[TRANS] 130802 Xia Junsu Is Set To Hold A Concert In Sydney, Australia On The 28th Of September


XIA Junsu will be holding a solo concert in Australia in September.

C-JeS Entertainment revealed, “XIA Junsu’s solo concert in Australia has been confirmed. He will be holding his first Australian concert on the 28th of September in Sydney. After ending his Busan concert on the 11th of this month, he will be focusing on his role in ‘Elisabeth’ till early September. He will then restart his tour in September, with Australia being his first stop.”

XIA Junsu’s first solo concert in Australia is set to be great news for his fans down under. Last week, the Australian broadcasting channel SBS (Special Broadcasting Service) interviewed JYJ in their ‘POP ASIA’ corner and were met with an explosive response. Now, XIA Junsu will be performing for his Australian fans for the first time through his upcoming concert.

The C-JeS Entertainment representative continued to state, “Though there are unlawful limitations on our broadcasted activities in Korea, the response XIA Junsu has been receiving overseas is hotter than ever. He topped the BeijingTV’s ‘Music Billboard’ weekly popularity polls for overseas singers, beating out Justin Bieber and Rihanna. Not only this, but XIA Junsu also topped the iTunes charts in eight countries as soon as he released his second solo album, and has already topped the ‘Yinyue Tai’ music video weekly charts as well.”

Meanwhile, XIA Junsu plans to hold the Seoul leg of his Asia tour at COEX on the 3rd and 4th of August.

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Translation 111014 JYJ Tops Gaon’s September Charts For Album Sales…

[TRANS] 111014 JYJ Tops Gaon’s September Charts For Album Sales And Sells Over 350,000 Copies

JYJ showed off their immense power as they topped Gaon’s September charts for album sales.

According to Gaon Charts on the 14th, JYJ’s first Korean album ‘In Heaven’, which was released on the 28th, sold a total of 165,000 copies in September.

This is the first time that Gaon Charts has released an official sales count for JYJ. JYJ beat KARA, Super Junior and INFINITE and topped the overall charts for September.

JYJ haven’t been able to have their albums count on the Gaon Charts because their distribution company A&G Modes has not been a member company of Gaon. The final results were revealed after discussions were made with the distribution company over the sales count and how it would be posted on the charts.

Ahead of this, Gaon Charts revealed through their official homepage that, “We are currently coming to an agreement with JYJ’s distribution company A&G Modes regarding their data supply, and their album sales from September will start being reflected on the charts, as early from the 10th of this month.”

JYJ’s ‘In Heaven’ has currently sold over 350,000 copies. A representative of JYJ’s agency stated, “The album has been sold out nationwide as it sold over 165,000 copies in the first three days,” and “They’ve sold over 350,000 copies till now and we expect them to keep hitting record-breaking sales.”

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