK Prosecutors office?? Is anybody awake over there??

credit: lilibaiyu on TheJYJFiles